April Showers


An antique clock ticked away overhead, taunting April from her place under the stuffy, suffocating covers of the equally old bed. She watched the pendulum underneath it sway back and forth, something that should've been soothing, but just was another thing distracting her from turning in for the night. Eyes drifted from the clock to the old family photos stuck on the wall, the fan lazily spinning overhead in slow-motion, and then the doll sitting up on the table right across from her, the creepy thing's beady eyes piercing into her soul even in the dark. She had considered throwing a pillow at it a few hours before, but the two she had were too precious to waste.

Laying on her back to avert her eyes, she blinked away some of the pitch black in the room and rolled to her side, then her stomach, the other side, then back to where she started over the course of a minute, trying to find some magical position that would fix everything. Each movement rustled the covers of the bed, prompting a noise from the other side of the bed as her bedmate groped at the blankets and stole another inch away. It wouldn't have really mattered to her normally, given how her body felt a few moments from overheating, but the outside air was equally as unpleasant, just in the opposite direction. Thanks to a cold, winter chill coming across, April had a choice between melting or freezing to death, and she was toying with the former.

Bitterness for agreeing to this trip to her best friend's old childhood home was starting to bubble over. Somehow she had skipped over the 10 hour drive, the 'living out in the middle of nowhere' portion, and the fact that they'd be doubling up on a bed that was barely big enough for even one when she described the trip the first time.

She was tired of not getting sleep, tired of being miserable, tired of being hundreds of miles away from her own cozy room, tired of...

April sat up just slightly and cleared her throat, peering over at the women beside her that had tangled up much more than half of the sheets by now and a lion's share of the pillows. She was lying on her side, facing away, towards the slightly ajar doorway out.

Tired of not having a bit of time to herself?

The thought had invasively wormed its way into her brain, gnawing away at her composure and taking her thoughts in a different direction. It was days straight now where everywhere she went, her friends or her parents were right at her side, explaining all the stories behind the house and the history and this or that. April was surprised they hadn't tried to follow her into the bathroom too, with how clingy they were. Friendly, yes, but not conducive to...other things.

Shifting back down, more and more of April's body slipped beneath the covers, shuffling down, until only her chin upwards wasn't hidden. Her body twisted away from her friend and towards the opposite wall, body twitching and shifting more uncomfortably than before. She now had a small rectangular window gazing over her on the wall, thin curtains barely even concealing the bedroom's residence, sending an extra jolt of adrenaline through her system. It wasn't like someone would come strolling by, peering into the window, but just the idea that someone could was enough. Not she was, ehm, doing anything she wouldn't want people to watch.

Suddenly, April didn't feel like she was the one controlling in her actions. Fingers brushing against her side and grazing the tank top there...thumbs toying with the waistband of her loose, black shorts, stretching them out further than she was already managing to do. A wiggle of her hips, back arched up slightly off of the bed, head pressed even deeper into the pillow, all done without any thought to the next step. She could feel more of her skin being exposed under the blanket, starting from her waist and working ever so slowly down. It was all she could do to keep herself from shuddering at the feeling of open air hitting against every new inch, feeling so absolutely...




It was a mix of emotions, as her shorts were soon wrapped around one of her ankles and no longer impeding things, having neglected for wearing anything else beneath that. April felt in control once again, wrangling it back from the invasive thoughts and desires, but that didn't necessarily mean much anymore. Her hands massaged on her thighs, feeling them squish beneath her gentle touch. It soothed her while she went back and forth with herself in her mind: yes this was okay to do because it was totally normal, no she couldn't just sneak off to the bathroom, especially with her shorts off, yes my best friend is so close they could almost touch and no I don't care anymore it's almost been a week god.

Her fingers dipped lower finally and she shut her eyes, lying back against the pillow and letting her do what she needed. Just a small bit of relief, completely harmless, and then she would finally be able to sleep. But, noises that she might usually make freely now would have been horrifying, magnified in the silent house, something she couldn't bear doing and then facing the three of them in the morning. Just slow, gentle movements would do, keeping in control, and riding that wave calmly along until it finally peaked, hopefully tumbling down in satisfaction and a good night's r-

April's eyes opened wide and stared as she felt her friend stir, rolling herself up in more blankets and going from facing the door to facing her. The covers disappeared from her side of the bed completely, every last one dragged away from her body. Cold air striked at her burning body, and she couldn't help but let out the smallest of gasps. Even in the dark, she could make out the features of her body, now for all to see: the paleness of her skin, the way her chest was heaving up and now (the only modest part of her left), her thighs pressing together for warmth and in a futile attempt to hide, and- well, she had neglected the first thing most strangers would have cared for.

