tagBDSMApollo Country Club Ch. 06

Apollo Country Club Ch. 06



Beau Makes Fabian a Happy Man

*** Beau invites Fabian over for dinner to help him find a potential assistant for Archie. Dessert is definitely the icing on the cake for Fabian. ***

It was Monday and I did not waste time contacting Fabian. If there is ever someone that is on a look out for potential, French lovers, it would be him. He is quite particular and not one to go out with anyone that easily. I had told him to come over for dinner this evening.

As I was stirring my mash with butter, herbs and garlic in one small pot, the chicken was sizzling in another pan. Then I heard a knock on the door. It must be Fabian.

"Ahh welcome, Fabian! Come in. Come in."

"Thank you, Beau. Ooooh the smell is intoxicating. What are you making tonight?"

"Chicken Francaise, mash made creamy and smooth the way you like it, a tomato salad and some cheese assortment."

"Ooooohh... That sounds magnifique! I have brought you a bottle of Bordeaux."

"Thank you kindly. I can not wait to try it. In the mood for a Vouvray tonight?

"That sounds lovely. Let me open it for you."

"Thank you. Please have a seat. I will bring dinner out shortly."

"What are we having for dessert?"

"I had made a citrus trifle that I hope you will enjoy."

"I am sure that I will mon amie. Oooh la la! That is a beautiful cheese assortment and colorful tomatoes. You are tickling my taste buds tonight, Beau. Mmmm..."

"I hope everything is made well enough for you tonight."

"It looks wonderful so far. This must be a tall favor you ask of me, oui?"

"Oui. You are good, Fabian."

"I am sure you would cook me some beef bourguignon if you had the time before asking me this favor."

"Yes, I would. That dish will have to wait another day. How good that would be on a cold night with toasted baguette and a touch of butter."

"Oooohh... You make me drool for that mon amie. Now what is it I can do for you?"

"Archie is looking for an assistant to work for him. He has been over worked and I want him to have someone that can help him out with more than office work alone."

"Go on. Mmm... Fromage, mon amie, come to me always. Mmm..."

"Do you always make such love to your food?"

"Why of course. Only to food that is good. Mmm..."

"I want someone for Archie to not only help him with his office work, but also able to run errands for him and do more than massage his tense shoulders each night."


"He needs to relax more. I want him to have someone that can take care of him and would not mind dating an older gentleman."

"How much older are we speaking of, Beau?"

"I know he wants someone half his age. In their early 20's would be nice. Someone who is keen on detail to help him in the office well enough and know what he likes at home. He has a house with a few rooms. I am sure he would let this young lad live with him."

"Hmmm... I think there is someone that will work out. He is currently staying with a friend of mine while looking for work in town. I know he would like to be in some sort of work dealing with design, fabric and decorating. Shall I send him to your place tomorrow?"

"Yes. Yes, indeed. How long has this young fellow been in the area?"

"It has been half a year. He has been working back and forth in Paris and here over the years. It seems he is willing to settle here for a while if he can find the work he needs to pay his living cost."

"This is splendid to hear. Please enjoy yourself."

"Merci, mon amie. Mmm..."

I could not help to undress him with my eyes as he kept moaning with every bite. He continues to do this all night and the dessert I will be having tonight will not be the citrus trifle or any other fruit than the one on his slightly chiseled body. Oooohh...

"I would like to unbutton my shirt if you do not mind, Fabian."

"Why would I mind that?

Can I do the same?"

"Yes, of course. You are my guest. I want you to feel comfortable."

As I was chewing on the chicken, I would glance at his beautiful body. He is only a year older than I am, but sometimes he is much more mature and wiser than his physical age. This I find very appealing in a man.

Finally at the end of the meal before dessert, he was still nibbling on some cheese and sipping his glass of wine. I could not handle it any more and said that I wish he would not moan in that way.

"How else do you want me to show my love for food?"

"Your moaning is driving me crazy, Fabian."

"You rather I not moan?"

"No. I rather you moan for another reason."

"How so?"

I would finish the rest of my wine, got up to take off my shirt, drop my pants, got on my knees and went in between his legs. Then I slowly pulled down his zipper and pulled out his softness before taking it all into my mouth.

"Oooooohhh... Mmmm... Mmmm... Oooooohhhh... Ooooh mon amie! Mmmm... Is this how you treat your guest?"

"Mmmm... Mmmm..."

