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April Apology



Copyright Oggbashan February 2019

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.


June's words were still ringing in my head:

"April Fool, John! It's not a pyjama event."

She had spent hours persuading me to attend the event in the large tent in my pyjamas. I had compromised by wearing my Y-fronts underneath because I was worried my erection would protrude when faced by several women in their nightwear.

Now I was embarrassed. I had retreated hurriedly to my tent as June had laughed at me. Apart from their incredulous stares I hadn't noticed the reaction of the other women. I was too hurt by June's deceit. I had thought she was a friend helping me to deal with my extreme shyness but today she had just exploited me.

I wanted to leave the camp site and the women. I couldn't. I was their transport, the only driver for the hired minibus because I had several years' claim free insurance unlike the women who had driving licences acquired during a year or less.

The walking group I had joined a year ago had split over their Spring holiday break. The men wanted to go to Snowdonia and do some serious hill-walking and climbing. I wasn't experienced enough for that but five women had decided to go to the Isle of Purbeck for more gentle walking country. June had persuaded me to join them instead of Snowdonia. I had wanted to because I was still very shy of women. I thought a long weekend away with five women who were friends might help me to talk to women. But June's joke had wrecked my self-confidence and set me back months or years in just a few seconds.

I would find it difficult to face any of them after tonight. I stripped off my pyjamas and dressed in my normal clothes. Perhaps I could walk to the nearby public house and drown my embarrassment. No. I couldn't do that. They needed me to drive them to the next campsite tomorrow morning and I couldn't drive with that much alcohol in my system. Drowning my sorrows would take too many pints of beer. That much would still be around after breakfast.

I could hear angry voices from the large tent. There was an obvious argument going on.

"John? Can I come in?"

That was Angela's voice. She was the oldest of the women, a couple of years older than me.

"Yes, I suppose so," I said reluctantly.

Angela unzipped the tent door and sat down beside me.

"June wants to apologise..." Angela started to say.

I made a fending off movement. I was still too angry to speak.

"She didn't intend her joke to go that far. She was going to come to you before you left, tell you it was her April Fool, and you could change before the eight o'clock start. You were five minutes too early."

"But she must have known how embarrassed I'd be." I protested.

"Yes, but she didn't mean for you to arrive. She was just about to leave when you arrived. All she meant was to test you..."

"Some test! It took me a long time, and a lot of persuasion from her before I agreed. I thought she was my friend, Angela."

"She is. We all are. We know how awkward you find talking to women. We had hoped to persuade you this weekend that we are just normal people and help you to relax around us."

"But June's joke has made me feel much worse. If I wasn't your only driver I would have left -- tonight - or at least drunk myself into a stupor in the pub. I can't. I'm responsible for the hired minibus."

Angela put a hand on my arm. I looked at it. I liked Angela but this was the first time she had deliberately touched me. I looked at her face. She seemed concerned about me.

"John. I shouldn't say this but all five of us love you for what you are."

"Love? June's joke was a poor way of showing love."

"I know. It went wrong. She hadn't meant..."

"But she did."

"And she wants to apologise. We all do, for embarrassing you. Please? Come and join us in the big tent so we can."

"I don't think I can face you all, not after that."

"We'll make it up to you."

"How? I'm hurt, embarrassed and feel betrayed."

"I understand, John, and we all do. All of us, including June, are aware how much effort it took for you to enter that tent tonight in your pyjamas. You looked terrified..."

"I was. Except for June's persuasion I would never have done it. I trusted her and all she did was laugh at me."

"She's sorry. It was meant to be an April Fool joke that was between you two only. When you appeared her first reaction was to say April Fool to save you embarrassment."

"It didn't, Angela, it didn't. It made me feel worse."

"She, and we, know that now. Please can you come back so we can show that Angela didn't mean it and how much we think of you."

"Show? What do you mean, show?"

Angela startled me. She knelt up, grabbed my face and kissed me. I was stunned at first but her lips brought an instinctive reaction. I started kissing her back. By the time our lips parted I was breathless.

"That sort of showing, John. Would you like some more?"

She didn't wait for my answer. She kissed me again.

Five minutes later she pulled me out of my small tent and across to the larger one. I was still in a daze from her passionate kisses.

As soon as I was inside the other tent I was grabbed by another woman and kissed. She passed me to another, and then another before I was pulled down onto a heap of sleeping bags. My head was in Angela's lap as June kissed me.

"I'm sorry," June kept saying between kisses.

"Do you like our apologies, John?" I heard Angela say.

I had to wait until a break in June's kisses before I could respond.

"Yes," I said before my mouth was covered again.

"June? Let him breathe for a minute while I explain," Angela asked.

I'm not sure I could breathe freely. June was hugging me against her breasts. I was enjoying their softness.

"John? We had intended to smother you in kisses from all five of us this evening. It was to be our April Fool treat for you but we meant our kisses to be serious, not a joke. Anyone of us would consider you as a potential boyfriend? Why not? You treat all of us politely, listen to what we have to say and respect us. Our only reservation was that you respect us too much and don't grab us. So we've grabbed you and we're not letting you go this weekend."

I tried to say something. June stifled my words with her breasts.

"Shush!" June said. "Angela hasn't finished yet."

"June wanted to see whether she could persuade you to do something you would be reluctant to do and then we would reward you. She hadn't told us what she intended. It went wrong, for which she and we apologise, but you are getting the reward anyway. June has had her turn. Now the rest of us want to kiss John..."

Angela pushed my head away from June, leant down and kissed me. I was still on her lap as the other three took turns to apologise with kisses.

I didn't get back to my small tent that night. I remained fully dressed as five women in their nightwear surrounded me. It had turned into the pyjama party that wasn't intended. I met several barely covered breasts and some really naked ones. I woke up to find my head against June's uncovered breasts and Angela's lightly wrapped ones pressed against the back of my head. I enjoyed their apology.

During the remainder of the weekend I was always accompanied by at least one woman hugging me or at least holding my hand. Whenever we went for a walk the breaks would be the signal for kissing from all five but June made it clear that she was the one who wanted me to herself.

I forgave her for her mistake. She let the others kiss and cuddle me as long as she was the one who ended up in my arms.

During the weekend I hadn't learned much about talking to women but I was given a master class in kissing.

The End

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/03/19

So he sells his pride and self respect

For some random hugs and kisses? What a wimp. Time to find some real friends.

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by Schwanze103/06/19


He's one of the girls now.

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by Anonymous03/05/19

Funny as shit


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by hindsight202003/03/19

Good start.

But just a start. A3* keep writing.

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by WilCox4903/01/19

Pretty good as far as it went.

Too short. Um, compressed, maybe. Outside of that, well written as (almost) always.

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