tagMatureApplying the Pressure

Applying the Pressure



The bus station was near-deserted as Lee Robb and the other two remaining passengers stepped off into the cold night, forty-minutes before midnight. The other passengers had people waiting to whisk them away and five minutes later a woman hurried into the waiting room and apologized for being late.

"That's okay Aunt Charlotte. The fact that you came satisfies me. I'd expected Uncle Ted would be the one to collect me."

"He's asleep, drunk."

"And you?"

"I've had a few but am fit to drive if that's what you're asking. Do you want to kiss me?"

"Yes sure," Lee said and kissed his aunt politely.

Charlotte was Uncle Ted's second wife, who was only forty and in her prime, as they say. They'd stayed three nights a year ago with Lee's family, being on their honeymoon. On each of those three nights Lee had masturbated when visualizing the lush Charlotte nude and thinking she was probably being reamed by a hot cock at the very time he was jerking off.

As the soft, non-invasive kiss ended Lee hugged her tightly to let her know he was interested.

She didn't scold him and say, 'Lee what are you doing?' and he didn't say to her that when she stayed with his family last year he'd fired cum up on to his chest while having hot thoughts about her and her body. Both of them left those thoughts unsaid although he couldn't be sure of what Charlotte had been thinking. Possibly she wouldn't think a 24-year old would think about his young aunt carnally because she didn't regard herself as being hot or of sexual interest to someone not too far from being half her age.

Lee put his two bags in the trunk of the Mazda 6.

The AC was blasting warm air as Lee sat in the front passenger's seat and looking at Charlotte's exposed thighs as she had to unbutton her long coat to work the pedals said, "Nice wheels."

She attempted to pull down her skirt but failed because it had folded up under her.

"I was meaning this car."

"Oh. I saw you looking at my legs."

"You thighs actually but I was talking about the car. Am I not welcomed to look at your thighs?"

"It's not something I've thought about. This is my car. You uncle has a Toyota Land Cruiser."

"Are you two still acting like you are on your honeymoon?"

"No. We have been married eleven months and so the passion has faded a bit. It had been a gap of three years since your Aunt Annie died and almost two years since my divorce became absolute and we'd only known each other intimately for three months when you saw us acting the part of two newly-weds."

"May I touch your thigh?"

"No but thanks for asking. How are your parents and your sister?"

"Fine thanks."

That engaged them in family talk for the remainder of the drive home to the apartment that occupied the floor above the offices of Uncle Ted's public accountancy business. Charlotte parked in the double garage at the rear of the offices.

"The area of your apartment appears greater than the area of your offices because of this garage."

"Yes but the business area is still large enough for Ted and his support team and I run my consultancy business in that area as well."

"So you share the same reception for greater efficiency?"

She said yes, that it was clever of him to think of that.

"But I'm not clever enough to remember what you do. Is it deep body massage?"

She giggled, yes giggled, and said she was an investment adviser.

"What do you like best about sex?"

Aunt Charlotte lost her smile and snapped, "Follow me. This is the stairway access to our living area and there is a fire escape on the side of the building on the left-hand side of the sunroom overlooking the street at the far end of the building.

"Why aren't you prepared to continue talking to me as an equal?"

She turned and not smiling said, "We are not equal when it comes to age or sex. Please remember that and keep your hands and sexual thoughts to yourself."

"Ah then I'm permitted to generate sexy thoughts about you?"

She sighed as she turned and began climbing the stairs.

Lee sighed as well because he was in a great position to look up the back of her legs to judge just how well they look higher up but her long coat blocked the view.

Fuck coats, he thought.

The kitchen was modern and very tidy and she'd left late supper prepared and heated the meatballs in the microwave and she ate some too and had coffee.

"I had suggested to Ted (brother of Lee's mom) you drop the title of aunt when addressing me and he agreed. Of course then I wasn't aware you'd arrive and immediately begin talking to me inappropriately."

"Oh then does that mean if I'd waited a couple of days before talking to you suggestively that would have been okay?"

Her face colored and she laughed, unable to block it.

"God you are a manipulator."

He looked pleased and she sighed.

"I'll clear away and them am off to bed."

"May I undress you?"

She took their plates and cooking dish to the sink without answering.

