tagBDSMAprons For Gayle Ch. 14

Aprons For Gayle Ch. 14


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Thanks to those that sent private emails and commented on Lit. Every suggestion is taken to heart, and a few of those you will see here, but they are only a taste of 'things to come.'

Thanks to my editor, JonB1969 for his eyeballs. And Special thanks to Masterswench for this chapter.

We last left G & H on Friday night after her punishment (that seems to be a theme, doesn't it?). Hamish has some dates with another woman coming up, but how will he handle himself – more importantly, how will Gayle handle it?


Sunday, August 18th, 2013, St. Andrews Golf Club, Scotland

"Well, well, well," Jack teased Hamish as they dried off by the lockers after taking showers. "Looks like someone's been hitting the gym, ye?"

They had just finished a round of golf, and Hamish was still sour at losing. Poor Hamish kept choking on his shots, but he had a chance to tie by the seventeenth hole. Sadly, luck wasn't on his side. He couldn't have hit the cup if he had a string attached to it, used Jimmy Adams' personal golf club, or threw it in by hand. He finished with a bogey while Jack made a beautiful chip and run, ending with a birdie.

"Oh, shut up," Hamish chastised his friend, his cheeks turning red as a beet.

The truth was, hehad been working out on his lunch breaks, and he was damned proud of his miniscule biceps that were just starting to peak through. He was expecting a bit more, but it had only been a week. The fact that Jack noticed irked him a little, being he didn't want to make a big deal out of it.

"So, mate, how is Gayle feeling? How's her blood pressure been?" Jack asked as he dried himself off, throwing the towel on the bench between them and pulling on his boxers and trousers.

"She's just fine. Thanks for asking," he replied sarcastically, zipping up his own trousers.

"Huh. Hit a nerve, did I?" Jack asked with a grin.

Hamish shot him a nasty glare as he put on his Tattersall checked shirt and started to button it. "Bullocks. She knows her place."

Bloody hell! Is that all she is to you?

"Knows her place? Come on! I know you better than that. Why don't you just cancel this brunch date with Brianna and go home to Gayle? Lily won't be happy about her best friend being stood up, but she'll get over it. I'll buy her a diamond or something – my wife, not Bri."

Hamish had just put on his shoes, stuffed the last of his belongings into his locker and slammed it shut. Running his fingers through his damp hair, he said, "Jack, you know the score. I need a wife, preferably someone not American." He didn't feel the need to tell his buddy his business – at least regarding something he was grappling over himself.

Jack straightened the collar of his shirt and laughed, patting Hamish on his shoulder. "Yeah, I know the score. I kicked your ass. And keep telling yourself that."

Jack knew Hamish better than Hamish wished to admit, and he hated him for that. The question Hamish had to ask himself was whether Jack had a point.

"Hurry up, old man. I'll meet you outside the restaurant," Hamish snipped and left.

Hamish looked at his watch, relieved to see he had a few minutes before Brianna and Lily were to show up. Standing by the large plate-glass window of the clubhouse, he stared out at the grassy, low dune and shoreline for several minutes. The water was calm and an incredible blue, but he couldn't put off his trepidation about his first date with Brianna.

He told Gayle he was meeting with Jack's wife and her girlfriend after the game, and her reaction was a little strange. She seemed excited and ribbed him playfully, even laying out a business suit from his closet on his bed while he was in the shower that morning. Because she wasn't jealous like he thought she would be – or wanted her to be – it prompted a rather harsh spanking for her, and her giggling told him that she enjoyed it, even though she denied it.

Sighing, he pulled out his cell phone and started to text.

'what are you doing'

Only a second went by before he received, 'playin' w/bessie outside while ur jeans r drying Sir. beat jack?'

'Of course i did.' He couldn't help but smirk at his lie. 'computer-PW for user McDougal PW Maldives so you can Skpe home. i should be home around 3. wait for me in the back garden'

'yes Sir. have a good lunch'

"Hamish!" a woman called out.

Not replying to Gayle, he slipped his phone into his pocket and turned to see Lily and Brianna walk toward him. Jack said she was a beauty, but he concluded he was just being nice because she was his wife's girlfriend. And, damn it, Brianna was stunning, unfortunately. He hoped he wouldn't be attracted to her. Wisps of her short-cropped, strawberry blonde red hair framed her face beautifully, which had a few freckles here and there. Her shoulders were broad yet feminine, but didn't detract from her height, which was probably an inch or two shorter than him. And she had a killer body. If he were still at uni, he'd absolutely make a fool of himself fawning over her.

