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Arachnid Lover


NOTE: All characters are fictional and are over 18 years of age.


It squirmed, fighting the confines of the strong gossamer barrier in a desperation that was all too familiar. And entirely futile. A ritual, spanning centuries, was about to commence. Muffled sounds of fear were audible through the pearly silk but it was of no concern, for soon the cries would change to something very much different. Soon it would be a new kind of struggle, a tense and practiced, ritualistic dual that would end far better than this being might imagine. The silken threads contracted ever so slightly with each strain, closing tighter around it and restricting all but the subtlest of movements. Once firmly in place, it held fast, binding to near stillness. It was only then that she deafly drew near.

Her lithe form glided effortlessly along the silken strands of her web to one of the cocooned objects. Her form was elegant and deadly, seductive and horrifying. Four glossy, jet-black legs danced beneath a lean and distinctly feminine stomach that sported not two but four more limbs, two from just behind her ribcage and the last pair from her shoulders. As she moved along the super strong ropes, she might have been compared to mythical centaurs of old with the body of a young and exquisite woman atop four legs. However, such a comparison held little true similarity. She had a sweet youthful face with rich brown short hair hanging just below her human shoulders. Beautiful supple breasts graced her slender torso, bare and open to the cool air sporting small taunt nipples. A soft and youthful face with a belied innocence set atop a graceful neck. Her eyes were black with purple irises that sparkled in moonlight. The human half was a seductive and beautiful image to behold. Smooth lean muscles of her stomach continued down to the glossy black torso and abdomen of an arachnid.

Four jointed but sleek straight back talon like appendages of a hardened exoskeleton spread beneath her. Likewise both pairs of arms, resembling a human's up to the point of her forearm formed the same sharp exoskeleton talons. The two just below her ribs often walked close to the level of her lower limbs, helping her balance, while the semi-normal arms handled whatever prey she trapped. Her prey varied depending on the time of year. Despite consuming the occasional animal, she fed mostly on humans, more precisely on human males. Although males tended to be more attracted to her pheromones, some females became drawn to her traps as well. She preferred males as they tended to be easier to consume and dispose of. Human males provided for all her most vital needs: nourishment and mating material. She needed human sperm to fertilize her eggs. She examined the silken prison, checking to make sure he was thoroughly immobilized.

She sensuously lowered her body and rubbed her chest from his midsection to his face, enjoying the pleasurable touch of his silken prison as it caressed her nipples. Thin twin white liquid trails lightly wet the silk as her nipples leaked their venomous fluid in response to the stimulation of her movement. She was hungry to mate and that always aroused her to the point of barely controlled lust. Sliding back down his confined form, she noted with pleasant excitement that the first dose of her venom was beginning to have the desired effect.

She'd found him as he'd stumbled along the road toward the outskirts of the city, quite intoxicated. Her nudity combined with shadow had made it simple enough to ensnare him. In his drunken haze he'd been all too eager to touch and taste the nude beauty tempting him. She'd projected an image of herself through her pheromones. He had seen a completely human, completely nude, and completely interested woman. He'd eagerly kissed her, drunkenly groping at her body. She maneuvered his mouth to her breast where he sucked at the nipple, a sweet liquid filling his mouth. He'd unthinkingly drank it down, feeling an entirely pleasant sensation as if her milk were a delicious and potent wine. He'd felt light headed, then dazed, then completely passed out.

She'd carried her prize back to the underground cavern that was her domain, stripping him completely. She'd gazed upon his body with true enjoyment; he was a strong and young specimen and his manhood was larger than average. Her limbs caressed his body gently as she rolled him around, wrapping his naked form in the strong silky cocoon.

She caressed the silken casing gently. He would father her many children. Her kind only bore females, and then only once every fifty years. The urge to mate had steadily grown and she began searching for the perfect match to her needs. She smiled knowing the pleasure that was in store for her prisoner. He would enjoy the final journey beyond pleasure most men ever dreamed possible.

The effects of the venom had three functions, each essential to her mating needs. Initially the venom caused mild paralysis and unconsciousness in the prey, allowing her to carry them back where she could prepare them, but this paralysis was very temporary. Second, the venom served as an erectile enhancement, giving un-natural stamina. And lastly, it served as a stimulant, causing a human male's semen production to increase exponentially.

