Aporno 13


Aporno 13 – NASA vs the Space Vixen

Inspired by the classic Russ Meyer movies of the 70s.

In 1970, a series of events occurred in the JSC that have remained strictly classified by NASA in the interests of national security until now. First contact was made between humans and an extra-terrestrial lifeform...

Day 1.

It was a hot and sticky day in Texas. The kind of heat that makes your underwear ride up your – hey you get the idea. It was REAL hot. The sky was cloudless and azure blue. At the parking lot of the JSC, a long pair of bronzed, shapely legs sauntered across the boiling asphalt...

"This is it. Earth's last chance," a sultry female voice whispered. "If NASA can't provide something to satisfy my boundless desires, this planet is toast."

Trixie Bonehard seemed like your typical big-breasted all-American girl. The type that belonged in a Russ Meyer movie. That was ironic as Trixie wasn't a human being at all, but one of a race of female-only hypersexual humanoid aliens known as Space Vixens. They were said to originate somewhere in the Vulpecula constellation. The Vixens were a ruthless race, sent out into the galaxy by their supreme ruler, in the hope that they could find someone or something that would give them the perfect orgasm. Many planets were invaded, many were destroyed because nothing existed on them to provide the Vixens with the pleasure they desperately needed to survive and to restore peace to the universe.

So it came to be that the Vixen named as Trixie was sent to a small and insignificant-looking planet called Earth, the only one known to support life in this particular solar system. Finally, she'd discovered a planet with lifeforms on it, hopefully male, horny and well-endowed. Trixie had heard rumours about Earth – this planet had lifeforms that were said to be extremely powerful and resourceful. Most interesting of all they built strange phallic-shaped objects called rockets and missiles that were blasted up into the atmosphere. Imagine the possibilities! These things were apparently controlled by an organization called NASA. Trixie wondered if that stood for National Association of Sexual Activity. Whatever it meant, it was the place she just had to investigate further!

Trixie licked her lips as she entered the JSC.

"Excuse me miss," a stern voice greeted her. "I can't let you in here until I've checked your identity pass.

"Oh, well darn, I seem to have forgotten it!" Trixie gasped, flicking her long red hair. The security guy looked unimpressed, as if to say "typical dumb broad." "Could you wait here while I go and speak to my superior?"

"Sure," Trixie replied with a wink. Something in the corridor had caught her eye. In one corner, a piece of canvas partially covered a shelf. She peeked behind it and saw dozens of polished plastic scale models of rockets of various sizes - Atlas, Titan, Saturn V. Trixie picked one up, her hand comfortably reaching around its circumference. The plastic felt soft as she lightly ran her hand over it. Suddenly, she realized that it was exactly the same size and shape as a human male's penis.

She brought the tip to her mouth and ran her lips over it as she felt herself become aroused. She would have to get one of these as a souvenir. Of course she wanted a lot more than just a plastic model. The security guy was heading back so she pretended to stumble and grabbed the canvas as she fell with a clatter. The man ran over to where Trixie lay sprawled on the ground surrounded by the plastic rocket models she had knocked down. Her legs had flopped apart allowing her short skirt to ride up even higher showing her smooth, firm thighs to which the man's eyes were now glued.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"Gee, I'm so sorry. Sometimes I'm so clumsy. I hope I didn't break anything," Trixie answered as she looked around herself.

As she moved about, she allowed her skirt to ride even higher. Trixie noted by the growing boner tenting up his trousers that the security guy had also noticed.

"Let me help you up," he offered as he held out his hand.

Trixie grabbed his hand and as he pulled her up, she pretended to slip and fell back, pulling this poor defenceless man on top of her, almost smothering him with her eye-popping cleavage. She could feel his hardness pressing the inside of her thigh as he struggled to push himself up.

"I'm so sorry miss," he apologized as he looked down at this flame-haired Vixen.

