tagNovels and NovellasAphrodite's Shell Ch. 06

Aphrodite's Shell Ch. 06


Story till now: Mark was invited on a cruise for sex-freaks and nymphomaniacs by his cute girlfriend, Lolita Kwon, and her mother Dominique. Unfortunately, his mother and sister also decided to come along, both of whom have made humiliating Mark a game for years. Mark isn't on the ship one day before he learns of a plot by the ship's owner, the evil Sophia Underland, to have his girlfriend raped because she once dated her current lover, the handsome and hung Marcus Black. Now Mark is stuck on a giant boat filled with hundreds of nymphomaniac vacationers, and all he wants to do is save Loli from Marcus's giant black cock and Sophia's twisted mind.


Marky Day: a loser twenty year old college freshmen with low self-esteem despite somewhat good looks and an athletic build. Caucasian, skinny, brown hair.

Samantha Day: Marky's very experienced mother. Large breasts, wide hips, long curly brown hair, typical milf.

Sadie Day: Marky's popular tomboy sister, twenty-five years old. tall and long legged, large breasts, short brown bobbed hair

Lolita Kwon: Marky's cute, spunky, and loveable Korean-American girlfriend. Nineteen years old. Tan skin, large dark eyes, and short black hair with long bangs.

Dominique Kwon: Lolita's dangerous, Amazonian mother. Possibly a former gangster. Long black hair, cold eyes, many scars, and tattoos of dragons and naked women on her arms.

Marcus Black: Marky's estranged childhood friend, Lolita's ex-boyfriend, total stud, and current varsity quarterback. Twenty-two year old African-American.

Sophia Underland: Marcus's current girlfriend and incredibly wealthy heiress, rumored to be sadistic and evil beyond imagining. Twenty-one years old. Long silver hair, ivory skin, and orgasmic body.

Doctor Dick: The cruise liner's doctor, a man in his late 40s. He doesn't fuck girls, he destroys them.

Lifeguard Rick: Dick's son. Rapes women by the busload. Most of them thank him afterward.

Beverly Wolf: The ship's chief lifeguard. She has a complicated relationship with Rick, who fucked her cherished younger sister and turned her into a cheap slut. Tall, blonde, athletic, big tits, and smart. A cross between Wonder Woman and Barbie.

Nurse Nixxy: the world's sluttiest nurse. Blue hair, blue tattoos, and giant fake tits. Loyal slave to Dr. Dick.

Nurse Nancy: Nixxy's best friend, a gullible and stupid bimbo. Short blonde hair, giant fake tits. Loyal slave to Dr. Dick

Mai-noi and Mai-pa: two young, petite Thai twins who have made a name for themselves in Sex-fights, a popular sport that pits fighters against each other in a match where sex is the weapon. Both are essentially flat, petite, and bizarrely muscled.


My cock was shrinking, growing smaller by the second. It was so small now that I could barely grab it, and the five inches it once stood at now seemed giant by comparison. I tried to arouse it, to beat it, but it only got smaller and smaller. It turned inward, pink lips split from my groin like a blossoming flower , and suddenly I had a vagina.

"What a cute little pussy," a sweet voice said. It was Loli, my girlfriend. Her short black hair was kinked and messy, and she was wearing a shredded bridal dress and torn lingerie. Her semen stained body showed through. She was hugging a massive cock the size of a tree, and licking at it with her perfect little tongue. "I use to have a tight little pussy like that, until my husband here fucked the shit out of me. Do you want to get fucked by him too?"

I ran, but I barely got a few feet away before I was tripped by the long leg of an evil looking jester. She was tall, curvy, and her blue latex outfit could barely contain her massive tits. She kicked me right in my new cunt and laughed.

"What's a boy without a dick? Worse, what's a boy with a dick who doesn't know how to use it." The blue jester laughed at me.

"Don't worry, little girl," a new voice said. There was a priestess standing over me, with short blonde hair and transparent robes. I could see that amulet she was wearing was not in the shape of a cross, but was instead a giant, erect cock. "I can help you get your little penis back. But we'll need to go see the king.

The evil jester and the sweet priestess grabbed my by the arms and dragged me before a throne. The king sitting there was naked and more muscled than an ox on steroids. His twisted brown cock was so tall that it blocked his face. My mother was kneeling before him, sucking on his balls like they were the two most delicious pieces of fruit ever grown.

"Your sexiness," the priestess said to the king in a quiet, frightened voice.

"WHAT IS IT SLUT!" his voice boomed like an explosion.

"This little bitch wants her dick back," the jester answered.

