tagSci-Fi & FantasyApocalypse Slaves Pt. 06

Apocalypse Slaves Pt. 06


PART 6: Faye and Amy


Author's Notes: In these stories, I'm attempting something somewhat new, darker, grittier, and going a little bit further down the proverbial rabbit hole than I've gone before. I'm putting all of the tag/trigger warnings (that I can think of) here in the beginning so that you can see some of the elements that are contained in this story so that if this is not your cup of tea, you can move on instead of leaving me flaming comments at the end. "Apocalypse Slaves" is intended to be a digest style story with no real end planned out. I'll finish some of the girls' stories and then move on to other girls that are introduced along the way. So who knows for certain where this will all lead to? If you have ideas and/or suggestions I will entertain them so long as they are within reason and within the boundaries of what I'm willing to write. And if you do decide to email me though the Literotica system, please leave an email so that I can respond. I promise that I don't bite... much.

Tags for this story include, but are not limited to, and not necessarily in this order: non-consent, reluctance, science fiction, sci-fi, apocalypse, post-apocalyptic, auction, slave, slaves, bdsm, volunteer slaves, dystopia, dystopic, bondage, abduction, forced sex, blackmail, ravishment, kidnapping, dominance, maids, barmaids, interracial, submission, capture, captive, captured, enslavement, fetish, punishment, fucking machines, gangbang, mind break, mind-breaking, mind control, control, blackmail, threesomes, foursomes, group sex, double penetration, triple penetration, revenge, rescue, chasing, misogyny, reluctance, humiliation, escort, prostitution, courtesan, coercion, oral, anal, toys, fuckdolls, breeding, and... well... you get the point...

In case anyone is wondering; I am taking story ideas and inspiration from various models and/or picture sets that I've found on the internet. For Part 6 here my model inspirations include model Faye Reagan (Valentine) and Amy Lee Summers from Playboy. Jamie is inspired by Jamie Langford from Penthouse, Hustler, and iStripper. Ronni is inspired from the model of the same name from Hustler's Barely Legal from back in the mid '00s (don't know her last name, unfortunately, despite massive efforts to find out). Chapter numbering just continues from previous parts for continuity purposes.

Now that the fair warning is out of the way, on with the story.


How could you let it end up this way
Is there really nothing more you can say?
I'm not taking another fucking dose of your denial today
I'm not willing to deal with someone
Who insists that they can never be wrong
So just keep on talking to the wall because I'm walking away

-Disturbed, "Never Wrong"


CHAPTER 51: Dazed and Confused

Master's hand was wrapped around her throat as he spooned her. "Get your leg up and a hand on that pussy, bitch," he growled into her ear. Faye grimaced as she could feel his hot breath on her neck. When she didn't comply immediately, she felt his grip tighten, constricting her airway. She started to gasp for air. "Did we forget your punishment from earlier? I paid good tabs for you at the auction, woman, I'm gonna get my money's worth outta yer hide. Now do as I say before I get really angry!"

As she laid on her side, she closed her eyes and whimpered as she rose her right leg high into the air for him to have easy access. The moment she was spread open, she felt his hard, black member penetrate her from behind. Faye let out a cry of pain at being suddenly speared while her pussy struggled to accommodate what had to have been the most massive thing she'd ever had in it. "Get yer hand down there and play with yourself while I fuck you, Freckles." He commanded her. Faye managed to swallow as her left hand traveled down her body to cup her own, newly shaven mound.

Her owner's right hand left her throat, giving her a moment's respite as he grabbed a hold of her elevated thigh to keep it in place. His left hand snaked underneath of her to grab her neck again and to wrench her head so that she'd be forced to look at him. "Look me in the eyes while I fuck you and you play with yourself." Faye forced herself to look him in the eyes. For a man, he wasn't all that unattractive. Dark Chocolate skin, hairless head and body, chiseled features, and rippling muscles. He stood a good foot over her small but curvy frame. In another life, if she'd swung straight, she might've been turned on by him. His dark eyes seemed to bore right into her soul as he moved his hips to drive his hard cock further into her.

"AHUNGH..." Faye protested as her fingers grazed her clit while his cock pushed in and pulled out in a slow rhythm.

