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Arab Prince: Supplier's Wife


The other day I wrote to you about how I came to acquire my Milk Maid Pamela, I hope you enjoyed the story. I let her read it and she said to send you her regards. One of the advantages of having the limitless money that you in the United States have chosen to shower upon me is that I can on occasion use the power of the dollar to get what I want. As an Arab Prince in my thirties I have found that I am often times resented by western businessmen. The following is a true story about how on one occasion I dealt with that resentment and gained enormous satisfaction as a result. Supplier's Wife

Bob works for a major international manufacturing company that supplies rubber gaskets to the oil industry. He is an American based in the southern part of the United States. He is very much a racist and looks down upon those of Arabic descent no matter what their place in life or education. In another age he would have been a member of an organization like your KKK. I have been told by some acquaintances that he calls us Arabs sand niggers behind our backs. I am forced to deal with this detestable man four times a year and each time find the experience unpleasant at best.

In the course of my business I was in Houston for a meeting and had been invited as a courtesy to a dinner party where I found Bob to be also in attendance. I was repulsed by the prospect of spending the evening in social contact with the man until I was introduced to his wife who was one of the most delicious creatures that I had ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on. As you know I have a tremendous sexual attraction to American women generated from my college days in the Midwest. Any man who was in proximity of Mrs. Bob who's name I learned was Kathy and didn't get an immediate erection was running on testosterone empty. She stands about five foot four and weighs I suspect around one hundred and twenty-five pounds and looked like she was in her late twenties. That night she was wearing a black cocktail dress that was low cut and showed off the tops of her full freckled soft bosom. Her long red hair was done up on top of her head revealing a long tender neck. A very generous ass tapered down to smooth white calves that suggested the soft thighs hidden above under her dress. She smiled at me with beautiful teeth though full lips that may have been touched up with collagen. I could not help but wonder what those lips would feel like curled around my cock and the twinkle in her green eyes suggested that she might suspect what I was thinking. "Nice to meet you" she said with a thick southern accent as she shook my hand. It was immediately obvious that she did not have the same feeling about Arabic men that her husband held.

I was in her lovely aura for only a few short minutes before Bob hurried over to make his unwanted presence felt. I excused myself and moved to another corner of the room determined that I was going to, at some point, fuck that woman senseless.

I met a series of people over the next half hour while sneaking looks at Kathy whenever I could. One talkative lady asked me if I knew anyone at the party and I mentioned Bob and Kathy. She proceeded to tell me that she knew them very well and that they had been married for almost three years. Apparently they were wonderful well thought of people in the community. She said it was a shame that they had no children, as they would be such great parents. The woman said that she knew that they both wanted kids and had been trying very hard. She came closer to me and whispered that said she had heard that they had gone to specialists and nothing seemed to be working. A little while later I was getting some shrimp at the appetizer table when Bob approached me. It was obvious that he had had way too much to drink.

He got right up in my face and said, "You insulted my wife you Son of a Bitch." I could smell the alcohol on his breath.

I paused for a moment and then said "I did no such thing Bob and I would suggest that you back off and think about what you are saying". I did not move an inch and within seconds the host and another man who also worked with Bob's company and who had overheard what had happened pulled him away and out the door. He yelled out one more slurred, "You're a son of a bitch" before he disappeared into the night. I caught the worried eye of Kathy as she followed her husband outside to where they had parked.

"I am so very sorry," said Bob's associate when he returned to the room. "Please forgive him, he is under a lot of pressure and behaved abhorrently. Totally inexcusable. I hope that you won't think poorly of our company because of this unfortunate incident." The man was stammering. He knew how important our company's business was to his firm. "I promise to get Bob removed from your account tomorrow and will take his place."

A couple of hours before this that would have been a very well received suggestion but after meeting Kathy I had already begun to work on a plan and Bob being my business contact was an important part of making it work. "That won't be necessary," I said. "Bob knows our business and we would expect him to remain our contact."

"Thank you," he replied. "You are truly an understanding gentleman."

