tagExhibitionist & VoyeurApril Fool's Game Gone Right?

April Fool's Game Gone Right?


Thank you for reading my little tale. I like votes, comments, and thoughts, good or bad. Please enjoy some light exhibitionism within a budding relationship.


Andrew glanced up from his work station's computer screen. Danny, all smiles, was staring at him from the cube across the aisle.

"What?" Andrew asked, suspicion blanketing his voice.

"Bro, I got a game. It'll be fun," Danny said. Danny always had a game. He not only ran the sports pools and Superbowl squares for the company, he had other "mini-games" as well. March Madness meant a bracket to decide best food, hottest female celebrity, or greatest musical talent. Scavenger hunts, Easter egg hunts (with mini-bottles of booze instead of candy eggs), they were all run by Danny, and run well. He styled himself the company's Morale & Welfare Officer.

The email came across moments later: "GF ApriL FooL GaG!"

The idea was simple. The idea was potentially troublesome. The men on the floor would introduce a fantasy to their wives or girlfriends, or boyfriends, that was way outside their relationship norm. Best reaction, short of divorce or break-up, would win. It was simple, genius, and the replies came flowing in. Andrew wasn't sure how everyone constantly escaped being fired over their daily email traffic.

"I call BBC for my wife!"

"I'll tell mine I want her to strap-on and do my b'hole"

"I'll tell the wife I want a threesome but it's with another guy and he has to be ghey."

Laughable. Andrew liked the responses and laughed thinking about some of the reactions. A crumbled ball of paper hit in him the temple. He looked over at Danny, who was looking at him very pointedly.

"What?" Andrew asked.

"You know what," Danny said in a stage whisper, "What's your plan for that newish lady friend of yours?"

"I mean, we've been together for only a few months now," Andrew said, "I don't know that something like this would be good for the relationship."

"Oh, stop," Danny said in a normal tone, "It's a goof. If she doesn't have a sense of humor, you'll find out sooner than later and you can move on."

Andrew shrugged. He'd figure something out to tell her. It'd be mostly harmless so she wasn't freaked out or intimidated. She wasn't the type that seemed to scare easily anyway. Millie was even-keeled and calm since he met her. He hadn't seen her upset once. Maybe it was time to test some of her boundaries. It couldn't end poorly, could it? It's just a joke.

Famous last words, he thought to himself.

"Aren't you lovely?" Andrew told Millie when he picked her up.

"It's the first time in four months we've had warm weather and I like sundresses. Too bad looks and aroma are different. I stink like garlic and sadness," she said, pinching her nose shut, "But the tips were good today. I have no idea why that happened. The Universe is smiling on me today."

They climbed out of the car and walked across the parking lot to the diner. It was at the edge of an L-shaped strip mall, backing up to the freeway. Now was the time to spring this prank on her and see what she said. Andrew was actually curious about her reaction. She might think him sexually deviant. Here went nothing.

"Hey, Millie," he said, grabbing her wrist and pulling her up short. She turned and looked at him, cocking her head. He had learned the gesture meant he had her full attention.

"I've had fun the past few months, you know?" he started, hesitant about how to bring it up.

"Oh, shit," she said, "Are we having a talk or are you dumping me? Let's at least eat first. I'd hate to have my heart crushed on an empty stomach."

Andrew laughed and waved that away. He decided on a direct, simple request.

"No, no, it's not that. I like you and I feel like this is going well. So I want to tell you something important. I have a fantasy I want to try."

That stopped her short. A grin curled up on the side of her very kissable mouth. She squared her shoulders and faced him, waiting.

"Really?" she said, "It's only been a few months but I guess I don't actually know what you're actually, you know, into. You have my attention."

She was open-minded, he thought. That's nice she hadn't gone defensive on him already.

"I want you to walk behind the diner with me and flash your breasts at traffic."

There. He said it. He picked something simple, easy in his mind, and hopefully utterly inoffensive. If she blew it off, fine. If she got bothered, he could laugh it off. It wasn't asking for her to work a gloryhole or anything.

Millie looked at him for a few seconds and laughed. She glanced over her shoulder at the beat-up pavement snaking around the stores. A sad looking row of pine trees and a chain-link fence separated them from the traffic whizzing by. Millie shrugged.

"It'd go better if I weren't wearing the sundress but, okay, why not?" she said and walked along the side of the diner to the back.

"Wait, hold on," Andrew started, reaching for her. She moved quickly in front of him and stepped over the potholes and ruts in the concrete.

Shit, she's going through with it, Andrew thought. He needed to stop her before she did. He didn't expect such easy agreement. He didn't want her to embarrass herself.

The backside of the strip mall looked like any other service area. A few employee cars were parked along the quarter mile strip. The black pavement was spotted with dumpsters and wind-collected trash fluttered against the fence. Cars buzzed by on I-94, following the curve out of sight.