Master smiled at her in a sardonic, evil sort of way. "You better get yourself off on my cock, bitch," he said to her as he fucked her nice and slow. "I got all night and you'll have my cock in you until I feel you cum. So the quicker you get off, the faster we move on to more of your training."

Tears welled up in Faye's eyes at that. She'd never been interested in men. Sure, she'd fucked a few in high school and college but it only went to show how much more she enjoyed women over men. Now she was going to be forced to get off with one who'd just purchased her not more than an hour ago. How had she fallen like this? Where the hell did it all go wrong?

And as she thought of these questions while Master fucked her and she fingered herself, she couldn't help but wonder about her wife. Where was Amy at, and was she having just as bad of a time?


In another house on the other side of town, Amy was still crying through red, bloodshot, and poufy eyes as she was forced down to her knees. She bowed her head, chin down to her collar bone in supplication. Her long white-blonde hair spilled down to the floor, obscuring her face and her breasts. She was purchased right after her wife, Faye, was. Amy had called out to her, still professing her love, as the burly black man who had bought her took her away. That left Amy on the auction block alone as she was then bid on. Then she too was carried away by a tall, brawny man who picked her up and slung her over his shoulder like she was nothing more than a sack of potatoes. "My lucky day," he mused, slapping her on the ass as he walked thought the crowd with her. Amy had been sobbing ever since they'd been captured back at the cryo vault. How has the world come to this? She couldn't help but wonder.

Amy's redheaded master looked down on her with glee as he stripped his flannel work shirt off. Unlike her wife, Amy was bisexual. If given the choice, she'd take women over men any day but now that choice had been cruelly taken away from her. As she watched her owner strip before her, her blue eyes peeking up through the strands of her hair, she felt a tightening in her guts. Reality started to set in for her that this was happening; she'd been separated from her wife and sold on an auction block. However, at the same time as she watched this man who could've passed as a lumberjack strip down, she also felt her breasts become heavy, her nipples harden, and her sex become wet with anticipation. Her body knew what was coming even if her mind was not fully accepting the sudden, violent change in her life.

Her new master stepped forward with his hard cock upright. He grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back, making her open her mouth and gasp. It was just the opening he was looking for too as he pressed the tip of his cock past her lips and deep down into her mouth and throat. "Suck me off," he said, looking down at her while his steel muscled hands held her head firmly in place. Part of her wanted to wretch but she knew that wouldn't do any good. Instead, like the meek little sub that she was, she relaxed as much as possible and started sucking on her master's cock while looking up at him with tears still streaming out of her blue eyes.

Oh God... how did I come to this?


CHAPTER 52: On the road to auction.

Earlier that day...

Shots were being fired and people were screaming in the level above them. Faye looked up from where she was cradling Amy's head as she recovered from being in Cryo Freeze. People who had been in the process of leaving were now rushing back in to close the doors and to barricade them. She laid Amy down and rose to her feet. "What's going on?" she demanded.

"There are people outside shooting up anyone trying to leave!" one man said as he hustled his wife and teenage daughter to one side.

"They're shooting the men and taking the women," another guy said as he came in to help. "Come on! Come on! Get in here!" he shouted out to a group in the hallway. They hustled in and the two men slid the doors shut. Others started to bring up whatever they could find to build a wall.

"Who are they?" someone cried.

Faye left Amy coughing and sputtering on the floor to help. The first man tried to shoo her away. "Go find someplace to hide!" he hissed.

"What do you think is going to happen if they get in here?" Faye demanded. "Besides, I have a wife to protect too."

"Fucking Dyke..." the man breathed as he shook his head, but relented nonetheless. They stacked whatever they could find: luggage, desks, chairs, equipment. Then they braced it with whatever they could, including themselves.

"Is there another way out of here?" Someone asked as the shooting and occasional explosion got closer. "Surely they built more than one way out?"

"Got me, and I worked here!" another person said. "I heard talk about emergency escape ladders but I never had time to go looking for them."

"Amy! Honey!" Faye called out to her wife. "See if you can find somewhere for us to go!"

Amy had just got to her feet when an explosion rocked the door, blowing it inward part way. Faye was thrown forward, her head rebounding off the metal floor. "FAYE!" Amy cried out in horror as she rushed over to her side. Now it was Amy's turn to cradle her wife's head. "No, no, no! Don't do this to me sweetie!" She cried, smoothing Faye's hair out. "Come on, honey, wake up for me!"

