April Fooled


Lucian and I had been friends for years. Not the sexual on and off relationship... just friends. We grew up together so I had never really thought of him as anything else. Don't get me wrong, he is fucking hot. My female friends always wanting me to hook them up with him, yet he never gets past one date.

So another year added to our friendship and like clockwork I am on guard for his latest trick. Every year we try to out do each other. Last year I got him. The boys at his office are still talking about that stripper.

Well this year it looks like I am safe. He had to fly out of town for his company and wouldn't be back until the 4th. Way too late to get me for our little annual contest. No big deal I needed a break from last year.

I wake up on April first and roll over to hit snooze, pausing just before my hand hits it I decide that I should get up any way. Even with him out of town does not make it safe. Tossing the covers back and turning off the alarm I slide from bed and head to the shower.

Standing in the hot shower allowing the water to assault my skin, I ca almost feel him behind me. His naked form pressed against my back. I sigh as I daydream being held in his arms. Shaking myself out of that little thought before it gets carried away I turn off the water and exit the shower.

As I am getting ready for work I am looking at everything suspiciously like he hid something in my house. He was good, I will give him that. Even if he didn't do anything he would have me paranoid all day.

The day went by without an incident. He called me twice just to check up on me and laugh at me for how jumpy I was.

"Relax, I'm not even there. Consider this year a gift, a reprieve before I get you next year. Enjoy it while you can." He chuckled and hung up with me.

Still something wasn't right. I could feel it. Its like I was missing something. In this age of cell phones I couldn't even check where he had called from. But I did verify that he flew out yesterday. I shouldn't be this jumpy. I really shouldn't.

Once home I began to relax more. The day was almost over and the end was in sight. I stripped from my work clothes and put on one of my huge baggy white button up shirts. I stretched out on the couch after dinner and flipped through the channels.

Soon I was dozing on the couch. I'm not even sure of what time it was or the last thing I had seen on the TV. I heard a soft click of my front door being unlocked but didn't think anything of it. The warmth of my dreams and only two people having keys to my house, it didn't matter. What happened next jolted me to life.

I was on my side on the couch but then I was face first on the floor, my hands pulled roughly behind my back and secured. Before I could scream I found a gag in my mouth and then my eyes covered.

Trembling as tears spilled free and soaked the bandana, the rough hands lifted me from the floor and threw me on the couch. It was a male by his strength, and definitely by his touch.

I was in full panic, chewing on the gag in my mouth unable to see anything. I heard him turn up the television set a few more notches and the front door again clicked shut and locked. I didn't know what to do, my hands twisting restlessly in the binds as I began to feel for my cell phone that I kept beside me at all times. Just as I flipped it open it was tugged from me and thrown across the room.

A sharp smack resounded as I saw stars. The side of my face burning. Gasping back the tears I slump on the couch, my mind resigned for the moment not to cause him any more anger.

He fisted the front of my shirt and pulled me upright. He leaned forward I could feel his breathe on my cheek as he whispered low and menacingly.

"Be a good little girl and do as your told, and you will be fine. Do you understand?" I nodded softly biting back a whimper. He then removed the gag from my mouth and before I registered what was happening he was kissing me. His tongue tasting and probing forcefully like I was his.

As quick as it had started the kiss was over. My heart dropped in my stomach. Something seemed familiar, but in the fear I couldn't register it. His hand grasped my hair and tugged my head back, I cried out softly as the sharp pain shot through my body. My mouth then taken. He pulled me forward and began to fuck my mouth.

I couldn't believe what was going on. I didn't even hear him undo his zipper, couldn't quite register what was happening to me. He continued to pump my mouth on his hardness, slowly I gave in, my tongue teasing along his shift on the strokes, my body responding to his forcefulness.

I was disgusted with myself that I had begun to enjoy this. But I continued. His groan coming more and more and I felt him swell. His cream exploded into my mouth as I tried to pull away, but he pulled me deeper on him, forcing me to swallow most of it.

He pushed me to the side when he was done and left me to lay on the couch. I felt used and dirty. Whimpering I lay there and cried softly, wondering when this nightmare would be over.

He was in the kitchen. I could hear him rustling around. I was scared to death hoping that today would not be my last day. My wrists still twisting nervously behind my back as he returned. I barely heard him return. A soft click on the table bringing my attention back to him.

His hand on the buttons of my shirt, he rips it open, buttons popping, it took everything for me not to scream. I could feel his eyes scan over my body, nothing to hinder him. His hands roughly pulled at my nipples, a small whimper escaping me as his right hand slid down my belly and explored lower. He lingered a moment on the trimmed hair before delving deeply inside me.

My back arched as I cried out. His fingers slick as he pulled them out and marked a trail between my breasts.

"You are hot already. Look at that. I should have done this earlier..." his voice trailed off as his tongue licked over a nipple, then biting hard. I couldn't help it. I had always like things rough and as scary as this was it was a turn on.

His tongue swirled and tasted before trailing down my belly. I tried to squirm away from him but his hand grasped my hips and pulled me to his mouth. Breathless I arched towards him, his tongue sending excitement through me, wanting more.

His tongue teased around my sensitive bud, then his finger driving deeply in me. As bad as I wanted to be taken I wasn't going to beg him for it. I bit down on my lip as wave after wave of excitement assaulted me. Damn! Did he have to be so good with his mouth?

Suddenly he stopped. Gasping for breather I just laid there. His hands spreading my legs open as he slides between them. I cried out as he filled me completely.

"Oh my god!" I cried out as his hand found my mouth. He thrust faster and harder into me. Each stroke delving deeper and deeper until I felt I was going to burst. An orgasm crashed over me so intensely that I passed out. Swirling blackness of sweet rapture had taken me.

I awoke in his arms. My hands still bound, eyes still covered, his fingers running lightly through my hair. He tugged the bandana free from my eyes and stared down upon me.

"Lucian..." I whispered out.

"April fools" He smiled.

I wanted to hit him. But my hands were still securely behind me. I was speechless. I really didn't know how to take that night. But it wasn't over. He flipped me over and pulled me across his knee.

"And this my sweet... is for last years stunt..." the smacks landing smartly on my bare ass. The heat searing through me.

"Oh. Please don't!" I cried out. His fingers spread me as he felt deep inside.

"Soo you like this. I had a feeling you did." His hand landed again sharply across my ass as I began to wiggle.

Lets just say... the night was far from over.

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