She was a whispered legend and had lived in this secluded cavern for nearly twenty-eight years undisturbed and undiscovered. This was only the third lair she'd resided in, moving when her food sources grew too scared or too scarce. During the times in between mating she was able to stretch her food supply out, hibernating for months at a time without the need to hunt. When she'd settled in this cavern, she'd been leery of how close it was to the city. Fortunately, she'd discovered that the city was a hub for many trade and travel routes and the danger had been long out paced by the constant flow of travelers. Since locals only ventured from the city on travel, it was weeks before any of them were missed.

A moan drew her attention. He was awake now, but unable to move, trapped beneath the layers of spider silk. Two of her legs wrapped around the back of the cocoon while she used her arms set to work on the front of the gossamer mass. She used her delicate limbs to expertly make a small opening in the silken wrapping. Talons made especially for their work, maneuvered delicately, easily pulling back weaves of thread, layer upon layer until she was able to find what she sought. She shuddered with delight at the visage before her.

The venom had taken full effect and a smile tweaked the corners of her mouth as she looked down at the now exposed flesh. She'd created a perfect opening through which his straining erection now penetrated, throbbing, thick, and extremely hard. Her venom, once fully absorbed by the body was metabolized as a stimulant. Once fully absorbed into their system, it had the effect of an erectile stimulant, causing full and intense erections that lasted for hours, hours that he would spend in unparalleled pleasure.

She gazed upon the thick flesh of his male prowess, hoping that he would be the genetic match she needed. With Amazingly delicate movements she used a talon and caressed his straining cock, brushing against it as she stretched the opening slightly, freeing his now swollen sac. She was always fascinated by the different shapes and sizes of her mate's cocks. Brushing a talon over his swollen sac elicited an involuntary shudder from the cocoon and she smiled. He was fully awake and the featherlike movements of her talons upon his cock made it jerk and spasm, creating a crystal clear droplet of precum at its throbbing tip. The erectile stimulant combined with the soft silk of her web made for an undeniably strong aphrodisiac, awakening all the erogenous zones of the body. The sticky silk tugged and yet slid along his skin, like tiny touches all along his skin.

She slid down his body, not touching his cock, until her face was directly over it. Her tongue darted out and harvested the tiny morsel of fluid, drawing it back into her mouth. The effect was immediate as she felt her whole being become charged with hunger and her sex suddenly flooded with moisture. The taste of a human male's precum told her volumes about their virility. He was in his prime. She tasted high levels of testosterone flowing in his body and knew her venom concentrate it a hundred fold.

The flavor registered in her mind to contain most of the needed elements, but she wouldn't be certain until she tasted his seed. She could tell from the potent unique flavoring that he'd not cum in over a week, a rarity in men this young. His abstinence would make her venom's effects far more intense and he was no doubt in pain from the intense pressure building steadily in his groin. She watched as the tip oozed clear seminal fluid, his body already unable to contain the production of sexual juices. Her excitement grew as she wrapped her mouth around the head of his cock. It was time to see if he was the one.

As her soft lips, wet with saliva closed around the bell head of his cock, his body tensed and she heard a gasp of unexpected pleasure erupt from the silken cocoon. The shaft jerked again as more of the sweet fluid traveled the length of his cock and into her now gently sucking mouth. Each movement was accompanied by his cock jerking, shuddering again and again and oozing the sweet flavored precum into her waiting mouth. She savored in the exquisite taste of him. She had never found anything as delicious as a human male's cum. She could feel her own arousal grow with each taste of his throbbing prostate. Again and again, she sucked him gently, feeling the lurching pulse of his cock as she sucked his precum from within him, urging it onward up through his super sensitive shaft.

Each surge of clear fluid only served to arouse her more, but she still maintained her gentle steady sucking, ensuring that she kept him at in constant state of stimulation, milking his prostate of its delicious, and over flowing syrup. She would take her time, such tests should not be rushed. She could hear groans of agonized pleasure muffled by the cocoon. This was only the beginning of the pleasure she would draw from him. She listened to the moans, gasps, grunts or cries of her mates, delighting that she could at least give them this pleasure in return for giving her offspring life. She didn't need to need to go through such extensive measures with her prey between mating seasons, but it was always more effective.

