tagIncest/TabooApples Fall Not Far... Ch. 04

Apples Fall Not Far... Ch. 04

byStardog Champion©

It took awhile for the fallout from the night in Atlantic City with Melanie and the wealthy Saudi couple to make much sense to Peter Relaford. He knew his Girlfriend had done things that night with Asad and Rysa that she probably never thought she could. Hell, he did things he never thought he would either in that hotel room. But like any situation where the boundaries are breached, it would take awhile for the dust to settle to get a clear view of the new order of things.

In the days following their trip, while Peter and Melanie did talk a few times, it was almost like the early stages of their relationship where they were walking on eggshells, feeling each other out. Each now had a better understanding of what the other was capable of in an intimate setting, but Peter didn't know if he was falling in love with Melanie, or if he was simply falling deeper 'in lust' after seeing what she was like when she tossed her inhibitions aside. Strangely, eventhough she couldn't put it into words, Melanie was feeling much the same way towards Peter.

It was nearly a month later before the couple really talked in-depth about that fateful night in Atlantic City. Peter and Melanie had just been to the opening of a local playhouse that Friday night, and eventhough it wasn't really Peter's cup of tea, he was pretty sure he could score some sex at the end of the evening. Racking his brain during the play, Peter knew he'd hooked up with Melanie and spent the night with her only once since their indecent suarez at the casino. That combined with the fact that he hadn't seen the college girl, Shelby, he'd been fooling around with for the better part of two weeks had left Peter with a serious case of the 'need-ta-fuks'.

That was thankfully taken care of in short order, and with flying colors, once he and Melanie returned to his place after the play. It was clear from Melanie's enthusiasm in bed that she needed the night with him as much as he needed it with her. Once those intimate bonds of trust had been restored, the couple found themselves at ease rehashing the events of that night in New Jersey as they cuddled post-coitus.

The blanket pulled up over their naked bodies as the Mid November, Vermont chill gripped it's teeth in, Peter and Melanie stewed in their endorphins as they kissed and nuzzled under the covers.

Having never asked her outright, Peter could pretty much discern Melanie's encounter with Rysa Aziz was the first time she'd physically been with another woman. Allowing his right hand to slowly meander it's way down his Girlfriend's torso as they talked, he could feel the warmth still imminating from her vagina the closer he got. The simmering supernova between her legs seeming to draw his hand towards it, Peter watched the shimmer of Melanie's eyes in the dark as he probed her about her past desires to do something like she did with Rysa and Asad.

Comfortable enough now with Peter to admit such a scandalous thing, she told him yes and that most women at some point do conjure a scenerio like that in their minds on occassion.

Allowing his fingertips to traipse down to the curly wisps of Melanie's pubic patch, Peter used his gentle attentiveness to prod Melanie to continue with her catharsis of sorts.

"But you've never done anything like that for real?" he asked with sweet sarcasm.

"NEVER," Melanie spat and giggled, the two glasses of wine she'd had after they'd had sex beginning to kick in. "First of all I'd die from the embarrassment and freeze up... and in a small town like this... everyone would know my business by sunrise. No way in the world I'd want stuff like that crossing my parent's ears... or my Daughter's or the people at work for that matter!"

"You didn't freeze up the other night... not by a longshot," Peter smiled.

"No... but that couple is sitting on the other side of the world right now rehashing that night with us as they take their camels out for a ride," Melanie deadpanned.

"You got a point," Peter heartily laughed at Melanie's attempt at cultural insensitivity.

"So does that mean you haven't given that night in Atlantic City any thought since then?" Peter coyly interrogated before dipping several of his fingers inside his Girlfriend's soaking wet slit.

"AHHHHH... what the fuck do you think?" Melanie sighed before closing her thighs around Peter's hand to lock it tightly inside her snatch as she playfully pulled the covers up over both their heads.


Peter made Melanie cum twice more before they drifted off to sleep that night. Allowing her to finish of the bottle of wine on the nightstand in the process, Peter was able to dwelve deeper into his Girlfriend's private desires than he ever had before.

