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This story is for ADULT amusement only. It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. If you are insulted by sexually explicit subject matter or language, please DO NOT read this!

This story is a work of fiction! It is not real! All characters and events portrayed in it are imaginary, and any similarity to real people or events is purely coincidental.

This story may not be reproduced in any form without the permission of the author.


That can't be her, Jimmy Jones thought looking at the beautiful woman in the shortest skirt he'd ever seen in his life. If it is, I'm going to shit! He thought again and tried to get a better look at her face, but there were too many people blocking his view of her.

He pushed his way thought the crowds of people and hoped he'd catch up to her. "Mrs. Keller!" Jimmy yelled out and hoped it was his ex-girlfriend, Tina's mother. He used to love her as much as he loved Tina. "April!" he yelled again and she turned around to look. Oh my God, she looks so good. Jimmy moaned himself when their eyes met.

Jimmy looked into her big green eyes and quickly felt himself grow hard. Her thin, sexy lips cracked a smile when she saw him and he was in heaven. Jimmy always had a thing for the beautiful, mature woman and towards the end of his relationship with Tina; he only stayed around to be near April.

April turned when she heard her name. "Jimmy!" she screamed, pushed her way through the people and ran to him. She jumped in his arms and hugged the tall handsome, young man. "How have you been?" April asked with a big, wide smile as she enjoyed his big, strong arms around her 5'10" body.

He hugged April tight, never wanting to let go. "I've been great, how about you?" Jimmy asked as he enjoyed her firm breasts against his thick chest and her slender hips pressed to his.

"I've been awesome! Did you hear that I caught Joe fooling around on me?" April laughed as Jimmy stood her back on the ground. Darn it, April sighed to herself and wished he would have held her longer. She always loved it when they hugged and she had a good feeling that Jimmy loved it just as much as she did.

"My Mom told me a little about it, but I don't believe half of what she ever says," he laughed. "She lives to spread gossip!" Jimmy laughed more, as he looked at the most beautiful woman in the world. I still love you so much. Jimmy said to himself and loved that April was letting her thin, black hair grow out. "Your hair looks great!" he smiled and reached to brush a long strand from her thin face.

April loved it when Jimmy gave her a compliment, because she always knew he meant it. "Thank you," she whispered to him and felt her face blush and a little tingle between her long legs. "How's it feel to be a rich football star?" she asked as she tried to remember how much he got paid for playing with the Dallas Cowboys.

"It's still hard to believe. I feel like I'm dreaming." Jimmy replied as he looked over her glorious body. "Damn, you look so good!" he said as he grew harder and hoped she didn't notice, but if she did, Jimmy didn't care. She had to know how much he liked her. He spent more time with her than he ever did Tina.

"Are you trying to sweet talk me? Because if you are, it's working," she said and saw that the front of his pants looked like a tent. April remembered one night when she overheard Tina telling one of her friends that Jimmy was over eight inches long and so fat, that she could hardly suck him.

"Why not? I'm single and so are you. I should just kidnap you for the night!" he said with a big grin and thought of taking her out on a nice, romantic date and spoiling the shit out of her. Jimmy hated the way Joe treated her and he always wished she was his.

"Mmm, what ya got in mind, big boy?" she asked in a teasing, lustful voice, as visions of being under his 6'2" muscle bound body filled her mind. She hadn't had a decent man since college. She only married Joe because she got pregnant with Tina and regretted every minute of it.

"I'll take you anywhere you want. How's that sound?" Jimmy asked as he hoped she'd go out with him. He didn't care if she was twenty years old than him, he still loved her so much.

You keep this up and I'll go anyplace you want, including a hotel room! April thought as visions of him screwing her floated into her mind. "Let's hangout here at the fair for awhile, then you can take me out for a nice dinner. How's that sound?" she asked with a big smile and was glad Joe left her and that Tina dumped Jimmy. I have the dumbest daughter in the entire world! How could she have ever dumped you? April thought looking at his rugged face, his short black hair and the body of a God. "Every time you're on the TV, Tina gets so pissed off! I told her she fucked up when she broke up with you, but she just had to date that guy and then he ended up in jail!" April laughed, put her arm around his as they walked past the many game booths.