Her thoughts were interrupted by a squad of unruly and disheveled looking men marching in. They looked like something out of Mad Max. They leveled their guns and started firing at the men who'd gotten up to fight them. The men fell down, dead, much to the wailing and laminations of their loved ones. "Don't even think about resisting us! You're our prisoners! UP!" the lead one barked out.

"She... she's injured!" Amy protested when one of them advanced on her.

"Fine, get naked and then get her clothes off." The raider over top of her ordered.

"What?" Amy asked, not believing her ears. When he fired off a round into the ceiling, Amy squeaked and hastened to strip her blouse off followed quickly by her bra. The raider kept his pistol trained on her, his hardened expression softening only slightly at the sight of her large, round breasts as they drooped only slightly once free from their confines. She rose to her feet long enough to get her shoes, socks, pants and panties off until she was kneeling back down in front of him in the nude.

"Now your girlfriend there," he ordered.

"She's my wife!"

"Really?" he leered at her, reached down, and grabbed her left hand. He saw the ring and roughly pulled it off her finger. "Now strip your wife." He ordered her. "Give me her jewelry including that belly ring of yours."

Amy cried as she took Faye's wedding ring off and handed it to the raider. Then she took the diamond jeweled naval ring out with regret. It'd been a first anniversary gift from Faye. He pocketed the rings and then motioned for her to get on with it. Amy took great care in removing Faye's clothes, being careful not to jostle her head too much out of fear that she might have a concussion. She took the time to look around and was immediately sorry that she did so. The men that had made it out of the cryo units with them had all been killed. The women were being forced to strip just as she had been. Those raiders who weren't holding others under duress were going up and down the lines of the cryo units, opening them up, and pumping rounds into the bodies that were still in there to ensure that they were dead. Amy had stopped flinching after the first dozen shots.

Once all the women were naked, they were ordered to line up. Amy wound up in the back of the line with the raider that had forced her to undress. He had Faye draped over his shoulder. "MOVE!" he barked. The line, prodded on by the raiders, started walking up and out of the bunker. Once they were clear of that level, Amy heard the others rally together to start attacking the lower levels.

There was no time to think about what hell they'd awoke to. There was no time to feel emotions of the loss of loved ones. All that there was to do was follow instructions. Raiders all along the way hustled them forward with the one carrying Faye barking orders to their group. Amy counted about twenty or more women ahead of her.

The finally came out on a hilltop overlooking the main entrance that Amy and Faye had barely came through, what, an hour or two ago by their reckoning? How long had it been? How many years? She squinted in the overly bright sunlight and then gasped at the desolate landscape that greeted them. "Don't stop to admire the view! MOVE!" the raider carrying Faye barked. Amy hastened to follow the line down the hill where they were being hustled into giant cages on the back of modified Mack Trucks. Amy was the last one in as she was shoved up into the cage. Faye was tossed in behind her and the cage was slammed shut. "MOVE 'EM OUT!" the raider hollered. The engine fired up, the truck lurched, and they were moving. Amy heard a second truck ahead of them also get underway. Around them, more trucks pulled up and more men with guns hopped out to join in on the attack.

"Faye, Faye honey?" Amy asked as she cradled her wife's head in her lap as the bunker faded off into the distance behind them. "Come on, honey, wake up!" she cried, gently slapping Faye's face to rouse her.

"Wha-?" Faye blinked as she came to after an hour or so, then squinted in the sunlight. "Amy? Where are we? Why are you naked?"

Amy blinked away tears and told her what happened. Then, despite her protests, Faye was on her feet, clutching at the fence wall that imprisoned them. "You can't do this to us! We're in America!" she yelled forward.

"Are we?" Amy asked, looking around. She frowned as she swore that she caught sight of someone crouching alongside the road.

"We have to be!" Faye said, pointing forward. "That's Lincoln up ahead." Even as she said it, she didn't feel it as the town she once knew and lived in had obviously changed. Gone were the lights and city on the plains to be replaced by ruined, run down, burnt down, blasted, and ramshackle buildings.