Asking Melanie point blank between the second and third orgasms 'if she'd entertained the idea of letting another woman have her way with her after the events in Atlantic City,' when he was sure she was drunk enough not to be offended by the question, Peter once again got a slow but steadfast 'no'. After making her cum for the third time of the evening however, Peter finally worked up the gumption to suggest the idea that had been germinating inside his head for almost a month.

This time there was an 'oh so subtle' pause in Melanie's response.

"What if you could have another anonymous encounter with a woman... she wouldn't know you... you wouldn't know her... and after it was over you two would go your seperate ways, none the wiser," Peter laid out his modest proposal.

Even in her inebriated state, Melanie somehow seemed to sober up for a few seconds as she tried to get her head around what Peter was suggesting.

"What do you mean... like both of me and her being blindfolded and drugged?" Melanie shook her head and smiled.

"Well Maybe... who knows... just painting a picture in my head mainly," Peter laughed.

"Did you have a specific woman in mind?" Melanie asked, taken Peter aback slightly with the seeming twinge of interest in her tone.

"Heidi Klum maybe," Peter cracked, putting Melanie at ease as he stroked his hand softly up and down her shoulder

"After my divorce... I did something... well... let's see how to put this... I hired an escort a few times... just twice...," Peter started to tell Melanie before she interrupted.

"YOU WHAT," she sarcastically protested, her eyes lighting up in the dark as she smacked him playfully across his bare chest.

"But it was way before I even met you... had to be at least six months," Peter tried re-assuring.

"Oh No... I can't believe this," Melanie coyly prodded. "I hope it was a nice girl trying to work her way through school instead of one of those lot lizards down at the truck stop."

"Yeah... I think she was one of those," Peter tickled Melanie on the neck and chided.

"Then I think we better get this tested... might even have to cut it off," she shot back before grabbing his cock under the covers and giving it a good tug.

"Too late," Peter replied. "I think we've already consummated things... whatever I've got... you've got too."

By the time the couple had dozed off Peter wasn't sure if Melanie had tentatively agreed tot he devious idea he'd laid out or if she was simply aroused buy the thought and was just humoring his unsavory wants. The two didn't speak of it the next morning as Peter drove his hungover and haggard Girlfriend back home.

Peter thought it was a dead issue, or at least one that wouldn't be broached again until after they shared some intimate time together. Needless to say, Peter was shocked when Melanie soberly brought it up during their next phone call a few days later.

"You're serious... you'd actually give some thought to doing something as crazy as that?" he asked incredulously.

"Last time we tried something that risqué, it turned out OK," Melanie replied with a calmness that caused Peter's skin to tingle.

"Just give it some thought and see what you can come up with," Melanie flirtatiously prodded her Boyfriend. "And if you can... see what Heidi Klum is doing next weekend."

"I'll see what I can do," Peter laughed before saying 'good-bye' and tossing the phone down on the passenger seat as he drove along his sales route.

Before he could pass another mile marker on the highway, he found himself reaching for his cell and calling Melanie back just to make sure he heard her right a few seconds earlier.

She assured him that he had.

It didn't take long for the carnal part of Peter Relaford's brain to start working overtime.


Peter had no intention of blowing his money on an escort to satisfy Melanie's unshackled longings. He had something much better, and cheaper in mind. Steering his company car into the parking lot of the community college where he'd first met Shelby several months back, Peter decided to make a sales call and in the process see if she was still working in the cafeteria. After a little looking around, he found her.

Peter could immediately sense a slight hint of aloofness coming from Shelby, but he certainly couldn't blame her considering it had been weeks since he last called her. After stealing her away for a quick cigarette break however, the iciness from Shelby gradually dissipated.

Having been a college student himself, Peter understood the constraints on Shelby's time and considering the joy she'd brought him the handful of times they got together, he was sure Shelby's dance card stayed as full as she let it. When Peter told Shelby he'd been seeing someone on a semi-regular basis, he was relieved when there wasn't a hint of jealousy in the girl's eyes.

"So... ah... why did you drag me out here if you're not interested in seeing me anymore?" the 19 year old girl asked between drags of her Newport.

