April Homecumming


"Honey, I'm a man, and I'm rubbing a young woman's ass. It's a physical reaction."

"I know. Your cock doesn't know I'm your daughter, or that I'm a lesbian and I don't like cocks."

"Exactly," I said.

"I was just bringing it up so you didn't feel embarrassed about it like earlier. It's okay if your cock get's hard. Just keep rubbing."

My hand went back to caressing her scarlet ass, cupping it. My fingertips were inching down. I wanted to slide my fingers between her legs and touch her cunt, not just because I'm a disgusting father who wanted to fuck his own daughter, but I was curious if her little pussy was wet, if she was as horny as I was. She answered the question before my fingers could.

"My pussy's a little wet too, if it makes you feel better."

"It is?" I asked, my hand freezing on her ass again.

"Yeah. I mean, I may like girls, but it does feel nice the way you're touching my ass, and when I feel your cock under me, even though I think it's wrong that it belongs to my daddy, and cocks in general aren't very appealing to me, somehow, it kinda makes my pussy wet. Even earlier when I was playing with your cock, I noticed I was getting a little wet." She looked up at me. "Do you think this means I might like men?"

I took my hand off her ass. "I don't know, but you have to figure that out for yourself. How about you climb up now?"

She shook her head. "My butt still hurts. Why'd you stop rubbing?"

"Well, your pussy and my cock may not know we're father and daughter, but you and I do. It's not right if we're turning each other on, sweetie."

"I'm not that wet," she said. She took my hand and brought it around to her ass, placing it back where it was. "Reach down, feel my pussy. You'll see."

"I don't think I should do that."

"It's okay. You'll see, I'm not that wet. Do it. Touch it. You'll see."

She curled her legs up, arching her back while she was sideways in my lap, giving me easier access... if I wanted it. And fuck did I want it.

My fingers inched down, crossing her crack. I swear I could feel the heat from her cunt before my fingertips touched it, but the moment they did, I felt wetness. Even with her pussy pinched between her legs, I could feel juices oozing from her lips. What the hell was she talking about? She was soaked! I stroked my middle finger right along her slit, back and forth just a couple of times, testing her wetness. Her pussy was so wet, it was trying to suck my finger in like quicksand, willing to swallow anything it could to satisfy is appetite: fingers, tongues, cocks... my cock.

"Honey, you're pussy is soaked."

"Huh? No, it's not."

She reached around and before I even had a chance to move my finger out of the way, her middle finger pushed mine right into her pussy. Our two fingers were gooey and wet as they folded into her cunt, penetrating her tight little hole, slipping against each other. I yanked mine out and hers came back a second later. She looked like she was going to hold it up and check the direction of the wind. Instead, she stuck it into her mouth and sucked her juices right off it.

"Mmm, nope, not that wet."

"Jesus, April."

"It's not that wet. Really, I get wet pretty easily, and when I'm really horny I get much wetter than that."

"Are you kidding me?"

She shook her head. "Here, feel inside. You'll see. It's not that wet inside."

She took my hand again and brought it around. I didn't fight her this time as she guided my middle finger back into her tight little pussy. And tight it was. Our two fingers were barely able to fit together. I could feel her long fingernail sliding across my fingertip, subtly trying to move in and out, rubbing up against my finger. She bit her lip and looked at me.

"See, not that wet inside."

"Kiddo, come on, if you were any wetter, you'd be drooling like a dog."

"Well, you're not pushing your finger in deep enough. It's drier the deeper you go."

I cock throbbed at the idea. She must have felt it too because her eyes darted down for a second and a grin spread across her face. I slid my finger out of her pussy and shook my head. "Okay that's enough, April."

"Aw, poor daddy. I'm forgetting this is turning you on, isn't it?"

She took my hand in hers and held it steady. I couldn't stop her from wrapping her lips around my middle finger and sucking on it, her tongue running up and down to clean off her juices, her cheeks caving in as she sucked. I felt the back of her throat as her lips touched my knuckle. She moaned against my hand as she pulled her mouth away. My cock flexed again. It was so hard now, I was in pain with the way it was confined in my pants.

She giggled, glancing down again. "Is your cock okay down there? It's moving around a lot."

"Yeah, it's uncomfortable, and so am I. Honey, this is getting inappropriate. You should head off to bed now, okay?"

"Why? So you can jerk off like last night?"

"Excuse me?" I said.