Between her squished thighs, pointing straight up towards the ceiling in a lewd display, was her cock. An ever so slight curve to it, it throbbed in the open air and seemed to be the least deterred part of her by far. Cleanly shaven all around it, it normally looked unassuming, cute even when it was pressed against her leg compared to the rest of her more gracious figure, but swollen, thick, and insatiable like it had been for the last hour...

A delicate hand still gripped to the base of it through the last minute of bounding heartbeats and wide-eyed staring, feeling every twitch while April's other hand gripped the bedcover for dear life. It was something she was usually better at hiding, something she took the right precautions with and didn't even tell her best friend about, but the week had worn on her. Now though, this was too far, even for her. She'd just take care of things tomorrow while she was showering and that would be the end of it. It was stupid to think she could get away with doing this beside her friend anyway.

Her hand started to move slowly against the underside of her...unexpected addition, in a careful rhythm, hips shifting every time she grazed the tip with the side of her hand, thinking one thing and deciding to do the complete opposite. It wasn't as much a change of heart as seeing it there, feeling how hard it was, knowing this was exactly what she needed, and knowing that she one tiny glance away from being caught...

Well, that just made her tremble now. April knew her desires were getting the best of her but she was beyond care and beyond stopping. Her free hand let go of the covers and pushed up the hem of her tank top, just enough to do circles against the bare skin of her stomach. She could feel her breath get shallow, more constant, each one sounding so loud inside her own head that she worried the whole mountainside would be privy to it. Frantic looks flickered between the women beside her and the dirty things happening just a few feet to the other side, still very aware of how easy getting caught would be. Maybe she already had been? There was no guarantee she wasn't awake, listening to all her lewd noises, mortified and destroying their friendship forever.

April let her hand slip beneath the tank top and ignored that thought. Already she was running between the peaks of her chest, just giving idle feels and grazing touches. Despite the cold, she still felt absolutely on fire, sensitive to any touch, finding it next to impossible to contain noises. Exploring herself seemed to just give her other hand permission to speed up, the slow pace ramping up to constant, heavy strokes; each had a audible 'slap' when her hand hit the back, tightening up at the mix of sound and sensation. Her grip tightened, falling into habit, knowing exactly what made her tick and what she needed. Every movement up brought her hips and back arching with it, her thick endowment acting like it was controlling every single inch of her body.

It might as well have been; it was all April could think about: running her fingers along and grazing the veins that barely poked out, feeling emotions tightening her chest and making her tremble, always feeling that distant, tantalizing bliss creep moments closer. What before were soft, delicate touches against her chest now became groping, needy squeezes, and quiet moans that would've made her freeze and stop were now escaping from her lips freely. Her inhibitions were falling apart, her composure was nowhere to be seen, and her mind was buzzing with too much pleasure to even try to put herself back together. Something had taken root in her, and all it wanted was this trembling, wriggling women gasping for breath to cum.

In the heat of the moment, April imagined how her friend might look coated in it, making a mess all over her for dragging her off to this and making her a miserable, horny wreck. Staining her face, running down her chest, glossing her lips, ruining her clothes. She wondered what would happen when she woke up and saw it all and what she'd think. Would it be worse to be caught in the act or make it obvious what she had done and leave their imagination to fill in the blanks? She wasn't so depraved and mindless that she would do it, but she could bite her lip and savor the idea.

Even with her distracted thoughts and wandering mind, it was plainly obvious she was rushing towards the edge now, hard strokes with her hips bucking up to try and get every tiny bit of pleasure she could milk from this. If she wasn't already sweaty and red-faced, the thought of someone seeing her fucking her own hand like this would have done it in an instance. There was absolute euphoria in staying just barely from orgasm, edging and becoming so sensitive that a little flick of the tip was all that it would take to make the swollen head erupt. April wasn't a stranger to that feeling at all, and in fact she'd lost hours of a day to laying there, in her own self-induced torture of being so close but not allowing herself to have it. Cumming became secondary to the relief, the joy, the thankfulness for finally giving in.