"Don't you two look ravishing," he said with a smile, kissing Lily on her cheek.

"Hamish, always the charmer and still handsome as ever. Jack's running late, is he? I swear, that man will be late for his own funeral. Hamish, this is Brianna."

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Brianna," he said, putting out his hand.

She took his hand, and with her strong grip pulled him to her as she moved in. Kissing him on his cheek, she said, "It's nice to meet you too. Call me Bri."

While she had the voice of an angel, he was caught off guard by her assertiveness, not that it was too unwelcome. He always admired a strong woman, but not too strong. They chatted for a few minutes, with an obviously impatient Lily.

"Ah, there are my women!" Jack chimed in as she stepped beside Lily and gave her a quick kiss.

Shaking her head, Lily put her arm around his waist. "We've just arrived. Our reservations are for one, and we're already late, as always, thanks to you."

"Hey, I'm a doctor. We're always late," Jack teased.

"Let's go, then," Bri said as she intertwined her arm with Hamish's and led him to the restaurant.

Hamish had always been affectionate, despite the lack of motherly love, and a cold father. But when her warm hand touched him, he felt something ... something that he didn't want to feel.

Halfway through the meal, Hamish had become riveted with Bri. She was gorgeous, smart, funny, came from a good home, gorgeous ... and of course Hamish Jr. thought so too.

"Excuse me a moment," Hamish said as he stood. "I have to make a phone call."

Stepping outside on the deck, the sun beaming down on his face, he took out his cell phone and started typing.

'change of plans. meet me in your bedroom at 3.3'

'yes Sir. should I have ur drink ready 4 u?'

'no. wait for me naked on your bed. all fours'

Her response took several long moments. 'yes Sir'

Walking back to the table in the dining room, he had a big shit-eating grin on his face. He knew it wasn't the one drink he'd had that made him come up with such a wicked plan. It might have been the fact that Bri's breasts were basically flowing out of her thin sweater. All he knew was that his cock was hard, throbbing and painful, and he needed Gayle.

HAMISH'S HOME, moments later ...

When Gayle saw the word 'naked' on her cell phone, she grinned sheepishly. She knew what he had in mind, and she was relieved. While she'd been doing the laundry, she kept thinking about how Hamish had made her feel two days earlier when she received her 'punishment.' As far as she was concerned, it wasn't punishment, not in the least. She was beginning to thrive on the way her body reacted when he did whatever he wanted to with her, especially when he allowed her to orgasm. It was freeing and very exhilarating.

The metal of the chastity belt was beginning to aggravate her to the point of wanting to ask David for a chain saw to get the damned thing off. As soon as she heard the command 'all fours,' her clit throbbed, and she was shocked to see she was becoming wet.

Just after 3:00 ...

A few minutes before the allotted time, Gayle got on her bed on her knees, her shoulders and chin to the mattress, facing the clock. Aside from not being able to control her heart from pounding inside her chest, she couldn't control the wetness between her legs, which had been building up while she got prepared.

A quarter after, she was still alone, and by then her heart had calmed down, and she was becoming a little angry at him for not being on time. How inconsiderate! I know I was late getting your drink, but do you really think this will teach me a lesson?

She stared at a sleeping Bessie, who was curled up at the side of the bed soon after she got bored staring at her human buddy, wanting to play.

"Sorry, poochers. Daddy doesn't want you on the bed," she'd told her, though Gayle had let her up more than once. "You've gotten in the way before."

Her mind then wandered to Hamish's date, hoping maybe he had a really bad time. Sure, she had teased him, just to see how far she could get with him. He seemed to have a sense of humor about it. But her own was a farce. She didn't want him to know she was a little jealous.

Oh, stop it, you ass!

Suddenly, Bessie perked her head up then dashed out of the room barking. Gayle's heart started to race again, her entire body tensing. A full ten minutes went by before she heard Hamish's heavy footsteps come toward her room accompanied by Bessie's clicking nails.

Oh God. Oh God! she thought, fisting her hands.

The wood floor creaked right in front of her door which made her hold her breath. Several agonizing seconds went by before she heard him whisper, "Fucking lovely."

What could she say to that?