"Daddy, for fuck's sake, there's a giant keyhole in that old door. I've been peeking through it since I was a kid. If your cock is uncomfortable, you can take it out. I already saw it, after all."

She climbed up on her knees, her pants keeping her legs together, her bare thighs hiding her cunt from view. My eyes shot down to her hands as she reached between my legs. She blatantly grabbed my bulge, touching my cock, rubbing her hand across it. I jerked, grabbing her wrists.


"I'm just helping you open your pants."

"April, seriously, this has gone on far enough."

"Daddy, don't be so uptight. I'm trying to be a good daughter and help you relax. Let me just take your cock out so you're more comfortable."

Fuck, the idea of her touching my cock again had it throbbing, begging me to let her touch it, even for an instant to take it out. I let her wrist go and she unbuttoned my pants and unzipped them, exposing my boxers and my bulging hardon. Her hand slipped inside and she stroked on top of my shaft. I held my breath as I watched her. Why was I letting this go on?

She unbuttoned the single button holding my boxer fly together, her little hand slipping into the slit. When I felt her fingers on my bare cock, I groaned. My eyes fluttered as she wrapped her hand around the long, fat shaft and awkwardly bent it to yank it out into the open. It stretched, the foreskin pulling back to reveal the big, fat, red mushroom head, as red as April's ass. She gave the shaft a long stroke up and then down before looking at me.

"See, isn't that better, all out in the open?"

"I guess... I just wish it wasn't my daughter playing with it."

She narrowed her eyes. "Would you prefer that stuck-up bitch, June?"

April squeezed my cock while she asked, and I had the distinct impression she was jealous.

"As a matter of fact, yes," I said.

"Well, she wouldn't touch your cock. She'd run from it. Not me. Girls who eat pussy aren't intimidated by big cocks."

She gave it another stroke, tugging the skin up past the head and then pushing it back down, bringing it tight to encourage the head to flare and pulse.

"It's embarrassing enough that you made it hard," I said

"I did, didn't I?" she said. "Here, I'll give you an apology kiss."

I thought she meant she was going to kiss me on the lips again, but instead, she dipped her head down, opened her mouth, and closed her lips on the tip of my cock. I held my breath as I watched her. She kept her lips pressed to it for so long, but I didn't say anything, didn't try to move. I was just stunned while she held her lips to it. Then I felt her little tongue swirling around the tip. It poked out of her mouth and licked along the underside of my cockhead, right across the piss slit before retreating into her mouth. She finally broke the kiss and looked up at me.

"Does your cock accept my apology?"

I should have told her she was crazy, to stop that and go to her room. Instead I said, "You should apologize to the rest of it."

I regretted it the moment I said it, but April began kissing down my shaft, holding her mouth against it as her tongue licked. She wasn't even pretending anymore. She was just running her lips back and forth, dragging her tongue over it. When she engulfed the head of my cock into her mouth, I knew this had gone to far. I couldn't let my daughter, my precious only daughter, suck my cock.

I held the back of her hair, with every intention of pulling her mouth off my dick, but it felt so good. I was struggling with myself. I just wanted to fuck that pretty little mouth of hers. I thrust upward, ramming my cock into her throat. She gagged but recovered, sucking and bobbing her head up and down on my shaft, letting out a moan. When I thrust up again, she coughed, taking her mouth off my cock to catch her breath. I didn't let her go down again.

"Okay, that's enough."

"Daddy, no, I wanna suck it."

"No, April. You can't suck my cock like that. I'm your father."

"I was just trying to help. I know you liked it."

"Jesus, what's wrong with you, what's wrong with me? Look, why don't you just head off to bed, okay? We'll sort this out in the morning."

"But you didn't finish rubbing my butt."

"You'll survive."

"Please, Daddy? Just make it better and I'll go to bed happy."

April carefully turned around, her jeans still keeping her legs pinned together. She backed up between my legs, her feet under my balls, bringing her ass closer. My cock was pointing straight up. I didn't stop her from bumping her ass into my mushroom head. She glanced back over her shoulder, as if she didn't mean to touch my cock. She reached back, taking my cock in her hand and lifting it so it rested right along the length of her ass crack. Then she took my hands and placed them on her red ass cheeks.

"Now, rub," she said.

She remained on all fours and started wiggling her ass, jostling my cock around, sliding her ass across it. She lifted forward and for one second my cockhead bent between her legs and touched her pussy lips before it settled back down across her ass.