She'd hung her coat in the hall and so when Lee turned and ran a hand down her nearest buttock and she leant over the bench he felt her shape through the wool dress.

She didn't flinch or tell him to stop that.

Surprised, he dropped his hand, unable to think of what to do next.

"May I dry?"

"No I'll leave them to soak overnight. You touched me."

"Yeah, so I did."

"I'll take you to the guestroom."

That confused Lee.

What the hell did she mean alleging that, er accusing him of touching her, and then not bawling him out?

The room was lovely and she pulled the bedclothes down for him and then said goodnight.

"Do I get a kiss goodnight?"

She turned to stand facing him, legs slightly apart, hands relaxed at her sides.

Lee almost dribbled in excitement. She'd opened herself up to him. It was his decision to move in and grab one of those juicy tits or to press a hand forward into pussy and then turn the deep kiss into a tonguing.


But she was playing a game, wasn't she? Attempting to see how far he was prepared to go.

And then what?

He had no idea and he was more comfortable if he was the one calling the shots.

Lee moved forward and gently kissed her, resting his hands gently on her shoulders for the brief duration of the kiss.

"I don't mind if you kiss my lips."

"I'll remember that," he smiled. "Everything about you is so lush."

He stood aside and said, "Thank you for collecting me from the bus station and thank you for writing and inviting me to come and stay. Um why didn't you just email the invitation?"

"A letter is so much more personal," she smiled. "I'm the interloper in the family. I wrote to you personally to give you the opportunity to personally reject me."

"Well now you know."

"Yes you appear to be set to go to the other extreme," she smiled and left.

Lee heard a door open and shut while still wondering what the hell did that mean. Was she expecting him to fuck her?"

In bed he thought of jerking off but yawned and thought he'd rather have Charlotte jerk him and then suck him dry.

He pondered, was Lee Robb obsessed with his aunt by marriage?

He thought so, and smiled.

Lee was up dressed in the morning when there was a knock on the door and his uncle arrived with coffee.

Uncle Ted put the coffee down and they engaged in backslapping and Lee answered questions about his family.

"You're filling out boy and looking good," said the 53-year old enviously. "The girls will be all over you."

"You have to factor in the competition to be faced."

Uncle Ted laughed and said that was a smart answer and told Lee to bring his coffee to the kitchen.

"I'm proud of you gaining your MBA."

"Thanks Unc."

The house was warm and Lee's aunt was flitting around getting breakfast wearing fucking flannel pajamas. Lee hated them and believed they were invented to discourage guys having sex with women. Even worse, Charlotte was wearing a long and heavy apron rather than one of those frilly things that start halfway down the tits and finish with lacy trim just above the groin to give a guy focus where his focus ought to be.

"Good morning, kiss me darling."

God was she crazy, with Uncle Ted sitting down with the newspaper only three feet away.

Fuck it, if she wanted it she'd get it. He kissed her fully on the lips and was sure they were open slightly.

"Thank you darling. Please sit. We are so happy to have Lee here aren't we Ted?"

"Of course and I've already told him he was welcome."

"I told Lee to drop the aunt title with me but he seemed nervous about that and probably would appreciate hearing your approval."

"Yeah just call her Charlotte. I call her Lottie and you can if you wish."

"No that will be your intimate name for her. Charlotte is fine with me."

"As you wish. She's taken no appointments for the next few days so she can spend all her time with you as everything here will be unfamiliar for you."

"That's lovely of you Charlotte."

"Well she is lovely Lee, don't you think?"

"Yeah, she's swell."

Charlotte chuckled and said she was being discussed like a piece of meat and both men said oh no.

When Ted went downstairs to begin his day's work Charlotte said, "What would you like to do?"

"Watch you dress."

"Don't be tiresome darling, go and make your bed."

Lee's mouth tightened and he slouched off. God why couldn't she relax? It was like dealing with an old woman like his mom... wooden in responses, all spontaneity gone.

Oh yeah? Well perhaps not with Charlotte.

He pulled the bed covers straight after making the usual male quick and ineffectual pass to palm the bottom sheet straight and thought about going down and asking Uncle Ted if there was anything he could do to help out. He sat on a chair and flicked through a copy of 'National Geographic'.

