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Aprons For Gayle Ch. 15


AUTHOR'S NOTE: I know this is short, but I'll not have access to a computer for a week, and I wanted to get something out for y'all. I will be working on it while I'm gone, and I promise I'll make up for it!

I was a little irked that altho Lit did a great job expanding their new postings, my chap 14 was 15 out of 15 and lasted no more than 24 hours on the board. Some days there are THREE and lasts three days on the list. *sigh*

Thanks to JonB1969 for editing and putting up with my impatience. And many, MANY thanks to MastersWench for her gentle nudge in making this chapter better, IMHO. Her insight is fantastic. Apparently I'm making Hamish too nice, and with the rough draft of this chapter, I agree with her. I'm writing another fic where the main man is 'nicer,' and I think I'm getting the two mixed up. Someone spank me!! Seriously, spank me ... I mean I appreciate her!

We last left off (two weeks ago) with Gayle winning her lawn bowling bet with Hamish. He also has dated Bri, who is only interested in his money, though he seems to like her enough to want to continue dating (the moron).

Friday, September 6, 2013

The past two weeks had gone by quickly for Gayle since their lawn bowling competition, though she hadn't yet collected on her award, nor had she told Hamish what it was. She was still battling the details, the fun, nastily wicked details, and she wasn't quite sure if she could pull it off. It didn't really matter because she didn't think he would even agree to it.

Meanwhile, she had been battling whether she should tell him about Bri's true intentions. On one hand, it was none of her business. Gayle told Hamish from day one that she wouldn't be his wife, and she hadn't changed her mind. On the other hand, she cared enough for him – and only professionally – that it was killing her inside, when he'd talk about the few dates and good times he'd had with Bri, because she knew the girl was just after his money. One day she'd conclude she would tell him, the next day, she wouldn't. Back and forth. Back and forth. She decided not to say a word.

Hamish had been busy meeting clients for work on the weekend, playing golf, or going on dates with Bri. He had noticed Gayle seemed to have pushed away from him just a little, not so much outside the bedroom but definitely inside. It didn't make sense to him. He hadn't treated Gayle any differently, but while she would still orgasm and went above what he asked of her, there was just something holding her back. He was pleased she'd been able to go up two sizes in her anal plug training, and he planned on seeing how far he could push her on that.

But tonight, on his way home from work, he'd been wondering if her aloofness had anything do with Bri. Maybe she was getting back at him because he'd been so jealous at the lawn club and at the pub when they'd gone to Edinburgh. He couldn't help but grin that she was dishing it out as much as she was taking it.

When he pulled up to his house, Jessie was just about to get into her car. "Wait a minute, Jessie, please," he hollered as he parked and approached her. Giving her a quick kiss on her cheek, he asked, "What are you doing here? Did you forget, Gayle and I aren't having dinner tonight?"

"Ah've nae lost mah memory yit, laddie! Ah drapped aff some fruit an' vegs fur th' week end Gayle asked fur."

"Brilliant. Thanks." Hesitantly, he asked, "Has Gayle been acting oddly or unlike herself the past few weeks?"

"Why, nae, loove. She pure impresses me; she's quick as a whip. She'll hae lots ay recipes tae tak' home wi' 'er."

Looking over her face, he frowned at what he was reading. "Jessie, what is it you're hiding from me?"

"Ah didn't want tae brin' thes up coz ye know ah don't pry in yer affairs. Ah hear ye hae anither date wi' Brianna Anderson tonecht. Kelsey knows 'er, an' she's a character."

My little dove is indeed a yapper, I see. I'll put a stop to that. He wasn't happy. He wondered what else she might have told her.

"Character? How do you mean?"

Jessie shook her head and chose her words thoughtfully. "Be careful with tha' one. Guard yer heart."

Jessie had never steered Hamish wrong, so his initial reaction was of trepidation. But he also knew she wouldn't overstep her boundaries with him. But he still wondered ...

"Go oan inside. Ah think there's somethin' she wants tae gab tae ye abit."

Hamish had a whole bunch of scenarios in his head in regards to what Gayle had to tell him.

What has she done? Where does she want to go? Does she want to leave?

After he entered the house, Bessie met him wagging her tail happily. "Hey. Where's your new friend? Is she where she's supposed to be?" he asked as he walked towards the drawing room.