Her mouth, still fastened over the head of his cock, continued its gentle wet contortions, working around the engorged sensitive flesh and building the pressure constantly. She felt the slow but consistent flow, feeding on the trickle of clear fluid pulsing in almost a steady rhythm from his body. She loved feeling the trembling ecstasy of each as they drew ever closer to the brink of eruption. The scent of his impending release flared intensely and the cocoon began to tremble as the man within felt his body sailing beyond the limits of his control. He didn't consciously surrender complete control to the sensations, but instead was swept away within a torrent of building sensation. Pleasure overwhelmed fear, it overwhelmed thought, it overwhelmed their entire being. Around the flesh of his cock, she smiled.

It was time for the final taste test. The swollen orbs in his sac rose into place, lifting to either side of the root of his cock and a muffled strangled moan erupted from the silken cocoon. It was time. The skin around his balls tightened, holding them tightly in place. Subtle contractions played upon each as the process began. Vast complex networks of nerve endings recorded every surge, every twitch, every sensation that played across the smooth skin of his sac. Thick cords of nerves traveling the length of his shaft to head of his cock radiated with human sexual energy. The combination flowed like a flash flood up his spine into his mind consuming everything in its path. The smooth skin around his balls tightened rhythmically, gently squeezing the orbs within, pushing his seed along the thin inner tubes. Her senses were far more acute than her mate's. Time seemed to pass slower in her mind. She observed his orgasm with delight, viewing it from all eight perspectives.

There was a split second as sexual energy peaked and all his motion ceased, when time ceased for him. His release consumed him, bathing him in un-paralleled relief and at the same time overwhelmingly strong tension. As energy radiated forth from his cock, she breathed deeply. She opened her mind, linking with his neural energy and followed it back, up his senses and into his mind. Images assaulted her drawn from his own soul as he naturally neared what the French called "La petite mort," the little death. It was the point where his soul was on the verge of separation from his body. Few humans knew how close they were to dying each time they were brought to a true climax. She felt it as he released his essence, pouring it from his core. Had he been much older or weaker his soul might have flowed along with his milky white seed. She pulled just enough to link into his mind.

All her talons were covered in the tiny sensory hairs allowing her to feel vibrations of the slightest degree. She slipped a talon into the bottom edge of the hole, touching gently behind his sac at the knot of tensely coiled muscles. The touch initiated his orgasm. She felt it start, smelled the scent of him grow thick and musky. The muscles beneath her touch hardened and then pulsed rapidly. Her lips slipped down below the crown of his cock and she rubbed her tongue from side to side. He grunted loudly as she felt a lump form at the base of his shaft and race up his length, like water in a pressurized hose. The head of his cock flared up and blasted the first thick serving of cum into her waiting, sucking mouth. The burst of fluid cascaded against the back of her throat and she could taste and smell his seed. Her tongue, the tip thing and pointed, slid into the opening at the tip of his dick and increased the pressure as his cum had to surge past it. She liked to insert her tongue into their cock and feel the cum as it slid over and around her taste buds. Over and over, each rope of white liquid raced up his cock like a ball too big for its tubing and exploded from the throbbing head. The shaft and root flicked up and down visibly as his young body pumped her mouth. She knew he'd never cum this much in his life and by the shaking silk and the images in her mind that he was in euphoria. She sucked, feeling eight surges of hot fluid erupt from the tip of his cock, flowing around her tongue and filling her mouth. Her mouth was much larger than any humans and she left her jaw relax, stretching it down to accommodate his spurting member.

Moans and tremors of delight raced through her as she pulled the viscous spurting liquid into her mouth greedily, enjoying the fresh semen. There was nothing like the warm, jelly like texture of a man's cum. She sucked and sucked pulling through his cock the white liquid as though it were a straw of pressurized human seed. She shuddered as the taste of his virile seed filled her mouth. She released his cock, letting the thick taste and scent of him permeate her taste buds. His cum was sweet and she didn't wish to swallow it so quickly. She swished it about in her mouth shuddering in pleasure as the taste confirmed his complete compatibility with her eggs.


