tagNon-EroticApril Fool's from a Creator

April Fool's from a Creator


Actually this is true story dreams and all.

Third quarter 40 sec. before the 4th in the game. You have an epiphany and connect the dots.

As a young male child I had always seemed to have vivid dreams. First one recalled was of prehistoric times being chased by a T-Rex! I could see the colors of the trees and grasses and looked around an seen I was on a rise in the land. My mate was close by. This all seemed to be in third person.

The T-Rex seemed to come from nowhere and focused in on us. We ran for our lives, I motioned my mate to go low down the hill. She ran best as she could seemingly clutching something in her arms. The T-Rex spotted her as an easy prey. I began jumping and howling to distract it, that worked, I bolted with T-Rex behind me. I was trying to gain as much distance as I could, when all of sudden I was seeing it from a different view only for a moment in first person. I was watching me run with the T_Rex behind, with fear, as something wiggled in my arms, I turned to hide.

I was running in such fright that I didn't realize the deep cliff drop-off. T-Rex was almost on me. I catapulted over the edge, has T-Rex snapped it's jaws. I and T-Rex were free falling in third person view. Dream ends but reoccurs from time to time. The final one I grab a tree root and I'm hanging there.

This dream occurs when I was 3-6 years old, it is about my flying chair. This dream doesn't seem to have a connection to the first and third dream, but it feels like it does. I can't tell.

I was sleeping in my bed in the top bunk. My 2yr older brother was in the bottom and my other older brothers were in the other beds in our upstairs bedroom. I seen an owl fly to the window and land. Strange, I thought ,there is no tree there. I was suddenly outside and so was my wooden high chair with the little tray on it. I remember a voice.

" Would you like to set in the magic chair."

"Magic" I questioned, with help I was in the chair and belt wrapped around me. We suddenly lifted off the ground. We as is someone or thing was close by. We flew low to the ground for a bit having fun, then the chair began to rise. The little farm house became smaller and smaller and fluffy clouds began to appear. I became frightened and begin to cry. A soothing voice.

"You are safe, do not be scared." Then a blank area.

The owl was in the window, it flew off. I sat up in bed and looked around, everything seemed well. I laid back down shaking, blanket over my head then falling back to sleep.

The dream reoccurred but with a gray wolf that jumped through the window and I tried hiding deep under my covers knowing the magic chair was waiting.

This third dream may be the one that connect things together. I can't remember when this one occurred.

It was dim lit in this bedroom. The lamp by the far side of the bed was a bit brighter to see details. Large wooden head board with a velveteen curtain behind it.

A young woman lies on a large bed. Beautiful long blonde hair falls below the shoulders. The spaghetti strap night gown drapes across body in a red satin sheen while a white sheet covers her from calf down. She is of slim build, seemingly tall for a woman. She is facing away from me and rolls to face me.

I see her well formed ample breasts with a v plunge of the night gown. I travel over her body seeing slim waist and hips. Her head is propped on her hand now with one leg drawn up on top the other in the what seems to be almost mid-calf gown. Her sparkling blue eyes stare into mine. They seem to match mine in color, the features of her face seem all to familiar.

I moved towards her, a blank time space occurs. The bed is warm like I have laid there for awhile. My hand propping up my head. 'Where is she, where did she go.'

I reach out with my left hand to feel the bed for her warmth. It looks like my hand but different. It is cold as if no one has been there. It fades away.

My 2nd wife was standing in front of a full length mirror, admiring her apparel. I came up behind her to admire also when she seen me in the mirror and looked back at me thru the mirror. She suddenly brought her arms up and did a Tarzan bicep flex. Then a Hulk flex and growl.

"I would have made a good man." smiling and laughing.

Which she would have, from what she tells of her bench press and leg press amounts were, 5'5 big chested not breasted, and squared shouldered. She probably could body slam me. Now she does carry D cup breasts. She is still very attractive woman, don't let me mislead here. I call her my Sasquatch because of her flat feet.

She side stepped away from the mirror and looked at me, I was wearing a T-shirt and snug fitting shorts. I'm 6' and very slim or scrawny, however you see it. I have long fingers and petite wrists for a man. I am about 35 yrs old then.

"Put some blonde hair and nice tits on you with some make-up and you would make a pretty woman." she giggled. I snickered and did an F'you.

Well time goes on. I got lost in thoughts again and remembered my sister saying I was supposed to be a girl from what the doctors could tell, way back then. When I was a toddler up to first grade my sister and her friends like to dress me up as a little girl/sister for Halloween. Thanks sis. Now I was all boy but always seem to stay close to my mother helping her do things. As I grew I was doing a lot of the feminine things girls did, sewing, cooking, canning, cleaning, arts, music, and lot of reading. I always seemed maternal in nature, loving caring for my children, and others, trying to make people happy.

I can still do that to this day, but do all the man stuff also. Felling trees, cleaning yards, mowing, fixing engines and mechanical stuff and carpentry. Playing the macho Alpha Dog scenario, but--, watch a really good romance or sad family scene, might be running to the bathroom for a tissue. Ya, I know it is like, WTF!

Thoughts take off again, reading can be a curse sometimes. Women can have multiple orgasms easily, Men can't, always amazed me why really. Women can get just about anything they want, with a look, flip of the hair or swish of the hips. Men on the other hand, seem to have to literally fight for everything. Life can be so cruel for men unless you are an Adonis.

Conclusion to this: I connected the dots before the 4th quarter now. Mom and sis said they expected a girl. Dreams that seem to play a part, wife candidly speaking out, and things I have learned in life.

Thanks!! Creator, benevolent being, life force or what ever. One f'ing chromosome difference and things could have been so very different. Dots connected!

Many years of 'April Fool's'

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous01/25/19

D'ni? Like in the SW US?

I am particularly interested in what you are referring to as "D'ni" language. Living along the I-40 stretch in NM, I think of the language of the reservation.
Aside from my personal curiosity, the parallelsmore...

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