Aphrodite's Shell Ch. 04


"Looks like you found your boyfriend," a male remarked from behind me. He had a thick Australian accent.

"So that's that lucky bastard," said another voice incredibly similar to the first.

I turned around to see two guys about my age, except they were taller and a bit more muscled. They were twins, or at least looked bizarrely similar as they shared the same face and reddish brown hair. They were both naked but one was wearing a small unbuttoned shirt, and both wore hip looking surfer necklaces and bracelets that had shark's teeth and Buddhist stuff on them. They were both bigger than me in penis size. Although both were completely flaccid their cocks dangled a full six inches and remained pretty thick. One of the boys was completely hairless, the other had a little gruff above his cock.

"Marky," my girlfriend quickly got my attention with a nervous voice. She stepped between me and the two Australian pretty boys. "This is Tigger and his brother Trigger. They've been . . . keeping me company since I couldn't find you."

"Yeah," said the gruffly one. "It's been a pleasure to keep this little honey-pot from getting lonely." To my horror I watched as he reached around her back and got a fist full of her breast. He wasn't gentle about it either. He squeezed so hard I could see Loli's flesh molding around his fingers like wet dough. She whimpered erotically, her legs trembled a little, and she didn't pull away.

"Um . . . Loli?" I didn't know what to do. Should I punch the guy? No way. Even if he was alone he'd kick my ass. Maybe I should just play it cool. I was not doing a very good job hiding me jealousy and fear. I could see on Loli's face that she could see my feelings.

"Hey guys," she said, finally pulling away from the Australian's strong hands. "I'm going to catch up with my boyfriend." She grabbed my arm and started leading my away. I was so relieved, until she said. "I'll catch up with you two later, right?"

"Definitely, sexy girl," the other twin said and slapped Loli on the ass. She jumped a little from the smack, it was hard, and she couldn't control her giggling.

I couldn't help but look back at Tigger and Trigger. They were both smiling like arrogant assholes. They both probably thought they were going to get to fuck Loli, but too bad, she was my girlfriend. Loli led me to the far end of the pool area. There were some raised planters with grass and palm trees in them, an artificial lawn of sorts. It was surprisingly not crowded, considering the hundreds of fucking people I had just been surrounded by. There was only one person on the lawn, an older woman with large tits, tanned skin, and a well trimmed pussy. She was completely nude but her face was covered by a large sun hat and she was surrounded by empty vodka bottles and pornographic magazines.

Loli sat down on the ground, completely ignoring the passed out milf nearby. I think she wanted to say something but I didn't give her the chance. I was too fucking horny. I pushed her down and lay on top her, kissing her deep. I didn't bother me that her mouth tasted oddly salty.

I stood up then. She looked up with her big sexy eyes. I peeled down the little black thong I was wearing. Loli laughed a little as I did so. I guess the sight of me in a thong was a little silly, especially considering I was less covered than she was. I reached down to pull off her wet t-shit and she helped me. It was only a second more before her top was off and I could get at her wonderful, perky tits. I filled my mouth with them and sucked like there was milk inside. She moaned and squirmed beneath me. She had already untied the string at the side of her bikini.

I pulled the bikini off to get to her sweet little cunt. She was completely hairless. That was new. She must have waxed before the cruise. I got down to eat her pussy. She struggled though, which was weird. Normally she loved it when I liked her clit. "Wait," she tried to say, but I forced my way into her and started lapping at her little pink sexhole. She squealed, which made me unbelievably aroused. Weird. Her pussy had the same salty taste as her mouth. Was it something from the pool?

When I pulled away I realized what the salty taste was. Dangling from my tongue and chin, dripping out of my girlfriend's pussy was a long strand of semen. "Loli," I gasped instead of yelled. "What the fuck?" I started spitting and wiping my face clean, but the semen was thick and sticky, even after being in Loli's wet cunt. I started to freak out and I even started to lick the grass, just to get the taste of it out of my mouth. "What did you do?"

"Well," my girlfriend pouted. She looked embarrassed more than ashamed. She was even smiling a little. "Like I said, I was lonely when you didn't show up. Everyone was getting down, even complete strangers were fucking each other. I didn't want to miss out. I was sitting alone when your sister came by with these two guys."