Peter was transported back to September when he first talked with Shelby out on that loading dock, and he couldn't help but fill with deja-vu as he tried collecting his thoughts. He'd certainly had a blast by throwing caution to the wind the first time and that gave him the nudge he needed to try again.

"The lady I've been seeing Shelby... she kind of has a few things that have been bubbling under the surface for a long time... and after a couple of recent events, she might be ready to let some of them out. It struck me the other day that you might be the perfect person to maybe help her with one or two of those things," Peter slowly spelled out his reasoning as he leaned over and lit Shelby's second cigarette.

"So you want to have a threesome with me and your Girlfriend?" Shelby asked with a mixture of interest and amusement.

"Not exactly," Peter replied before taking an extremely long drag from his own smoke.


If it wasn't for the butterflies of anxiousness fluttering through Peter's stomach, the image in front of him would have been downright comical. In Melanie's inherent desire to actually go through with what she'd asked Peter to set up, she'd become more and more adamant, even to the point of being anal, about keeping her anonymity.

When Peter mentioned that many of the escorts attended the local community college, Melanie went as white as a sheet knowing her Daughter was in her second year there.

"Good God... I don't think we ought to do this... what if the girl knows her... has some class with her... EEKKKK," Melanie had trembled at the thought.

Peter tried reassuring his Girlfriend about the strict measures of confidentiality the escorts had to adhere to and was finally able to get Melanie back on board after running a few other ideas by her that would insure keeping her identity a secret.

For starters, Peter agreed to make the girl wear a blindfold. Since Melanie thought Peter was actually paying the escort, she figured they could make the girl do anything they wanted. The plan was for Melanie to be laying stripped and spread eagle on Peter's bed, with every light in the house out, as he led the young woman into the bedroom. The added part of the plan, and the one that Peter was struggling to stifle the chuckles came from Melanie deciding to wear one of Peter's stocking ski masks during the encounter. Having watched Melanie try several of them on, just the sight of a naked and very fair skinned woman laying there on his bed, trying one ski mask on her face after another, did wonders to settle Peter's nerves.

"Maybe we could go rob a convenience store when we're done," he joked to Melanie once she finally settled on one large enough for her to keep her thick hair concealed beneath it.

Checking herself a few times in the mirror, Melanie convinced herself too much of her face was still showing through the eye, nose and mouth holes of the mask.

"Good God... I have an idea," Peter shook his head an offered.

Reaching over to Melanie and taking the mask she'd picked off her head, Peter grabbed a pair of scissors and cut a hole out of the back of the mask big enough for Melanie to breath out of her nose and mouth. Putting it back on head, only backwards this time, he asked her if that would work.

"But I can't see anything," she pleaded.

"Neither will she," came Peter's retort. "Fair is fair... besides trust me... it'll be dark anyway and you'll ruin the sensation trying to squint your eyes. Just lay back and enjoy all your other senses."

That bridge crossed, Peter decided also to place several pillows beside his Girlfriend's head as well, just in case she needed something to bury her face in if she screamed, just so the call girl on the rarest of chances, wouldn't recognize her voice.

So there Peter was on the bed, waiting for Shelby's call as he playfully teased and traced his fingers over Melanie's naked body, slowly prepping her up for the festivities to come. Needless to say, they both nearly jumped out of their skin when Peter's cell finally rang at a little after 8 that night.

Slipping out the front door to meet Shelby in the driveway, even in the debilitating cold, Peter could still feel his cock twitch with life when he laid eyes on the college girl he hadn't seen in several weeks.

"So how ya been?" he offered.

"Fine... its fucking freezing out here," Shelby replied, her teeth chattering as they made their pleasantries.

Seeing the heavy winter coat she was wearing, along with a very thick pair of dark blue sweatpants, even in the frigid cold, Peter found himself drooling as he imagined what, if anything, she was wearing underneath.

"A few ground rules before we head in that she's kind of insisted on...," Peter said as they walked up the steps to the porch.

"So how long have you two been seeing each other?" Shelby asked before they walked inside.

"Few months on and off... she's just getting to the point now of trusting me enough to let her inner freak out... I'm just at the point right now where I'm trying not to ruin it," he replied.

