tagLoving WivesApril's Story Ch. 37

April's Story Ch. 37


Note: This story is the thirty-seventh episode in a series entitled "April's Story". If you have not read the previous thirty-six episodes of this series, I encourage you do so before beginning this chapter.

This is a dominant wife humiliates submissive husband story. That is the kind of story I write. If you do not enjoy these types of stories, I strongly recommend that you look for something else to read.

I was greeted by the maitre d as soon as I walked into the Baxter's.

"Good evening Madam, My name is Mel. May I seat you in the dining room?"

"Thank you Mel that would be very nice; but I'm by myself, is that a problem?"

Mel shook his head, "Not at all, at Baxter's many of our late evening diners are unescorted women.

Mel picked up two menus and smiled. "Follow me please." He led me to a small table with two chairs. It was on the far side of the dining room.

He pulled out one of the chairs for me. "If you sit here you will have an excellent view of the bar."

Once I was seated Mel placed two menus in front of me.

"The larger menu is our regular dinner menu. We will continue serving from that menu until 9:00 pm. The smaller menu is our light dining menu. Our late night customers often prefer that menu." He smiled at me. "Your server this evening will be Robert. He should be with you shortly."

"Thank you Mel."

After the maitre d' left I looked around the restaurant. Baxter's seemed to be divided into two areas, the dining room and the bar. The dining room was about twice the size of my classroom. The bar appeared to be just a little smaller than my classroom.

The entrance to the restaurant was at one end of the dining room. The bar was at the opposite end. There was a small dance floor just to the left of the entrance to the bar.

At the end of the dining room nearest to the entrance, there was a grouping of six large tables. Several of these tables were currently occupied by couples eating dinner together.

There was another grouping of tables at the end of the dining room near the bar and dance floor. There were several large tables in this group, but there were also at least a dozen small two person tables like the one where I was currently seated. It appeared as though someone was deliberately trying to divide Baxter's into two separate restaurants.

I looked around. I was the only one sitting in the bar half of the restaurant.

"Good evening, my name is Robert. I'll be your server this evening."

The voice came out of nowhere and surprised me. I turned around. A man in his early thirties was standing next to me.

I laughed. "Robert you startled me."

"I'm sorry madam, that wasn't my intention.."

I smiled at him. "I know that."

"Can I get you something from the bar?"

"Yes, I would love a glass of pinot grigio."

"Very good Madam, I'll be right back."

I looked at my watch. it was 8:15. I was obviously a little early. I decided that I should just relax and enjoy the peace and quiet.

As I started to unwind, I realized that I was hungry. The slices of cheese that Mark had prepared for me were a nice snack, but that's all they were. I needed something a little more substantial. I looked at the dinner menu. It contained the standard selection of steaks, prime rib and fish. A heavy dinner didn't appeal to me so I opened the light dining menu. It was perfect. There was a nice selection of salads, sandwiches and appetizers.

Robert returned with my wine. After he set the glass in front of me he asked. "Would you like to order some food?"

I smiled. "Yes please."

"We have two specials tonight, pan fried trout and a ten ounce fillet mignon."

I shook my head, "No thank you, I think I'd prefer something a little lighter."

Robert nodded. "Our club sandwich is a specialty of the house."

I closed the light dining menu and handed it to Robert. "That would be just perfect."

Robert picked up the dinner menu from the table and said, "Very good, I'll put your order in right away."

As Robert walked away I heard voices behind me. I turned; two women were just sitting down at the large table next to me.

They were both very attractive women in their early thirties. One of them was wearing a very low cut, bright red, knee length dress. The skirt of her dress was slit almost to her waist. As she sat down her skirt fell away to expose a sexy red garter belt and a pair of bright red nylon stockings. Once she was seated she made no effort to cover her exposed leg.

The other woman was wearing a black leather miniskirt and a nearly transparent white blouse. It was obvious that she wasn't wearing a brassiere. Apparently she hadn't attended the same school of seduction as Helen and Jessica.

Both of these women were dressed like sluts. I immediately sensed that we were kindred spirits.

When they saw me looking at them they both smiled and said, "Hello."

I smiled back and also said, "Hello"

The woman in the red dress pulled out the chair next to her and said, "Would you like to join us?"

"I would love to." I picked up my wine and walked over to their table. As I sat down I said, "I'm April Hansen."