"Ooooohh... Beau... Mmmm... Mmmm... Beau... Mmmm..."

Before long, I had all nine and a half inches of him at full attention for me. It was a beautiful sight to behold looking as fine as it can be.

"Mmm... What shall I do with this, Beau?"

"Anything you like, Fabian. What ever you want to do to me tonight, I am yours to do as you please. I want to make you a very very happy Frenchman tonight."

"Oooohh... It sounds to me that you want to please my French manhood very badly."

"Yes. Let me make you moan in pleasure, Fabian. I want you feeling great by the time you leave here. Take me and do as you please."

"Mmm... I will not pass up such an offer from a dear friend. Are you sure that your body is all mine to do as I please tonight, Beau?"

"Yes. I am sure. Take me, Fabian. I will do anything to pleasure you tonight."

He gave me this devilish grin and said he would like to take a shower with me first before he does any damage to my body and make me work for his pleasure.

"Clean me well, Beau."

"Yes, Sir. It is an honor to clean you."

"As it should be."

I was admiring his smooth skin and slightly chiseled body. The sight of his body makes me melt. Tall, handsome, slightly tan skin, dark hair and a deep voice. He is a manly work of art that I can not help to please time and time again.

After our shower, he had me on the bed to tie the rings in place. He also had my wrists tied in place too.

"Now that you are in the proper position to serve me, I will let you savor my manhood. This is what you have been waiting for, is it not?"

"Yes. Yes, Captain."

"Good. The little sailor boy needs to be stuffed in both places."

As I was on my hands and knees feeling vulnerable, he held his hands on my hand to keep my mouth in place for his enjoyment. He also reached into the small drawer next to the bed for a short flogger. Ever now and then, he would whap it against my soft, back cheeks. The sting made me scream in pain, but it was muffled by his manly piece in my mouth.

"You want relief, sailor boy?"

"Yes. Yes, Captain."

He held my head in place as he moved his stiffness in and out of my mouth for a bit before relieving himself and sprayed his juices all over my face. It was his way of humiliating me and to show me that I did not deserve his juices.

"I need to keep you in line, sailor boy. You need to know your place. So far, you look fitting in your position right now. What is this?

You are not fully erect yet for me?

I need to do something about that, do I not?"

Fabian then held onto me tightly and stroke quickly to stiffen me up before he had his lips around my tip making me moan helplessly.

"Oooooohh... Mmm... Ooooohh... Aaaahh..."

"Sounds to me that you are moaning for my manhood. You want me to fill you with my manly piece in your little boy's mouth. Is that right?"

"Yes, Sir. Aaaahh... Please fill my little boy's mouth with your manly piece. Mmm..."

He kept my mouth filled for a while and then positioned himself behind me when he was stiff enough. Then with one, quick thrust into my dry, tight, untouched back door, he made his way in. He did not even warm me up with a tool. The only moisture was from the gel applied onto the condom.

"AAAAAAAHHH!! Mmmm... Oooooohhh... Mmmm..."

"Sailor boy can not handle a man, can he?"

"Mmmm... I... Mmm..."

He would push me a few times to prevent me from answering. Then he would stop and told me to relieve him well. He held onto my stiffness tightly as I did so to make sure that I stay stiff to his liking.

All night, I would buck for his relief, moan endlessly for his pleasure while withholding my relief and stay in the same position. The hours of his hard attention in my back door will make it difficult to walk straight the next day. But I was there to please him so that he could find someone suitable for Archie.

He was kind enough to let me be relieved once to end the evening before he left. I knew he left happy which was exactly my goal. It was rough on me to go through all that, but I did it to make sure Archie did not get a bad assistant. I feel some what in debt to him at times.

I want to be true to Archie, but at times, I am under the control of Fabian and the doctor. It would be nice if we can break free from them, but it is not that simple. I would run far away from here with Archie if I could. I am sure he would do the same.

We may have grown up here, but it does not mean our hearts are here or are we willing to stay here if we are under the control of others. I would live else where if I can with him. Then sometimes I wonder if he would rather be with someone else. I have not been the best at being a friend sometimes. Not when I am pressured to do other wise. I only hope that Archie has the heart to forgive me.

It feels as if we landed on a web, could not break ourselves free and the only way to stay alive is to do as the web maker says. We are bound to the web with very little freedom to go any where else without suffering the consequences. At times, it seems the only way to break free is to draw our final breath.

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