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Appreciating Cory


It was a very hot and humid summer day. I dressed up in one of my sexiest dresses, a flashy emerald green number that clings to my curves and leaves a lot of skin exposed in such a way that it cannot be worn with underwear. I'm not just talking about a bra, wearing even a thong with this dress would look a bit tacky. The shoulders were straps, the fabric was silky and tight, the slits in the sides came up to my hips. I love being a head turner.

And I'm sure Cory liked it too. He was handsome, used to play football in high school. He was tall compared to me at six feet compared to my little five-foot two-inch frame of a former cheerleader. That was where I originally knew him from, but we hadn't started dating until a few months ago.

He was disappointingly dressed in jeans and a button up shirt, no tie, jacket or even nice shoes. But, it was okay, everyone usually looked at me anyway. I worked out every day and ate right to keep my body toned and looking good. I don't have crazy defined muscles, but you can see a couple of abs pressed against my tight belly. And Cory is attractive enough to be seen with me without anyone asking, why is he with her, or vice versa. We look good together.

The dress had the desired effect on him when he came to pick me up. The 'hello' kiss quickly progressed into kissing heavier, and I had to break away when his hand slipped up the side of my dress, inside the open slit on the left side and grabbed my bare ass. He was frustrated, but I didn't want to go out looking and smelling like I had just had sex. Besides, he had to impress me tonight if he wanted that. I was devoted to him, but I didn't just go spreading my legs every time I saw him.

We met a group of his friends, seven guys and three of them had dates with them, at the bar down the street where they liked to hang out for a bit until we girls would convince them to take us to a club for dancing. I flirted a bit with the other guys, but was clear that I was with Cory whenever another girl would flirt with him. The guys were planning a trip tomorrow, Saturday, and would be away until Sunday night. I knew this, and never had a problem with his 'guy' adventures.

The three girls invited me to go with them to the beach tomorrow, they all hung out together. I usually hung out with my old friends from school when I wasn't with Cory on the weekend, so I didn't know them very well. Cory suggested it would be a good idea for me to get to know them better so I agreed, thinking this meant our relationship was getting stronger.

The boys went off to throw darts, leaving me with Allyssa, Madison and Tyler. I was definitely the cutest in the bunch and dressed much better than the three of them, who were all more conservative than me. Allyssa was the tallest, around five foot nine inches and used to play basketball. She would have looked great in a dress, but she was always conscientious of her height and wore flats and jeans and a shiny top that didn't dip into her cleavage at all. She had long brown hair and soft brown eyes. She was pretty, but understated it, perhaps intentionally.

Madison was more like me, just an inch taller and with bigger boobs and a bigger ass. Not nearly as toned, but sexy, with full lips and blonde hair and blue eyes. She was at least wearing a skirt and showing a good bit of cleavage with a deep v neck top. Nothing too flashy, but if I hadn't been there, she would have drawn a lot of attention to her breasts.

And then there was Tyler. Tyler had once had a thing with Cory, but I don't think it was very serious, just the two of them fucking around while dating other people, I thought. She was one of those girls who lived in the gym. She had muscle definition like a competition body builder. She was only a couple of inches taller than me, but she was probably thirty pounds of muscle heavier than me. She was pretty, but intimidating to most people, including most boys. Her red hair and green eyes gave her a very Irish look and she kept her hair very curly down past her shoulder blades.

She kept looking at me as the four of us talked about the sun and swimsuits we had and what we would do. It made me feel very uncomfortable but I couldn't put my finger on why. A couple of hours later, around 11, we convinced the guys to take us to the club. Once there, the four of us danced together while the guys drank and hit on other women, trying to get the four of them without dates laid.

When a slow song came on, we all started walking off to get a drink, except Tyler grabbed me by the arm and pulled me against her and told me to dance with her. I laughed, thinking she was joking, but her face told me she was not. Like I said, she intimidated me so I went along with it and was extremely uncomfortable when she pulled my chest against her and put her right thigh between my legs. I tried to push back, but she was so strong, my arms did nothing.

"Put your arms around my neck." She said. And I looked up at her unable to speak and shook my head no. "Now." She said. And I shivered, and I did.

