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April's Trick Untried


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I could taste the soda she had been drinking earlier, while we sat talking by the river. Her lips and tongue carried that cola-sweetness into my mouth with every single kiss.

And there had been about a hundred kisses in those last few minutes alone.

Some friends of mine called me last night. Jack and Gregg. They said there was this hot new girl, named Tiffany that had just moved into town. They had both made plays for her but had been shot down almost immediately. Seems she didn't like the football jock type. They told me they had noticed that she was in the habit of going down to the park every afternoon to look out at the passing barges on the river. Gregg said this girl seemed lonely, but was just not into athletes at all. So if I was to swing by there, say after work, I could...well, maybe see if she might like me. I mean, I'm certainly not the gorilla-of-the-gridiron type like those two are.

I have to admit I'm more of a bookworm.

Funny thing, so was she. She was reading when I walked past her. I was trying to play it all cool, and then I noticed the title and author of her book. It was the last book of the Dresden series by one of my favorite authors, Jim Butcher.

Okay, cool took a quick bus ride to geek city.

Two hours later, I was in the front seat of my car being kissed with a fiery passion I'd never felt before, thinking that book-talk may have been the only way to get to really talk to her. Oh, and talk we did. For two hours straight, we sat there on that concrete bench gabbing about everything under the sun.

She loves comic book! And sci-fi movies. And she is a huge fan of Firefly! She is in love with the Dresden novels. It was funny. When I started talking about the one she was reading, she put her fingers in her ears and shouted, "Spoiler Alert!" But she was more than happy to talk about all the Dresden books before that one. Her favorite character is Butters, the Medical Examiner. That made me smile, knowing what I know about the one she was reading.

When the cold concrete started to get to both our butts, I offered to take her out to dinner. It was getting on towards nightfall. After a second, she accepted, and we walked to where my car was parked nearby. She smiled when I held the door for her. Then I walked around, climbed into the driver's seat, turned to her to ask her preferences for dinner and found myself just inches from her face.

We sat there, looking into each others' eyes for a moment, and then we both leaned in for that first kiss. A kiss that was followed by another, and then another.

From there things started to get steamy.

There had been just a brief hesitation when, after probably fifteen minutes of just kissing, my hand moved to cup her breast. For a second she touched my hand as if to move it, but then pressed it harder to her chest, filling my palm with that soft, spongy weight.

A soft moan carried Tiffany's sweet breath into my mouth when my fingers found her nipple, and gently pinched. Her breast was deliciously warm in my hand, and I hoped I would soon get a chance to touch her there without all this cloth in the way. I had secretly thought her a bit flat-chested when I first saw her, but now...well, now I knew that she was the perfect size.

Her fingers dug into my hair, pulling my face tighter against her mouth as she kissed me harder. Aroused, as she had quickly become, those lips were aggressively sweet but it was her tongue that was so very skilled. Oh, how I wanted to smirk when I thought about my two buddies not getting to kiss this sexy woman. They had so missed out.

Reaching a hand down to my side, I leaned my driver seat back a single notch and she moved with me, never breaking that hot kiss for even a second. She moaned her agreement of the new position. Still cupping her, I felt her nipple tighten to a hard pebble in between my fingers. One of her hands left my hair and went to my chest, her fingernails digging into the muscles she found there.

My eyes went wide, and I winced when she found my nipple and gave it the same pinch.

"Good for the goose...right?" she said, her lips hardly leaving mine. "Good for the gander."

"Um, hum," I moaned, as she kissed me again.

Then her head moved, and I was kissing the side of her neck. I felt her hand move down my chest and slide under my shirt, across my stomach, those short, painted nails raking my skin. Then I sucked in a deep breathe of her perfume, as her hand crossed my belt and rode down across my covered zipper to caress my cock thorough my pants. Her face turned and her words were soft next to my ear.

"Would you think I'm a slut, if I told you I want this?" Tiffany's words were sultry, the r's rolling. "We just met after all."