The woman in the black miniskirt nodded and said, "I'm Madeline Conrad. Everyone calls me Maddie."

The woman in the red dress smiled at me. It was a wonderfully warm smile. "I'm Brenda Adams. April, it's nice to meet you."

Robert came over. While he was taking food and drink orders from Brenda and Maddie, I decided that the direct approach made the most sense. As soon as he was gone, I looked at my two new friends and asked, "I've been told that this is a place where a girl can find a little quick fun. Is that true?"

Maddie turned to Brenda and started laughing. "It appears that April is our kind of girl."

Brenda smiled at me. "Yes, your information is correct. Over the next 30 minutes that bar over there is going to fill with handsome men looking for a good time."

Maddie started giggling, "And were here to make sure they find it."

I leaned forward, "So tell me how it works?

Brenda looked at me. Just as she was about to start talking, Robert reappeared with our sandwiches and drinks. She waited for a moment while he set everything down. As soon as he was gone she started again.

For the next 20 minutes we ate our sandwiches while Brenda and Maddie told me everything I needed to know about Baxter's. As they described the place I started to believe that I'd just found hot wife heaven.

While we were finishing our sandwiches, a disc jockey appeared next to the dance floor and started playing romantic dance music. We looked around. During the time we were talking, the bar had filled with men and the dining room had filled with women. Baxter's was now alive.

Maddie poked Brenda in the ribs. "It's playtime."

Brenda looked at me. "April it's time to start shopping."

All three of us focused our attention on the bar. The men were standing in groups of two and three. They were casually chatting and drinking. While they talked, they kept discreetly glancing into the dining room. All of them were carefully keeping track of what we were doing.

Maddie leaned over and whispered to Brenda. "Jack Taylor is here. I played with him about two months ago. He was wonderful."

Brenda smiled. "I remember, you raved about him for the whole next week."

Maddie giggled. "I want him again."

She started staring at a very handsome man in his late thirties. As soon as she caught his eye, she began lasciviously licking her lips.

The man smiled at her and turned to his companions at the bar. He took a moment to politely excuse himself and then he walked over to our table."

"Maddie, what a pleasant surprise. I was hoping you would be here tonight."

Maddie gestured to chair next to her. "Please join us."

She made quick introductions. As soon as Jack was seated, she turned to him and started a quiet conversation. It was obvious that we weren't included. Jack was her playmate for the evening. Brenda and I needed to focus our attention on finding our own.

It wasn't long before Brenda started smiling. She was staring at a younger man. He appeared to be around my age. I was later to learn that Brenda had a thing for guys in their early twenties.

She followed the same pattern as Maddie and had equal success. It was a matter of minutes before her young man was introducing himself and sitting down at our table. His name was Stewart. Brenda and Stewart immediately fell into a private conversation.

I kept surveying the bar. Suddenly I saw him. He was standing against the wall by himself. He was a tall man in his mid thirties. Many of the men at Baxter's were wearing sport coats and ties; but not him, he was dressed in a nice pair of slacks and a golf shirt. It was easy to see why. A sport coat would have concealed his divine muscular body.

He was sipping a bottle of beer. There was a wonderfully confident air about him. After watching him for a moment I decided that he was the one.

I followed Brenda and Maddie's lead and started staring at him. As soon as I caught his eye, I began licking my lips.

He smiled at me and strolled over to our table.

I pulled out the chair next to me and said, "I'm April, would you like to sit down?"

He smiled, "Yes, I'd like that very much."

He had a soft, melodious voice. It was very sexy.

As he sat down he said, "I'm Mitch, it's nice to meet you April."

We spent the next few minutes getting to know each other.

Mitch was a building contractor. His wife, Tammy was the executive secretary for the CEO of a large corporation. They had an open marriage. Tammy was having an affair with her boss and Mitch freely dated other women. They didn't have any children.

After Mitch was done telling his story he looked at me and asked, "Are you married?"

I nodded my head and said, "Yes."

He smiled, "Good."

"Why do you say that?"

He shrugged, "Most single women are looking for a husband. I already have a wife. The last thing I want is to get into a serious relationship with another woman."

I loved Mitch's open honesty. He was also saying the exact things I wanted to hear.

"Does your husband know you're here?"

