tagNonConsent/ReluctanceApril's Hard Lesson

April's Hard Lesson


April closed the enormous front door and picked up her goody bag before sneaking through the elegant living area. Her heels echoed off the marble floors and high ceilings, prompting her to stop and slip off her pumps. She made her way up the curving staircase and remembered when Mark wanted to fuck her on them as she was tied to the carved handrail. April had stuck her nose up at the idea, because she'd been brought up properly and that bondage crap just wasn't for her.

At the top of the stairs, she passed the solarium and paused to breathe in the tropical air. It was just like being on an island...only without any irritating wildlife except one. Her eyes fell on Mittens the kitten as he lounged in his cat condo. "Just fuck off, cat," April grouched, flipping the animal the bird, "Damn parasite has it better than I do."

April wasn't a big fan of animals in general, and the way her ex fawned over that little beast really irked her.

The double bedroom doors at the end of the hall stood open, framing some of the cavernous interior beyond it. A king-sized, four poster bed was situated on a raised platform against the far wall and to the right there were french doors leading out to a covered balcony.

She could actually take him or leave him, but she didn't want to leave his money. She still couldn't believe he dumped her. That was completely unheard of for her because she was absolutely perfect. She had everything a man could want, with a perfect body, perfect face, nice lineage, and intellect out the ying yang.

Was it her fault Mark's best friend, Joe, was a dickhead? The guy was totally manipulating his time, and she didn't like sharing. To top it off, when she told Mark no more nookie until he ditched his bro-friend, he dumped her instead. Not for long though, because she had a plan. If he wanted all that BDSM bull-crap she decided to give it to him.

Ten minutes later, she was ready and waiting with her arms and ankles cuffed to the four poster bed and a blindfold on. For good effect, she scattered some rose petals around and left a cute note at the top of the stairs on the side table with the remaining roses. She knew how delectable she must appear, with her voluptuous body all spread out and long golden hair artfully arranged. The dumbass would probably start drooling at the sight of her.

Joe yawned and stretched as he climbed from his battered pickup, stark contrast to the house he was parked in front of. He grinned at the memory of Mark waving goodbye at the airport, off on an impulse trip to Hawaii for two weeks. Joe knew that'd help his friend forget his ex, and the corners of his mouth twitched downward at the thought of April. Mark had been in such a rush to get away from her before he weakened and called her that he hadn't even arranged anything for his cat, so Joe had offered to feed him.

The kitten pounced on the man as he called out cheerfully, clambering up his leg to be stroked on the way to the bedroom. He knew Mark would have photos of his ex around, probably a bunch of her things too, and wanted to clear it out for him on his return. The note puzzled him as he spotted it, he'd been given instructions on cat care in person, and by text.

"To my beloved sweetie," it ran, "I know I've treated you badly but I was scared of the appetites you woke in me... Accept this as an apology, and the gift on the bed." There was a winking smiley at the end and a few X's. Joe put the cat down thoughtfully as he opened the door and went inside.

He whistled appreciatively as he saw the naked girl on the bed, apart from a red blindfold, burgundy ribbon choker, scarlet stockings and garter belt anyway. He recognised April immediately and took out his phone to catch a few shots, stripping off without a word and kneeling by her head. He turned her head and pressed his cock to her crimson lips, another photo opportunity.

She wrapped her lips around the head in surprise, at least expecting a few words from Mark before he got down to business. Even so, having his hardness slide deep into her mouth seemed like a good sign that he would take her back. It was a little shocking when he kept pushing inside, far enough to gag her. Her eyes watered beneath the gag and she arched her back as she tensed, suddenly feeling a bit worried. No one had ever dared to gag her like that before and her pussy began to throb in response. When he pulled back she kept her lips wrapped tightly around him and even pressed with her tongue. Sounds of enjoyment filled the room as her deep moans vibrated him in her mouth.

Joe grinned as he thrust into her mouth, one hand holding her head in place as his cock pushed deep. Turns out this was just what he needed after his dry spell and he pumped his shaft rapidly between her plump lips. He groaned as he felt the suction, her busy tongue rubbing the head, the wet heat engulfing him. Without warning he came, forcing his cock to the back of her mouth and shooting his load into her throat. His shaft pulsed with ecstasy as his thick seed jetted into the woman, his grin even wider.

She couldn't believe he'd cum in her mouth when she told him she didn't do that. It was nearly impossible to hold back the reprimand as she swallowed and licked her lips. The throbbing between her legs had gotten much worse, and she had no idea why. However it was a little frustrating because she now wanted to close them and she couldn't.

"Don't keep me in the dark, darling. Does this mean you forgive me? I'm sorry I smacked your jerky friend and I promise to never key his truck again. Did you see my goody bag? I went to the sex shop and told them to fill it with BDSM gear. I didn't even look, so it's a surprise for us both! The man at the counter said he put some really great selections in there," she said, not adding that it took over half her paycheck to buy it all. That perverted crap cost a fortune, and she wondered about their return policy because after she wrapped Mark around her finger again it was all going back.