"Tigger and Trigger?" My sister. That bitch. She had probably been planning this for days.

"Yeah. They had the hots for her, I could tell because their cocks were so fucking hard, but I think your sister is only into pussy right now. Anyway, she dumped them on me and we started talking. I think it was Tigger to make the first move when he started massaging my breasts. You know how horny that gets me."

"You didn't." I was about to cry I think.

"They fucked my right on the side of the pool," she said. Her eyes were glassy and her lips pouted in arousal. She was moving her hips a little. "It just started with a blowjob. Tigger pretty much demanded one, and I knew he wasn't going to let go be until he got one. He sat on the edge of the pool while I swam and sucked his cock. His brother eventually got impatient and he moved in behind me. He entered my pussy without much foreplay, but I was wet so it didn't matter. It's been awhile since I've been spit roasted, and this was definitely the first time with twins. "

As Loli confessed her cheating she ran her hands over her breasts and stomach. She was still aroused from the fucking she got, and I was horrified to realize I was aroused too. Even without the aphrodisiac in my system I think my cock would have been rock hard. With nothing else to do I started to masturbate, knowing full well that it was an admission of defeat.

"After he came in me for the first time Trigger pulled out and the stuck his cock in my ass. I wasn't ready for it and I started crying a little, which meant I couldn't keep sucking Tigger. Trigger spread my legs open and his brother got in front of me. Then he put his cock in my pussy and they started double-penetrating me. God, I came like a maniac. When they were finished they dragged me out of the pool and put me on my back. Trigger was nice enough to wash his cock off a little before they had me finish them both with my mouth. They came down my throat so much I think I'll be able to skip lunch."

After she finished her story she stuck two of her fingers into her sloppy cunt and scooped up a copious amount of the twin's mixed semen before sticking the fingers into her mouth and sucking on them. It was too much for me. Her story was too hot, she looked too sexy, and I was beating my cock way too hard.

I started to cum. I started to cum hard. My cock had never felt this way. It really felt like my cock was going to explode. It hurt. It really hurt. It got to the point that I couldn't even touch my cock, even though no semen had come out yet. It felt like there was a blockage. Had my sister's kicks broken it? Were my balls going to back up with my boiling spunk and pop?

Loli came to the rescue as she reached out and started beating my meat with her expert hands. It hurt like hell and I started to cry, but she didn't stop. She repositioned herself so she could get her tongue under my balls as she began licking and even biting a little. That was the cure. I let loose a stream of semen more powerful than all my other orgasms combined. Ever.

The first few ropes flew over Loli's head and landed with loud splashing noises all over the sleeping woman's chest next to us. I kept coming, but Loli managed to get my fire-hose into her mouth and she took the rest down her throat. She sucked like a champ and I felt my balls draining their poison into her already semen-coated mouth.

When my pain finally subsided I fell back on my ass, ready to pass out. Loli giggled happily as she smacked her lips licking the rest of the semen off of her fingers and face. "Holy shit!" she exclaimed. "That was fucking epic. I've never seen you spurt like that."

"It must have been the aphrodisiac," I gasped, "from the Drug-girl's tits."

"You got a Drug-Girl?" Loli seemed impressed. "How? Those little bitches are expensive. You're not hiding some cash in that little black thong of yours. That thing can't even cover your cock."

"I was nice to her, so she gave me a sample." I would have explained my ordeals more, but as the orgasm subsided I started to feel depressed again. Loli had cheated on me.

She saw my jealousy and she started to explain herself. "It's not like I really cheated on you. I thought you understood the point of this trip was to just have fun, try new things with random people, and get totally fucked. It's not like I expect you to not get some strange here. Sounds to me like you did pretty well with that Drug-girl. I bet you got a good taste of her slutty little cunt."

I didn't tell her that the Drug-girl didn't want to fuck me. I wanted Loli to think I could get sex as easy as she did. I had been ready to fuck the Drug-girl though, so Loli did have I point. "You're right. I'm sorry I was jealous."

She leaned over and kissed me with her cum-soaked mouth. Normally that would gross me out but I guess I had to keep an open mind. "I love you," she said. "Now you should go to a bathroom and get cleaned up. We'll meet back at the room, it's easy to find once you get to the VIP deck. You're going to love it. My mom has a sex-fight tonight and I think we should go support her."