As always, she was kneeling by his chair, head down, hands behind her back, and her nipples beautifully hardened. His drink, mail, The Scotsman, and the chastity belt key were sitting on the coffee table, as usual, and there was really nothing he could quarrel with her about.

"Hello, little dove," he said as he sat down with his drink in his hand. "How are you?"

"Welcome home, Sir," she replied cheerily. "I'm feeling great."

Obediently, she put his slippers on his feet and was about to kneel back down when he stopped her, told her to stand at ease, unlocked and removed the belt. She was petrified the butt plug would plop out, being it was no longer held into place by the metal. Then he patted his left knee. "Sit."

Furrowing her eyebrows, not sure how she was going to do that without the plug coming out of her throat, she sat down carefully and slowly and settled in with a long sigh.

"That was tough, ye? You've done well with the bigger sizes. How is it?"

She nodded. "It took a couple of days to get used to it and most of the time I don't think about it. Just when I sit wrong."

"That's good to hear." He brushed her hair away from her face and trailed his fingertips down her back. "Now, Jessie tells me you have something to tell me?"

Initially she stammered, having difficulty finding the right words without causing a big stir between them. Taking a deep breath, she said, "You know I went to St. Athernase church in Leuchars on my day off the other day, and I was wondering, if it's not going to interfere with my duties, if it would be alright with you if I help with excavating an area of the church? They started a few months ago, and they need someone to catalog the pieces they find, and since I know architecture –"

He interrupted her fast-speaking rant by placing his forefinger over her lips. "Breathe, lass. Of course you can, unless we have something else planned." He put his arm around her waist. "Asking that was hard for you, wasn't it?"

She nodded bashfully and regretfully.

"Gayle, I don't ever want you to hesitate to talk to me. Do you understand? I want you to explore Scotland as much as you can, more than lawn bowling, at least." He chuckled. "I will not give you details, but I have a few things in the works to do just that."

Her body deflated for a split second from relief before she sat up straight again. "That would be nice, Sir. I was nervous you wouldn't allow it. I don't know why, but..."

He let her ramble again, because she was cute as hell with her blushing cheeks. "Stop, now. You don't need to be afraid of me."

"I'm not afraid of you! It's just –" She bit her bottom lip and looked away.

"I have a question for you. When you ladies are making dinner, what do you talk about?"

Gayle's stomach dropped. "Sir, nothing about us! Jessie goes on and on about her daughter and grandkids and her husband, and I tell her about my family and – oh, shit. Bri?" He nodded. "All I said was I'd be eating leftovers because of your date tonight. That's it! I swear!"

He shook his head, cupped her face with his hands and kissed her, reassuring her that he wasn't upset. He was pleased with her that she'd been honest with him.

Once again, while she wanted to melt into him and kiss him back ferociously, she held the heat back and returned just what he gave her. Although the sex was incredible and hadn't pushed her with limits, she still repeatedly told herself to hold back, not to get overwhelmed with the way he made her feel. It was a job, a temporary job. There was no room for romance between them. Her brain knew that, but her heart always said something different.

Pulling back, he said, his voice angry, "Ms. Boyce, I would have expected more discretion from you. In the future, you will keep my business between us. Do you understand that?" He didn't say that as a question.

Nodding emphatically, she fought tears back for disappointing him. "I'm so sorry, Sir. I won't. It's just ... I know this isn't an excuse, but I look forward to Jessie's visits. It's nice to talk with someone."

He finally understood. "Your family, is that why you've seemed distant with me?"

Distant? Is that what you think? I'll keep letting you think that. "Yes Sir."

"Have you been emailing your dad and sister?"

"I have, yes. Thank you. But there's a lot I can't tell them. Catelyn thinks –" Shut up, Gayle!

She had spoken with her sister and admitted they'd had sex but not that D/s, dominance and submission, was involved. Catelyn told Gayle that she had better watch herself with Hamish because she was definitely smitten with him, and they both knew how jealous she could be. Of course she denied it and would always deny it to the ends of the earth. But Catelyn informed Gayle that she'd never seen her blush so easily and talk so giddily when she talked about a boy, or man, in this case. Gayle brusquely ended the Skype connection.

"Catelyn thinks what?" Hamish asked curiously.

She looked at him blankly. "Sir, it's none of my business."

"Hmm. Out with it."

She sighed heavily. "You know how you told me you are a little overprotective of me?" He nodded. "I guess I'm a little overprotective too." God, I hope I said that convincingly.

