tagIncest/TabooApril Enslaved Ch. 01

April Enslaved Ch. 01


I had been in my bed, under the covers, crying, for about an hour and ten minutes, when my father enters my room after knocking very quietly. It's about two A.M. on a Wednesday morning, with the rest of the family asleep and the house silent. He pauses - it feels like for a long time. Then his feet takes quiet steps across the floor. I squirm with a tighter grip on my knees. He sits on my bed.

"Angel," he says. I feel a hand on the back of my head. He's stroking my hair. "I -- I just want to say that I'm really sorry. And that what happened tonight will never happen again. I've always been --" he takes a deep, pained breath "-- a man who can't keep his emotions in check. And after seeing -- after seeing you. Well. Something I'd thought about for a long time just took hold of me."

I could not respond with words. I just cried silently. I had accidentally sent a naked picture of myself to daddy's cell phone instead of my boyfriend's. A couple of hours ago, he had taken me down to the basement, into the laundry room, and made me take off my clothes. He then took off his pants and rubbed himself all over my breasts, my hair, my face, until he came on my shoulder while he held my face against his upper thigh. I had told him no but my dad is very forceful and abusive and he had ruled our house without any regard for our feelings.

On my bed, my dad started crying and he kept saying how sorry he was. I sat up slowly and hugged him and told him that I was upset but that I'd forgive him in time.

* * *

Two days later. Friday morning. Everyone had gone to work or school, except for me. I'm at home for spring break from college. I get out of bed, stretch, and take off my silk pajamas. I pull my robe on and I turn to leave the room to head for the shower.

Daddy's standing there. "Ah! You scared me," I say.

"Hi April."

Staring at my hulking father, all 6'4 of him. I can barely say, "I thought you were going to work."

"I'm staying home with you."

"I'm going shopping this morning, daddy." I begin to try to walk past him. He grabs my arm.

"We have to talk about something. Something very serious. Go sit on your bed. Now."

I look up at him, my eyes wild, stunned into a trembling numbness. Not quite controlling my own movements - and me, a 20-year-old college sophomore, a grown adult woman - I step back and half-sit, half-stumble on my bed.

Daddy pauses before he speaks, like he isn't sure where to start. "The other night, April, I told you I was sorry. But I was wrong."

"You said you were sorry and wrong the other night, daddy. Let's just please....drop it."

"No, angel, it's not that. It's that I was wrong to say that I was sorry when that wasn't true."

I look up and my jaw drops. I can't think of anything to say but I feel like something's about to happen. "I'm a sick man," he continues. "But I need a way to reign in my sickness. I need an outlet. And that's gonna have to be you, angel. It's the only way to tame the beast inside me."

My throat catches but I manage to say, "Daddy, what do you mean?"

"I mean that....well...I've been looking at the girls." He means my younger twin sisters, seniors in high school, just turned 18, identically adorable, and identically innocent. They were well on their way to well-adjusted, successful lives; their amazing success in school was leading them to top schools, with scholarships. I adored them; they were so unlike me, lacking my wild and rebellious streak. I broke rules even though dad was abusive and punishing.

"I've been looking at the girls," he continues, "and I can't keep my mind from thinking things I shouldn't think. I thought I could control myself with call girls but it was slipping away, my control, and I was about to....I don't even know what. And then..."

....he takes a couple of steps toward the bed....

"....I get your little message on my cell phone."

"That wasn't meant for you, daddy."

"Don't care. Here's the point. You're already a dirty little thing. They are pure. You're going to protect them."


"By being Daddy's special little girl."

I scoot up the bed to get physical distance but a quick hand reaches out and grabs a handful of my thick, dark hair and yanks me close to him. I yell and try to push away and then I punch him in his stomach and then, quickly, before I even fully pull my hand back, I feel a sharp, stinging slap on my face. I'm then pulled completely off the bed by my hair, stumbling to the floor.

"You know I won't hesitate to punish disobedience around here, Lisa." I knew. He was not shy about hitting mom in front of us.

Still gripping my hair. I'm on my hands and knees before him. "You've got a rockin' little body, slut. Take off that robe. Show daddy your curves. The new house rules are simple. You give me what I want, when I want it, and no one else in this house gets hurt."

With trembling hands, I loosen my robe. I let it fall behind me. He's got a fistful of my hair; his other hand is around my throat, with a gentle grip.