"Yeah... but..." Amy bit her lip. "Did things change after the wave hit us?" she asked. "Does America still exist?"

That got Faye worried as she then sullenly sat back down next to her wife as they contemplated whatever hell of a future they woke up in. Amy put her head onto Faye's shoulder and cried as the trucks lumbered past what used to be Lincoln, Nebraska.


CHAPTER 53: Auction

Faye and Amy were clutching each other as they were pulled from the back of the truck. Night was falling fast by the time they'd arrived at wherever they were at. Fear gripped their guts as the men manhandled them and shoved them into a holding area where more men waited to tie their hands and wrists together in front of them. Those who had managed to retain their clothing found it quickly ripped or cut from them. The men who were captured were frog marched to places unknown. Faye and Amy managed one last tearful embrace and a kiss before they were wrenched apart and tied. Once they were bound, then they were placed into a line of women up against a wall.

"Faye... Faye... what are they going to do to us?" Amy whimpered behind her.

"I don't know, baby, just... just be brave." Faye whispered back.

"Quiet, you two!" A man walking up and down the line growled at them. He turned them in place just long enough to give them each a quick swat on the ass. Amy cried out in pain and Faye protested the treatment, which earned her five more stinging slaps across her bottom. "Any more lip? No? Good. Now shaddup!" he stalked off and Faye felt her ass burning from the spanking. The man went back to keeping the rest of the women quiet and in line.

A man in a tailored suit came walking up, rubbing his hands in glee. "Ahhh... fresh, new stock!" he proclaimed. "Well, my little frozen entrees, welcome to Corning! The finest slave trading hub within a hundred miles in any direction! Hell, we're even better than Omaha now that they've gone by the wayside. This is indeed a special treat as we've never had any Flare Survivors fresh out of the cryos before. So I get to do a little spiel for ya so you can appreciate the world you now live in!"

"Slaves?" Faye breathed in wide-eyed horror. "Oh my God... they're going to sell us off!" She'd read about such things in history books but to be confronted with it now was overwhelming.

Tailored Suit beamed as he walked up and down the line. "I'll be perfectly frank with y'all; whatever you were expecting coming out of the freezer is gone! Loooooong gone! If you were hoping for civilization, if you were hoping to just go home and continue on, you can forget it! We're the law here and what we say, goes. The faster you get that through your pretty little heads, the happier y'all will be in your new lot in life. Now some of you, I hear, are married, either to what few men we took or to each other. It don't matter. Hell, you can even think and pretend yer still married. It don't mind us at all. Just so long as you have total obedience to whoever pays the tabs to be your new master or mistress."

A bell gonged repeatedly, causing Tailored Suit to look up. The women followed his gaze up to a stage where bright lights were illuminating every inch. A crowd on the other side roared in appreciation.

"Usually we don't hold auctions until the end of the month, but this is a special occasion, like I said!" Tailored Suit said. "It was hard getting people in but once we told them that we were bringing in Flare Survivors, they all flocked in from all over! Y'all will make us rich here in Corning. Yaaup." He motioned to some of the men with guns off to one side. "Alright, let's git this show going. Get 'em up there!"

Ten women were taken up first. Tailored Suit made a little speech that Faye and Amy could barely hear and then he started taking bids on the first woman. Once the first ten were purchased and carried off by their new owners, another ten went up. Because they were in the second truck to get to Corning, Faye and Amy wound up being in the seventh group to be sold.

When they were hustled up onto the stage, they were made to stand on little stools and then a noose was tightened over their necks. Tailored Suit looked at them. "I wouldn't recommend moving," he warned them all. "It'd be a waste of good pussy if you were to hang yerself on my stage." He then moved to the head of the line where he indicated a petite little brunette and got the bidding started.

Off to her right, Amy was shaking in fear. "AMY!" she hissed at her wife. "Stay still, baby. Be strong!"

"I'm scared!" Amy whined.

"I know, so am I. Look; just stay alive! No matter what!" Faye warned her. "Even if it takes me years... I'll find you!" Faye had to choke back her own tears. "I... love you!"

"I love you too, Faye!" Amy replied, looking back in her tearful eyes. They blew each other kisses and then straightened up as much as they could as the first girl was sold off and Tailored Suit came back to indicate the nine of them left.

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