This is a fantasy story involving extremely large - anatomically impossible - insertions and anal sex with magic potions, elves, and a man cursed into a beast's body by the cruel whims of the Gods. If this content offends you, turn back now. If you would like to know more about the temple the story takes place in, check my other stories, specifically 'To be Outside Oneself'


The sweet taste of the hashish lingered on Salina's lips as she exhaled and leant back into the comfortable padding of her seat. Her trips to the temple were a rarity, a treasured opportunity to relax and be herself for an evening. The demands of the Eternal Senate were relentless, but here - in the cozy and luxurious chambers of the Ekstatikoi's high priestess, and her old friend, Letalya - she could let them slip from her mind, if only for a few hours.

Her eyelids fluttered open as Letalya re-entered the sitting chamber. Her soft white silk gown shimmered and seemed to glow in the candlelight, reflecting and amplifying every little waver from the tall pillars set around the room - and the peculiar cut of it drew her eye straight to the older woman's bare left breast, just as it was meant to. Sometimes she envied Letalya's curves, so soft and full. Her elfin body was far from boyish, but she bore only delicate and small breasts, shapely and pert, and the high priestess's left breast alone was larger - by a considerable sum - than her own head.

"Are you sure you want Apollyon?" Letalya asked softly as she sat beside Salina, the soft cushions of the lounge shifting under her weight. She was not a small woman in any sense.

"Mhm... I know, I know. He's beastly, rough, dangerous." Salina answered, looking to her old friend with a soft smile on her gold-painted lips. The hashish was beginning to kick in, the soft spreading warmth through her body and the strange sense of being on the verge of laughter at nothing at all. "But I want him. It's been... It's been a rough few weeks in the Senate, and the surrender of it... Well. That's what I need."

Her friend was quiet for a long few moments, taking the opportunity to raise the hookah's hose to her lips and take a long, smooth pull from the amber mouthpiece. The fragrant smoke pooled from her open mouth before she released, and nodded slowly.

"If you're certain. You know the risks. You'll need to get ready first - would you like a hand?" She let her head loll onto her hand, propped up by an elbow at the back of the low couch, smiling gently back.

"Please, if you don't mind..." Salina shivered softly in anticipation of the night ahead. Just the thought of the brutish Apollyon and his monstrous endowment made her heat rise, and she realized after a moment that unconsciously she had squeezed her thighs together, rubbing them softly, at the idea of it. She parted them sheepishly, then laughed gently at herself, carried away with the high.

It was silly to feel embarassed about something so natural here. The temple was dedicated to the pursuit of pleasure - Letalya would have very gently corrected her if she'd said it aloud, but it was true for her and for most of the clientele. Enlightenment through ecstasy was all well and good, but Salina, like so many of the rest, came here purely to get fucked and get fucked well. If there was ever a place she could girlishly squeeze her thighs together, it was here.

"Let's see..." Letalya said, though Salina was only barely aware of it - or the fact that she'd gotten up from the couch again. The hashish here was strong, magnificently so. It crept up on her, and she was so much higher than she'd planned to be. Part of the fun.

"We'll need the potions, or you'll tear... Have to open you up first... Your usual mask and gown, of course, can't let anyone see your face in case the secret gets out... Mm, what am I forgetting?"

The rest of her words faded into nothingness as Salina let herself drift away into fantasy, her thighs rubbing together again, breath quickening and her nipples stiffening against the soft cotton of her blouse. Her eyelids dragged close, heavy, and her fingers slipped between her legs as thoughts of cock - thick, long, achingly hard - filled her mind.

She was conjured back by the press of soft lips to her cheek, and with a slightly confused 'muh' opened her eyes one at a time to find Letalya bent at the waist, cupping her cheek and smiling at her. "Every time. You've got learn that my stuff is very strong... But from the look of you, I guess you don't want to waste any time getting started, do you?"

On the small marble-and-gold table in front of them lay three of the High Priestess's largest dildos. The first, the smallest, was easily a foot long and as thick as a large man's fist. In the middle was its larger brother, shaped much the same, like an enormous man's cock, thicker again by a few fingers, longer by half again. But at the end was the one that made Salina's mouth water and heart race whenever she saw it. A great monolith, it was much too big for anyone with sense, much too big for most men and women to even hope to take. Shaped like a stallion's cock, it had to be near three feet long, as thick around as a strong man's bicep.