"It didn't really bother me. To tell you the truth...all she did was bitch and complain about everything!" he said as he looked to April and he couldn't help but seeing down her thin, red summer blouse. Wow, you're so hot! He moaned to himself and wondered how her stupid husband could have fucked around on April. She was so pretty.

"Oh God, tell me about! Her Daddy just had to spoil her!" April said as she thought of Tina's constant whining and complaining. "He gave her more than he ever did me. I kinda wondered about them too. I think they had something going on behind my back." April said as she remembered one night when she got up to pee and caught them kissing in the kitchen. But, they lied and told her it was nothing.

Jimmy looked at her in shock. "Are you serious? Oh wow! Freaks are us!" he laughed and tried to imagine Fat Joe doing little Tina. "That would be a sight to see!" he added, shook his head in disgust and felt April pulling his arm around her waist.

"If you're taking me out on our first date, I expect to be hugged...a bunch!" April said in one of those motherly voices as she pulled his thick around her waist. "If not, I'll be forced to spank you," she giggled and tried to imagine holding down and spanking a two-hundred and forty pound man.

"Yes ma'am!" Jimmy quickly said and pulled April as close to him as he could. "Just tell me when you want hugged and I will obey," he smiled hoped she wanted a little more than to be hugged.

"It's so good to see you and um..." she paused and hoped that her next words came out right. "I really missed hugging you and our long talks." April said and knew her pale face had to red with embarrassment. Oh shit! Why did I tell him that? I feel so stupid! She said to herself and wished she could crawl under a rock.

He just held her as they kept walking arm in arm. "I missed you too. We had more fun hanging out together than I ever did with Tina." Jimmy said and thought of the days they'd spend by her pool and all the tiny, tiny bikinis she'd wear. You used to get me so hard, he thought.

April looked at him and she had to smile. "We sure did," she said in a soft, loving voice and pulled him closer. I kinda wish that we'd have a little more fun back then, but the night is young, April giggled to herself, remembering how she teased poor Jimmy and she wondered why he never made a pass at her. She used to pray that the good-looking kid would throw her down and rape the shit out of her, but he was a gentleman and he always behaved himself.

Jimmy led them up to a drink stand and ordered two Cokes. "I'm about dried out," he said handing her one of the cold drinks. "Here's to us. May all of our dreams come true," he smiled as the paper cups lightly touched.

"Cool!" April smiled to him and wished a few dreams she'd had about him would come true. "This is so nice! I can't believe we're together." She smiled again and a wonderful tingling started deep in her pussy. "Hug time!" April laughed, held out her arms and loved it when he grabbed her and hugged so tight. Her inflamed hips pressed to him and April felt like cumming. Oh my Lord! She moaned to herself, hoping this would be a night she'd never forget.

Jimmy watched the beautiful woman smiling and saw a little sparkle in her pretty eyes. "It sure is!" he hugged April tight and enjoyed her against his body, wondering if he'd have a small chance with her. He could feel himself growing again and wondered if she felt it or not. Either way, he didn't care.

"I may not let you go," she whispered as he carefully stood her back on the ground. She felt something nice poke her stomach. Holy crap, you're so nice and hard, April moaned to herself and couldn't help but blushing. And it's all for little ol' me. She added hoping he had the same dirty thoughts she did.

"Mom?" Tina said in shock as she walked towards her Mom and wondered who in the heck was hugging her. "What are you doing here?" Tina asked looking at the tall and very good-looking. Nice! Tina thought as she admired the tall man's broad back and powerful looking shoulders, but when he turned around, Tina wanted to die in her tracks. "Hey Kenny, how ya doing?" she asked and still felt like a total fool for dumping him. Kenny hurt his knee really bad in college and she dumped him for another football player.

Jimmy looked at her and smiled. "I'm doing great! Things couldn't get any better...well, they might be improving. I'll let you know in the morning," he said giving April a little smile and hoped that she'd be waking up with him in the morning.

April looked at him and was in shock. Oh my, Kenny has sure gotten brave since he's all grown up. April thought and saw that the front of his pants still looked like a tent and it was all for her. "Anybody we know?" she asked, giving a teasing elbow in his side. "Where's your date at? I wanta meet him before I leave." April said as she looked around for this wonder man that Tina had been bragging about all week.