My mother turned, spitting out a thick glob of ball-sweat and spit. "He doesn't deserve one."

"Very well," the priestess answered. Together, she and the jester dragged me to a dark place. My sister was there, wearing nothing but a leather jacket with spiked shoulders and two deadly looking high-heeled leather boots. She was kissing a girl deeply, and I saw that it was Loli again, still in her shredded, semen-stained wedding dress. "What shall we do with this little bitch, High-Executioner.

My sister turned to me while pinching one of Loli's nipples. "Feed him to the snake."

"THE SNAKE! THE SNAKE!" a hoard of women chanted. Suddenly a giant black shape grew from the earth, dominating the sky. It was a giant, black cock, and riding it was a glowing white goddess who laughed evilly. The cock come down like a collapsed building, and I screamed as it crushed my tiny, girlish body.


"Awww!" I screamed, waking up from my nightmare. Something big, wet, and made of rubber was slapping me in the face. I looked up to that I was being slapped in the face with an ugly black dildo. It was being wiggled in my face by a familiar woman. Short blonde hair that curled under the ears, vacant blue eyes, pouty cock-sucking lips, and two big tits barely held in place by a set of lingerie meant to look like a nurse's uniform.

Nurse Nancy. One of Dr. Dick's sluts.

"What the fuck are you doing," I asked, pushing the dildo away. It was slick with fluids. It had been recently used.

"Trying to wake you up, silly boy," Nancy answered, smiling stupidly. "And It worked. I knew it would. Whenever I feint (usually because I'm being fucked too hard or I did too many drugs) Dr. Dick just slaps me in the face with his big cock until I wake up, and then we go right back to fucking."

"That's . . . so . . ."

"Smart! I know. Thanks." She smiled brightly and giggled. She was cute, practically beautiful if it wasn't for the fact that she was the most retarded human being I had ever met.

"Well . . . did you have to use a dildo that's just been used?"

She hummed curiously and looked at the big black piece of rubber. She licked it like a popsicle, and the sight sent a shiver all the way to my cock.

"She tastes good," she said, licking the dildo.


"Your mom."

"WHAT?" Nancy hadn't been insulting me. She was too stupid for that.

"Your mom. She's in the next room getting fucked by Dr. Dick." Nancy grumbled. "She's such a greedy bitch. Ever since she and the Doctor got engaged they've been fucking like rabbits, and she hasn't shared any of it with Nixxy or me."

"ENGAGED?" Nancy must have been wrong about that. Dumb bitch probably didn't know what the word 'engaged' actually meant. I leapt up from the cot I was in, totally naked, but that didn't stop me from searching through the medical-ward as I looked for my bitch of a mother. There was a door towards the back of the room, and since it was open just a crack I could hear the sounds of some very heated fucking going on. I burst in, and the first thing I saw was the massive chiseled back of Dr. Dick as his iron-hard ass pumped like a machine into something sloppy and wet. The long, curvy legs of a woman were pointed up to his shoulders, and the woman's toes were spinning around like crazy.

"Fuck!" Dick roared. "I'm cumming again! Eighth fucking time today, you amazing slut! Where do you want it?"

"Mu-mu-mouth! In my mouth! I want to taste it!" my mother cried.

Every muscle on Dick's back was erupting with angry release as his balls began to boil over. "Fucking whore! Take it."

He pulled out, his massive twisted cock literally dripping with my mother's cunt-honey. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off the cot she was on, throwing her to the ground. She tried to kneel up, but her whole body was shaking with a series of multiple orgasms that were torturing her. He pulled her hair back, and began jacking his weapon at her open mouth. His first spurt was a tidal wave of cum, and all of it landed across my mother's eyes. The second wave was aimed low and coated her sweaty tits. By the third blast he had it right, and she gulped down the gallon of thick spunk he gave her. Dick was heaving and panting heavily as my mother sucked forcefully on the massive tip of his third-leg, and even his wooden core wiggled a bit as he came down from his transcendent orgasm.

"Can I get some of that?" a bitchy voice asked. I hadn't seen her till now, but Nixxy was in a chair nearby, legs spread and fingering her cunt impatiently. She was glaring jealously and hatefully at my mother.

Mom moaned as she sucked out the last strand of man-glue from Dick's sex-weapon, emphasizing how delicious she thought it was. "I don't think you deserve it, honey. But tell you what, you can have whatever fell on the floor."