He came into the room and stopped by her feet opposite of where her head was turned. SMACK! She yelped in a painful cry with his surprise assault on her ass, though again she didn't say anything. He ran his hand – his ice cold hand – up her calf, her thigh then her ass to the small of her back before his other hand made the same route. He wrapped his arms around her waist, unlocked the chastity belt, carefully removed it then placed it on the floor. Again, he caressed her backside slowly, placing a kiss in the nape of her neck.

"Ms. Boyce, I appreciate your efforts in getting in the correct position, but bring your knees up 'til they touch your stomach." His voice wasn't angry or gruff, simply authoritative.

Oh my God! You smack me for that?! And hell! My ass will be on the ceiling if I do that!

Complying, she kept her hands fisted and tried to calm down, loosening her muscles so she wouldn't cramp up. Holding her breath, she let it out when his hand stroked the cleft above her ass before running his fingers over her crotch. She moaned as his fingers skimmed over her drenching pussy.

"What do we have here? You are wet, little dove. How did that happen?"

She couldn't believe how speechless she was. She waited too long to answer, she discovered, when he smacked her ass again. "Let's try this again. Why are you so wet?"

Learning her lesson, she replied, "Waiting for you, Sir."

"Hmm, is that so?" SMACK! FWAP! "And what have you been thinking?"

Nothing. Nothing. SLAP! SMACK! Damn it! She closed her eyes tightly to fight back the tears, moaning loudly.

Bessie threw her front paws on the bed; Hamish fussed at her to get down and shook his head. He didn't want her to ruin the mood as she'd done before, but he didn't have the heart to kick her out of the room just yet.

"Wwwwondering what you were going to do to me, Sir." Her ass rocked in pain, as if that would ease the stinging.

Again he caressed her ass, loving the softness, feeling the heat. "Oh, I know what I'm going to do to you, my little chipmunk," he cooed devilishly.

She was starting to like his little terms of endearment, as well as his control over her.

"But first, there's something I want you to do for me," he said, his voice heavy with lust as he walked around the other side of the bed. "Kneel at my feet."

Her heart caught in her throat as her face reddened. Slowly unfolding her body, she stood up and was just about to get on her knees when he put his hands on her face, stopping her descent.

"You are bloody precious when you blush," he said with a grin.

Her cheeks reddened further then she smiled. Not knowing whether he wanted an answer or not, she whispered, "I'm surprised you make me blush, Sir."

His eyes skirted back and forth, holding her gaze; his own cheeks began to feel warm. Smiling, he glided his hands to the back of her head, buried his fingers in her hair and pressed his lips against hers. Her lips parted, welcoming the softness, the warmness and softly moaning before his tongue went in search of hers.

Leaning into him, her breasts flattened against his shirt, and she wished he were naked so she could feel his warmth, his heart beating against hers, his passion that she had missed. She dared to bring her hands to his forearms, but he grabbed them firmly and placed them on the collar.

"Getting a little brazen, aren't you?" he asked.

"I ... I'm sorry, Sir."

He shook his head. "I like that you want to touch me, but right now, undress me."

Her heart skipped a beat – she'd never undressed a man before. Forcing her fingers to stop shaking, she slowly unbuttoned his shirt, keeping her eyes on the shirt out of nervousness. Reaching the waist of his trousers, she pulled at the hem up and out until it lay loose. Then she stepped beside him and slipped the sleeve out, then the other.

Laying the shirt on the bed, he shook his head and tsk'd. "Hang it up," he said, removing his cotton undershirt.

She was too embarrassed to say anything. Instead, she quickly hung it up in her armoire and returned to him, sitting on the bed. Slipping her fingers under the waist of the trousers, she pushed and pulled at the waist trying to unhook it but had trouble.

Hell, woman! You've hung his pants up! Why can't you remove the damned thing?

"Here, let me get that for you," he said softly, his voice then deep and rife with lust.

Finally unhooked, she pulled the material down over his hips to his feet, cringing when she saw how hard his cock was, straining against the fabric of the cotton briefs. She swallowed hard as he lifted each leg, forcing herself to look at what she was doing, not his cock. Quickly hanging the pant up, she turned to walk back but stopped in her tracks and stared at him with her mouth practically hanging open.

He had taken off the underwear, which lay at the foot of the bed, and his cock had sprung free in all its glory. She couldn't remember his dick being that big before, but it didn't matter, not in the least.

"Come," he whispered, his hand out.