"You're so fucking hot, April," he almost hisses. "I can't get enough of your short frame, your smooth ivory skin, your round but firm ass. Oh my goodness I am gonna enjoy every square inch of you, so get ready."

Still holding my hair in one hand, his other hand groped my breasts. "Tell daddy what size these are."

"Um...they...they are 34C, daddy."

"Damn. They look bigger on your short petite, frame. What are you, 5'4"?"

"Five-two daddy."

"Mmm-mnnn. I love 'em small and cute, like you. Makes you look so damn innocent. But your tits and pussy will tell me you're not so innocent." He pushed my face into his crotch and with the other hand gropes all up and down my back, reaching my ass and squeezing and smacking it.

"Girl as hot you should never turn a man down, you know that? You drive every man wild and that's not nice, is it?"

I feel his strength all over me.

"Is it, I said?" He smacks my ass. Hard.

"N-no, it...it isn't."

"Call me daddy. Everything you say should include you calling me daddy, is that clear?"

I pause. I would cry but I'm too shocked about what's happening. "Yes, daddy."

He lets go of my hair and lifts his t-shirt off. His frame is very powerful and muscular. "Pull my jeans down, angel. Time to let out your new best friend."

My fingers tremble. His jeans are tight. It's hard to get the button out. He's gently caressing my arms while I struggle with it. I finally get it free and he's running his fingers through my hair, which is dark and very thick with a slight natural curl to it. When I start to unzip, he slips a thumb into my mouth. I suck on it. He tells me to swirl my tongue around his thumb, and I do.

After lowering the zipper I grab his jeans at the hips with either hand and pull down....eventually I get past his really hard, really throbbing cock, which springs free after the jeans pass over it completely. It hits my chin and I flinch. He gives my face a light open-hand slap.

"Ok pretty girl, open that sexy mouth."

And at first, I can't. Just can't do it. He yanks my head back with a tug on my hair, bends his face down, and kisses me. Deeply. His tongue inside my mouth, slobbering a bit on me. He pulls away.

"Ok your mouth is wet now. I want to feel that on my cock. Don't fucking hesitate, you sexy slut. Say, 'I want to suck your cock, daddy.' And then. Open. The. Mouth."

I look down. And then I turn my big brown eyes to his and say, "I want to suck your -- your cock, daddy."

I open my mouth and close my eyes and feel the tip of his cock slip in. He just moves it around in my mouth a little. It feels big all by itself.

"See? I'm not even going to gag you with it. Yet. Goddamn that feels good. Like fucking heaven, my sweet little girl, your wet mouth on the tip of my cock, so hard, so sensitive. Goddamn!!!"

I reach up with my hands to hold it, in the hopes of keeping him from putting more into my mouth, but he grabs my wrists forcefull and holds them behind my head. "Did I tell you you could touch it? Blowjobs are only for mouths unless I say otherwise. Tell me you're sorry."

He withdraws his dick so I can talk. "I'm sorry."

A slap on my face, not hard, not light either. "Excuse me?"

"I-- I'm sorry, daddy."

"Good. Open." He slips the tip and then another inch into my mouth. He's fucking my mouth now. Strong hands on either side of my head.

I start to feel something I didn't expect. Gratitude. For what? My own father fucking my mouth against my will and I feel gratitude. It's hard to explain. I guess what I feel most directly is power. His power over me. His power over the world -- the world of our family. There's something exhilerating about it. This powerful man, this man who takes what he wants, has taken.... me.

And what's more: he's not gagging me. He easily could, of course. Most men would -- with their cocks in my wet mouth, my head under firm control. Most men would want to, and even the ones who didn't would want to know what it's like. To gag a girl. To see a cute face pressed all the way to the pubes, the dick disappearing in her mouth.

But he holds this back. It's like he wants me to enjoy it, too. It's this special thing he's doing -- or withholding -- just for me.

"Fuck yes, April. Fuck yes. Your face is so fucking cute. Slim nose, big brown eyes, wide mouth. Oh god. Seeing a cock dirty up your cute face is fucking unreal. Such a good wet mouth, holy god!"

I feel his cock hardening even more -- it feels incredibly solid, like a bar of iron. This starts to excite me, this effect. He withdraws and his cock points upward at a slight angle...he pushes my face under his cock and all the way against the base of the underside of his cock, my nose touching him right under where his ball sack starts.