"Oh Lee?"

His ears almost pricked up like a dog's when hearing someone approaching. He ran to her bedroom.

Charlotte was seated at her dressing table in blue underwear. God he could see by her back down to her hips she was quite lean. He looked into the mirror and sighted the bra was cupping a pair of sweet tits. She looked at him in the mirror and must have seen him appraising her breasts.

"Could you please help me with this necklace? It has such a fiddly clasp. Ted usually does it for me."

Then why had she chosen to wear it when Ted wasn't there to help? Lee came in behind her and cupped her breasts.

"Just the necklace thank you darling," she said evenly.

"Show them to me."'

"No. Be a good boy."

"I can smell pussy."

"Liar I've just had a shower."

God she'd answered him straight up, not calling him disgusting and ordering him out of the room.

He fiddled with the clasp. Yes it was a piece of shit. But he got it and kissed the back of her neck softly and stepped half a pace back. Looking in the mirror he was astonished to see by the movement of her bra she was breathing quite heavily.

"Are you aroused?"

She denied it.


She smiled and said fuck off.

Lee smiled at her mirror image and turned and left, taking care not to lurch into the door jam.

He was elated. She would have carefully chosen to say mildly 'fuck off' rather than 'please leave' or something equally innocuous. That in itself didn't mean she would have sex with him. It meant she'd chosen to communicate at his level of semi-lewdness. Perhaps it meant he now had permission to continue behaving like a horny guy unable to control his lust for anything in a skirt.

"Hey pal, let's not race ahead of yourself with erotic thoughts and hopeful outcomes huh?"

He sat in the kitchen, tapping his fingers.

Charlotte came out wearing boots and a thick dress that did nothing for her figure but was sensible winter clothing.

"I thought we would go to the mall," she said. "It's still snowing and will be warm and safer than driving longer distances in this weather."

"That's fine by me. Are you wearing stockings or tights?"

"Why do you ask?"

"Well if they are stockings I have to think are they hold-ups are fastened to a garter belt."

Charlotte calmly pulled up her hem high enough so he could see the curve of her pussy.

"Hold-ups," he grinned, as she dropped her hem. "Curiosity satisfied. You are becoming used to me, aren't you?"

"Something like that," she said and grabbed her car keys off the hook and tossed them to him.

"Drive carefully because you won't be used to heavy snow like this."

They arrived at the mall without any problem and the coatless couple hurried down to roofed walkway and on under partial shelter to the warmth of the mall.


His aunt nodded and led the way to her favorite café.


"What and get fat?"

He smiled and went to the food counter and returned with a steak sandwich and a young woman was thirty seconds behind him with two Americanos. Lee saw the 20-year old couldn't keep her eyes off him and glanced at Charlotte and saw she was pretending not to notice the attention he was receiving.

"Thanks miss."

"It's a real pleasure sir."

Eying the butt of the waitress as she walked off, Charlotte said, "Do young women always behave over you like that?"

He picked up his sandwich and said, "Like what?"

She didn't reply and he munched away smiling.

Unable to bare the silence, she finally said, "Are you very active sexually?"

He thought, wow what an excellent question and said well he wasn't at the moment and did this mean she was interested.

"You can't help it can you," she frowned.

"Help what?"

"God you put to twist to things and then refuse to answer a straight question."

"Answering a question with a question is a legitimate answer Charlotte, or at least it is from where I come from."

"I'm sorry, it's just that these days I'm not used to this unrelenting sexual pressure."

"What sexual pressure?"

"Oh god," she sighed and rolled her eyes up to show quite a lot of white.

"What does your pussy look like Charlotte?"

She stared and Lee waited and finally said, "That's for you to find out."

He smiled and said well that was a straight answer and she smiled.

"May I touch it?"

"Not in here."

"Then that's saying I can touch it when we are alone?"

"Did I say that?"

"I'll give you a very straight answer that you crave for: no you did not."

"God males are usually so simple. Why are you so complicated?"

Lee reached and held her left wrist gently. "Believe me Charlotte a guy knows it's complicated when he begins thinking about shafting his aunt."

"But I'm not a blood relative."

"I know but when Uncle Ted showed up with you as his new bride, I accepted you completely as my new aunt so that puts a bit of a spin on things, nothing I can't deal with but it does raise the bar, if you know what I mean."