I was scared of her. And she knew it. I'm sure she felt me trembling against her. She put her hand on my left thigh and slid it up the slit of my dress and grabbed my bare ass to pull my body tight against her. I was worried she was flashing too much of my skin, but there was nothing I felt I could do to stop it. I was paralyzed.

My eyes were darting around. The dance floor was a lot more open than it had been when the faster music was playing. It was couples all around us and the men would check out the scene with lust in their eyes while the women looked at us with disdain. I looked up at Tyler and she simply smiled at me and kissed me on my nose. "Good girl." She said and squeezed my ass to punctuate her statement.

After what seemed like an eternity of her playing with my ass, the song finally ended, and she kissed my nose again and sent me away with a hard squeeze on my naked ass. I was gasping for breath and went straight to Cory who was looking at me with a leer on his face. I got a drink and gulped it down quickly. Back with the group, everything was calmed down again. Tyler kept making eye contact with me, but she didn't touch me and everyone was laughing at the scene the two of us made on the dance floor, how hot it looked and how everyone in the club was watching us.

Half a drink later, we all went out to the dance floor together and each of us girls danced with two guys until we started pulling some new girls into our circle and could focus on our own guys. I was grinding up against Cory, loving the feeling of his hard dick against my belly for a good half hour of dancing. Another slow song came on and he pulled me in tight and we swayed with our bodies tight against each other and my head on his chest. Halfway through the slow song, I felt a body rub against me from behind. I looked back and it was Tyler, sandwiching me between her and Cory.

I just let it happen, as long as Cory didn't mind and he seemed to get a bit more enthusiastic when she joined. Suddenly, I had four hands on my body. Tyler guided Cory's right hand to my left ass cheek under the slit in my dress. He started squeezing my ass cheek and I moaned into his chest. Then her right hand reached around me and squeezed my right breast. I was in heat to be sure. Then her left hand went under my dress and cupped my pussy!

My eyes flew open at this and I tried to push away, but they had me sandwiched in tight. "Put your arms around his neck." Tyler told me. And I did. And she let her finger tip play up and down my slit. Then, Tyler and Cory started kissing over my left shoulder. She shoved a finger up inside me while they were making out, tongues in one another's mouths. I moaned and though I was not thrilled with her kissing my boyfriend, I was so hot right then, I didn't protest nearly enough. And for the rest of the song she slowly fingered me while kissing Cory.

His right hand stayed busy squeezing my ass and his left was holding my shoulder. Her fingers on my right breast were tweeking and pulling my nipple so I was sure it was hard as a diamond. And they just kept kissing and I kissed Cory's neck, having nowhere to put my mouth. I could feel the wetness between my legs, slipping out of my well fingered pussy and dripping onto my thigh.

Finally, far too long or too short a time later, my frazzled libido could not determine which it wished for more, the song ended and they withdrew from me and led me panting back to the table after Tyler kissed me on the nose again and told me I was a good girl.

We sat down, I ended up between Cory and Tyler and everyone was talking about how hot the three of us looked on the dance floor and we drank another drink. Tyler would occasionally lean to her opposite side and whisper and giggle to Madison, which made me sure she was telling her that she fingered me on the dance floor. I blushed, embarrassed further, when Madison leaned over her boyfriend to whisper and giggle to Allyssa. They all kept looking at me and smiling. It made me very uncomfortable.

When my heat had simmered down and I was feeling a part of the normal world again, the girls drug me with them to the dance floor while the guys sat and drank again. I protested, but when I say they drug me, I was practically carried out onto the floor. We were dancing, all together, until Tyler maneuvered behind me and started pushing me in between the three of them. Allyssa and Madison each grabbed one of my hands and with their free hands, took each other's hands and started dancing with our hands in the air.

"Look straight ahead cupcake." Tyler whispered in my ear as she grinded against my back. I could feel her small firm breasts pressed against my back. Allyssa and Madison were giggling and looking at me and then I felt Tyler's hands on my hips. Then she reached her left hand inside the slit of my dress and cupped my sex again. My eyes went wide which only made Allyssa and Madison laugh louder. They held my hands tight so I couldn't pull them away.