Anthony awoke in a sweat, he wasn't cold, but his entire body felt wet. He tried to clear his head, to think of what had happened and why he couldn't move. He opened his eyes but couldn't see anything. With a sudden surge of panic, he realized his face was covered. Despite anything he did, he couldn't move, but found that he could still breathe. He'd never been so alarmed before. He thought about it and realized that the strange feeling of déjà vu had come over him. This was the second time he'd woken in this tight, dark place. Slowly, he began running it over in his mind.

He had been at the pub. He'd drunk too much after finding Stacy with Darren Braggart. He'd walked to her house with a newly purchased gold band, ready to ask her to be his wife. She'd not answered the door and upon hearing her cry out farther back in the house he raced to see what was the matter. He found what was the matter. Darren lay beneath her, pants around his ankles as Stacy, making a show of it, bounced up and down on his dick. The site had stunned him. The sight had been like a kick in the gut. He couldn't believe eyes.

He'd run from the room, straight to the pub. He'd sat at the stool, white as a ghost and demanded the strongest ale the barman had. His memory became rather foggy after his sixth shot of the bitter tasting swill. That was his last memory before this darkness. From then, it was nothing so much as the best nightmare he'd ever had.

He'd awoken with a raging hard on. He'd felt the material of his restraints touching his whole body and realized with a shock that he was completely naked. He'd then felt movement and the soft touch of something working at his bindings. The thought of being free was at the forefront of his mind. That thought had vanished when the movements had freed his aching cock. Soft feminine lips encircled him and he'd forgotten how to speak. He'd received the most intense and sensual blowjob of his life, which he wasn't truly able to compare as he'd never been sucked by a woman.

When he'd cum, it had taken his breath away, driven his mind to an empty nothingness. He'd been momentarily lost in the flow of his own pleasure, feeling a rush of energy build within him and then exploding out in the most intense orgasm ever. For that moment, he'd forgotten his pain, forgotten everything but the pleasure. He longed for that blissful moment again.

"What is your name?"

Anthony nearly jumped out of his skin, had he actually been able to move he might have done so. He tried to turn his head to sound of the voice. He muffled a reply, but found that the covering over his head, prevented adequate sound from escaping his mouth.

Similar to the time before, he felt the tension in his bindings loosen, this time around his face. His chin was suddenly freed up to just above his nose and he smelled the scent of a musty underground cavern. The material still tightly covered his eyes.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. What is your name?"

He didn't know why but the voice was almost soothing. The melodic tones, he assumed, must belong to a beautiful creature. Unaware as to why, his fear was drawn away. He had been ready to demand to know where he was and why he was bound, but those things seemed to be far away. He found himself answering the question.

"Anthony Swenson." He said, croaking slightly.

"Anthony..." the voice seemed to roll his name on her tongue. He felt a shiver run down his spine. "Are you afraid?"

He was about to say he was when he felt a gently caress on his cock. He felt his cock throb and ache. A flash of memory suddenly rose up and he remembered with clarity the pleasure he'd just experienced. He felt all his senses suddenly heighten and a wave of pure arousal flooded through him and filled his cock and he felt himself leaking, oozing out of the tip.

The voice came again, melodic and soft. "Are you afraid, Anthony?" He stammered. "I, uh...well...." The caress continued, softly gently movements stroked along his sensitive shaft and ran around the edge of his cock. "I'm not...exactly....sure." he finished, a shudder suddenly moving through him.

"Does this," he felt another caress, in tandem with the first begin to stroke him, the two made him tense and then shudder again, "hurt you?"

He almost shouted "No."

Suddenly he felt lips encircle the head of his cock cleaning the leaking precum that was once again oozing forth from his body. It felt delicious as the pressure was eased by her sucking. He could feel her pulling the precum up his shaft, relieving the ache behind his swollen dick. He could feel her tongue working around the edge of his cock, running along the ridge of sensitive nerves on the crown of his penis. Her tongue was long and thin and wrapped around his cock, sliding effortlessly up and down, caressing him like a soft and slippery hand. He felt something touch the tip of his cock and then slip into it, twisting and twirling down nearly half of his shaft before it became uncomfortable. At the mere discomfort it back up and again massaged his cock from within and the tongue wrapped around it continued to glide around and up and down. He felt his cock spasm and nearly came again, but a soft pressure at the base of his cock stayed his orgasm.

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