A little while later I paid my respects to the hosts and left the party. The next day I returned to my country and summoned my friend and trusted aid Hamdan. I explained my plan to Hamdan and the part he would need to play and then crafted a letter to Bob's company inviting him and his wife Kathy, through his boss, to my island for a weekend of relaxation with the promise of negotiating a larger contract for additional business that would potentially run into the hundreds of millions of dollars. There was no way that he could not accept the invitation and retain his job. The reply I received was that the timing was bad and that Bob would be able to come but not Kathy. I emailed back telling them to pick a alternate weekend that would work for both of them and I would make arrangements. Without a further out they accepted.

Three weeks later I was lounging on one of the porches that overlooked the beach when my private jet landed bringing Bob and Kathy to my home. They were greeted by Hamdan and his wife Nessiba and taken to one of the guest homes on the island. I retired to the security center off my den and watched the close circuit cameras that were clandestinely placed inside the bungalow. When they were left alone Bob was his normal uncivilized self and that seemed to irritate Kathy.

"Can't you just be nice for once and let's enjoy our stay on this beautiful island" she said to him.

"With the sand nigger?' he said contemptuously.

Kathy simply looked at him and went into the bedroom and closed and locked the door behind her. Bob tried the door, yelled something I did not pick up and then went to the wet bar to make himself a drink. I watched as Kathy opened her suitcase on the bed and then stripped down to her bra and panties. She was spectacular. Nessiba had told them that they had an hour to relax and change before dinner. They would be dining with me in the main dining room of the mansion. It took everything I had to stick to my plan and not simply go down to the guesthouse, kick the shit out of Bob and fuck his wife right then and there.

I was dressed in my finest Arabian Robes when they entered. Bob wore a dark Brooks Brother suit and Kathy was ravishing in a green cocktail dress that made her red hair and green eyes all the more attractive. I wondered how a bore like Bob had ever landed such a delectable woman. As I had asked, dinner was served immediately. I was not interested in meaningless small talk. I had made it clear to Nessiba that I wanted Bob and Kathy's drinks to be kept full and strong throughout the meal. A little something extra, an aphrodisiac of sorts, was to be placed in Kathy's drink. It was nothing nepharious or debilitating, I wanted her fully conscious and aware of everything the evening had in store. It was simply a drug that was very much like Viagra but made for women. The drug increased the blood flow causing a woman's genitals to fill, engorge and blossom. The natural rubbing contact with her panties would create a building need that would be subtle but intense over time. It wasn't long before the alcohol hit Bob and his normal uncouth brashness came bubbling out. The table was set with me at the end and Bob on my left and Kathy on my right. I paid little or no attention to what Bob was saying but was focused on Kathy and how embarrassed she was becoming by his behavior. I also noticed that she was squirming a little in her seat. How a man of his lack of charm ever came to his position was beyond me.

My hormones were charged and I was not going to let my little game play out for long. As I seemingly focused on what Bob was saying I reached my arm out under the table and let my hand come to rest on Kathy's warm left knee. She neither pulled away nor reacted to my forwardness. After a few moments of gently rubbing her soft knee I looked over at her. The look in her eyes was one of panic. It was obvious that she felt like a cornered mouse. Her host was taking liberties that she did not invite and was afraid to repeal. Making matters worse she was feeling an unexplained tingling in her groin that was creating a flush all over her body. Her husband on the other hand was certain to react violently if he suspected that his wife was being fondled under the table. Kathy took in a deep shuddering breath as I quickly slid my hand up her thigh to her panty covered pussy and then back onto the table. I did not dare to look at her but brought my hand to my nose and smelled her intoxicating womanly scent. As Bob started another rambling incoherent topic I looked at her and found her flushed and trembling. She now knew why they had been invited to the island, why I had insisted that she come and what was likely in store for her. She was now not only the corned mouse but also she was looking dead into the eyes of the snake that was going to devour her. Kathy visibly trembled as the reality began to sink in. I was uncertain whether her shaking was fear or anticipation. It really didn't matter much to me.