Before he could go on, Trixie took the initiative and leaned up and kissed him. His eyes opened at first in shock, then closed as she deepened the kiss. Trixie felt him respond as he became more assertive and began exploring her mouth with his tongue. He ran one hand down to her right breast and began to squeeze it, sending a chill up and down her spine. He unbuttoned her top and slid his hand underneath. Trixie never wore a bra, enjoying too much the feel of her huge unencumbered breasts. She groaned with pleasure as the man pinched her nipple, making it erect. Soon he moved down to her thigh and pulled her skirt up further so he could stroke her soft skin. Trixie felt him squeeze her ass as he pulled her toward his hard member. She broke the kiss.

"You seem to have a missile in your pants," Trixie said as she reached down and squeezed his erection. She pushed the man onto his back and looked at the large bulge. "Let's see this weapon you've been concealing down here!"

She pulled his pants and boxers down together letting his erection spring free. She picked up one of the plastic rockets and held it up next to his penis. They were almost identical in size, shape, and in every aspect.

"Hmm, not bad," she thought. "We've certainly got lift-off, that's for sure!"

Trixie sucked on the head, tasting him as she ran her tongue over it, while pumping the shaft with her hand. She took more and more of his hardness into her mouth until she felt him hit the back of her throat. She relaxed and pushed on until she had his whole tool in her mouth. He groaned as he grabbed the back of her head and thrust into her mouth. As much as she enjoyed having him in her mouth, Trixie thought she would get more pleasure if he were using his energy thrusting somewhere else. So she disengaged her mouth and lay back, her skirt bunched up to her hips, and her top open exposing her enormous gravity-defying breasts.

The man needed no further encouragement. He pulled her lacy panties off which were already soaked with her juices. Trixie spread her legs as he kneeled between them and pulled him to her. She felt his erection slide around as he thrust at her, she was so wet, until she guided it toward her opening. He pressed forward and she savoured the feeling of fullness as he thrust and penetrated her to the hilt. She felt him withdraw and plunge forward again and again, setting up a rhythm that caused waves of pleasure to build within her pelvis. She wrapped her legs around him, and pulled him, trying to get him to go as deep as he could. He braced his upper body with one arm and with his free hand, massaged her breast, pinching the nipples as he continued to pump into her. Trixie felt the electrical shocks from her nipples enhancing the pleasure in her pelvis and she could feel it building to a crescendo. But too quickly, the guy started to moan as his tempo became more urgent and she could feel his "rocket" pulse as he released his payload inside of her.

Having been now been given full permission to enter the JSC, Trixie happily strolled on down the corridor. As the semen continued to ooze out of her she still felt unsatisfied because even though the experience with the security guy had been highly pleasurable, it just hadn't quite hit the spot as he'd failed to make her climax, despite his best efforts. But it was early days yet and there were a heck of a lot of other NASA earthlings to experiment on...there was still a chance that Earth wouldn't have to be destroyed.

"I'd give that an 8 out of 10," Trixie smiled, heading through a swing door in search of more victims.

"Hey Larry," the security guy groaned as one of his colleagues arrived to take over. "You ever had a random woman drag you to the ground and screw your goddamn brains out?"

"Uh, no. But I live in hope. You okay? You look completely exhausted."

"Damn that woman was out of this world!"

"Sure she was," Larry replied, convinced his friend was lying as usual.

Just inside the door was a desk behind which sat a pig-faced woman wearing glasses. She muttered softly to herself as Trixie asked for directions to the Mission Control room.

"I'm sorry but that's simply not possible," the woman replied, looking up and down at the voluptuous Vixen with a disapproving stare. "For security reasons it's off-limits to visitors. Any kind of distraction to the staff could lead to a disaster."

"Well that's a shame. I was hoping to..."

"We're in the middle of a lunar mission. However you can view the control room from the observation area. Come, I'll give you a tour."

