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Apple Pie


When Darrell woke up that Friday morning he had no idea how incredible his day was going to be. All he could do was drag up out of bed, take a shower, shave and get dressed. After making his bed he packed himself a lunch, walked out into the yard, grabbed the morning paper and then got in his car. Traffic was light, even for a Friday, so he got into work and parked in one of the closest parking spaces.

After entering the building he went to the elevators, which, immediately after he pushed the up button, dinged loudly and opened. He stepped inside and before anyone else walked into the elevator lobby, he pressed twelve and the doors closed. "Ah," he thought, "an express ride to the top." It was so much nicer than the herky-jerky stop and go rides he usually experienced on the elevator, stopping at nearly every floor.

He started up his computer and while it was booting up, he decided to head for the kitchen area and mix up some oatmeal for breakfast. Opening his box of instant oatmeal, he grabbed a packet and carried it to the kitchen where he would grab a styrofoam cup, fill it with the contents of the packet and get some hot water from the coffee machine. Just as he was about to open his oatmeal packet he saw it. At first he couldn't believe his eyes, but after rubbing them with his fists he looked again and there, in the vending machine was an apple pie.

Now in the ten years Darrell had worked at the company, the vending machine had provided a wide variety of wholesome snacks including trail mix, granola bars, and an occasionally almond joy bar, but in all those years it offered apple pie maybe twice. Suddenly, on the first Friday in August, Darrell looked at a single apple pie tucked into its slot in the vending machine.

He could feel his hands trembling as he reached into his pocket and pulled out one, two and then a third quarter. Carefully sliding them into the machine, he reached over and, holding his breath, pressed the numbers one, three and four. Feeling a frightening sensation roll though his body, he wondered what he might do if the machine didn't work, or even worse, if the pie got caught on something to tantalizingly dangle in front of him, but the machine worked and in just a moment he heard the pie hit the bottom of the vending machine.

Slipping his hand into the opening, he pulled out the pie, squeezed it slightly to confirm the fall had not shattered the firm but somehow still soft outer shell. Yes, the pie was completely intact. Holding the pie he turned and suddenly faced Katrina.

She didn't speak, but he watched her lips move silently saying, "The last apple pie."

Darrell smiled meekly and tried to move around the large woman. As he moved he noticed her eyes were transfixed on the apple pie. Stopping, he held it up and then moved it quickly to one side. Her head followed every move.

Slipping between Katrina and the vending machine, Darrell moved to the other side of the kitchen, but she slowly followed him, drooling slightly. She was focused on the apple pie and nothing else. He thought for a moment, and then had an idea.

"Katrina, what would you do for this apple pie?"

She remained silent but her lips moved, "Anything."

"Would you show me your breasts?" he said, flinching a bit, expecting to be clobbered.

The woman reached up to her blouse and unbuttoned it completely, exposing an industrial sized bra. It was an intricate device that apparently fastened in the front, because with a few deft movements with her fingers, she opened her bra, letting two monster breasts flop out.

Now, in the bar with friends, Darrell would go nuts over the thin, hot, sexy young women and pretty much ignore any woman with a bit of meat on her bones, but here, alone with this woman he could be himself. He may have acted like he lusted for those skinny women, but in reality he longed a bigger, curvier woman. Just the though of her soft folds of skin molding around his body was so exciting.

Just the sight of the two large breasts jiggling a bit as they flopped down on her large stomach sent a tingling through Darrell's balls. He backed up two steps and watched the woman's ample flesh juggle a bit as she followed. She was definitely in his power now, all he had to do was find the right place. Too heavy for a table, he looked at the counter and figured the cabinets were well constructed.

"Okay Katrina, I want you to undress completely," he instructed.

The woman nodded, and without moving her eyes from the apple pie, she pulled off her shoes, her pants, her huge panties and then stood, awaiting further instructions. Grabbing her hand, Darrell led her over to the counter, pushed the microwave to one side and the coffee machine to the other and said, "Okay, can you sit up on the cabinet."

It took some doing, but with her half stepping on a chair and Darrell pushing her from behind, his hands deliciously sinking into her soft ass, she got up on the counter. Darrell pushed her legs apart and then quickly pulled off his clothes, making sure the apple pie remained just out of the reach of the big woman. Once naked, he pulled the wrapper off the pie and moved up between her legs, wiggling his hips against her thighs to work his way in close.

He handed her the pie and slipped his fingers down to her pussy. Pushing two inside her, he noticed she was wet, very wet. Leaning forward, he guided his cock into that wet opening and felt it slide easily into her body. She took a slow bite as Darrell thrust deep into her and then as she chewed he slowly withdrew. He worked a rhythm, shoving his cock into her wet folds as she took a small bite out of the apple pie.

As he moved his cock in and out of her, he ran his hands all over her breasts and stomach, kneading her flesh, following the canyons between the folds of skin, lifting her breasts and sucking on the monstrous nipples. Glancing down he watched his cock disappear beneath her curly black hair and then reappear, pulling her pink lips out a bit. His cock glistened so under the kitchen lights as her juices covered him. He could also see the bits of crumbs fall from the apple pie, roll down her breasts, over her stomach to bounce off his stomach and get tangled in her pubic hair.

Feeling a surge of pleasure building in him, he watched as she took the last bite of the apple pie and moved his mouth to hers, shoved his tongue inside, just as he thrust his cock as deep as he could into her sopping cunt. He worked a tiny bit of the pie from off her tongue and slipped it back into his mouth, tasting the fruity taste as he came, releasing his cum into her pussy in spurt after spurt.

He pushed his tongue back into her mouth as began to moan loudly. He tasted the flavor of the pie from her teeth and tongue and then he felt her come. Her pussy squeezed on his cock, drawing it inward with each pulsation. He felt it again and again, slowly subsiding.

He pulled his head back letting the woman gasp for air as bits of the pie bounced down between them. Darrell pulled out his cock and looked down between her legs, spotting a big crumb, nestled in the wet curls of her hair. Kneeling down, he slipped his tongue in through the curls and carefully worked the crumb out and into his mouth. As he kneeled, he could see the white frothy mixture of their cum oozing out of her pussy down over another crumb, coating it entirely.

He grabbed the crumb covered in their cream in his fingers and stood up, holding it to her mouth. She stuck out her tongue and let him place the delicacy on it. Instead of sucking it into her mouth, she grabbed his head and pulled him to her, and they united in an open mouthed kiss, sharing the cum-covered bit of apple pie.

It was only then that Katrina seemed to snap out of her trance, "What the hell..." and then seeing exactly what had happened she said, "Oh my Darrell, I didn't know you had it in you. We better get cleaned up and dressed before anyone else gets in."

Darrell helped her down from the counter and they quickly dressed. Grabbing some paper towels, they mopped up the pool of their cum that had accumulated on the counter top and then slid the microwave and coffee pot over the, still damp, counter. Just as they were heading out of the kitchen another woman walked in. She looked at the vending machine and then exclaimed, "Oh damn, the last apple pie is gone."

Darrell and Katrina walked out of the kitchen hoping the woman didn't hear them giggling.

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