"Oh... No, I shouldn't want to waste any time at all, Letalya."

She found herself saying, swallowing with eager anticipation. Her hands seemed to move of their own accord - or at least before she was aware of the thought that moved them - and began pulling at her clothes, stripping clumsily and quickly. The warm air washed onto her pale peach skin as she pulled at her blouse, struggling for a moment to free her chin before remembering to undo the button, fingers sluggish from the hashish. Her skirt was easier, and the sensation of her own fingertips on her thighs was a sensual delight that distracted her long enough that Letalya laughed, gently, at the sight of her simply trailing them up and down with what she realized only belatedly was a dopey, stoned grin.

"So cute." Letalya crooned, settling back down on the lounge beside her young friend, reaching to join the stroking. Salina shivered, skin rising in goosebumps, as the silky soft fingertips ran over her belly and up to a small breast, pressing her chest out into the touch. But then, just as quickly, the older woman withdrew her hand, and Salina sank back again, watching with heavily lidded eyes as her friend's attention turned to the enormous toys on display.

She took the first of them up, the great black thing that would be the biggest in almost any other collection, and Salina let out a tiny, involuntary shudder of a moan. The heat grew, and her cheeks felt like they were burning. Between her legs, she was already damp, wetter by the moment. She'd love to blame the drugs, but it wasn't them. Toys that big always did this, always turned her into a slut. She nearly lost herself in fantasy again, but returned from the encroaching haze to the sight of Letalya oiling the toy. It gleamed in the candlelight in a way that made her bite her lip, and she reached down to tug her panties down her thighs, raising her knees to her chest to kick them off.

"You know you'll need to take Apollyon in your ass to fit him. Even with the potions, there's no way he'll fit in your cunny." Letalya crooned at her, hands working the oil into the enormous faux phallus. "If it were anyone else, darling, I'd warn you off it... But then, I know you can stretch far enough to take these."

"Yesss..." Salina hissed in answer, staring at it. It was almost hypnotic, the way the light gleamed and shifted on it with every movement, and her hand found its way between her legs without conscious thought, stroking over her needy pussy. "We can start with that one, even back there - Anaya visited just the other day, I'm ready, I'm ready..."

Letalya laughed at her eagerness, gentle and musical, and then turned, giving her a light slap on the thigh. "Well, little miss size queen, if you're that ready you'd better roll over and get your ass up for me."

She obeyed without conscious thought, and the turn made her head spin together with the drugs. How Letalya and Maitreya (her daughter, and Salina's long-time friend with benefits and business partner) could stand to smoke such high powered mixtures all day was a mystery to her. One pull and she spiraled into such dizzy, giddy, horny heights that she could barely control herself. Two and she couldn't. Three, and she was out like a light. But they could sit there, and smoke it all day - her thoughts were carrying away, but she was jolted back by a playful smack of the voluptuous high priestess's plump hand against her pert backside, and wiggled in answer.

"Oh, yes..." She whispered, before looking back over her shoulder and slipping her hands back, raising herself onto her knees with her chest against the pillows to present herself fully. Her hands took grasp of her soft cheeks, spreading them to expose her tight pink puckering hole. It was still just a little puffy from when Anaya had visited her, a little tender, and when Letalya brought a slick finger she sighed. As always, the stroke of the oil was soothing, some ingredient or other that they used in the temple that eased the experience far better than just oil like she usually used alone, that soaked into the skin and helped smooth away irritation.

This time, she surrendered fully to her fantasies as Letalya began. It was easy, once she let her head loll down onto the cushions and closed her eyes. The single digit that entered her - joined by a second after just a few moments - transformed into a cock, into Anaya's cock, thick and meaty and just that little bit too big even for her to take without effort. Shamelessly, she drew a hand away from her cheeks to slide between her legs, rubbing a fingertip firmly back and forth against her clit. The plunging fingers worked into her, and the cock transformed, thicker still, and the thought of Apollyon, the hulking brute, took over from Anaya.