Tyler reached her right hand inside the deep v of my dress and grabbed a bare tit in her hand. I could see guys all around our circle staring at us. Girls stared too, but there were more stares of anger at the attention we drew, than the few who watched with lust. Tyler started to show off more. Her finger dug up inside me again and slowly slid in and out. It wasn't fast enough or deep enough or wide enough to cause an orgasm, but it certainly was sufficient to get my body buzzing with sexual energy and have juices dripping freely down my thigh.

Then she started moving my dress at the top, showing off my breasts to the crowd of voyeurs. Flashing not only deep cleavage, but my nipples, until she pulled the dress so both my breasts were hanging over the material and exposed to the world. She started sucking my earlobe and I lost my mind. Then her right hand went down and lifted the side of my dress so everyone could see her hand cupping my pussy.

Then, apparently, it was drawing too much distraction and in danger of causing fights because a security guard started to approach us and Tyler covered me back up and the girls let go of my hands. She turned me around and kissed my nose. "Good girl." She smiled down at me.

My body literally felt like it was on fire. Between the fingering and the public exposure, I was an absolute mess. And I could feel it trickling down my thigh towards my knee.

I excused myself to clean up and headed to the bathroom and the girls joined me. There was a line. Someone recognized me and I overheard them giggling at me and calling me the 'slut from the dance floor'. I blushed.

In the stall, I was in worse shape than I thought. I was absolutely, sopping wet. It took me five wads of toilet paper to clean up. Then I peed and it felt so good after being fingered. I dabbed myself clean again and was about to flush the toilet when there was a knock on the stall door and I heard Tyler whisper to let me in. I was finished, so I went ahead and flushed and let my slinky dress fall back into place and opened the door, stepping forward to vacate it to her. Instead she grabbed me firmly and pushed me back into the stall, leaving the door slightly open.

"You cleaned up, didn't you?" Tyler asked as she held my chin in her hand and looked into my eyes. I could only nod. She smiled at me and grabbed my shoulders and turned me around so quick it made me slightly dizzy. She pushed me so I bent over slightly holding the wall to keep from falling forward. Then I gasped as she lifted my dress and told me to spread my feet until my calves were touching the opposite walls of the stall. This made me bend over further and she slapped my thighs and ass gently to get me into the position she wanted with my back arched.

She draped my dress over my hips, leaving me totally exposed and then I felt her fingers back inside me again. "If I wanted you dry, I'd tell you cupcake." Tyler giggled as she finger fucked me with hard deliberate strokes. I stifled a moan. It felt so good. She brought me quickly right back to the verge of an orgasm. I heard gasps and giggles behind me and looked back to see the door wide open and not only Allyssa and Madison, but a half dozen other faces watching her finger fuck me right there in the bathroom stall. I squealed in embarrassment and pulled away.

Tyler slapped my naked ass and placing her hands on my hips pulled me back to the position she wanted. I cried a few tears of humiliation as she plunged back in with her finger and brought me to the edge quickly again. She then pulled me up, and put her visibly soaked finger in front of my lips. "Clean it." She instructed with a smile. I whimpered and opened my lips and she pushed her fingers inside my mouth until she felt they were clean. The girls at the open door watched it all and I thought I saw a phone or two recording my debasement. I whimpered around her fingers. She told me I was a good girl and led me out of the bathroom.

We all headed back to the booth and had another drink. I was pretty smashed, I think everyone was. A slow song came on, Tyler drug Cory and I back to the dance floor and they instantly sandwiched me again and resumed the manipulation of my body. His hand went right to my ass, hers to my pussy and breast. I moaned against his neck and they kissed over my shoulder. Cory was hard as a rock, pressed against me.

With his hand on my ass and his tongue in Tyler's mouth, he pulled me close and I grinded my little belly against his had dick. Except... I didn't. With Tyler's hand between us, her finger slowly and teasingly slipping in and out of my soaking cunt, she got the pressure of his cock against the back of her arm.

"Oh princess cupcake," she broke off her make up session with my boyfriend and whispered in my ear, "you want me to feel your boyfriend's cock you dirty girl?" She giggled at me and I shook my head. "You just relax cupcake, I will take care of everything." She pulled her finger from inside my soaking twat and I moaned unapprovingly. She just laughed and then I felt her hand rubbing between us, turned the other way. She was stroking Cory through his pants! The back of her hand sliding up and down against my belly, I was sexually heated up, but this was unacceptable. I grabbed her wrist and moved it so I could grab his dick in my other hand.

