tagLoving WivesApril's Story Ch. 02

April's Story Ch. 02


Note: This story is the second episode in a series entitled "April's Story". If you have not read the first episode of this series, I encourage you do so before beginning this chapter.

This is a dominant wife humiliates submissive husband story. That is the kind of story I write. If you do not enjoy these types of stories, I strongly recommend that you look for something else to read.

On Tuesday evening I went to the gym. For the past week the campus had been plastered with signs advertising the annual 3 on 3 basketball tournament.

I have already told you that I played three sports in high school. Basketball was by far my favorite. It was the sport where I excelled.

I almost didn't play as a senior. Just before the season started my high school coach took me aside and said, "April the next four months are going to be the most important four months of your life. The entire school is relying on you to lead us to a state championship. Anything short of that will be a failure on your part."

What sort of asshole puts that kind of pressure on an 18 year old kid.

I went home. When my dad got home I started to cry. He took me into the den. As soon as we sat down he asked, "Whats the matter baby?"

I told him what the coach had said to me. When I was done I looked at my dad and said, "Daddy I don't want to play anymore. I play basketball for fun. Now it's going to be a lot of stress. The pressure of maintaining my grades is hard enough. I don't want any more pressure in my life."

My dad smiled at me. "April no one can put pressure on you but yourself. When you were younger, becoming a good basketball player was one of your goals. You're now a very good player. You've worked hard to get where you are. You have the right to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Play for your school team. Do the best that you can. That's all that anyone has the right to ask of you." He patted my knee. "If you work hard and do your best, I'll be very proud of you no matter what else happens."

I hugged my dad. He always new exactly what to say to me.

I played for the team. I was the point guard. We had a storybook season. We won our conference championship and went to the state tournament.

We were 24 and 0 when we got to the finals of the tournament. Bradley High School, the team we faced in the championship game was also undefeated.

Everyone was excited about this game. Our two teams had been ranked first and second in the polls all season long. The game lived up to its billing. At the end of regulation play, the game was tied at 64. I'd already scored 31 points.

We went into overtime. With six seconds to play in the first overtime we were down by 3 points. Our center had the ball. I was open on the perimeter. She saw me and passed the ball. I put up a 3 point shot as the buzzer sounded. It went through the net. We tied the score.

The second overtime was a titanic struggle. All of us were exhausted, but the game continued at a frantic pace. We were playing for the state championship.

With 8 seconds remaining we were down by two points. I had the ball at mid court. I made a quick move to my right, cut back to my left and tried to penetrate to the free throw line. I was hoping to draw the defense to me so that I could dump the ball to our center for an easy layup.

When I got to the free throw line I went up to fake a jump shot, but the Bradley center had stayed at home. Julie, our center was covered. My only choice was to shoot. There were two Bradley defenders guarding me. Both of them landed on me as I released the ball. The entire arena went silent as they watched my shot bounce harmlessly off of the rim.

The crowd started to roar. You could barely hear the official when he blew his whistle. I was fouled in the act of shooting. I had two free throws. Time had expired. This was our only chance. If I made both of the free throws the game would go into a third overtime. If I missed either of them the game would be over and Bradley would win the state championship.

I stepped up to the free throw line. There were 9,000 people in the arena. The game was on statewide television. Everyones eyes were focused on me. I was exhausted. I tried to concentrate. The referee handed me the ball. I bounced it one time and put up my shot. I had too much adrenalin going though me, the shot was just a little bit too hard. Fortunately it was on line. The ball hit the backboard and bounced into the basket. It wasn't pretty, but it counted. One down one to go.

The arena was silent as the referee handed me the ball for my second shot. I was worried about my adrenalin getting the best of me so I decided to take just a little bit off of the shot. I took one bounce and released the ball. I knew right away that I had taken too much off of the shot. I watched helplessly as the ball clanged harmlessly off of the front of the rim.

Pandemonium erupted on the floor. The Bradly girls started cheering and hugging each other. They were the state champions.

I stood silently and alone on the free throw line. Finally Julie, our center walked over and took my hand. "Come on April, let's go to the locker room."