Millie stopped, reached under her yellow sundress, pulled down a pair of sky-blue underwear, and stepped out of them. She bent over at the waist, showing lots of leg, picked them up and stuffed them into her purse. Her shoes stayed on and she stepped into the grass/dirt mix against the fence.

"You know," Andrew said, "Maybe this is a bad idea?"

"No," Millie said, "It's an important step in the relationship. I'm listening to you and what you want and I'm doing my best to meet your desires."

"No, no," Andrew said, "You're NOT listening to me. I decided against it. I'm not interested any more."

She waved him away, "You're feeling vulnerable from sharing and you're embarrassed; it's okay. You are a little red in the face. But you wouldn't have said something if you didn't want it. Let me do this for you."

She picked her steps between the two trees, thin with pine needles, stepping around pinecones and trash. She stood facing traffic flying at them at 75 mph. The edge of the freeway was barely 20 feet away. Nothing, not the chain-link fence, concealed the two from the cars and trucks.

"No, no, I'm embarrassed you, putting yourself out like this. It's not real, I was teasing. It's an April Fool's Day gag I'm doing with guys at work."

"Goofball, It's March 26th," she replied, "And you picked a good day, it's finally not cold, the sun's out, it's beautiful," she paused, added, "And besides, I'm happy to do this for you. Enjoy!"

With that, Millie turned, grabbed the hem of her dress, faced traffic and pulled her dress up.

Time slowed for Andrew. His gut dropped, his mouth went dry, his heart hammered. The dress crawled slowly up Millie's body, showing more and more smooth pale skin. Her shapely calves came into view. The soft, ticklish skin on the back of her knees was exposed. The freckles on the backs of her thighs bathed in the sunlight. Holy shit, that's her ass, the middle of her back, her shoulders. He went light-headed.

Millie had the yellow material of her sundress bunched in her hands lifted to her neck. She was nude from the shoulders down, exposing her body to who knew how many hundreds of people. Trucks honked and car horns tooted at the show. Andrew watched in horror as she spun a lazy 360. Was she getting off on showing her body to strangers?

"Okay, OKAY!" he said, grabbing for her hands, desperate to pull her dress down. She slipped out of his grasp.

"This is kinda fun!" she said, laughing, "I've never done anything like it before!"

She turned around again, faced him, exposing herself to him, her ass to everyone on the road. Andrew was shocked. The cars were right there and had a perfect view of her body. He felt like he couldn't breathe. Did someone call the cops? There could be Criminal Sexual Conduct charges! And everyone in the state had seen his girlfriend naked. His friends were probably driving. They had seen her tits, her pussy, her whole body! Jealousy overcame him, followed by anger.

But he couldn't help admire how beautiful she was. Her breasts were pulled high as she held her dress up. Her pink nipples had hardened, stuck out, begging for a mouth or finger tips. Her lean torso had the right curves and shapes and flared out to her nice hips. Her legs, long and lean, never looked more beautiful in the sunlight. Andrew wanted to cover her up from everyone's view but couldn't move. His erection throbbed so hard it was painful.

In what felt like hours but was 90 seconds or fewer, she let the dress fall around her, back over her hips and down her legs. She grabbed his crotch.

"Wow, it worked, huh? We should go take care of this before we eat" she said. Andrew almost slapped her hand away. He wasn't used to her (or any girlfriend) being so sexually outgoing. He wasn't sure if he even liked it. But he nodded, confused, mumbled an 'okay' to her.

She laughed, walking back to the parking lot, and wrinkled her nose at him.

"You know this means it's my turn to pick something fun, right?"

He nodded, his cock pulsing, wondering what shit he got himself into. What

Moments later, drops dress, walks towards him. She was never so sexually outgoing, grabs his crotch. "Wow, works, huh? Let's go take care of this,"

He nods, dumbly, confused, aroused, mumbles "Okay,"

And then she laughs, wrinkles her nose at him, "And then it's my turn to pick something,"

Oh, shit, what did he get himself into? Goddamn April Fool's game by goddamn Danny, he thought. What was her thing?

He was afraid to find out.


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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous03/30/19

Was either of them listening to the other person?

It didn't seem so. And I'm not sure her dropping her dress was an April Fools joke as much as it was her expressing her sexuality and "no limits" attitude. Which didn't seem to sit well with him? Youmore...

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by davion230803/16/19

Well, yeah, she's not paying attention

That's exactly the point. He said one thing and took it back, she just went right ahead and went 110% on it. That's the joke.

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by Anonymous03/16/19

Paying Attention?

I don't know how much 'attention' she is paying, when a request for her to flash her breasts is interpreted as a full body reveal. I think he's in over his head in this relationship.

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