"Not at all," I said, my mouth moving from by her ear to down her neck. I kissed her throat when she lifted her head back and moaned. As I nibbled and let my tongue caress her soft skin, I smiled hearing her whispering my name, the vowels just a mumble of sound.

She sat back quickly and pulled her blouse over her head. "It's hot in here."

I agreed, noticing that the windows were already getting steamed up. I noticed even more though how sexy the bra she wore was. All red lace and satin. Against her pale freckled skin, that color was like fire on snow. When she saw me looking at her she smiled then bit her bottom lip.

"Like what you see?"

"Oh, my yes. You are beautiful." I wish I could have been more eloquent then, but I was awe stuck by how sexy she looked.

"Thank you...I'll let you see more of me here in a little bit, but for now." Her hand returned to my crotch, and then her fingers began to work the buckle of my belt. "You're hiding something I want to see first. Lean back some more."

As I eased my seat back another few notches, she leaned in and unbuttoned my pants. Her lips parted in a naughty smile as she pulled my zipper down and saw that I don't wear underwear. When she took hold of the sides of my pants, I lifted my ass to help her, and she slid my pants down low on my hips.

My cock popped free and her smile became a grin.

"Oh, that is a beautiful cock." Her fingers laced around the base of me, and she moved the coral-colored-head, looking me over. "How silly, but I've always wished I had one like it."

Her fingers tightened around me, and she squeezed me up to the tip. Unable to believe this was happening, I watched her lean in to lick the pre-cum from the head. She looked at me as she pulled a wet string of my juice off me with the tip of her tongue. When it snapped she licked her lips clearly enjoying the taste. "Mmm. The pre-cum is my favorite part."

She smiled at the look of lust on my face, and then leaned in till her lips were just over the scarlet head. "I love to suck cock and yours is..."

Whatever else she said was lost to me as I leaned back and moaned. Past those lips and into a wet furnace she took my cock.

"Oh god, your mouth is so hot."

"Uh, hum," she moaned around me and took me deeper.

Looking down, I watched her take all of me into her mouth, her hair falling in a brown curtain to cover her face. Reaching down, I caught one side of those silky locks and moved them behind her ear, holding them there, letting my hand rest on her head. She glanced up and grinned, happy that I wanted to see her face.

Oh, how to describe the feeling of her mouth? Simple words fail to deliver the impact of what I was feeling then. Hot, wet, tight, and then that tongue, that tongue that had been so skilled in kissing, showed me what its true mastery was. I grabbed at the hanging seat belt and clenched it tight in my hand as she went to work on me in a bobbing rhythm. It was all I could do to hang on to that safety line. Hang on and moan. Then she applied a level of suction I have never felt before, and I had to more endure the splendid torture than enjoy her mouth's tight grip on me. Her mouth came off the end of me with a pop.

"Feel good?"

"You are fucking incredible at that," I said.

"Thank you." I felt the hot breath of her words on my wet skin, and then her mouth took me back in.

Moving my hand from the seat-belt, I let that hand hold her hair out the way, while the other went to rest on the warm skin just above her red bra. I slipped my fingers under that strap, and gave a tug that I hoped would make the cloth cups press harder into her breasts. She gasped, then smiled around me and squirmed her satin covered breasts against my leg. I could feel only one of them though since the other was touching my blue jeans. Jeans that I suddenly wished were off.

The idea of cranking the car and going back to my place came to me then, but there was no way I was willing to have her stop what she was doing. Leaning my head back on the headrest, I closed my eyes for a second and just moaned her name.

"Oh, Tiffany."

She batted the head of my cock with her tongue.

Opening my eyes to watch that, I noticed that my sleeve had cleared a place in the foggy glass. A little window out into that sad world where a woman wasn't giving me the most awesome blowjob of my life. Even as her lips worked that tight massage down the length of me again, I found myself looking out that little clear window...

...at Jack and Gregg.

They were standing by a tree twenty feet away, and they were laughing.

Laughing? Now, I could see those two perverts coming down here to watch and see if I had managed to make a hook up with the girl that shut them both down...but laughing? Why would they be laughing when I had managed to do so much more than they ever could have ever done with her?