Bessie, who was sitting at the door, wagged her tail and came running to her Daddy. "Oh, not ..." Walking to the door, he said, "Out."

Gayle was crushed for Bessie, though she appreciated he didn't want her to remain. "Sir? I've got a bone in your bedroom. Maybe ..."

Hamish turned to Gayle, smiling. As he walked into the hall, Bessie in step behind him, she couldn't help but look at his ass. She didn't think Scots were known for their tight, squeezable asses, but her boss sure helped change her mind. Being that he hadn't told her where to stand, she stayed where she was.

Hearing his bedroom door close, he walked back into the room and sat on the bed. "Kneel."

Her pussy tingled before her heart started to pound. It was funny to her how her body responded to his commands in such a way. Nervously, she shuffled her feet as she approached him, her hands behind her back.

"Stop!" he shouted, which made her jump a little. "Go back to the armoire and try that again."

Frowning, she asked confused, "Sir?"

"Ms. Boyce, no lady walks like she was born in a barn. Walk proudly, like a proper lady."

Oh. I don't think my ass can take another spanking. Going back, she propped her chin up, pulled her shoulders back, put her hands in the small of her back, although it was awkward with her breasts sticking out so much, and went to him, stopping at his feet.

She was just about to kneel when he smiled. "Much better. Good girl."

Reaching out, he cupped each breast and squeezed the already hardened nipples, causing her to moan softly and close her eyes. He slid his hands to her neck then massaged her skin on his way down her arms to her hips. The dreaded goose bumps erupted with his every touch, and as she opened her eyes, she shivered.

Smiling up at her, he said, "Kiss me." Suddenly turning shy, she bent over slightly, her lips parted, but he grabbed her face gently. "I wish it was you I was eating lunch with today, Gayle."

"I do too." Wait, what the hell?!

"Gayle, I don't want you to feel trapped here. I know you've been here only two weeks, but I want you to think of things to keep you busy on the weekends. Autumn is usually a busy time for me at work and with football, and I don't want you too bored. Let me know what you come up with, and we'll discuss them."

She was pleasantly surprised. "Thank you, Sir. That's kind of you."

"Now, where were we?" He hesitated a moment. "Oh, right. That kiss."

Her cheeks burning, she was frozen in place. Taking control, he placed his hands on her hips and pulled her closer to him. He was so forceful she almost lost her footing, but he had a good hold on her. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he clasped onto her fingers and tilted his head up, his eyes gazing into hers until their lips touched. Closing her eyes, she melted into him and welcomed his embrace, his warm, soft lips.

They kissed hard and passionately before he pulled back. "Kneel."

Breathlessly, she got on her knees with his help and kept her upper body straight, again keeping her head down submissively.

Several tense, heated moments passed before he said, "Suck." Her heart skipped a beat as she reached her hand out for his cock. "No hands. Use your mouth."

Oh my god! You're torturing me!

Pushing back her anxiety, she opened her mouth and lapped the bottom of the head with her tongue, going from side to side a few times before it twitched up. She tasted the pre-cum that moistened the tip, so looking up at him, she used just the tip of her tongue to lick it off. He smiled down on her with an evil gleam in his eyes.

Keeping her eyes on his, she took the head between her lips and flicked the tip with her tongue again then used her tongue to lick all the way around it. He took in a sharp breath between his teeth as his dick throbbed; he leaned back and put his hands on the bed.

"Hmm, that feels good. Don't take it all, just the head. I want you to beg for my cock."

Concentrating on the tip, she gave it all of her attention. Changing her technique, her pussy aching, she was shocked when she felt a dribble of her moisture trail down the inside of her thigh. She had never been so turned on before since she'd been there, and she didn't know how long she could take not feeling his enormous dick inside her.

Only a minute passed before she yearned to take all of him, so she asked, her voice barely above a whisper. "Sir? I need your cock in my mouth."

Smiling, he shook his head. Just to spite him, she took the tip back into her mouth, closed her lips as much as she could and sucked on it until her cheeks shrunk in, groaning to allow him to feel the vibration.

"Fuck, woman!" he gasped. "Take it. Take it now."

It didn't take you very long there, boss! She snickered to herself.

Without delay, she slowly slid his cock into her mouth, again keeping her eyes on him. She loved seeing his reaction as she took control of his cock, so she spent only a minute or two before he gripped the hair on the back of her head and helped guide her as she worked his cock.

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