When we got into the locker room everyone was crying. My coach walked up to me. "April I'm ashamed of you. You let your team down tonight. I always thought you were a winner, but I was wrong. You're a loser. You disgust me."

I was too tired to say anything. I took a fast shower and got dressed. My dad was waiting for me outside the locker room. When I saw him I put my arms around him and started to cry.

He hugged me and said, "Sweetheart you were wonderful tonight. You played your heart out. Everyone is calling this game the greatest girls basketball game ever played in this state."

When I got home that night I vowed that I would never again play organized basketball.

I walked into the gymnasium and looked around. There must have been a hundred guys in there. Most of them seemed to be fraternity members. It appeared that they were signing up for the tournament as teams representing their frat houses.

I was the only girl in the gym. I walked over and sat down on the bleachers. I was afraid I was about to find out that there wasn't going to be any place for me in this tournament. As I sat down I noticed two guys sitting about twenty feet down the bleachers.

Suddenly I heard a voice at the top of the bleachers behind me. "Hey Danny, there's your third player. She's sitting on the bleachers in front of me."

I turned. It was Jamal Wright.

Maddie interrupted. "You mean my Jamal?"

April smiled at her. "Yes, it was your Jamal. This was when I met him. Everyone knew Jamal. He was a legend at Kelroy. He was talented enough as a basketball player to have gone to a division one school. For some reason he chose to go to Kelroy. He was a star in our conference."

Everyone looked at Jamal. He shrugged. "Yes, I had offers from some pretty big schools." He paused. "But I'm only 6'5" tall. At that size, I wasn't quick enough to play in the NBA. I figured that out when I was going to the tryout camps. There was a crowd of 6'5" guys around that were a whole lot quicker than I was." He shook his head. "I had excellent grades in high school. I decided that I was better off to go somewhere where I could get a good education. Unlike April, I had a very supportive high school coach. I wasn't soured on organized basketball when I got to college. I can tell you about this later. Right now I want to hear the rest of April's story."

Jamal nodded towards April. She smiled at him and continued.

The guy named Danny looked at Jamal and said, "You mean the chick in the front row?"

Jamal laughed. "If you don't want her to walk out of the gym right now, you might think about being a little more respectful."

Danny got up and walked over to me. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to be rude."

I smiled at him. "That's okay, I've been called much worse things."

Jamal laughed behind us. "You don't know who she is do you Danny?"

Danny looked up at Jamal. "Okay wise ass, who is she?"

Jamal laughed some more. "April Hansen, meet Danny Gerard."

Danny shook my hand. "I'm pleased to meet you April." And then he turned to Jamal. "You're not telling me something."

Jamal sighed. "Danny I thought you were a basketball fan." He paused. "Try to remember last years girl's state championship game between West High and Bradley"

Danny turned and looked at me. Suddenly his facial expression changed. "You're April Hansen!" He looked up at Jamal. "Whats she doing here? Why isn't she playing for the Kelroy Women's team?"

Jamal laughed. "The same reason you and Ponce aren't playing for the men's team. She's tired of organized basketball. You might try to remember how that game ended."

Danny thought for a moment and then he nodded. "Oh yes I remember, the free throw at the end." He looked at me. "No one should be upset with you about that. You played the game of your life." He looked up at Jamal. "Didn't she make an impossible three pointer to tie the game up at the end of the first overtime?"

Jamal nodded. "She sure did. She ended up scoring 46 points in that game. It was two points short of the state championship game single player scoring record for both men and women."

Danny turned to me. "April, Ponce and I need at third player for this tournament. Would you join us?"

I stood up. "Danny I would love to."

Danny smiled. "Great, come with me. I'll introduce you to our third player. He's kind of shy."

We walked down the bleachers to the guy Danny had been sitting with. He stood up as we approached him. He was a big guy. He must have been at least 6'7" tall and 250 pounds. He had short blond hair and a sweet timid expression that reminded me of a cocker spaniel. I was already in love with both of these guys.

Danny grabbed him and pulled him closer to us. "April Hansen I'd like you to meet Marion Poncely the third. Everyone calls him Ponce."

I extended my hand. "Ponce I'm pleased to meet you."