Then that first toy pressed at her, and she braced herself down. It hurt. It always hurt, something so large, no matter how relaxed she was, how much oil, but something in that burning stretching ache made her feel fulfilled. Her reverie faded, and she focused on her breath instead. It was easy, too easy, to slip into ragged gasps, but she forced herself to keep it slow, deep, and even as Letalya slowly worked inch after inch of the enormous toy into her ass, stretching her pretty pink pucker obscenely wide. The pain mingled with a queer pleasure she could hardly seperate, overburdened nerves failing to distinguish what they should be feeling, a sensation that would only grow with the bigger toys on the way to Apollyon's beastly endowment.

Finally, she relaxed herself enough to permit more and more of the toy to slide into her smoothly. It was always like this - the first inch was difficult, then it was easy for a few more, and then it became hard. But once she relaxed inside, let her body surrender to having her rectum temporarily reshaped, it became easy again, at least until the toys were bigger. On some level, she knew that was insane to think of - here was an enormous black dildo the thickness of a fist so deep in her that the outline showed in her belly, but it was really just a warm-up for what was to come.

Letalya's gentle ministrations soon pressed the toy to its hilt, buried so deeply inside Salina that she felt terribly full, painfully stretched - but was nonetheless left craving more. Her hand moved down to run over the bulge in her belly and she shivered, then obediently raised her head at Letalya's gentle tap to her cheek, opening her mouth for the acrid potion that spilled into it and swallowing with a cough. She'd grown used to the taste over the years. It was the only thing that let her body open enough to take the kind of cocks she truly craved, the dangerous, the obscene. Without it, she'd tear apart, die there stuffed with too much cock, split open like an overripe grape, and much as the idea had a certain perverse appeal it would put an awfully premature end to her existence.

The sensation of the strange elixir taking effect was peculiar. It was as if her body was suddenly softer, blurrier, its boundaries not near so precise as they once were. Together with the rollicking high of the hashish it was a tremendously disorienting thing, and her head began to spin again until she put it down, shaking, sweating a little. The slow pull back of the toy anchored her in the moment, kept her from greening out entirely. Her inner walls clung at the toy as it withdrew, and then slowly eased back towards where they should be - but they remained loose, soft, relaxed, more than they would have been without the potion.

As the first toy slipped from her ass, she reached back with the hand that had been on her belly, fingers running against her puffy hole. It was loose now, gaping slightly, relaxed and easy. It would need to be much looser for Apollyon, slack, if she was to avoid injury, and she looked over her shoulder to not gently to Letalya as the older woman prepared the next. It pressed in with the same exquisite mixture of pain and pleasure, amplified as her inner walls were forced to stretch further still, as the flesh of her pussy was compressed by the enormous toy.

Despite herself, despite all her dignity - she was the scion of a great house, an Eternal Senator, a respected businesswoman! - she realized she was drooling into the cushions, running out over her lips onto the fabric. She couldn't help it, even as she became aware of it. The intense sensation was just too much, and it was all she could to keep masturbating rather than letting herself be paralyzed entirely. Moments like this, she knew there was something wrong in her - some wire that had been crossed in her nerves or in her brain that told her agony was pleasure, because it felt like both. On one level, she wanted to scream for Letalya to stop, to take it out, that she was tearing apart. On another, she wanted more, bigger, thicker, deeper.

As it plunged deeper and deeper, the same slow process of easing in until she relaxed and it could press deeper quickly, her fingers turned almost frantic between her legs. Her nectar was free and fast now, the inside of her thighs gleaming with it, her fingers that strange simultaneous blur of stickiness and slickness. The scent of her arousal was strong in her nose, even over the fragrant smoke, and the aching pleasure was building in ever fiber of her being. Deeper, deeper. Faster, faster, fingers moving firmer, tighter. And then, as the bigger toy passed that wall of resistance, she lost her grip on the leash, gasped and screamed out a string of barely coherent obscenities into the couch, came fierce and hard, so fierce that there was a new damp spot on the couch, soaked with the wash of her juice.