He smiled warmly at her. "There's no need to be, but it's nice, just the same. Now get the hell off my lap so I can get ready," he said, his voice playful.

Later that night ...

Gayle had been writing in her diary to get her thoughts straightened out from the conversation earlier with Hamish. She tried to tell herself she was being an idiot. It didn't quite work. All the agonizing she'd done gave her a sweet tooth.

"Well, Bessie," she said to the dog, who was curled up at the foot of the bed, "I need some chocolate ice cream." She looked at the clock. "It's only 10.30. Want a treat?"

With the last word treat, Bessie jerked her head up, her ears perked up like she hadn't heard what she thought she heard and was waiting to hear it again.

"Yeah, that's what I thought. Come on."

Slipping on the robe she'd bought on her second afternoon off and slippers, she headed down the hallway, keeping the light off because at the top of the stairs she noticed a light on downstairs and assumed Hamish was having a night cap before he went to bed. Still, she walked down the stairs quietly, although Bessie's nails clicked on the wood stairs.

Almost at the bottom, she was just about to call out his name when she saw from the corner of her eye an odd movement. Stopping in place, she looked and saw Hamish sitting on the couch facing the hall, his head back, his eyes closed. She thought he was ill until she saw the back of a red headed woman – The Bitch – on her knees, her head going up and down, obviously giving him a blow job. Gayle couldn't see whether she was dressed or not, not that it mattered.

Oh, God. Oh GOD! Frozen in place, she couldn't move or even think straight. Instead of retreating back up the stairs or continuing to the kitchen, she stood, in shock, watching The Bitch pleasure her boss. Her stomach churned with anger, jealousy and curiosity.

Suddenly, he moaned loudly and picked his head up as he put his hand on the back on her head and thread his fingers through her short strands.

"You have a very talented mouth," he cooed, though his tone was nothing like he'd ever used with Gayle.

She couldn't be sure if that was a good or bad sign. Her insecurities raged through her as she watched his facial expression, her knuckles turning pure white and painful as she gripped the railing. The look in his eyes was heavy, raw and lustful. Had he ever looked at me like that? She couldn't be sure.

Without warning, he turned his head just enough so that their eyes met. Her heart stopped, and she knew she would die of embarrassment at being caught. She tried to look away but couldn't, even when a broad smile spread over his lips.

Why the hell are you smiling, Hamish? Do you find this amusing? I sure as shit don't!

Instead, she stood immobile and watched them, her eyes locked with his, her heart pounding, her pussy tingling, her undies growing moist. She couldn't see The Bitch's mouth or her lips wrapped around his cock, but she sure seemed to know what she was doing. Hamish's eyes still on Gayle's, his smile grew, and his eyes narrowed.

Stop smiling, asshole! What, you like being watched, you pervert?

"Hmm, slow down a bit. I'm not ready to cum yet, lass," Hamish whispered.

But I'm ready to rip The Bitch's eyes out! Gayle, really?! Jealous much?

Letting go of the railing because her fingertips had become numb, she blinked several times.

Run, damn it! What is wrong with you?, she thought, which broke her spell over the scenario. Running back upstairs, she almost tripped on the top step but caught herself just in time. She slammed the bedroom door closed and threw herself on the bed.


Why are you letting him get to you? And stop pretending you don't care, dumb ass. Stop feeling like this!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

"So, how did it go?" Hamish asked Gayle as she walked into the kitchen that afternoon.

It was her first day recording the findings of the dig at the Romanesque style St. Athernase Church. He was on his way out to play some golf that morning, and Gayle had arrangements to be at the church at nine, so they barely said two words to each about the night before. They both were pretty grateful for that.

"It went great, Sir. I met the Reverend, Robert Martin. I spoke with him for quite a while. I've taken so many pictures. The church is incredible! I'll send them to Dad and Catelyn tonight, if that's okay. Do you want some coffee?" He shook his head.

She made herself a cup and sat down at the table across from him. "Robert showed me drawings of the church shortly after it was built in the 12th century. It's incredible the history here. I mean, America has no more than what, four hundred years? Here, there's Stonehenge which is thousands of years. We don't even have buildings –"

She stopped talking because he was narrowing his eyes at her. "No more coffee, alright?"

Laughing, she took a sip. "Okay. Sorry. It was just nice to meet people and keep my mind preoccupied."

"I can understand that. Did you meet anybody?"