"Careful, Daddy. We don't want that big, fat cock of yours sliding into my little wet cunt."

I slapped her ass again. "Don't use those dirty words around me, April."

"Mmm, sorry, Daddy. I'll be your chaste little slut."

I squeezed and rubbed her ass, spreading her ass cheeks open, creating a space for my cock to lie. I crushed her cheeks back together, pinning my cock in place. April immediately ground her ass back along my shaft. She didn't stop. She began slowly sliding her ass up and down while I held her cheeks together.

"You're not a lesbian, are you?" I said, looking down at my cock stuck between her ass cheeks. Fuck, I knew I should stop this, but it felt so good.

"Mmm, what makes you say that?" she asked.

I slapped her ass again. "You're a bad fucking daughter for seducing me like this, April."

"I know, Daddy, but my cellmate said her daddy tried to fuck the lesbian out of her. I wanted you to try the same thing, but you really weren't getting the hint, and I couldn't let that other bitch take my daddy's cock away from me. I've been dreaming about it for way too long."

I slid my hand around her neck and yanked her toward me, her back pinned against my chest, my cock bending and poking against her asshole, prodding it. I breathed into her ear.

"I haven't fucked a woman since your mother."

"Ooh, poor Daddy. I'm here now. You can fuck me as much as you want... if you want."

I kept her in place with my hand on her neck. My other hand slid under her shirt and into her bra, cupping and squeezing her breast, pinching her nipple. I tugged on it and she mixed a moan with a whimper.

"You've been making me think about fucking you since the moment you got out of that detention center. I can't think of anything else."

Her ass humped against my cock, grinding the head against her little hole. She was pushing hard, and my dick was starting to spread her asshole open even without any lubrication. "More, Daddy, more."

I rolled her nipple between my fingers. Then I grabbed the neck of her shirt and ripped it right in half. I did the same with her bra, destroying it to get at her tits. They spilled out and both my hands cupped them. I fondled and caressed her nipples while she ground into my cock, bending it against in the crack of her ass. She was so horny and desperate for anything to penetrate her.

"God, Daddy, I need sex. I've never had a real cock, just fingers and tongues."

I slid one hand down to her pubic mound, forcing my fingers between her tightly pinched thighs, cupping her cunt in the palm of my hand. She began grinding her pussy into my hand while I ground my cock against her ass. She was wiggling and struggling with her legs, trying to kick off her pants. The moment she was free of them, her bare legs spread open wide, her toes gripping the bedspread. My fingers began rubbing in a circle around her pussy lips.

"Put them in, please," she whispered. "Please, Daddy, my pussy is so empty."

I fed two fingers into her pussy, the tightness of her cunt squeezing them together. There was no room for more. She groaned and threw her head back. I turned her jaw to me and forced my lips into hers. She instantly began kissing me, moaning into my mouth as she licked and sucked on my tongue. The pretense of familiar kissing was gone. She was just a horny girl who wanted sex. She was humping my fingers, grinding my cock against her ass, spreading her little asshole open with the head of my dick each time it passed along her crack.

"Fuck," she said, breathing out against my face. "Can we fuck now, Daddy? Please, I want your cock in me. I'll beg for it. I'll do anything. Just fuck your little girl."

I put my hand on her shoulder and pushed her forward, bending her over on all fours. I climbed up behind her, putting my hand on the back of her neck and forcing her face down onto the mattress. She reached between her legs, desperately grasping the shaft of my cock.

"In me, in me," she mumbled, yanking my dick, trying to draw it closer. She wiggled her ass, keeping her legs spread open with her face down on the mattress, looking back at me with those pleading eyes.

"Damn you for making me want this, you little slut," I said.

I inched closer to her, giving her enough room to angle the tip of my cock to her cunt. She manhandled it as she ground the head up and down along her little slit, pushing her tight little body back. I watched as her pussy lips spread open, trying to take it, but every time I started to penetrate her, she withdrew.

"Fuck, it's big," she said.

"Come on, princess. You wanted this. Take my cock."

I held April's hips while she backed her ass up. I helped her by yanking her toward me, impaling her pussy on my long, thick cock. She let out a deep groan as I entered her. Her wet cunt lips hugged the shaft of my cock in a warm embrace. I wasn't even halfway inside her. She took her hand off my cock and held the bedspread again, her eyes pinched shut, chewing on the blanket as she adjusted to my big cock.

"Fuuuck, Daddy."

