tagLoving WivesApril Fools - Gotcha!

April Fools - Gotcha!


Author's Notes: A simple little 750 word story for April Fools Contest. 750 includes only story and title.

BTW things like ********** are counted as words. So eliminate those if you count.

All participants over 18.

Please remember to vote and comment.


Meredith was in the shower getting ready for work. She had soaped herself and her delightful nipples and the slight protrusion of her vaginal lips were dripping bubbles. I loved her body. My morning wood became a raging erection and I almost detoured to join her she looked so sexy.

It was my opportunity though, sneaking over to her night table and scoffing her hearing aid, dropping it on the floor. She had a childhood accident and needs that aid in her right ear. She wouldn't go anywhere without looking for it. Close by it, but out of sight, I placed a torn condom wrapper under the bed. There was no way she could miss it when she bent over to retrieve her hearing aid.

I chuckled at my own wit. Today was April Fools and I was determined to get her good. She'd see the wrapper and get upset with me for sure. Both of us had jobs with flexible hours so we can come and go as we please.

She could have her rant and then get told she'd just been pranked.

Maybe some 'you got me you clever boy' sex before we headed out.

Over the years since we'd gotten married she'd managed to get me a few times with great tricks and while my current idea was a little over the top, I felt I needed something big to catch up.

With the tableaux set I headed downstairs to make the coffee rubbing my hands in anticipation of getting back at her.

She sure seemed to be taking a long time to get ready. I expected her to come storming down the stairs with smoke coming out of her ears by now. I could hear her moving around upstairs and then finally the sound of her feet on the stairs.

She walked through the kitchen door. I handed her a coffee and she gave me a little kiss on the cheek with a thanks! She got busy putting breakfast together for us, bustling around, whistling and humming her current favourite song.


I was puzzled. I watched her for awhile. She was cheerful and happy working between the stove and refrigerator, cracking eggs and laying out some bacon in the warming frying pan. Her good mood seemed genuine. No way! Something was very wrong.

How could she not see that wrapper? Her hearing aid was in, I could clearly see it. No way could she have picked that up and missed my little setup.

I set the breakfast table my mind in a tizzy not understanding how this could have gone wrong. She served us eggs and bacon and we sat and talked about minor things, like what we were doing today at work and making plans for maybe going out tonight for dinner. It seemed surreal to me to be having such a normal start to the day when I was expecting a volcano of anger.

Could she have picked it up and not even looked at it? Maybe didn't realize what it was? Was that even possible? Not for me, but then we didn't use condoms, she was on the pill.

I was getting antsy, I needed to get back upstairs and see what happened.

"Gotta take a whiz," was my excuse. I knelt beside the bed, but it was clean underneath except for a few dust bunnies. No sign of the torn condom wrapper. In the bathroom the garbage can had several makeup removal cleaning pads and a few Q-tips on top of the rest, but no wrapper. I cast my eyes around the bathroom, but that little wrapper was nowhere. I hadn't heard the toilet flush so she couldn't have ditched it.

Finally my frowning eyes fell on the garbage again. Why were the pads and Q-tips all bunched up on that side of the can. It dawned on me. Someone had lifted the garbage on one side and they'd slid over there. I fell to my knees and started digging.

Halfway down I found that errant wrapper hidden in the garbage.

I felt the blood drain from my face at the implications of her hiding that wrapper. She thought it was hers! Stomach heaving, I collapsed on my butt, my world in sudden turmoil.

I heard a noise behind me and turned around. Meredith was leaning against the door frame, warmth and love unmistakable in her eyes, not exactly matching the snickering grin on her face.



Author's Notes: April Fool Contest entry. Please vote and comment. It's the only payment we get.

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by Anonymous

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by etchiboy03/22/19


Perfect 750-word Flash, AND set in the April Fool’s genre.

And I certainly didn’t see the end coming. Brilliant, really.

5-stars & Favorite

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by Anonymous03/22/19



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by Schwanze103/06/19


it could lead to a beating or worse. Real bad idea. Lots of people out there snap for less

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by Anonymous03/05/19

Funny but never place doubt in someone’s mind . It could lead to distrust and second guessing

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by Stubbyone03/04/19


What a surprise at the end. Never saw it coming. Made me laugh out loud.
Very clever! Another 5 😊😊😊😊😊

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