Ponce took my hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you to April."

Danny grabbed both of us. "Come on, let's go get registered for the tournament."

Our first game was Thursday. When I got to the gym Danny and Ponce were already there. We were supposed to play one of the fraternity teams. It was Alpha Budda Thudda or something like that. I could never keep them straight.

The tournament had a nice format. It was three players against three players. You were allowed two reserves. We didn't have any. The Kelroy gym divided into two smaller basketball courts. The games were played on those smaller courts. The varsity players from the women's and men's teams were hired as referees. The tournament was ten weeks long. It was the prelude to the regular intramural season.

As we walked out on the floor, one of the fraternity players looked at us and said, "Hey guys look at this. We're playing two hayseeds and their slut."

The other fraternity guys all laughed.

Ponce stepped into the mid court circle for the center jump. He was at least two inches taller than the frat center. One of the other frat players yelled, "Don't worry Tommy, I doubt the big ox can even get off his feet."

The referee tossed the ball up. Ponce casually jumped up and tipped the ball to me.

I brought the ball up the floor. As I reached the top of the key Danny stepped out and set a pick for me. Ponce instantly recognized what we were doing and cleared to the other side of the lane.

I made a quick penetration to my left and cut back to my right. I ran my defender right into Danny's pick. When Danny's man jumped out to cover me Danny rolled to the basket. I flipped him the ball and he placed a perfect layup against the backboard and into the hoop.

We were up two to nothing.

As the frat boys were taking the ball out, one of them said to Danny, "Whats the matter rube, aren't you man enough to dunk the ball?'

They brought the ball up the floor. One of them took a quick jump shot and missed. Ponce grabbed the rebound and flipped it out to me. As I was bringing the ball up the court, Ponce ran by me and said, "Penetrate to the top of the key. Watch for me breaking to the basket. Put the ball up by the rim."

As soon as I crossed the time line I made a quick move to my right and cut back to my left. As I drove hard to the center of the key I saw Ponce out of the corner of my eye. He was making his break. I tossed the ball to the right side of the basket just above the rim. Ponce came out of nowhere. He grabbed the ball out of the air and slammed it into the basket. It was a thundering power dunk.

When the frat boys were inbounding the ball he called out to them. "My buddy doesn't have to dunk. I handle those chores for this team."

While I was getting back on defense I thought to myself that I was going to love playing basketball with these guys.

In these games the format was first team to score 30 points wins. The frat boys did finally make a basket. When the game ended the score was 30 t0 2

As we were walking off the floor Danny walked by the the frat players. When he passed them he said, "Not bad for two hayseeds and a slut."

One of the frat boys stood up to go after Danny. Ponce stepped in front of him and said, "Don't even think about it rich boy."

Ponce, Danny and I walked back towards the locker rooms. As we passed by the locker room doors I noticed a soft drink machine.

"Hey can I buy my two new teammates a soda?"

Ponce looked at me. "I can't tonight April. I have to go to work. How about a rain check for next week?"

I smiled at him. "You got it Ponce."

He nodded and turned to leave.

As he was walking towards the door I called to him. "Hey Ponce."

He stopped and looked at me.

I grinned at him. "I loved playing basketball with you tonight. Thank you for letting me be on your team."

He blushed and said, "I enjoyed playing with you to April. I'm looking forward to next week." He walked out the door.

As soon as Ponce was gone Danny turned to me and said, "I don't have to go to work. I'd love a soda."

We went to the machine. I pulled several one dollar bills out of my pocket. We bought two Dr. Peppers.

Danny grabbed the sodas out of the machine and said, "April, follow me."

We went down the hall and turned a corner. He opened a door and said, "Come on, we can sit down in here."

I followed him. The room was dark. Danny found the light switch and turned it on. We were in the weight room.

He walked over and patted the weight bench. "We can sit here April."

We sat together, drank our soda's and talked quietly. I liked Danny. He was just like me, a middle class kid from the city trying to get by with very little money at a very expensive school."

We talked for a long time. As we talked I thought about the sex that I had with Brad. It was good, but I knew that it should have been better. I didn't really like Brad. I began to wonder what it would be like to have sex with a guy that I actually did like.