"He and his friend went to pee. They should be here any tim—" she replied and quickly covered her mouth in disgust. "That's him over there, kissing his friend under the tree!" Tina said as she looked at Jimmy and knew he was laughing at her, but little did she really know, Jimmy didn't care at all.

April was the one that laughed and she laughed hard. "You sure know how to pick um!" April said with a big grin. "And just think...you could have been living a life of luxury now!" she added and gave Tina a good, firm slap on her back. "You ready babe? I'm starving!" April said as she wrapped her arm around Jimmy and they walked away. "Where are you staying? If they have room service, why don't we just go there?" she asked with a smile and a small hint of lust in her soft voice. I can't believe I just said that, she laughed inside, hoping he liked the idea as much as she did.

"I'm staying at the Hilton. I'm thinking they'll have just about anything you could dream of!" he replied with a smile. "Wanta go there?" Jimmy asked and hoped this was it. All the years he'd spent dreaming about April, maybe a few of them would come true tonight.

"Ok," she whispered and gave him a helpless smile and thought of being made love to by a 'real' man that loved her. If you make love to me, I'll be in heaven, she thought and gave him another smile.

"Fuck!" Tina yelled throwing down her cell phone as hard as she could and thought of how bad she fucked up in college. "I should have stuck with him," she mumbled as her date and his boyfriend walked up to her.

"What's wrong baby?" the guy asked as he tried to put his arm around her, but Tina slapped it away.

"Why don't you and your boyfriend just get out of my face! Oh by the way," she smiled at both guys. "Come Monday, word about you two will be all over work." Tina said stomping away, wishing she was the one going off with Jimmy and not her Mom.


April looked around the lavish hotel suite and smiled. "Oh wow! This is so nice! What's this bad boy run you a night?" she asked as she walked out on the balcony, enjoying the wide view of the city below. "Damn! This is nice. A girl could sure learn to enjoy all this," she said and felt him move behind her and hug. "Mmmm, very nice!" she moaned as his big hands slid around her slender body, gently cupping her already excited breasts.

Jimmy knew this was the perfect opportunity to see what April had in mind. He moved behind her, his cock was hard and ready for this sexy lady. "I don't know," he whispered, reached up her body and found April's firm breasts. Jimmy gently squeezed, felt his cock against her tight, little ass and hoped she wanted this as much as he did.

"Oh shit!" April moaned as she fell back against Jimmy. She quickly felt that his cock was so hard and ready to be pleased. "When was your last time?" she asked and knew she'd have the pleasure of him being in her and soon.

He gently rubbed, caressed, and enjoyed her full breasts in his big hands. "I don't remember and as you can tell, I didn't have much fun," Jimmy replied as he moved to kiss and suck the side of her neck and he felt something on her nipples. "What's in your nipples?" he asked tenderly sucking her neck. He enjoyed her soft moaning and little ass rubbing against his hard cock.

She lay against him, unable to move or resist him in anyway. "I had them pierced last year. It's so cool." April moaned when Jimmy gently pulled them. "Wanta see?" she managed to asked between moans.

"Yes," he whispered as April slowly turned, lifted her blouse and Jimmy couldn't believe what he was seeing. The nipple rings looked so good, but Jimmy was mesmerized by the sight of her bare breasts before him. "You'll never know how many times that I've dreamt of us being together," he said in a soft voice and hoped this wasn't a dream.

April caressed the side of his face as she moved back into his strong, manly arms. "You don't have to dream anymore, ok?" she said with a little smile as his long and very hard cock pushed against her. "Boy, you sure need this fixed." April purred in a soft voice as her right hand slowly moved down his body and she held him. "I have something to tell you." April smiled and it felt like she was on her first date. "I used to think dirty things about you, too," she whispered and felt like her face was on fire with embarrassment.

"I think when we sat by the pool was the worst of all," he smiled. "I used to get so damn hard!" Jimmy added as he hugged her tighter than before. "I'd go home and um...well, fix it myself," he laughed, hoping he'd never have to do that again, as he gently pulled the tiny rings in her nipples.

She listened to him and felt so bad. "My poor baby." April whispered, caressing his face, wishing she would have gone for him back then. "I'm sorry, I should have helped you then, but I didn't want to scare you or anything," she said putting out her lower lip, enjoying him teasing and tormenting her excited nipples. "I'll make up for it now," she smiled easing down on her knees in front of him, slowly unzipping his pants.

