The piano played. The room was hazy with vintage cigars and the aura of whiskey. I had been sitting at the table, drunk on the music.

I felt him before I saw him. The electricity ran through the air like a train over a track; powerful. He had a way of doing that to me, making my heart skip a heart. He smelled of the cool air and of a fireplace. That burning wood and smoldering embers smell. I felt his hand brush my hair from my shoulder and his warm breath in my neck followed by the most erotic nibble known to woman. I wasn't wearing any panties or they would have slid off about now.

"Hey freckles", sending shivers down my spine as he called my nickname.

Ugh. It made me just growl.

He was dressed in a navy blue suit, a charcoal gray shirt, top 2 buttons undone and his tie was off. Ugh. He drives me wild. Those mahogany eyes, mmmmmm. They pierce my soul and better yet, my pussy. I couldn't help myself. I was on the floor, in my black heels, black leather skirt and sheer patterned bodysuit kneeling. My black hair had fallen in my face, obstructing my view of him.


And I was back up instantly, his hand cupping my chin, taking what was his, my eyes and my mouth. Mmmmm. This has to be heaven.

I never noticed that the restaurant was empty. Where did the plates go? The people? The guests? There was nothing but the 2 of us and the pianist. I was mesmerized, in a daze. My shoes were removed, his hands on my feet. "you need a spa day".

"I can't sir, I just... Can't".

"Then... this will do for now..." but he was growling, displeased with my response.

The feel of his hands through my black nylons sent chills up my spine and I arched my back. His hands found their way to my calves, then up my thighs and then to beneath my leather skirt where my bare mound met the fabric. His fingers, stroking the dampness, making it evident what my body wanted, played to the tune of the piano.

"Master please!" I moaned.

"In time." He relied.

I was frustrated. I wanted to please him. To have some pain. To be his toy. He had different plans.

Soon, my head, which had fallen back in ecstasy, was snapped forward as I heard my favorite sound; the unzipping of his pants. My mouth drooled and instantly opened. I needed to taste him, though I wasn't hungry. He was willing to feed me and I devoured his cock with my mouth. Drinking like a deserted woman at a well. I was so hungry I couldn't stop myself, his cock was so deep in my throat I was gagging and couldn't quit.

His hands were in my hair. His growl was getting louder. The piano was going harder and faster, gaining momentum. And then...in am instant, my perfect makeup, was covered in his warm cum. And I was up, lifted off my seat and bent over the table, hands behind my back, being fucked so hard that my jaws were clenching. My skirt was up over my ass, my top unzipped and he was feverishly slamming me with his belt.

"Please Master!"

"Not yet..." he was in his zone. I knew what was next...

I held my breath, his hands dropped the belt, came to my throat and squeezed how I loved. I was on the edge. I couldn't handle it. "PLEASE MASTER PLEASE I'M BEGGING YOU", as I stated screaming his moniker.

"CUM!!" he roared.

I held my breath as he choked and fucked me, sending me over the edge to multiple orgasms. My body shook, my pussy clenched, my heart raced and I dropped. I wiped the hair from my face.

"Ready for dessert?" my wolf asked.

And ugh...was I ever...

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