She didn't like his tone at all, and she grew defensive. "What difference does it make? After what I saw last night, you have the nerve –" She instantly bit her bottom lip as her eyes flew open; butterflies fluttered wildly in her stomach. "Sir, I am so, so sorry! I shouldn't have said that."

"No, you shouldn't have. You didn't seem to mind watching, though. I don't take you as a voyeur."

You son of a bitch! How dare you!

Standing, she said, "I'm going upstairs to change." She hadn't realized how brusque her voice was, not that she regretted it.

Just as she got to the door, he said, "No, you're not." Based on his tone, he was livid. She stopped and turned around. Leaning back in his chair, he asked, "Do you realize how disrespectful you are to me right now?"

"Yes Sir, but do you realize how awkward that was for me to see you ... You should have told me you were bringing a woman home."

"Ms. Boyce, you are in no position to demand a damned thing from me. That being said, I hear what you're saying, and I will let you know if I do have company over. Sit," he ordered.

"Sir, with all due respect, no."

"It isn't up for debate, Ms. Boyce."

She was really beginning to hate his use of her surname when he was angry, but she obeyed and sat down across from him. She fought to keep her mouth shut because at the moment she was skating on thin ice.

They stared at the other waiting to see who was going to push first. If she were as intelligent as he knew she was, she would keep quiet. But there was something more to it, he knew that much. First she was upset about catching him and Bri. And she defiantly disobeyed him more than once inside of just two minutes. Then it dawned on him, but he wanted to hear her admit it.

Finally, she broke the silence between them. "I'm sorry, Sir. I didn't mean to get snippy."

That wasn't what he was expecting to hear. "Why did you?"

She sighed and ran her fingers through her hair. "I have no fucking clue. I've got a lot of crap in my head I need to straighten out before I even begin to understand them."

Her voice had gotten weak and ashamed, and she couldn't look him in his eyes. There was so much more she wanted to tell him, but she knew it wasn't the right time.

Leaning forward, Hamish said, "Look at me, Gayle."

She'd already said the forbidden two-letter word, and she didn't dare say it again. Slowly and reluctantly, she raised her head, though it was a few seconds before she could look him in his eyes.

He looked so deeply into her eyes he was probably seeing the wall behind her. His stare was so intense she had to force herself to breathe.

"Be honest with me. Are you jealous?"

Please don't make me tell you! Gayle's heart started to pound. She had to tell him about Bri; he wouldn't allow her a way out.

The question she had to ask herself was, 'Am I really jealous?'

"No, I'm not," she grumbled, though she didn't believe it herself.

"I'm already adding up your punishment in my head for keeping things from me. I suggest you spill it all now."

She could barely look him in his eyes. "Sir, do you want to hear it, even though it's none of my business and it's not my place?" He nodded. "I didn't want to tell you, and I wasn't going to, but...Bri, she, um...Shit."

In one quick sentence, she explained Bri's phone conversation then when Bri ran into her.

He stretched his hands out to her, but she didn't take them at first; it took her a moment before she did. "Hmm. Gayle, I don't ever want you to be afraid to talk to me. But I am disappointed that you didn't. Being honest and open with each other is of high importance to me. I consider holding back the same as lying. Know this, Ms. Boyce, I also expect you to tell me what is going on in your head. For two weeks –" He stopped himself from blathering and telling her he thought he had done something wrong, when in reality he hadn't.

He let go of her hands and leaned back. "Stay," he said as he stood and left her alone in the kitchen.

I'm not a fucking dog, Hamish! Gayle wanted to scream, but she bit her tongue; if she kept it up, she'd had to tongue left. She wasn't sure if he was talking to Bessie or her, but she thought it best if she stayed. If he wasn't back in fifteen minutes, she knew it'd be safe to leave the room.

Stepping up to the bar, he poured himself a drink and took a sip, allowing him a few moments to get his thoughts together. He had expressed he wanted her to be open with him about anything that was bothering her, and apparently she didn't feel she could do that. It bothered him, a lot.

But to be fair, he hadn't been honest with her, either, not that he had to be. When he was getting head from Bri and saw Gayle standing on the stairs watching, for a split second the picture of having both Bri and Gayle together, pleasuring him, watching them as they sucked each other's tits, fucking one from behind as one ate the other out, his cock had instantly throbbed, and he could have come right then and there. Instead, he'd smiled at Gayle.

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