"A sex-fight?" Sex-fighting was another one of these new, kinky things that typified my world. It started decades ago, but was mostly an underground thing. It went mainstream maybe ten years ago and is now one of the world's most popular sports. Basically sex-fights were MMA style matches except each fighter could also sexually assault their opponent. The fighters usually had to take powerful artificial aphrodisiacs before a match so their libido would have a greater effect on their ability. The winner was the one who could either beat their opponent into submission or make them orgasm till they would collapse.

"Fuck yeah. You know that mom won these five tickets in a sex-fight right? Well that tournament was sponsored by the Aphrodite's Shell. Every match she wins onboard gets us more awesome stuff. If she wins the whole tournament we might win another vacation."

"Alright sounds good," I said as I got up and picked up my little thong. "So I'll meet you at the cabin?"

"Yep. Just be there before 6pm, but feel free to hit on any of these horny sluts on the way. I want you to have fun."

"Okay," I said as I kissed her goodbye one more time. I was still nervous, regardless of what she said. She was going to have a much easier time getting boys than I was going to have getting girls, I didn't think being on a boat full of nymphomaniacs would change that. As I walked over to the bathrooms, naked and seamed covered, I looked back at Loli. She was still gathering up her bikini and t-shit. She was beautiful. I was still especially worried about Marcus Black, knowing full well that he would try to steal her and that she was still infatuated with him. But maybe that wouldn't matter here. Maybe if she did hook up with Marcus the nature of the sex cruise would rob it of any romance. Maybe he would just be another fuck.

That thought made me feel better as I walked into the bathroom.


As Lolita Kwon gathered up her discarded bikini and t-shirt she thought about how well everything was going so far. She had been worried the Marky wouldn't get along well on the cruise, especially considering how many strong, sexy, dominant men there were around. Normally Marky just retreated back into his shell when confronted with anything more masculine than him (which was a lot) but he seemed to be adapting. She was also happy that she wouldn't have to hide her other sexual activities from him. She planned on getting fucked, a lot, and it was nice to know that her boyfriend wasn't going to be a wet towel about it.

She was especially looking forward to seeing Marcus Black again. When they had dated Marcus was a bit of wimp, but he developed quickly. Unfortunately he had turned eighteen three years before Loli did, and he wasn't willing to wait around for her to grow up, so their relationship ended. Loli thought it was so unfair that Marcus had popped, fucked, or impregnated almost every woman in the city of New Eros but her. Well she was going to fix that. Maybe Marky would even join in. Maybe he'd even try out some cock for once. Loli thought it was so unfair that girls were all expected to experiment with lesbianism, kiss each other at parties, and have naked pillow fights and orgy sleepovers. Well, she did do all those things, but boys should too, and the thought of Marky on his knees sucking a giant cock, especially one that had just finished fucking her, really made her wet. Dripping wet.

As she started walking back to the cabin she noticed the sleeping woman next to her. The woman was totally nude except for the sun hat which covered her face, and she was surrounded by porno magazines and empty vodka bottles. "Party started early for you, didn't it bitch?" Loli said mostly to herself.

The woman's large, motherly tits were also covered in Marky's semen now, and the sweat on the woman's body was causing the semen to spread all over her. "That's boy-cum belongs to me," Loli thought to herself. "Besides, it isn't nice to leave a mess like that lying around.

Loli crouched over the unconscious woman like a baby ready to get some milk. Loli started licking and sucking on the woman's sweaty breasts, licking up every smeared drop of Marky's seed. Her tits were hot, having been in the sun all day, and that made the semen hot too. As Loli licked she noticed that little streams of milk were pouring from the women's obscenely large nipples.

"Oh mommy," Loli joked to herself. "That looks so delicious," and she attached her mouth to the woman's right nipple. She began sucking loudly, voraciously, and the warm milk spewed forth like a flood. There was just so much milk in this bitch. Loli was getting horny again, and she started rubbing her well-beaten cunt against the woman's hot leg. She had to be gentle, the Australian twins had really done a number on her, but she still wanted some pussy pleasure.

The drunk milf beneath Loli began to stir, and she lifted off the sun-hat to see what was going on. "Oh baby . . . what . . . that feels so good," she moaned as she awoken from an erotic dream and into an erotic reality. "Who are you, baby-girl?"