"Rub your pussy while I fuck your face, angel."

I start to do as he says. He pulls my face off of him and aims his cock for my mouth again. I slip the tip between my lips, one smooth motion. My pussy is wet and it makes me blush. It's not really wet -- but there's some wetness and I feel low again. Low and humiliated.

He gives me one quick stroke to the back of my throat, which catches me off guard, and I gag, but he quickly withdraws it entirely and lifts me to my bed by gripping my arms under the tricep. He practically tosses me on the bed. I feel his strength. I think he's about to fuck me - but instead he spreads my legs and bends his face right into my pussy. His tongue gently runs up and down each lip, with a very light touch. I can't help but exclaim, "ah!" which I then determine to suppress.

Now he's running his tongue every where. "Fuck, your pussy tastes good." He sucks each lip into his mouth and then he goes low and runs his tongue all around my hole, with a very light, caressing touch, which makes my lower body give off sparks that travel up my spine. I can't help it -- I manage to suppress a squeal that builds in my throat but my legs spasm in delight. And my breath catches.

"You fucking love it, you whore. You love it too much. You're so wet. I can't even think straight. I'm gonna eat this pussy and then I'm gonna fuck it and then I'm gonna cum in your slut mouth."

Now he's flicking my clit with his tongue while he works a big thumb into my pussy. "I can't believe my dick is gonna fit inside this little hole. Holy shit you're gonna be tight."

But he doesn't rush it. He eats my pussy slowly, hitting every spot, sucking in some pink flesh every so often. A thumb in my hole, gently turning. His other hand groping my tits.

"Tell me where my cum is going to be, April."

"Wha-- what?" I pant.

He slaps my face very lightly and smiles. "Tell me. Say it."

I look down. Hard to see past my tits but I can see his face from the nose down is shiny when he lifts it to tell me something.

"You're fucking unholy wet, girl. Your dark pubic hairs are all totally matted down with wetness. Fucking nasty. Now say it."

I can't help panting and it's hard to get the words out. "Yo-your cum....will be in ... my mouth, dad--daddy."

"Time to fuck, sweet mother of god," he says, crawling up on my bed, which is a little twin bed that he just covers completely, like a blanket.

He doesn't ease his dick in, though. It's in up to his balls in no time. It makes me toss my head back and shriek. And then I feel his teeth on my neck, gently biting, giving me a hicky, grunting while his cock pistons in out of my very wet pussy, his balls slapping my ass, his arms pushing my knees up near my armpits.

Without thinking, without even meaning to, I whimper the thought that's in my head. "You're so hard." He grunts loud and low in response -- clearly even more turned on. He slaps my face, kind of hard. I hadn't even meant to say it-- it just came out, like it was an incontrovertible fact my body made my mouth affirm.

"You're pussy's tight and wet like nothing I've ever had...oh god oh god..." Thrusting hard, the bed moving back and forth, the mattress sliding off. "I'm close to cumming, you fucking slut!"

Truth is, I'm close, too. But I manage not to say this.

"Tell me where to cum! Tell Daddy!"

I grit my teeth, humiliated. Or did I not want him to pull out yet? I was so close. But I wouldn't say so. I couldn't. How could I? What kind of girl would? "Cum - cum in my mouth, daddy," I say.

And I'm barely finished saying this when he withdraws his steel-rod-like member from my pussy, lifts each knee above each of my thighs, and presses his dick against my lips. Later, I would feel shame that he didn't even have to comman me to open my mouth.

In the tip slipped, and in two seconds, jets of hot sticky cum flood my mouth. Lying down made it feel like even more than it probably was, but it was four thick spasms followed by two smaller ones, each one accompanied by grunts from daddy.

When he finishes cumming, he just holds it there. In my mouth. Neither one of us moves. He's panting, gasping, bracing one arm on the wall, the other hand covering his face, as if in shame. I lay below him, spent, humiliated. And ... wanting to cum. I shift one hand over to my pussy and gently rub my clit, hoping he doesn't notice.

But I can't finish before he withdraws his cock, which is still pretty hard, from my mouth. I move my hand away and he slowly lowers himself, next to me, his body next to mine, both naked, sweaty. In a few minutes, he falls asleep. I lay, thinking about what just happened, and what the future holds for us.

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