As the dishes were being cleared away I summoned Hamdan who brought me the file he had prepared and then left the room. I rose and walked around the table to where I could see both of my guests and then threw the file onto the table in front of Bob.

"What's this?" he asked.

"Take a look at it," I answered.

Bob looked at the pages and all of the color drained out of his face. "This is utter bullshit," he screamed as he threw the file across the room. I said nothing. Kathy got up and retrieved the pages and brought them back to the table. Bob sat and drained his drink as she read through the few short documents.

"Is this true?" she asked him. He shook his head. "It's bullshit I told you."

The documents in the file included two letters from Bob's company's main competitor showing that they had twice made deposits in a Swiss bank account of fifty thousand dollars in return for his having subverted two of his own company's contracts in their behalf with oil firms in Azerbaijan. There was a bank statement showing a balance of more than a quarter of a million dollars in his name. Also in the file was an unidentifiable email offering a hundred thousand dollars for screwing up the current negotiation with my company and finally my proposed contract for two hundred and ninety million dollars between my company and Bob's.

"What does all of this mean?" Kathy asked me.

"It means, my dear, that if Bob must this contract back to Houston signed. If he does not then he will lose his job and he will also be looking at criminal charges and some serious jail time." I watched the anger build in Bob and hoped that he would be stupid enough to physically attack me.

"It means nothing Kathy, it is all unadulterated bullshit. Anyone can fake documents. If the authorities ever would investigate this they'd find out that it was all smoke. " He looked at me with a puzzled look. "Why are you doing this, what's in it for you? You know we have the best product and prices. What do you gain by this little drama, this setup?"

I walked around the table to near where Kathy sat. "Bob I despise you and everything that you stand for," I began. "Up until a few weeks ago I was determined, no matter what the price or quality, to go with one of your competitors because of what a shit you are." Bob's fists were balled and I watched him squirm with hatred in his eyes. "The bank account does exist and it can be verified that you have a substantial sum of money hidden in Switzerland. Because of what you have read one of two things is going to happen. One, you and your lovely wife are going to walk out of here in a few minutes, board my plane and return home to the United States. I will release these documents to people who will have a great deal of interest, including your boss, and we will let the chips fall where they may. I guarantee that you will lose everything and go to jail." Bob glared at me with murder in his eyes. "Or you will leave on Monday morning with the signed contract, the other documents will be destroyed and the Swiss money will be yours."

"It doesn't make any God damned sense. What aren't you telling us?" Bob asked.

"While I was in Houston last month I developed an overpowering urge and desire. The last piece of the puzzle is that for tonight and the rest of the weekend I'm going to be fucking your wife and that you're going to watch and not do one damn thing about it." I walked over and rested my hand on Kathy's soft shoulder and heard her softly whimper. "My goal is to totally enjoy her and send her back with you to the United States with my baby planted in her."

"Fuck you," screamed Bob as he threw his glass in my direction missing badly. He ran around the table and threw a punch at my head, again missing. I tripped him and fell upon him pinning him to the floor, I pulled out the knife that I kept in the folds of my robe and pressed it against his throat.

"We can take this further if you like Bob," I said in a calm voice. "The only thing that I like more than fucking a wife in front of her husband is to first beat the shit out of him and then make him watch." My smile infuriated him; his face was red with anger. We were on the floor very near where Kathy sat. Keeping the knife at his throat I reached over with my free hand and caressed her leg. Bob's eyes bulged and spittle formed at the corners of his mouth. "I'm going to let you up, my friend, you'll need to very quickly make a choice."

On his cue Hamdan had come into the room and stood near the door with a Beretta at the ready. I moved away from Kathy and let Bob get up. For almost ten minutes they talked to each other in hushed but often angry tones. A number of times Bob looked over at me judging if he had any other options including trying to escape. Kathy kept her eyes down and looked at no one.