Loli let the nipple got with a loud 'pop.' A stream of milk was still spraying out and it streaked Loli's cute, Asian face. "Sorry. My boyfriend accidently popped his cock all over your chest. I was just cleaning you up.

"Oh, well isn't that sweet of you. Is there any way I can thank you?" the woman asked in a drunk, husky voice.

"Actually, there is." Loli stood up and kicked the woman's sun-hat to the side. She then lowered her dripping pussy over the women's face. "A couple of boys pumped a fuck-load of cum into me. Why don't you eat it out?" Before the woman could answer Loli dropped her pussy onto the woman's mouth, and then she began pushing out the salty milk within her.

The woman struggled at first, but eventually accepted it. Loli could feel the old slut's long tongue probing every each of her pussy, expertly sucking out every drop of man-juice. Loli was close to cumming again. This old bitch obviously knew how to eat a pussy.

Loli tweaked her own nipples and began to cum, squirting all over the woman's face. The big-tittied whore was practically drowning as Loli rode her mouth and nose. Loli moaned and squealed as her sex-honey overflowed from the woman's mouth, coating her entire face in pussy water. Loli stood up, her legs slightly shaking, to see that the older woman was almost on the brink of passing out.

Loli thought about apologizing , but some inner sadist was coming out. She stepped back, reached down, and put both of the woman's nipples in her hands. She then twisted, hard. The woman moaned in shock, pain, desperation, and quite a bit of orgasmic bliss. Her overripe breasts exploded with milk, sending frothy little jets in every direction. Her back arched off the ground so radically that only hers shoulders and ass were still touching the grass. Her legs shook, and her cunt exploded in wetness. The woman instantly achieved orgasm.

Loli leaned over and gave the gasping woman a deep, wet, tongue filled kiss. "Thanks for the milk, you fat slutty cow." Then she left without another word, leaving the woman tired, happy, and confused. She never even got to learn the name of the Asian girl who fucked her so well.


I found myself masturbating furiously in one of the bathroom stalls. I was still pissed that my girlfriend had fucked two assholes like those Australian brothers, but the drugs in my system were still acting up and my iron-hard erection kept coming back. Thinking about Loli with two dicks in her just made it worse. Luckily all of the bathrooms on the Aphrodite's Shell were stocked with every form of pornographic material imaginable. When my erection came back with a hard vengeance I grabbed the first magazine I could and I headed straight to the stall to relieve myself of another white sticky load. Unfortunately the magazine turned out to be an issue of 'Black Dicks, Whites Chicks' which only featured outrageously large black men fucking the shit out of tiny white girls. The looks of conquest on the black men's faces, and the look of absolute bliss on the white girls only pissed my off further, but I had to get rid of this erection, so I jerked off to it like crazy.

I heard the door to the bathroom open and two people entered. I didn't stop masturbating because the stall was closed, not that public masturbation was uncommon for this nympho cruise ship. The two people were talking, one was man with a deep smooth voice, the other was a girl who sounded sweet and petite.

"A bathroom," the little girl protested. "I don't want to have sex in a bathroom. I thought you said you'd take me somewhere nice."

"I said I'd take you somewhere appropriate," the deep man laughed back."Way I see it, a bathroom is more than appropriate for a little slut like you. You'll fit right in next to the cum-soaked toilets."

"What? Why are you talking to me like that, and why are you calling me a slut? I've only had sex with one person before."

"Yeah, your boyfriend, the one you left by the bar telling him you were just going to your room for a minute, but you really came to follow me, because you are such a cock-hungry slut."

The girl mumbled, but she didn't argue. I had to get a look at this, the real thing was always better than some dirty magazine. I was too short to see over the stall, so I stood up on the toilet seat and looked over. Holy Shit! I recognized the man with the deep voice instantly. It was Marcus Black. He was even bigger than I remembered him. The only thing he was wearing was a black speedo that fit his ass like latex. His back was turned to me so all I could see was a mountain of dark muscles standing on two thick legs. The girl he was with was amazing. She was a petite little white girl, just like the kind in the magazine. Her hair was cut into a short bob and was died pink to match her tiny thong bikini. Her breasts were rather small, but they were firm, and her hips were very curvy for her size. She looked a little scared.

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