I started to run my fingers along Danny's thigh. He looked at me. I smiled at him.

Danny tilted his head and asked, "Aren't you dating one of those frat guys?"

I shrugged. "I was, but I've kind of lost interest in him. I'm not sure I want a steady boyfriend anymore. I think I'd just like to play around for awhile."

Danny laughed. "Well April Hansen you're a a beautiful young woman and I'd love to play around with you."

Danny set his soda down, leaned over an kissed me. As he kissed me he slipped his hand under my tee shirt and started to play with my nipple.

Danny and I quickly undressed each other. Once we were naked I got down on my knees and grabbed his cock.

Danny laughed. "April you don't waste much time."

I giggled. "I don't see any reason to waste time." I looked up at him. "Would you rather I didn't do this?"

Danny laughed some more. "No I'm very happy with how things are going. Please feel free to continue."

As I started to lick and then suck Danny's cock, I tried to remember everything I learned when I was with Brad. From the look on his face it was apparent that the things that worked with Brad also worked with Danny.

After sucking him for several minutes I took his erection out of my mouth and smiled at my new lover. "Danny I want you to fuck me"

Danny picked up his pants and found his wallet. He pulled out a condom and unwrapped it.

As I watched Danny roll the condom onto his erect penis I said, "Brad told me that most guys won't wear condoms."

Danny shook his head. "Brad's an asshole." He paused and looked at me. "April condoms cut down on a guys feeling just a little bit, but they protect you. I'm more than happy to wear one when we fool around."

I looked at Danny. He was a nice guy. Now I wanted him to fuck me more than ever.

I found a mat and lay down on my back. A thrill rippled through me when Danny climbed on top of me and gently pressed his cock against the lips of my cunt. I giggled as I felt him enter me. I was beginning to realize that I loved sex even more than I loved basketball.

Once Danny was inside me he paused for a moment and then he started to push his cock in and out of my cunt. Danny was a much better lover than Brad. He actually tried to give me pleasure. Brad just pumped his cock in and out of me as fast as he could. Danny actually tried to slow his motion down and then speed up again.

As Danny fucked me I started to get more and more excited. I wrapped my legs around his hips and started making thrusts of my own.

We fell into a savage rhythm. Danny countered my each of my thrusts with increasingly powerful strokes. He was being forceful, almost rough. I wanted to scream out. I wanted Danny to use me. I was starting to understand the real meaning of the word slut. I was beginning to think that maybe I wanted to become a slut.

Suddenly I felt my muscles begin to tighten. It was like the tension that comes before a game only a hundred times more intense. Just as this tension was becoming almost unbearable, the most magnificent thing happened. A burst of pure pleasure exploded inside of me. I screamed. I couldn't stop myself. Another burst of pleasure followed the first one. The pleasure was so intense that I started to giggle. For a moment I was completely overwhelmed and then this wonderful storm that was raging inside my body started to subside.

Danny had stopped fucking me when my orgasm started. I think he got a little nervous about what was happening. As soon as he felt my muscles relax he asked, "April, are you okay?"

I grinned at him. "Danny I'm wonderful. I think I just had an orgasm."

Danny nodded. "Yeah, I think you did to."

"Danny pull out of me and take your condom off. I want to make you cum by sucking you."

I watched Danny roll the condom off of his cock. When he was done I sat up and put his bare erection in my mouth."

Danny was a healthy young man just like Brad. Once I started to suck and stroke his cock it was a matter of seconds before he had his orgasm.

I was ready for it this time. When I felt the pressure building in Danny's penis I aimed it at my chest. The spurts of cum shot all over my tits. As he was ejaculating, Danny grabbed his cock and showed me how to milk every drop of semen out of it.

When he was done ejaculating Danny put his arms around me and held me while we lay together on the mat. That little moment of tenderness was the perfect ending to our sex.

After a few minutes we both sat up. I looked down at my breasts. They were covered with streaks of drying semen. I scooped up a few drops and stared into Danny's eyes while I licked my fingers clean. He smiled at me. I scooped up some more and offered it to him. He shook his head.

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