I smiled, "Yes he does."

"Do the two of you have an open marriage?"

I shrugged. "It's more like a half open marriage."

Mitch laughed. "What does that mean?"

"I get to fool around, my husband doesn't."

Mitch got a puzzled look on his face. "How does that work?"

I started giggling. "Let's just that equality isn't an important part of our relationship."

Mitch started laughing. "April now you've really piqued my curiosity."

While we were talking, both Maddie and Brenda left the table and moved to the dance floor.

I grabbed Mitch's hand. "If we get to know each other a little better, I'll tell you all about it. In the meantime why don't you ask me to dance?"

Mitch grinned at me. "That's a deal." He stood up, gallantly bowed and offered me his arm. "April Hansen, may I have this dance?"

I smiled, stood up and took his arm. "Thank you kind sir, I would love to dance with you."

The disc jockey at Baxter's only plays slow romantic ballads. People don't come here to go dancing. At Baxter's the dance floor is a stage for discreet foreplay.

As soon as we started dancing, Mitch's hands were all over me. I made no effort to stop him. I just laid my head against his chest and enjoyed his caresses.

As we slowly moved to the rhythm of the music Mitch put his hand on my breast. I just sighed and held him closer.

After a few minutes he leaned over and whispered into my ear, "Would you like to go out to the parking lot with me?"

I looked up at him and smiled. "Yes, I'd like that very much."

Mitch took me by the hand and led me into the bar.

I stopped. "What are we doing in here? I thought we were going to the parking lot."

He laughed. "We are, we're just using the back door."

Mitch gestured to his left. There was a small door leading outside. He offered me his arm, "Come with me my dear, my carriage awaits us."

I was laughing as I took Mitch's arm. "Thank you my prince. I can't wait."

Mitch escorted me through the door. As soon as we stepped outside we encountered a man in a small guard shack.

Mitch discreetly passed him a folded five dollar bill. "Phil, this is April; were on our way out to my car for a little relaxation."

Phil took the money, "Thank you Mr. Clark. It's a nice evening; I'll see that no one disturbs you."

He turned to me. "It's nice to meet you April. My name is Phil. Welcome to Baxter's parking lot. It's my job to guarantee your privacy this evening."

I smiled at him. "Thank you Phil, it's nice to meet you to."

Mitch grabbed my hand. "Come on April, my car is over here."

I was pleased to see that he was pointing at a Cadillac Escalade. I was worried that we would be trying to play in the back seat of a sub compact.

The back parking lot at Baxter's was surrounded by thick woods. Someone had strung white Christmas lights in the upper branches of the trees. The lights gave the parking lot a magical feeling. They also provided just enough illumination so that we could see where we were going.

As we walked to Mitch's car, we passed a black Lincoln Town Car. I couldn't stop myself from peeking. Brenda's playmate for the evening was in the back seat. He was leaning back against the left rear window. His eyes were closed and there was a big smile on his face. I couldn't see Brenda. I assumed she was giving him a blow job.

Mitch opened the rear door of his Escalade. The back seat was already folded down. A thick quilt covered the entire rear area of the SUV. There were two pillows at the far end. It was really quite inviting.

We both got in. As soon as Mitch pulled the rear door closed, he lay down next to me. I put my arms around him and gave him a long passionate kiss. While I was kissing him I felt him unzip the back of my dress and unclasp my brassiere. Mitch quickly found my left nipple and started rolling it between his fingers.

I reached down to his crotch. I was anxious to find out what he was bringing to the party. I was pleasantly surprised. My playmate for the evening was well endowed. I unbuckled Mitch's belt, opened his trousers and took his huge cock out. A little thrill went through me when I actually saw it. I loved looking at large erect penises.

I slid down, kissed the head of that beautiful cock and then I looked up at Mitch. "If you take your shoes and pants off, I'll give you a blow job."

He smiled. "That's an offer I won't refuse."

While Mitch was taking his shoes and trousers off, I quickly removed my dress and brassiere.

As soon as he was done undressing Mitch lay back and rested his head on the two pillows. His engorged cock was sticking straight up in the air. I lay down so that my head was next to his beautiful erection and my pussy was near Mitch's shoulders.