Then those half-heard words, spoken before she took me into her mouth, came back to hit me like a sledge hammer.

"I love to suck cock and yours is..."

"Bigger than mine is?" I mumble to myself, my brain refusing even now to register. Looking down at that bobbing head under my hand, I shake my own in denial. Looking back out the window to my...friends...the guys who told me to go talk to this, girl...this... "Bigger than mine is!"

My mind finally heard the words.

An anger unparalleled in my life rose up in me then. Grabbing the handle of the driver seat I sat up, and the padded seat smacked me hard in the back. I pulled her up off my cock by that handful of brown hair and looked at her shocked face. I saw it with new eyes. That small bump on her throat I had kissed so lovingly...how had I not seen that?

As I looked at her...now...slightly masculine face, and those nearly flat breasts, I began to shake with anger. Her eyes began to widen and her hand came up to cover her shiny mouth. That look of shocked horror in her eyes appeared, and was then replaced with true sadness even as she spoke.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I thought you knew! They told me you knew and would like me, because of what I am." Her face began to fall. "That's why I was waiting on that bench for you."

Unable to believe I was seeing it, I watched a single tear run down her cheek to drop and land on that red satin bra. Her eyes left my angry face as she sniffled and wiped the salty twin from the other cheek.

"I'll go. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to trick you like this." She found her blouse and without looking back at me began to pull it on. I heard a second sniffle, more pain-filled than the first, as she worked the buttons.

My teeth clinched together, I looked away from...her, and back out the window to where my...friends...were. One of them, Gregg, had his wallet out and was handing over a couple of bills to Jack.

Shaking in fury, I feel that anger burning its way deep into me.

"I'm sorry." The passenger side door opened.

Lightning quick, my anger fueling my speed, I grabbed her left elbow. I heard a gasp and she looked around at me, her eyes...above those cheeks wet with endless tears...were wide with sudden fear.

"Don't go."

Looking at my face, her eyes blinking in confusion as my anger disappeared, she gave me a puzzled look.

"Why the blow job? We just met."

I saw humiliation, and then she looked down at her hands on her blouse buttons.

"I liked you. I wasn't trying to trick you! I just thought you were the first person I've known since I moved here that...knew me for what I am, and didn't care." She looked up, tears still dripping. "I've been so lonely here, and you were friendly. We like the same things and... damn it, you're sexy! And then you kissed me like I've never been kissed before, like I've always wanted to be kissed. I...I guess I just wanted to show you how much I appreciated all of that."

She hugged her arms across her chest under those small breasts.

Reaching over to her face, I gently brushed away easily a dozen of those salty tears from her cheek. She turned her head to look at me at the touch.

"What you were doing...it felt wonderful."

Her eyes dropped to my lap, and she blushed beautifully. Then that sexy smile again crossed those shiny lips as she looked at my still half-hard cock. The pink tip of her tongue came out to lick her lips, and then she grinned.

"Thank you."

Leaning forward, I turned the key in the ignition, and the motor cranked and the music from my stereo came up, I hit the buttons to roll down the widows and turned the defroster to high. It began to spill cold air across the windshield, chasing off the passion-born fog, and then the cool air rushed past my face.

Looking over at Gregg and Jack, two men I no longer considered friends, I dropped the car into reverse and then, seconds later, with a turn of the wheel, shifted back into drive. My eyes met theirs as I eased my car up towards where they were standing. Their faces were covered with big grins.

Reaching over, I laced my fingers into Tiffany's long hair and pulled her head down towards my cock, with her giggling, and moving eagerly the whole time. I felt my cock slip back into her mouth even as theirs were dropping open in shock.

By the time we passed them, her head was already bobbing away on me, and it felt so good I didn't even bother to watch them vanish in my rear-view mirror...

...as I drove us towards my place...where I would make us dinner. And then breakfast.


( I would like to thank the lovely patientlee for her editing help, and vocal contributions in the making of this audio. Wonderful job, my dear. Thank you so very much.)

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