Joe looked at her curiously as he opened the bag, eyes widening as he realised the sheer range of items within. His fingers stroked a few choice selections before finally deciding on some chrome nipple clamps attached with a thin chain.

He moved back to the bed, nuzzling and suckling at her full breasts. He'd often admired them, tuning out her angry rants and just staring at her constantly displayed cleavage instead. The pale nipples almost blended with the rest of her skin, the stimulation from tongue and teeth making them stand proud as he attached both clamps simultaneously and tugged on the chain.

"Oh, whoa. I wasn't expecting that. It hurts a little but feels kind of good, too," she said, pressing her breasts forward for more attention. The tugging sent ripples of pleasure straight to her swollen clit, which was throbbing and aching to be stroked. It felt so engorged that she thought it was probably protruding out from between the slick folds of her pussy. "Um, darling? Why aren't you talking to me? I'm starting to feel a little desperate here."

She squirmed and tried to relax, focusing on his weight on her. Was he somehow bigger? Maybe it was her imagination, but he seemed heavier and the arousing cologne he wore was unfamiliar.

The man moved down her body to flick his tongue teasingly over her clit, getting her to writhe and moan before pulling away. He considered the available toys and smirked as he remembered telling Mark that she acted like she had a stick up her ass. An inflatable butt plug was produced from the bag and well lubed before he parted her cheeks with one hand and began to press it into her tight hole.

She gasped at the stretching in discomfort and her breathing grew heavier. Her eyes squeezed closed as something pushed into her ass. "Oh, my goodness! What are you doing back there? That might be too big for that hole," she rambled. She'd never had anything go in that hole and it was quite a shock. Apparently there were a lot of nerves in that area because it was nearly overwhelming. It was also a little difficult to decide if she liked it or not.

Always figured you were a pain in the ass, he thought with a chuckle, seems fair turnaround. He knelt between her legs, slipping his thick cock into her slick cunt then pumped the inflation device a few times, expanding the plug noticeably.

"Oh, yes. You feel so good inside me. Wait! Is it getting BIGGER?" she cried, her shout cut off with a very unladylike groan as the plug stretched her ass wider.

Joe could feel her cunt tighten on him, the plug pressing her walls onto his shaft as he added a few more pumps. He leant over her, arms resting by her head as he started thrusting powerfully, ignoring any complaints.

As he rammed into her repeatedly, April quickly decided she loved being screwed with a plug in her ass. Of course, she'd never admit that to a living soul. It was finally too much of a struggle to hold back her screams, and she wished her arms and legs weren't bound to the bedposts so she could wrap them around him as she felt her orgasm building.

"Mark! I'm going to cum," she screamed, her body tensing as the waves of pleasure washed over her. What he'd done with the double penetration had sparked a hidden desire that she didn't know existed, and she suddenly wanted to do everything with him. "I want to feel you in my ass. Will you fuck me there, too?"

The man groaned in her ear as he came, his hot seed pumping into her cunt with every pulse of his shaft. He finished thrusting slowly, draining every drop into her before pulling out and slipping his cock into her mouth to clean. Once that was done he grinned again and strapped a hefty vibrator against her thigh to press on her clit. He turned it on full then wandered off to get a snack and a can of beer, intending to be well refreshed for the further fun in half an hour or so.

After just orgasming, the powerful vibrations against her clit were nearly too much to handle. "Mark, I don't think that's a good idea," she said, cursing her blindfold as she didn't know where to direct her commands. "Get that off me now!" Her body tensed again as another orgasm grew and she tried wiggling away from the vibrator but the infuriating man had attached it to her too well. "Dammit!" she yelled, hearing what sounded like the door close. Did he actually leave her?

Joe stretched and yawned as he returned, expecting the woman to be a quivering wreck, or close enough anyway. At least she might have stopped talking, he considered cheerfully as he pushed open the bedroom door.

"Oh, thank god you're back! Get this thing off me! I think it's breaking my damn clit. I'm not sure I like this BDSM stuff if you aren't even going to stay in the room with me!" April gasped as she began to cum again, her pelvis thrusting upward and her body shaking. She was covered in a thin layer of perspiration, and felt like her thoughts had been scrambled.

Joe switched the toy down to its lowest setting and pulled some restraints from the bag. He unhooked her hands, pinning them down as he sat her up. An armbinder was slipped over them, her hands fitted behind her into the leather mittens at the end while he buckled the straps on. A last one wrapped around her chest, just under her breasts to prevent her trying to pull free. Once that was done he fixed a spreader bar between her ankles, padded leather cuffs holding her spread wide before he unlocked the final handcuffs from the bed.

"I'm feeling a little tired after all of those orgasms," she said, wishing he'd speak to her. "I thought you were going to take this vibrator off of me. Aren't you tired?" She was shocked at how he'd manhandled her, flipping her this way and that. However when he had her situated, she started to think he was going to remove the plug and replace it with his cock.