Tyler giggled. "Okay cupcake, calm down. It's your dick, I'm not trying to steal it." And she drove two fingers up my dripping cunt. "I like fingering your sweet little twat more than stroking his cock through his pants anyway. Spread your little thighs so I have more room sweetie." She whispered, and I did as if she owned me. With two of her fingers, I kind of needed to spread wider in order to accommodate the width.

Still, she didn't do what I wanted. She had me soaking wet and dripping, but she never sped up. She completely ignored my clit and when I pushed my hips forward to make contact with her hand she would giggle at me and maneuver so I got nothing but air. "Calm down cupcake, you can't cum on the dance floor." And she just continued to plunge slowly in and out with her wrist pulled away, so I couldn't rub my clit for the big O I felt so prominently, just a breath out of reach.

"You have to stop Brit, I'm close." Cory told me, and I took my hand away from his cock and rested it on his shoulder. Another slow song followed the first and I was fingered to the brink of orgasm, but Tyler wouldn't let me go over. She would change things up, so I couldn't hit that delightful feeling. I was panting and drooling on Cory's shoulder, and he was making out steady with Tyler.

Tyler took to switching between my breasts, pinching and tugging my nipples to a state of agonizing pleasure and hardness. When I glanced down periodically, I was bright red with the huge tent made in the dress by my incredibly hard nipples. Over and over she brought me to edge, it was so fast now, like she was learning my body, how to get it almost instantly to the point of my orgasm and then deny me. I was afraid I would die of need.

When the song was nearly over, she withdrew her fingers and pushed them to my lips and I sucked dutifully, cleaning the thick cream off her fingers and moaning softly. She giggled and told me I was 'such a good girl'. Then the song ended and they half-carried my overheated body back to the table where the others applauded us.

"That was so hot." One of Cory's buddy's said as he high fived him.

"You have any sisters Brittany?" Another asked. I tried to look like I wasn't on the verge of orgasm and whispered 'no' trying to sound normal, but it came out whispered and sultry and I blushed and clamped my mouth closed, until I could recover from my sexual need.

We sat and drank another mixed drink and I got a bottle of water to accompany mine. I felt myself getting too close to sloppy drunk and I didn't want that in my current state. Meanwhile, the sexual innuendos flew, surprisingly more from Tyler than from the guys. But, everyone appreciated them, and a lot of glances went in my direction as if I was the punchline of each joke.

"They really need better air conditioning in here, I'm sweating hard." Tyler said. "How about you Brittany? Are you wet?" I choked on my water as everyone laughed. No answer was required, it was rhetorical.

"You look a bit flushed, something familiar about that look... I can't put my finger on it..."

"We should come here more often."

That kind of thing. On and on. Some normal conversation thrown in. Every eye on me as I tried to calm down. My heart pounding, my clit itching for a touch. The talk didn't help, and I was wiggling in my seat, subconsciously rubbing my thighs together and keeping the delightful feeling going. Of course, Tyler caught me and put a hand on my bare thigh and whispered in my ear, though it sounded loud to me and I could have sworn I saw a smirk or two, like people heard her. "Stop masturbating horny girl, if you cum at the table I'll have to spank you."

My eyes shot open and I stopped. She pulled my leg a bit, so they were separated slightly. "Don't let those thighs touch again or you'll be punished." I was just glad that it was dark, and the table effectively blocked any view of my exposed pussy, as I sat with my knees and thighs parted.

Then the water went straight through me, and I announced my need to use the ladies room. "You mean the bathroom." Tyler corrected. "Ladies are so proper and boring, baths are fun." She laughed, getting up to accompany me. I didn't want her to, but I knew better than to argue and Allyssa and Madison joined us as well.

"It's her again." I heard a whisper as we stood in the long line. A girl about twenty in front of us and only five from the restroom door waved at us as she whispered, giggling to her girlfriends. "Hey there! You can come in with us if you have to go bad." She laughed.

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