"Yes and thanks for explaining your thoughts. And there's the big difference in age."

"Well if you must know at my ripe age I find you twice as sexually attractive as a 20-year old."


"I know they are only words Charlotte but I ask you this: do you really know how sexually desirable you are?"

Charlotte looked slightly desperate.

"Less you are pushing me to the edge and I see a bottomless abyss. Come, we must go shopping and I really want you to back off before I lose my marbles."

"Okay sure. It's never good to put anyone under too much pressure."

Charlotte shot him a grateful look and led the way out of the café.

For the remainder of the time they were away that day, no further pressure was applied by Lee until they returned to the apartment.

As Charlotte began walking to her bedroom Lee said, "Charlotte."


"Please give me the panties you are wearing."


"Charlotte I won't..."

"I said no Lee."

"Very well."

Lee went down to the office and asked to see his Uncle Ted who introduced him to his three employees.

"Well Lee were you bored to the back teeth being at the mall. Charlotte called and said that's where you were."

That comment surprised Lee because he'd not seen Charlotte use her phone but he recalled she'd visited the women's restroom at one stage.

"No I found the mall interesting in design and there were many brands of products I'd not seen before. Of course Charlotte is great at small talk and kept me entertained. I also enjoyed driving her car. Gee it's finished very well inside and handles like a sports model should. It was only a short time at the wheel though. Um I've come down to see if you had anything in your backlog of work that you would like me to tackle, I mean basic things."

"Oh that's a kind offer but it's not..."

"I would like to lend a hand."

"Very well. I have a file of a sports club's accounts that need to be assembled properly for auditing prior to going off to the printer after being signed off by the president and secretary."

"Oh that will be one of your honorary duties taken on as a community service. Dad does legal work for community groups on a similar basis. No problem."

After dinner the three of them played cards and not long before they finished Charlotte went off for a couple of minutes and when she returned she stared at Lee, her face expressionless. He attempted to figure out had she decided she was through with him or was she fighting the urge to encourage him to apply the pressure? She couldn't leave him hanging like this; she had to say something.

But the frustration continued because she then once again avoided eye contact with him and left Lee and Ted to do the talking. As they finished playing cards Lee had a new thought souring his mind. Could he really fuck Charlotte and do the dirty on Uncle Ted who was really quite a nice guy and being a blood relative deserved some sort of loyalty?

Damn. He was surprised he hadn't thought of that at the outset.


"What will you two do tomorrow?"

Charlotte said they could go to Ludbrook and visit the regional museum and after lunch go to the city's art gallery where there would be an early afternoon screening of a stage presentation of Verdi Opera 'Madam Butterfly' filmed with sound somewhere in Europe in the early 1930s.

"That's if Lee can set through a shaky film of dubious sound quality of Opera in a language he can't understand."

"I gather it's considered a minor art treasure?" Lee said and in surprise Charlotte said yes.

"Then I'll gladly sit through it. Mom took me to see a touring version of Madam Butterfly when I was sixteen. Although the story dragged, the music was magnificent at times."

"Well you guys do that," Ted said. "Young guys need all they culture that can be fed into them."

Lee's ears burned because he'd been thinking of all those hours brushing against Charlotte whenever he could and thinking optimistically she might tolerate being lightly groped in the theater. Now that was his idea of culture. He sighed and thought you ignorant guy from the gutter.

Charlotte announced she was off to bed and left without kissing him or even saying good night. Well what had put her in a sour mood? Perhaps it was Ted, whispering to her earlier that she should take the opportunity to allow his horny nephew to shaft her.

Oh yeah?

Lee carried the coffee cups to the kitchen while his uncle folded the tablecloth reserved for card playing and put it away.

Lee climbed into bed yawning and felt something dig into his back. He pulled out something and knew immediately what was it. He held up Charlotte's panties in the dark and sniffed.

Good girl, they probably were the panties she'd worn that day.

He sniffed deeply again, inhaling the pungent scent of a woman, and his dick accelerated to strain at full erection with a speed of a Formula 1 car leaping from the start line.

A huge grin rushed across Lee's face and he buried his face into Charlotte, er into her panties.

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