She had no intention at all of doing that tonight. Really, April wasn't sure she would have been able to control herself enough to manage to even for a minute.

Slipping her hand free from her top, April brought herself to her knees with a shaky hold on the mattress, somehow managing to take her hold away from her cock even for an instance. Kneeling on the bed, breathing hard, she leaned back and let her eyes gaze down at her endowment with desire. She'd long since given up keeping track of her friend in favor of self-indulgence. Pre-cum was already coating the bright-red tip and her palm, dripping out and running along the underside of her shaft. She wondered, just sitting up like this, if eventually she would just burst anyways. Tonight though, she wouldn't be finding out...

Both hands took hold now, just the act of gripping the lewd thing enough to make her head spin and her body jerk forward. It felt like electricity had been wired straight through her, each touch jolting straight to her core and sent her further into whimpering disarray. Both worked in unison now to drag up her length and back down, a few testing strokes that were surprisingly mild and slow. She could hear the breathing beside her, the same slow rhythm, sleepy noises from before, barely stirring. The clock's ticking came back into focus, audible even over her own heartbeat. Everything went back to the calm, quiet night from before, just lightly running along her shaft in the bits of moonlight that trickled into the room.

Huffing, April tensed up, held her breath, and started to do what she really needed. Her upper body was hunched over her length, hands gripping almost uncomfortably tight. The silence was gone now, stifled breathing and the squeak of the bed beneath, vigorous and needy with every movement. Her body was doing everything on its own accord with a breakneck pace; she could feel her hips bucking like she was heat while her hands pumped roughly, out of time with each in a constant race for release. It was everything she could do not to just fall forwards onto her face, not that it would've stopped her horny, perverted self from getting what it wanted. The distant, beckoning bliss was now all around her, on the tip of her tongue, coursing through her blood, ready to bubble over in the most spectacular way. Wanting was no longer enough, she needed this. If some sadistic person had pinned her down, held her wrist, and ruin all this, she would've been a sobbing mess, fighting against it viciously. Even without stopping, her eyes were glassy, trembling passing all over her body, lips quivering.

She knew immediately she was close. It had felt like hours since she had peeled away her shorts, revealed herself in such a depraved way, and succumbed to being this. It couldn't have been, right? Her tandem of motions never slowed down, but eyes flickered around in a panic when she realized the sort of mess she would make where she was. In her horny frenzy, she hadn't stopped to think about what would happen when she finally did get there. Her hands and hips were unwilling to cooperate, pleasure racking at every bit of her clear thinking and rationality. She wasn't sure if she cared anymore, mouth open and panting and head tilted towards the ceiling. Everything was swirling together, coming together in one single crescendo that was going to drive her insane if it didn't happen right now.

Letting out a whimpering, feeble moan, April slumped forward and clutched at her abandoned pair of shorts, putting it between the bed and the tip of her cock. Immediately, the first rope of seed stained it, twitching madly and adding another moments after. She tried to count and make sense of how many times she kept cumming, but six was as far as she got before her head pressed into the mattress and it all became an endless mess of her poor balls being milked for every last drop of cum. Lightheadedness was getting to her, feeling faint while the lower half of her body revelled in finally reaching climax. Each release felt as strong as the last, fearfully wondering how long this would go on for. She wasn't sure if her shorts were even helping any with how long it lasted, cum pooling and sticking to every exposed inch of it, but eventually April felt the last quiver pass through body and left her a sweaty, cum-soaked shell of herself.

Everything settled once more, April not moving much from her place at the front of the bed. Her body shuddered ever so slightly, sinking into the sheets below with a sigh as if she was lying on a cloud. Her mind idly thought of how she should sneak off to take a shower and clean up, before getting rid of the shorts and putting on a fresh pair, but she was too busy smiling, settling down, and shutting her eyes in a state of infectious bliss. That was all things she could worry about later. Right now all she wanted to do was enjoy the afterglow, maybe sleep for an hour or two, and then possibly she could start to clean up. If that hadn't woken her friend up, she doubted a bit longer would do much of a difference. Her eyes shut with a pleased hum, not long before finally passing out.

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