Bob moved away from Kathy and towards me. "You're a fucking dirty bastard and someday I'll get even with you, you can depend on that." He looked back at Kathy who remained, head bent looking at her knees. "You have left us no choice you son of a bitch. Kathy will be with you but I'm not going to watch and you can rest assured that she will not willingly participate. You won't impregnate her because she's on the pill so you can forget that sick idea. Even if you did we'd abort your dirty little bastard. If you get your kicks out of raping an unresponsive woman than the hell with you, you're no kind of man. You'll pay, I promise you."

I nodded to Hamdan and took the Berretta from him. Hamdan left the room for a few moments and then returned and nodded at me. I handed him back his gun that he leveled at Bob. Walking around Bob I went over to Kathy and gently pulled her up from her chair. She was very submissive and in some type of mild shock. She looked up into my eyes. The look was somewhat surprising as it was much more than a simple resignation to her fate, there was also a telling fire of excitement. I leaned down and kissed her passionately on the lips. Her lips were soft, full and delicious and I could taste her sweet breath. She did not resist nor respond. With my hands I grasped her soft firm ass and pulled her tightly up against me. After a few seconds she began to return my kiss and opened her lips to my tongue. I knew she could feel my erection growing against her belly as I held her firmly pinned against my body.

Breaking the kiss I looked over to where Bob stood, mouth agape. "You will watch Bob, there is no doubt about that and I think you have just seen that Kathy is going to be very far from unresponsive." I pushed Kathy down to her knees and freed my cock from my robes. I have a beautiful eight-inch penis that is rather thick. Kathy again whimpered but needed no prodding. She took me into her mouth and began to suck. I watched Bob as his wife devoured me. The look on his face made up for every slight that he had committed over the years.

"Are you on the pill Kathy?" I asked. Her eyes looked over to Bob and she shook her head.

I reached down and unpinned Kathy's red hair and let it fall down over her face and shoulders. She looked up at me with her beautiful green eyes while she ran her tongue along the length of my cock and then licked the purple plum head.

I reached down and gathered the woman up and into my arms. Bob and Hamdan followed me out of the dining room up the stairs and into one of the guest rooms. The room is very plush and focused around a huge king sized canopied bed with a couch along one wall. Hamdan stood at the door with his pistol and motioned for Bob to sit on the couch. I quickly stripped Kathy of her clothes and laid her on the bed where she curled up on the pillows like a cat.

"Take your clothes off" I ordered Bob. I wanted him stripped of his dignity and I wanted to be able to see his physical reaction when I fucked his wife in front of him. He was quickly becoming resigned to his fate and complied without question. When he was naked and seated back down on the couch I walked over to him and let my robe fall to the floor. My cock stood fully erect and out from my body. I looked down and saw that Bob too had gained an erection but that it was pitifully small by comparison. No wonder he hadn't impregnated his lovely wife.

I crawled onto the bed took Kathy into my arms and began to kiss her lips. I made sure than she was on the side of the bed nearer to Bob so that he would be able to watch and not be shielded by my much larger body. She lay on her back as I kissed her and began to fondle her breasts. My erection lay throbbing on top of her right thigh. I kissed and sucked on her neck leaving red love bites around her throat. Kathy moaned as I kissed the contour of her tit before taking her nipple into my mouth. I chewed on her nipples and then sucked on her tits leaving bite marks and hickeys. I continued down her body until I reached the juncture of her thighs. Her pussy was red with arousal and framed by her natural red pubic curls. She was wet and I could smell the magical scent a woman exudes when she is in heat and ready to be fucked. I licked the inner portion of her thighs, chewed on her tender skin and marked her again.

"Oh God," she said and her body trembled as my tongue made contact with her pussy at last. I licked hungrily at her juices that had seeped out and covered the folds of her entrance before I dipped my tongue into her hot cavern. Kathy arched her back and began to play with her tender nipples as I devoured her pussy and cunt like a hungry man who had not eaten in days. I could tell that she was getting close and began to concentrate on her clitoris and slipped two of my fingers into her as her first orgasm swept over her and she cried out with pleasure.

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