I pulled her hips closer and she yelped as my dick opened her up. I was trying to go slow for her first time, but I wanted to fuck her hard and deep right then. It took all my restraint to edge my cock into her inch by inch. She was groaning and wiggling the whole time.

"Stop stop stop," she said. "No deeper. I can't take anymore. Fuck."

I stopped, looking down at her pussy. I started to withdraw, and then I ground forward again and she stretched out, trying to ease the pain of my invading cock.

"Ohhh, fuck, Daddy!"

"Shit, sweetheart. Daddy has to fuck a little harder, okay? I can't give you much more time to get used to it."

"Just fuck me slow, please."

I tried to be slow, rocking my cock in and out of her. She was moaning and holding her face, but every time I pulled my cock too far back, she pushed against it in pursuit. I gave her what she wanted and slammed forward, making her yelp.

"Daddddy! Careful."

I tightened my grip on her hips, withdrew, and slammed into her again, making her groan louder than ever. I started fucking her in earnest, driving my fat shaft in and out of her tight little cunt. She was thrashing, reaching back to slow me down, but I had her hips, holding in her place as I took her pussy.

"Do you like that, you little cock tease?" I said.

"God, fuck, yes, Daddy! I love your cock! I don't care if it hurts! God, I've never felt so full inside! Ow...not so deep!"

"Bad girls get it deep. Good girls get it gentle."

"Fuck, I'll be bad then. Just keep fucking me."

April was pushing back to meet each of my thrusts, my long shaft driving in and out of her slippery tunnel. She was moaning and screaming in pleasure. I knew she was about to cum. She wasn't the only one. My cock was steel and my balls were tightening up. I quickly yanked my dick out of her, my whole shaft aching to cum.

"Wha?" April said, looking back. "Why'd you stop?"

"Fuck, I almost came," I said, breathing in and out, looking down at my cock as it flexed in anger.

"So did I!" she whined.

"You're so fucking tight, I can't last long."

April turned around on her knees and put her hands on my shoulders, pushing me back.

"Daddy, just let me drive..."

She straddled me, taking my cock in her hand and holding it straight up toward her pussy.

"Baby, no, I need some time to cool down or I'll cum in you."

"I'll go slow. If you feel like you're gonna cum, just tell me and I'll jump off."

I didn't argue. I just wanted back in her pussy. She sank down on my shaft, my cock vanishing in her tight cunt. She took it slow, grinding down on my shaft and moving her pelvis around in a circle, dancing on my cock.

"Fuuuck," she said. "I can feel you in my stomach."

"Shit, careful," I said. "You're going to make me cum if you keep doing that."

"Mmm, just figuring out how to steer this thing," she said. She lifted up and pushed herself back down. "Fuck, Daddy. I've never felt anything so good in my life."

"I know, baby, just go slow or you'll be paying for it for the rest of your life."

"I know," she said, but she didn't obey because she began bouncing up and down on my cock, taking more and more of it up into her cunt. She was stretching herself out, making me fit inside her. She kept looking down, pushing herself to try to fit every last bit of cock into her cunt. "Oh god, Daddy, I almost have you all the way in me."

"Fuck, kiddo, I can't take much more," I said.

"Shh, shut up, I'm about to cum," she said, bouncing hard now. She groaned as her pelvis slammed into mine and every inch of my cock was buried in her tight pussy. "Fuck, Daddy! I'm cumming!"

I felt her cum, not just from the juices squirting all over me, but her tight pussy was contracting on my shaft like a vice. I grabbed her hips, ready to throw her off, but she grabbed my arms.

"Just let it happen, Daddy! Just fuck me and cum in my pussy!"

"Fuck!" I shouted, but I couldn't hold it anymore. My cock erupted, semen spitting inside up inside her pussy, my balls aching as I emptied my seed deep into my daughter's womb. I kept humping, lost to the pleasure of sex, groaning as April screamed in ecstasy.

I grabbed her hips to slow her down as my cock tingled with sensitivity, but April wanted more. She pushed my hands off her waist and intertwined our fingers, holding my hands down on the bed as she bounced on my cock.

"More, Daddy, please! I'm going to cum again!"

She didn't need any help from me as she lifted her pussy up and down on my sensitive cock, using my pole to get herself off, groaning and screaming as she came again. Her legs were shaking as she slowed down. She collapsed on my chest, our sweaty bodies sticking to each other. I wrapped my arms around her, leaving my cock buried inside her drooling cunt.

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