Her scream turned into a low moan as the sheer height of her orgasm faded into the wonderful afterglow and Letalya resumed pressing deeper. The dildo was distending her belly again, rearranging her insides, and it hurt so wonderfully that the afterglow reignited briefly, another intense flare of pleasure that left Salina panting into the cushions, fingers limp against the wet spot beneath her pussy. Still, Letalya continued, well accustomed to the young senator's reactions. Hypersensitive nerves screamed their exquisite protest and Salina's body rocked back and forth involuntarily, overwhelmed by the depth of the penetration and her orgasm.

Parts of her body certainly never meant to experience such use were awash with that same strange sensation. This was it, this was perfect, the ache, the pleasure. Some size queens, Salina knew, were interested in large cocks for the aesthetic, others for some psychological quirk or fetish. But the real size queens were like her - those crossed wires made them want this, made them want to hurt so sweetly they couldn't help but orgasm, wanted parts of their bodies never meant to be used for the sex act fucked deep and hard. Trembling, she lay there and let herself simply ride the aftershocks, the rippling tremors of muscle spasms that soon relaxed as the dildo hit its deepest, the sculpted wooden balls nudging her pussy.

This time, the withdrawal left her feeling terribly empty, and she gaped wide enough to feel cool air flood her rectum, flood the inflamed red hot membraneous walls and make her shiver.

"Please, Letalya... The next one, please..." She whispered, unable to summon the strength to lift her head more than an inch. Her fingers returned to her sopping pussy, working into herself, as she waited for her old friend to oil the biggest toy of the three. It was torturous, the feeling of emptiness after being so wonderfully fully, and it was relief as much as arousal that met the press of its great flared tip to her slack sphincter. Shaped after a stallion, it was a good inch widest at its very tip, flat and broad, a strange shape if ever there was one - and one that never failed to bring her off.

It was a strain, even for her relaxed hole, and Salina buried her face in the spit-soaked cushions to try and muffle her low moan of pain as Letalya none-too-gently forced the dildo into her body, giving her no choice but to take it. It was good - Apollyon would be rougher by far, and bigger - but it still hurt enough that tears welled in her eyes to be so suddenly stretched so much more than before. By now, only her extensive practice was keeping her from tearing, aided by the potion that had made her so much softer around the edges, and that thought alone was potently erotic. When it mingled with the press of that huge flare to her inflamed innards, it turned the moan of pain into a coo of exquisite pained delight.

Those crossed wires returned now. Her entrance was the biggest obstacle; her sweet - if no longer especially tight right now - little pucker treated such things mostly normally, with pain and resistance. But once it was in her, once it was sliding deeper and deeper, the rest of her took over. She came again, unashamed, panting into the cushions as inch after inch after inch of impossibly thick stallion cock pushed into her body, distending her belly, reshaping her so deeply that she swore she could feel it against her heart as she came again and Letalya buried it completely inside her.

She lay there, trembling and sweating, for what felt like an eternity as Letalya left her to recover, the dildo lodged in her, the heavy leather balls forcing her legs slightly apart to accomodate their sheer magnificent size. Gradually, she returned to her body, toes twitching first, then her fingers, and with a low moan she pushed back onto her knees and managed to turn over onto her back, staring at the room with wide, teary eyes. It was almost enough - almost. Apollyon was bigger, so big that even the enormous toy in her ass couldn't compare, and so bestial and rough that she might not walk for a day or two after. That was what she needed, even after her orgasms, even sweaty and disheveled and redolently fragrant with her own cum.

Her eyes fluttered closed again as she lay there, reaching between her legs to keep the dildo from shifting only to find that it was so deeply embedded, so tightly gripped, that it was quite unwilling to move without effort. Her fears allayed, she simply took the time to breathe deep, to recover. Her high was beginning to fade, and some of the throbbing ache in her ass was returning, mingling with the sensation of overworked nerves most pleasurably.

Letalya announced her return with a soft footstep, and Salina lifted her head weakly and smiled at her old friend, standing by the door with her usual cloak. Her particular tastes were scandalous even among the Elven aristocracy - visiting the High Priestess was one thing, but what was to come, quite another. Gingerly, she eased onto her bottom, onto the broad base of the oversized toy shoved so deep into her body she found herself taking only shallow breaths, and then up onto her feet. It stayed put as she rose, and she decided to leave it until they reached their destination, to keep her asshole from tightening up in the least and to ease the intense entrance it would have to tolerate.

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