Trixie went along with the woman up an elevator to the third floor. They entered the area where members of the press and visitors were able to view the various mission control men – EECOM, FIDO, CAPCOM, GUIDO and many more - hard at work. One man with a smart buzz-cut and who was wearing a white vest in particular caught her eye.

"Definitely a stud," Trixie remarked. The pupils in her eyes widened and glowed white as her eyes switched to infrared mode - a handy ability that allowed Vixens to see through the thickest of clothing.

"Oh yes...definitely a stud!" she murmured, grinning.

"Hey who's that guy?" she asked the pig-faced woman.

"That's Eugene Kranz - Gene -" the woman replied with more than a hint of admiration. "The Flight Director."

"The one who's in charge?"

"Absolutely. The Flight Director monitors the activities of a team of flight controllers and has overall responsibility for success and safety of a mission. Everyone respects him."

Trixie assumed that the role of Flight Director meant that Gene was the ruler of the entire planet. She was both aroused and surprised.

"I need to meet him immediately," she exclaimed.

"Out of the question!" the woman replied, with a look that registered extreme disapproval. "The Flight Director is an extremely busy man. He cannot interrupt his work in order to meet...uh, fans."

"We shall see." Trixie smirked to herself.

"Now is there anything else you'd like me to show you?"

"Nope, I've seen everything I need to see here, thanks! Be seein' you!"

In the control room, Gene Kranz glimpsed the mysterious woman in the observation room. She was staring intently at him, but hadn't noticed that he was aware of her.

"Uh-oh, we got ourselves a code red," he thought to himself. Calm as always he decided to monitor the situation further before taking the appropriate action.

Day 2.

Trixie teleported herself to the remote desert of southern Texas with a model of the Saturn V rocket, and discarded her clothes. She lay on the burning hot sand as the bone-dry wind and sun caressed her bare skin revelling in the feeling of being unencumbered and free. She let her hand wander down, touching herself with the rocket hoping for the orgasm and release that had been denied her. But crap, it still failed to happen!

Trixie visited the JSC daily after that, seducing various astronauts, flight controllers and engineers, trying different positions, different tempos, different places to see if she could be satisfied. The mockup of the Lunar Module had been an interesting confined spot, though, along with the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory. But as eager they were, these men just couldn't fully satisfy her. She enjoyed the sex, but still, something was missing!

The communicator on her wrist was bleeping. Soon she would have to report home. There was only one day left for her to experience an orgasm. The fate of planet Earth was looking dire indeed...but all hope was not yet lost, for there was still one NASA guy who hadn't fallen victim to the Vixen's charms...

Day 3.

Whilst lurking around the Mission control room's observation area yet again, Trixie became aware that the colour of her hair was changing. The glorious red hue wasn't shining so bright as before. Her life was in mortal danger. For it was a sad fact of life that Space Vixens died if they didn't achieve orgasm 3 days after arriving on a new planet. In revenge, the Vixen destroyed the planet. There was no sign of Gene Kranz in the control room. Where was he?

"Damn!" Trixie muttered. Suddenly the door slammed shut behind her. She spun round and came face to face with none other than Gene Kranz himself. He locked the door and walked towards her.

"Oh *there* you are," Trixie purred. "I've been looking for you."

Gene remained completely calm and professional.

"As have I. It's come to my attention that some serious incidents have been occurring in this space center. Therefore it's time that I brought this particular mission to a successful conclusion."

Trixie grinned. "Well aren't you the confident one! You sure you can deliver?"

Gene simply nodded and walked behind her. "My devotion to NASA and my country is unquestionable," he said.

His extreme calmness confused and frustrated her. He wasn't like the other NASA guys. Trixie couldn't believe it. Had she underestimated the human beings of Earth? No, that wasn't possible. No man could remain calm with a Space Vixen.

Gene adjusted his white vest and sat down on one of the chairs.

"Are you aware of the perilous situation you find yourself in?" Trixie exclaimed.

Gene nodded. "Of course. I'm also aware that a sexually-frustrated woman is the greatest threat to mankind," he added.