Nixxy growled in anger, but one deathly look from Dr. Dick silenced her. With angry tears in her eyes, Nixxy slunk down to her knees and crawled to where my mother was kneeling, dripping with the Doctor's ejaculate. Reluctantly, but with the need of an addict, she began licking at the drops that fell from my mother's thrusting tits.

My mother whispered "That's where you belong, bitch."

"Mom," I almost cried, covering my now erect penis. "What's going on?"

"Oh, good morning sweetie." My mom struggled to her feet and waddled over, dripping sex-honey on the floor as she came. "Give your mommy a kiss." I tried to push her away but I was weak from my coma and her tongue slipped into my mouth, pushing in a load of semen so noxious smelling I almost puked. When she finally let me go I fell to my ass, a long strand of spit and semen connected our chins.

"Mom . . . (cough, cough) . . . the fuck . . . the fuck happened? How long was I out?"

"Only a day, sugar-stick, but my what a day. I think everything in your little life has gone upside down. You must feel like that dumb little bitch Alice, who fell into Wonderland or something. To be honest I've never read that one, but I did play the queen in a porno of it."

"Mom," I almost cried. "Are you . . . engaged?"

She smiled down at me, and then wiggled her middle-finger in my face. There was a ring on it with a diamond as big as one of my testicles.

"Bling-bling, bitch."

I wanted to cry. I wanted to pass out. I wanted to jump into the ocean and get eaten by a whale. Dr. Dick marched over on his two impossibly strong legs, his big cock now wagging at half-mast between his legs.

"I look forward to getting to know you . . . son," he said licking his lips as he analyzed my soft body. "And I will get to know you . . . intimately."

My mother giggled. "Let's take a shower, stud. I don't want to be dripping with cum when we go have dinner with the Captain."

"I think Captain Underland wouldn't mind seeing you dripping with cum, especially if it was his."

My mother gasped and wrapped her arms around his neck. "But lover, you wouldn't want another man to fuck your blushing bride, would you?"

His gnarled hands sunk into her ass right in front of me, squeezing her tightly. "You're going to be my wife, but that doesn't mean you won't also be my bitch. And I can pimp my bitches whenever and to whoever I fucking wish. Got that."

She kissed him, and said in a husky voice. "God, I fucking love you."

Hand in hand they walked toward another door, one that must have lead to a shower.

"But mom . . .," I whined. "What about Loli? What about her mom?"

My mother looked back with her finger to her lips, as if she barely remembered who those people were. "Oh, that ugly dyke I had to sleep with so I could come on this trip? I have no idea. Your new father showed her what a little bitch she was, and then he had he dragged off to the gym's locker-room. I haven't seen her since, but there was a long line of young men who went in after her."

"And Loli?"

My mother laughed. "Oh sweetie. She's getting engaged too. To Rick. Dick's son. Isn't that amazing. She's going to be your sister-in-law"

I fainted again.


As I awoke to the unmistakable sound of sex. Wet, fleshy smacks and pops filled the room, along with some girlish giggling and erotic moaning, but that was just nearby. Somewhere else, in a nearby room it sounded like sack of flour was being beaten with a sledgehammer, and a girl was screaming her head off.

The sun was setting outside the windows, so I knew I had been out for a while. I was on a couch in the suite my family and Loli were staying in, the one Dominique had won. It was large, seemed empty, and already stank of sex even though we had only been on the cruise for two days. I was naked, and horny, so I intuitively grabbed for my cock to give it some attention, moaning a little as I began to jack it in the cool air.

I wasn't alone. My sister was on the couch across from me. Her long, slender body was completely naked, and she was wrapped around something tiny and tanned. It was another girl, a petite one with a very flat chest but ridiculous abdominal muscles. They were kissing deeply, and the little girl was squirming in heat as my sister patted between her legs. Sadie's lips came off with a loud smack, and her Asian toy gasped for air, while Sadie licked her face. I recognized the Asian girl. It was Mai-noi, or her twin sister Mai-pa. Lily and I had defeated them in a Sex-fight the night before, and that meant we owned them. But Loli was defeated in a Sex-fight right after that, and now she was owned by Rick.

"Hey, little brother," Sadie greeted me. She moved down to the Thai girl's little brown nipples and began to suck on them, sending shivers of ecstatic sensation through her little body. "You can watch if you want."

I grunted, but didn't stop jerking off. "I should be the one fucking her. I'm the one who beat her."

Sadie laughed. She stood up a bit, thrusting her b-cub breasts into Mai-pa/Mai-noi's face. The Thai girl ran her tongue over my sister's breasts before sucking at her pink nipples greedily.

"I seem to recall that Loli did most of the fighting. I should really thank her. This little slut has been such a treat."