"First of all she's real nervous... all this is really new to her. I got a couple of daquiries in her an hour or so back but she's gonna be real apprehensive until we get her loosened up and comfortable," Peter muttered to Shelby before opening the front door.

"She's also got a kid going to the same school as you and I'm guessing she's a little worried about someone recognizing her. We've got that pretty much taken care of on our end... but... she still wants... you... to wear a blindfold," Peter added almost apologetically, just before taking the thin strip of black fabric from his breast pocket and showing it to the 19 year old girl beside him.

"We're gonna keep all the lights off in the bedroom too... curtains drawn... hope you can work well in the dark," Peter continued.

"Can we just get the fuck inside before everything I need freezes off," Shelby rolled her eyes and laughed.

Once inside, the two took several long deep breaths, ingesting the warmth from Peter's wood stove as they stared down the long hallway leading to Peter's bedroom, each excited in their own way about what was waiting for them there.


Naked on her back, with the scratchy material of the ski mask covering most of her face, Melanie's heart did hopscotch in her throat when she heard Peter's front door open, then close a few seconds later. Without the ability to see, Melanie realized Peter was right, her remaining senses we indeed heightened and she found herself clutching the sheets to each side of her prone body as the vibrations of two pairs of footsteps eventually began easing down the hallways towards her.

The darkness having already enveloped her, all Melanie could do was lay there and wait.


Peter's dick nearly bored a hole in his slacks as he watched Shelby slip off her coat. The only light on in the entire house was the dim and dingy yellowish hue coming from the bulb above the stove, but it provided just enough shadow resolution for Peter to see Shelby had nothing on but a satiny pink bra beneath the coat. In quick order, the young girl proceeded to pull down her sweat pants and step out of them, revealing a matching pair of pink lace panties. Her scant outfit combined with the determined look on Shelby's face made it clear to Peter that she'd come to the house on a mission of her own.

"You had to be freezing out there," he whispered to Shelby, his voice sounding eerie in the shadowy calm of his living room.

Peter couldn't resist reaching down and squeezing his cock through his slacks as he watched the nonchalant way Shelby reached her hands around her back and un-snapped her bra before letting it fall to the floor. He then felt his cock try to fight back against his hand when Shelby stepped out of her panties.

His head swimming as he strained his eyes to see the glistening and freshly waxed bloom of Shelby's labia puffing from her crotch, Peter felt his blood boil imaging just how the 19 year old girl's face was going to look buried between Melanie's thighs.

"You ready?" Shelby muttered softly once she'd stripped herself bare, as if to shake Peter out of his aroused fog.

"Yeah," Peter's head snapped as if an invisible hand had smacked his face.

"Here's the blindfold," he said a few seconds later before easing up behind Shelby and caressing the strip of cool fabric over her eyes.

"Too tight?" he asked after tying it behind her head.

"No... its fine... stupid that I gotta wear it... but fine," she quipped before they began their short trek down the hall, side by side.


Once inside the bedroom, Peter ceased to exist to Shelby for several minutes. Stealing a moment as Peter made his way to his position beside the bed, Shelby ever so subtlety nudged the strip of the blindfold up so she had a reasonable view of the darkened room in front of her. When she did, she could faintly make out the form of a human body on the bed. If it wasn't for Melanie's extremely pale skin, Shelby probably wouldn't have had a clue anyone was there until her knees brushed against the bottom edge of the mattress.

Feeling her own crotch dampen as she edged forward, Shelby could detect the scent of a popular department store perfume rising from the woman on the bed.

"Same stuff half the women over 40 wear around here," Shelby thought to herself before extending her hands out to each side to grasp for Melanie's ankles.

Once she'd finally taken Peter's Girlfriend by the feet, Shelby gently spread Melanie's legs all the way apart, creating a crude pathway for her to crawl forward on the bed.

Her pupils flaring as they adjusted to the absence of light, Shelby did her best to keep her body turned from Peter so he wouldn't notice that she'd ever so slightly raised the blindfold up. Allowing her hands to slide along the insides of the older woman's legs as she worked her way up, Shelby could feel the warmth emanating from Melanie's womb glow against her left knee as she planted it into the V of Melanie's exposed crotch.

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