Jimmy heard April and smiled. "I wish you would have. I was too afraid," he said watching her slide down in front of him and unzip his pants. Oh my God, Jimmy moaned to himself as April carefully pulled out his swollen cock.

"You didn't have to be afraid. I wanted you just as bad!" April whispered as she gently rubbed and kissed his large cock and wondered what this incredible, young man was going to feel like in her body.

"I liked you too much to take a chance." Jimmy said as he enjoyed her warm lips kissing his cock, thinking of being in her at long last. "I would have died, if you'd got mad at me," he added, watched her sexy mouth open and April gently sucked him in. "Oh shit!" Jimmy moaned and fell back against a wall. "I love you!" he moaned louder, watching her sucking him with a pretty smile covering her face.

She opened her mouth and carefully sucked his swollen head in. My Lord! You're so nice and bit, April moaned to herself as she licked a tiny drop of excitement from the tip of him. I could do this all the time and never get enough! She thought gently sucked and listened to the sweet young man's words. April pulled from him and smiled. "I wish that one of us would have made the first move. We could have been doing this a long time ago," she whispered and slowly took him back into her warm mouth, sucking a little harder and deeper.

Jimmy watched her gently sucking him and loved her words. "That would have been nice. You could have been my first woman," he said as a loud moan came from her. April sucked harder and she took him deeper than ever. "Oh shit!" Jimmy grunted and hoped that he wouldn't cum in her mouth. "I need to stop! I'm going to cum soon!" he said with desperation, trying to hold out a little longer, but he saw April smiling and she wasn't stopping. She sucked harder while her long tongue lashed around his cock.

You do it baby! Cum in my mouth! Give me with that hot, wonderful cum! April thought as she sucked harder and let him ease deeper into her mouth, until he was at her throat. She sucked harder while her head moved back and forth, fucking this handsome, young man with her mouth. Cum baby! Do it in me! April thought and hoped he would now, so they could love each other longer.

"I'm going to cum any second!" he moaned and tried to pull from April, but she held him tight and flashed him a quick smile. "Are you sure?" he asked caressing the right side of her beautiful face and Jimmy was in heaven. At last, he was making love to her and only seconds from cumming in April's mouth.

She couldn't help but smiling at him. He was so loving and caring, any women's dream. Come on, do it! I want you so far in me; we'll need a doctor to pull us apart! She thought with a laugh and hoped he'd hurry and cum. April needed him in another very lonely place and soon. She sucked harder, trying not to gag as her head moved faster. Come on! Cum for me baby! She thought, looked up to enjoy the happiness on his manly face, hoped he'd want her in his life.

He leaned against the wall, watching this sexy lady pleasing him and prayed she'd want to be with him. Sure she was a lot older, but Jimmy didn't care. He'd been in love with her for most of his life and he wanted her forever. He took a deep breath, felt his cock jump and it happened. "Oh fuck!" Jimmy yelled out and didn't give a damn if anyone heard him or not. He was cumming in the woman he loved. Cum shot from the tip of his cock so hard, it hurt. "April! Oh, I love you! I love you!" he cried out watched her flinch with each long shot of cum he shot.

April heard him moan and she knew what was coming, him. She took a short breath of air and it came. Squirt after wonderful squirt, he pumped more cum in her mouth than she could have ever imagined and April loved every drop of it. Oh hell yes! April screamed to herself as she fought to drink it all down. She watched him with love and hoped that he did want her. She loved him and was willing to do anything for this young stud. After sucking a few more minutes, she pulled him from her mouth and smiled. "Wow that was so nice! Let me clean up and we'll see what else we can...um...do." April purred in a soft voice, gave his cock a loving kiss and went to the bathroom.


April came from the bath and loved the sight of Jimmy lying on the bed, with his cock pointing straight up in the air. She gave him a seductive smile and asked, "Do you need some help with that?" as she moved on the bed and carefully straddled him.

"I bet you'll fix it real good."

"I'll do my best too." April whispered as her hips moved in small circles and let the tip of him tease her wet and very ready pussy. "I've wanted you from the first time I ever set eyes on you," she smiled and thought back to that day so long ago.

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