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Don't stand to close to a paranoid is my advice. It catches.

One night my friend, while leaning over his PC, decided to conduct an experiment (no doubt stoked by a considerable amount of book smarts, too little wisdom & too much esoterica):" Meme virus- unreality as infection my bosom bud, a downloadable paranoia"

He spun in his swivel chair to stare me down.

"Those black Ops wizards painting hologram spirals in the night sky oh yes" he wrote the virus on his keyboard in a lightning-quick succession of strokes- "hampered by hegemony, there is no room for living half lives now!"

So the programming was set: with his Trojan meme, my friend could spray his essence into the deep end of cyber-space & pollinate individual nuggets of insanity. Anyone who skirted too close would be consumed by a language virus of such towering complexity, their minds would be so riddled with logic holes & paradoxes the psyche would have no choice but to bleed out completely- all hands abandon ship.

With this my friend became misplaced martyr, declared a terrorist mastermind by officialdom & credited with over a dozen high profile attacks & ten times as many fanatic cells pledged in his name, all before the tender age of 33. Our neighborhood was threatened with nuclear annihilation on several memorable occasions.

I didn't approve of course, he was just showing off when he hatched his little scheme & now hes become one of the most wanted people alive (& don't think I didn't entertain the notion of selling him for reward money) He just had no idea how powerful his idea germ would prove.....and I don't care what anyone else says: Inadvertently causing the apocalypse is tall order for any guy to fill, give our messiah some credit where credit is due

But, castrated children & other insurance policies of foresight have become our mantra, haven't they? gadgets & gizmos have delivered us hence, profits & quota lines too. Man is all, Man is perfect, I consume therefore I am- how could we have it any cushier down here on planet Earth, who wants the party to stop? The debt collectors & bean counters simply outnumber

Free market fables however obscure the true depth of Our predicament & make us forget the object of this game- Its a crappola cash-in, plain & simple- all sides fixed, all houses broken, same as it ever was: You're lost & you can never go Home.

The dissolution of our plastic idols will go on yet, the wars & rumors of growing tenfold- so deal with it & prepare to have your deepest parameters expanded!

Ghost voices mutter obscurities meanwhile through my hacked phone line while I deal by reluctantly succumbing to the tide, following the true believers back home again.

I've breached the quarantine, left the coup to open eyes to the light: streets are clogged with crashed cars & burning bodies now, rubble, debris, rat armies & burned skies: the electronic Word spread cover to cover, converting binary minds to the wisdom of the Cause, liberation through LCD screen.

I embraced my new found freedom by assuming the rank of general in my Pal's pet e-revolution, waging war & felling empires from the comfort of cramped & shadowed office basements.

There is no inoculation against nonsense, no vaccine for silly, see- as a species' common sense disintegrates through quickening entropy, mystery meme transmitting digital sickness throughout, utter lunacy eventually washes over the masses & any who stubbornly cling to the old ways.

ALL will be assimilated into collective schizophrenia. The abyss of the virus is so endless we will finally envision eternity as it must be & that truth will set us free.

In the world that *We* the True Believers have foreseen, the conspiracy theorists & fundamentalists will be vindicated beyond their wildest dreams & it will be like this hollow fiction we inhabit now never existed. The end of time will arrive at last.

Have *you* heard the good news brother?

Trying not to sleepwalk, I'm confronted presently with my own splintering perception as the virus enters terminal stage, vaulting me from one universe to the next without the faintest hope of slowing, assaulted with the intricacies of ten thousand different points of view at once.

I now see how we assume personal identities like masks & wait to be found out, itching for the next round so we can play more dress up. The injustice of it all is old hat & we miss our true powers so; no more of the inhospitable human condition, no more limitation or doubt, no more ones on zeros.

Mutation arrives not a second too early as we are jaded & bored, welcoming of the expansion. Let many now become one, let us re-enter paradise.

Our dreams made flesh however carries a steep price: our nightmares personified. Ask yourself how it could be otherwise

The librarian flashes sharp incisors at pre-schoolers then & I watch while no one offers blasted entreaties to their strung out soccer moms. The track marks on their arms are plain to me & I finally realize the public library is den to cannibals. Planes mist the heavens with Prozac & mysterious flying objects transverse light years for yours truly; old people are vampires & the young are too. The statue of liberty was assembled by occultists, obscure lyrics open locked doors, hidden vaults & women's legs and running the clock face backwards wields unforeseen insight.

The time is ripe for the taking & imaginations no longer need paint in shallow strokes; I've lost my mind, so I'm hear to say dear reader- why not you too?

There is no other way for this to happen.

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