He turned her facedown, ass sticking up and face pressed into the silk sheets as he selected a paddle from the selection she'd provided. He ran an approving finger over the boot tread moulded onto the rubber surface before bringing it down for a gentle trial swat.

"Hey! Ouch," she complained, straining against the bindings. Her ass started warming almost immediately and she started worrying even more. He'd put her in such a vulnerable position and there wasn't a thing she could do about it. "Do I even get a say in this? Why won't you talk to me?"

Joe leant down and nibbled on her neck, working his way up to her ear and breathing in it hotly. "Brace yourself," he purred in a deliberately hoarse whisper before biting harder on the lobe. He straightened up, turned the vibrator back up to full, and delivered a firm smack onto her curvy rump, leaving an impressively well defined print. More followed, leaving her whimpering and with a red and swollen ass, although he'd avoided hitting between her cheeks.

April gasped in a shuddering breath, now sure that he was punishing her for how she treated Joe. It caused her temper to flare and she bit her lip to stop the tirade. That wouldn't win him back, and if she wanted to move into his estate she knew she had better behave. Once she was settled in, she'd think of a way to get even with both of them.

The burning spread downward, heating her pussy and causing both her holes to throb. When her ass tightened on the ungiving plug she moaned and arched her back. "Are you ever going to turn off this damn machine?"

Joe shrugged wordlessly and spanked her once more before turning it off and fitting a thick dildo into her cunt instead. A clamp held it in place, pinching her folds tight around it. He tugged the inflated plug hard, relishing the pained yelp before deflating it and easing it out of her ass.

He picked up the bottle again, this time coating his cock and then kneeling behind April. His big hands grasped her hips, thumbs rubbing the dimples just above her rear as he pushed forward and shoved his cock into the widened hole. He began thrusting steadily, driving her face down with each impact.

His cock was big, but it felt good as he used it to stretch her to her limits. Right away, she noticed that the sensations were very different when he withdrew and she grunted each time he pushed back in. April's back arched in eagerness for more and she began begging him to never stop. She couldn't wait to feel his hot seed spurting deep inside, and the thought of that soon happening drove her wild.

He groaned as her tight ass squeezed on him, the sensitive head rubbing inside her. His orgasm soon washed over him, his thrusts getting rougher and less controlled as he slammed against her round ass. Jets of thick cum filled her as his shaft throbbed in climax, one hand running up her back to grab her by the hair and pull her up to take the full force of the impacts.

Joe rolled her onto her back, kneeling over her chest with his dripping cock by her mouth. A quick yank of the nipple clamps made her gasp and he shoved it between her lips. He pumped steadily, letting her clean him off and taste everything thoroughly.

She didn't have a chance to turn her head away, but she would have. Her heart was still racing as he used her mouth to clean his cock, and she couldn't believe he was doing it and refused to close her lips around it. Unfortunately that made her gag, so she grimaced and sucked him clean, utterly shocked that he'd make her do such a thing.

He smiled as he stroked her cheek then pulled the nipple clamps off fully, letting blood flow back into the crushed tissues. The cuffs were reattached to her ankles and a thick leather collar was picked from the bag and buckled around her neck, a leash holding it in place on the bed. Once she was resecured Joe tugged the blindfold free and looked down at her. "Hey there, bitch. Surprise!"

"Oh, my god! That was you the entire time? How could you! You senseless moron!" she shrieked, her lovely face a mask of pure rage. April was so furious that she lunged at him, only to be snapped back to the bed. "Let me go so I can smack your face! I hope you drop dead!"

"Aww," he said, smile even wider now, "and here I thought we were getting along famously. You begging me to cum in you, and me fucking you senseless! Perhaps I need to remind you of that." Joe wedged the butt plug back in and pumped it up until he could feel the resistance fighting the pump. "Anyway, I don't see what's in it for me if I let you go now..."

April couldn't believe it had been him all along, and strained against the cuffs as she ranted, calling him every name she couldn't think of. Joe yawned and dismissed her shrill complaints and bargaining by wedging a wide ring gag into her mouth. He wandered away from the incoherent yelling and returned with one of her meal shakes from the kitchen, pouring it into the open gag slowly to let her swallow it. "Hey, April? I reckon you must feel like quite the fool now, since Mark just left for a fortnight in Hawaii! Just imagine how you'll feel when I come back tomorrow after work to see what's left of you. Just think, we've got two weeks left together for you to learn what submission really means!" The man winked then turned the vibrators back on full, the one against her clit and the dildo in her cunt, before leaving and locking the door behind him.

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by sakurababe03/15/18

Please continue!

Would love to read what happens when Joe comes back with friends to show her a real, live double penetration.

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Loved this!!!

I love this story!! I like that both characters (April and Joe) are assholes who hate each other. She’s feisty and strong-willed and confident, but has unpure motives, after his friend only his money.more...

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Lots of fun & games ...

... enough ideas and energy left for an encore?
Would love to read it as well.
Thank You and best wishes, S

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