As I put Mitch's cock into my mouth, I felt him pulling my panties down. I closed my eyes and sucked Mitch's penis while he slipped my panties off of my feet, spread my legs and started massing my cunt with his large coarse fingers.

Our passion grew quickly. My earlier games with Mark had left me hungry for more excitement. I now attacked Mitch's cock with unbridled frenzy.

I gasped with pleasure when I felt Mitch push three of his huge fingers into my cunt. I responded by sliding farther down and sucking on Mitch's balls while I continued pumping his cock with my right hand.

Suddenly he gasped as his huge erection spit a thick stream of gooey warm semen. The first spurt of cum landed in my hair. When Mitch started ejaculating I sat up, but I didn't stop pumping his cock. The next shot of semen hit my forehead. The third stream landed between Mitch's legs. The last spurts of semen oozed onto my hand.

Eventually, Mitch started to lose his erection, but I still didn't stop milking him. I wanted to coax every last drop of cum from his softening penis.

Mitch lay quietly for a moment and then he sat up, reached for his pants and took out his handkerchief. As he wiped his semen off of my forehead he smiled at me, "April that was wonderful."

I grinned at him, "I agree." I reached down and gently rolled his flaccid penis between my fingers. "What's the chance of having a second performance?"

Suddenly I felt Mitch's penis start to twitch. "I giggled and said, it appears that round two is already starting."

I leaned down and once again licked Mitch's balls. He seemed to enjoy that particular pleasure. I imagined I was an Egyptian snake charmer as I watched his flaccid penis slowly grow into a menacing viper.

Once he was fully erect I lay down, placed my head on the pillows and lasciviously spread my legs. "All right stud man, let's see what you've got. It's time for you to fuck me."

Mitch started laughing. "April that's one challenge I'm more than willing to accept."

Mitch mounted me. My entire body tingled as I felt him push his enormous cock into my cunt. When he was all the way inside me he stopped and lay perfectly still.

I wrapped my arms around him and whispered into his ear. "That feels so good. I love having you inside me."

Suddenly Mitch began to move. I gasped. He started fucking me with a strong, dynamic rhythm. Each thrust was long and deliberate. Mitch was a powerful lover.

I wrapped my legs around his thighs and bucked my hips to meet each of his vigorous thrusts.

We started to attack each other. Mitch wasn't a gentle lover. He was a mighty warrior trying to conquer me. I wasn't about to become an easy conquest. I fought back. I was a goddess. I was more than capable of waging war with any foe. A savage battle ensued. I don't know how long it lasted. We both lost track of the time.

The duel finally ended in a draw. I noticed Mitch's breathing getting faster and faster. When I felt his back muscles start to tighten, I locked my legs around his hips and held him deep inside me. At the same moment I felt the tension building in my own body. My orgasm erupted at the same moment that Mitch started to ejaculate. Waves of pleasure rolled through my body while Mitch shot spurt after spurt of his fertile semen deep into my womb.

For awhile Mitch kept me pinned to the mattress while I held him locked in an iron leg grip. Neither of us wanted to be the first to admit the battle was over. Gradually fatigue took it's toll and our bodies started to relax. I loosened my grip and Mitch rolled off of me and lay back on the pillows with a big grin on his face.

I snuggled up to Mitch's shoulder. After a moment we both started laughing.

Mitch looked at me, "April that was sensational."

I smiled, "You were pretty wonderful yourself."

I leaned over and kissed Mitch. "Honey I hope you don't mind, but it's late. I have to get up in the morning and teach school. It's time for me to go home.

Mitch nodded. "I have to get up early to. We had a wonderful time, but you're right, it's time to call it a night."

I opened my purse and took out my cell phone. "Do you mind if I call my husband?"

Mitch shook his head, "Not at all."

I called Mark's cell phone. He picked up after one ring.


"Hi Cuckboy, it's me."

"Hi April, Do you want me to come and get you?'

"Yes, my lover and I are all done."

Mark was silent for a moment. Finally he said, "So you did find a man."

"Yes, and he was wonderful. I had a really good time with him."

"I'm glad to hear that."

"Sweetheart, come and get me. It's late, I'm tired and I want to be with you. I'll tell you all about Mitch when we get home."

"I'll leave right away."

"Thank you, Mark honey when you get to the club, just tell Jerry the doorman that you're here to pick up April Hansen. He'll come into the restaurant and get me."

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