I grumbled, but said nothing else and Sadie dove down between my reward's legs and started giving her an amazing tongue-job. My sister's tongue was famous across town, and I knew there weren't many skirts her head hadn't been up. She used to be a champion cock-sucker too, back when she fucked guys more often, according to the legends at school. In high school she even wore kneepads, because she spent so much time kneeling in the bathroom. Mai-noi or Mai-pa started to whimper and squeal as my sister's silken tongue split her little slit.

I slid off the couch and fell to my knees, jacking my little cock with a furious need to fuck something, but happy enough to watch. I wanted to time my orgasm to the Thai girl's (which was rapidly approaching) so I could feel like I was the one fucking her.

"Where's the other one?" I grunted. "Her sister? She should be here too. I can fuck her."

My sister came back up, licking her lips, and she started ravishing the little girl with her fingers. "Sorry Mark, but I don't think the other one will even be able to feel you after what she's been getting."


The screams from the bedroom started to get louder. Some little girl was getting her brains fucked out. There was a final, high pitched wail as the girl climaxed, and her cry was accompanied by a deep, manly growl. A few moments later a dark, shining masculine figure emerged from the bedroom, his large black cock perfectly erect and dripping with womanly cum.

It was Marcus Black. Behind him I saw the other little Thai girl on the bed, half hanging off on the floor, panting like she had just run a hundred marathons. I couldn't believe she had survived a fucking by Marcus Black. His cock seemed bigger than her whole abdomen.

"Hey Mark," he said. "How are you feeling?"

Honestly I just felt like I needed to cum, but I knew that overall I was miserable. I had watched Loli get fucked by a stud-champion and now they were all of the sudden engaged, and here was one of the asshole responsbile for making that happen, and he had the nerve to ask 'how are you feeling.'

"Fuck you," was all I said.

Marcus looked more sad than anything, which would have been touching, if it hadn't been for the twelve inches of dripping anaconda sticking out from his wall of muscle.

"Look," he said. "We need to talk, but right now I can't think straight. Not with . . . this," he indicated his massive dick. He turned to my sister who was eagerly making out with her partner. "Give me that one," Marcus said.

Mai-pa (I think) gasped in fear. Little tears went down her face when she saw her destroyed sister in the other room.

"What?" My sister asked. "No fucking way. I don't want your breaking my toy. You had yours."

"Little bitch couldn't handle it. Anymore would kill her. C'mon Sadie, I'm right on the edge, I just need a few tight pumps to end this." Marcus smiled down at her. "You know, you could take her place.

My sister bit her lip, wide green eyes surrounded by mascara analyzed Marcus's weapon. Sadie looked very intimidated.

"Fine," my sister huffed. She stood up on the couch and grabbed a hold of Mai-pa's legs, spreading them wide open. The poor little Thai girl tried to squirm away, but my sister held her in place, offering her tight little slit to Marcus's destroyer. "She's all yours stud, but you owe me for this."

"Sadie," Mai-pa whined, "No . . . no baby . . . baby-FUCK!" Marcus plunged in, all twelve inches going in and up her tight body in one near-fatal blow. Mai-pa barely had time to gasp as the wind was knocked right out of her. I could literally see Marcus's third-leg as it bulged in her tight, muscular abdomen, and for once calling his massive cock and 'organ-buster' did not seem like a joke. Luckily for Mai-pa it was over in just a few brutal strokes, and then Marcus's iron-hard buttocks began to pulse as his orgasm boiled over. He roared like a lion, making my sister squeak in fear, as his cum filled up the little Thai fuck-doll so quickly that it shot out around his cock like a broken water-pipe. He was cumming so hard and so deep that I expected to see his semen boil out of Mai-pa's mouth, but the only thing that came out of her was a pathetic whimper and long strands of drool. Her eyes went white and her body shuddered. She was gone. Her mind was broken.

Marcus stayed that way for a moment, buried to the hilt, and staring my sister down as if she were next, and the fear on her face revealed that she would not be able to resist him. But after a moment of this Marcus backed down, regaining his sanity. He pulled out, and his cock came free with a very long, slurping sound, as it nearly pulled Mai-pa's insides out with it. My sister let go of her legs, and the little Thai shell fell to the ground with a loud plop and began to leak.

"What a waste," my sister said, smiling a little evilly.

"You . . . you destroyed her," I gasped. "She'll never be the same again. Neither of them will."

"I know," Marcus said, his hard cock just beginning to lower. "I don't normally like doing this to women, turning them into mindless sluts, but these two deserved it."

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