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April Fools Day Prank


Victoria was the consummate tease, she would dress provocatively but really never acknowledged any of us, no matter how hard we tried. Maybe it was because we were geeks, if we were jocks we would have had her attention. Becky, her sister was part of our group and even she didn't get any respect from Victoria.

Victoria was the long blonde hair cheerleader type, 5' 7", trim and athletic, she could pass for a Dallas Cowboy's cheerleader. Becky was the complete opposite, short, slightly dumpy, small breasted and wore black horn rimmed glasses.

Our geek squad members are all seniors studying engineering at the same small town college. Our group was formed in our sophomore year out of necessity, part study group and partly because we needed friends.

Andy, Becky, Bob, Don and myself all sat in Don's kitchen one evening in March having a few brews and brainstorming about doing a April Fools day prank. Andy, our chubby resident alien follower, wanted to do something with a UFO but that didn't seem like enough for our senior year prank, it sounded too much like a Halloween idea. Bob, who was short and thin wanted to do something that didn't require much physical work. Don who was 6' tall lanky guy, who loved working on cars and my average self had no preference to what we decided to do. This was to be our last big hurrah, the grande event that would have people talking about it for years. The last big campus prank was moving the Dean's sports car to inside the gym's basketball court, we wanted to do something better, even grander.

Becky wanted to prank Victoria because she was such a bitch and completely "dissed" all of us. Everyone tossed out their ideas, some had possibilities, but Andy kept wanting to do something alien. Andy had more money than the rest of us, so if it involved buying something, we had to get him involved.

"How about an building a UFO in Don's cargo van? That would make it portable and we could take it around for multiple pranks." Said Andy.

"Here is my idea, We make the back of the van look like the inside of a UFO, you know, lots of flashing lights, silver paint and lots of electronic stuff. We park the van someplace, leave the back doors open and let some fool look in thinking they saw the inside of a UFO ... maybe get some of those Greys masks. We could make it look like we are conducting experiments on earthlings."

That sounded like more of a geek project than painting the top of the local water tower with a class year..

Andy said "Fuck the class, this is our prank. It's got to be all ours."

Maybe it was drinking the warm 3.2% beers that guided us towards the UFO van idea, but thats the one we all finally agreed on and to prank Victoria.

That weekend we all started working on converting the van. Andy got some sound equipment and eerie sci fi sounds. Bob picked up lots of gauges, lights and flexible dryer tubing and I found some silver pvc sheets to line the inside. It was starting to come together, Becky found a smoke machine and some alien costumes at a Halloween store a few towns away.

We worked all that weekend and the next on completing our UFO, when Becky turned on the smoke machine, it covered up the small details we didn't complete. Now we had to figure how to get Victoria into the van.

Becky found out that Victoria was going to the bar Friday night which was March 31. Victoria was going with a fake id, since she was not 21 yet, she would sneak into the back from the back parking lot like she had done in the past. No one ever carded her anyway, she was the bait to draw more guys in to drink, so the bar owner looked the other way.

Friday night we watched as Victoria left for the bar, our plan went into motion. Becky and Bob donned the alien costumes, Andy was in charge of sound and Don was driving. I was wearing a tyvek painters suit and safety goggles, my job was to some how get Victoria into the van.

It's almost midnight and we are in position in the back parking lot, a few cars away from Victoria's. Soon Victoria comes out the back door, staggering towards her car dressed in a mini skirt and a tight tank top. My job was to take a flash camera and flash it in her face so she is blinded for a instant and maneuver her to the van and push her inside. Once inside, Becky and Bob were going to go into the alien routine of pretending to experiment on her.

It started according to plan but Becky varied the plan and pulled the woozy Victoria onto the "examination table" and strapped her down. As Victoria started to scream Becky put a paper towel in her mouth to muffle her and positioned a spotlight at her face. In the smoke filled van, all Victoria could see was a bright white light and two aliens peering down at her with some eerie sounds in the background.

Right now I believe that Victoria was about to pee her pants, she was struggling and trying to scream. Bob had made a probe with a flashing red LED. As he moved it closer to Victoria, unexpectedly, Becky pulled Victoria's top up, exposing her almost white tits. Bob, having a crush on Victoria since sophomore year, just stood there frozen at the sight of Victoria's tits. Becky, elbows him to bring him back to the work at hand. Bob cautiously started touching her tits with the probe, rubbing it around her areola, as he does so, she strained at the restraints. Becky grabs her other tit and starts pulling the nipple, Bob follows her lead and does the same. Bob takes the opportunity to start sucking her nipple, something he often fantasised about, then alternates between pulling and sucking.

As Bob focuses on Victoria's tits, Becky moves down to her skirt and starts pulling it down along with her frilly pink thong. We are now looking at her blonde mound, yep she is a real blonde. Skirt now removed, Becky retrieves a vibrator and moves it around Victoria's pussy lips. Victoria is trying to moan and push her pussy toward the vibrator. After a few minutes, her juices start flowing down to her butt cheek.

Bob, Becky and I am watching Victoria now almost naked, strapped to a table, writhing, trying to let a alien probe get her off. We didn't know Andy had set up video cameras to capture the whole event for our future viewing pleasure. Suddenly Victoria lets out a muffled sigh, stops struggling and slumps after experiencing a "out of this world" orgasm.

We have gone off script, it was supposed to be a simple alien fright prank. Now we have a naked Victoria strapped to a table in the van, how are we going to get her out and not get caught? I didn't think it was going to go this far, it was supposed to be a prank, not something that could get us arrested. All I could think was, shit, shit, shit, what are we going to do now?

Fortunately, none of us spoke, so she had no idea who it was in the "alien craft." It looked like Victoria passed out, either the orgasm or the alcohol kicked in. Now was our chance, I motioned to Bob to unstrap her. We picked her up and were going to try to put her clothes back on but Becky motioned no, as she removed Victoria's top. The only thing Victoria had on was her black Mary Jane shoes, Becky motioned for Bob and I to pick her up and put her outside. She whispered to put her in her car that way. We left Victoria laying naked in the front seat of her car along with her clothes stacked neatly and locked the doors. We took off leaving Don to take the van back home, I wanted to hang around to see what happened when she awoke, but didn't want to risk getting caught.

Next day we all discover that tweets of a naked Victoria were everywhere. Someone saw her naked in her car and snapped some pictures and of course had to share them before calling 911. They must have had second thoughts about her and called 911 just in case she was dead.

So the police and EMTs arrive, as they were about to break the side window of her car, she awakens, still in a daze, sits up and peers out at the assembled crowd, The police tell her to open the door and exit the car, she does and steps out naked as a jaybird. The EMTs toss a blanket around her to cover up, but not before everyone with a cell phone camera got a few good pictures.

The police try to interview her and all she could say was, "They abducted me." You should hear her explanation, she saw a bright light and she was abducted by aliens, taken to their craft and experimented on.

The local newspaper and TV station interviewed her about her abduction, even though she described in great detail about the probing and how they had these big black eyes, you could see everyone eyes roll in disbelief. The police chalked it up to drugs or booze and didn't investigate. Whew. Some how the National Inquirer got the story, "College CoEd abducted by Aliens" was now in every supermarket in town. It was the biggest thing to happen in this town, since in the 60's, when Nixon came here to give a speech.

April fools.

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