Before she could respond, Gene's hand came out of nowhere and grabbed her, yanking her down so she was spread across his knee. Her skirt had ridden up and he wasn't surprised to see that she wasn't wearing any panties.

"This is really an uncomfortable position," she remarked.

"Not so fast," Gene answered as he moved under her.

"What are you doing?"

"Just enjoying the view."

Trixie squirmed at the thought of not being in control this time But a part of her started to become aroused. She was being held captive, yes, but by a man who was interested in her as a sexual object of desire.

"Please don't hurt me."

"Of course I'm not going to hurt you," Gene replied. "But I'm not going to go easy on you. On the contrary. I think you're going to enjoy this."

She felt him run a hand over her bottom, squeezing first one cheek, than the other. Then he ran one hand up the inside of her leg from her calf up to the softness of her inner thigh. Suddenly his hand smacked her bare ass hard.

"Ouch! What the hell is this? You said that you wouldn't..."

She was rewarded with another smack.

"Now really, did you think I was just going to let you get away with seducing my entire team of flight controllers like that? You Space Vixens need to be taught a lesson. Did you think I would just roll over and give in to your charms like those other men?"

As Gene continued to smack her, Trixie felt her whole body become electrified, her nerves standing on edge by being in this helpless position being disciplined by this respected and powerful Flight Director. Gene pulled open her top so he could take hold of her breasts as they bounced back and forth below her. She was so aroused by her situation that the stimulation from him tweaking her nipples and him smacking her ass with his other hand pushed the waves of pleasure further and further towards a peak.

"Oh Gene..." she moaned. "More..."

"You need to be punished further," he replied, standing up and pushing her across a table. "I can't allow the good name of NASA to be destroyed. I'll give you First Contact," he growled, spreading her legs and licking her inner thighs. His tongue slid down her smooth flesh in masterful strokes.

Trixie squirmed with desire. "Oh shit..."

"I'm not finished with you yet, Vixen," Gene whispered, burying his face between her thighs and savouring her tantalizing wet warmth. She was as juicy as he had imagined. He licked her sensitive clit back and forth as she scraped her fingernails across the table.

Trixie cried out in joy, struggling to contain herself.

"No Vixen, don't hold back. We are approaching a crucial stage of our mission - Transposition, docking, and extraction!"


He stood up, flipped her round so that she was face down, ass up on the table.

"Prepare for hard docking," Gene continued, unzipping his pants. "Inserting probe into drogue." His thick head slid into her, stretching her to the limit. "Capture!"

"Holy shit!" Trixie could not believe the sensation of Gene's hard member as its girth stretched her completely, filling her passage. So this was why he was the Flight Director!

Trixie closed her eyes feeling the quickened tempo and urgency of his thrusting. The whole situation felt unreal. This was truly an adventure. The waves of pleasure built to a peak until the continuous pummelling pushed her over the edge and her body convulsed as she finally had an orgasm. As the Vixen writhed in pleasure below him, growling like a lioness, Gene himself explode as he released his burning seed deep into her womb. His dick seemed to spasm forever as he shot wave after wave of cum, filling her until he was completely drained.

"Payload delivered," came Gene's calm reply. "Fuel tanks drained. Preparing for shutdown and staging." He withdrew, leaving Trixie rather dazed and exhausted, with cum oozing down her thighs.

"Well now," Gene smiled, composing himself. "I trust you can return to Vulpecula safe in the knowledge that Earthlings lived up to your expectations. "

"You stud," Trixie groaned, as he helped her to her to her feet. Though he'd saved her life, saved Earth and given her the most mind-blowing orgasm in the entire universe, Trixie felt like the loser here. "How'd you get to be so damned good?"

"I'm afraid that's classified," Gene replied, lighting a cigar.

The people of Earth never knew how close they came to destruction that day or how the simple actions of a talented Flight Director saved them all and brought peace to the universe.

That's All Folks!

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