tagSci-Fi & FantasyAramil and the Testing Ch. 01

Aramil and the Testing Ch. 01


Aramil Liadon, elven ranger, hurried to his Tree Mother's abode quickly. She had summoned him and he did not want to lose any time if he was needed. A summon from the Tree Mother was very important indeed.

Dashing across the small village that marked out his home of forty years Aramil saw her treehouse. He was well used to his surroundings and yearned for more. He might have been forty years old but for an elf that was still very young and was the equivalent of being about twenty years old in human terms.

Still, Aramil knew that twenty year-old humans were often considered old enough to strike out on their own and he wished that his Tree Mother would decide he was worthy of leaving the forest. For you see, an elf was not permitted to leave his clan's grounds until he was allowed to do so by the Tree Mother. Even his or her own parents were not given the responsibility of making that decision - it was settled upon by the head of the clan called the Tree Mother.

This was also not the only problem on Aramil's mind. Ever since his two days spent in the company of the beautiful half-elf Narlissa he had found himself almost constantly horny. He would need to give himself release at least twice a day or else he would start to become so horny that he would make a fool of himself. He had only done that once and luckily no one bar the one woman he had propositioned had found out. He was lucky she had accepted his advances at the time.

Indeed, Aramil had found himself quite in demand all of a sudden. In the aftermath of his time with Narlissa he had grown so horny that he had been more forward with some of his close female friends than ever before but for some reason they were very willing to accept those demands. Elves were a very free-minded people when it came to sex and so he had already experienced the women in his close circle of friends once or twice before, but never with the regularity that he now found himself fucking them.

He hoped that Lohr was not about to chastise him for that. He could not think of a reason that she would but even so it played on his mind as he reached her treehouse. When he got there he knocked on the door.

A few seconds later the door opened and Lohr smiled up at him. She looked as gorgeous as ever and Aramil's cock twitched at the sight of her but he suppressed the horniness that tried to take hold. It would do him no good at all to start making a move on the Tree Mother. His close friends was one thing but the clan leader was another entirely.

Even so he could not take his eyes off her. Her jet black hair fell about her shoulders and her brown eyes mirrored her warm smile. She was wearing a simple green dress that had a slight amount of cleavage from her large breasts which were pushed up by the garment. Aramil knew she was almost seventy years old. That was the equivalent of thirty-five years old in human years since elves aged half as fast.

"Ah, Aramil," she smiled, then waved past herself. "Please come in."

He nodded and stepped into the room beyond. It was grown into the tree itself as all of the homes in this elven village were but it was still spacious. Elves were masters of bending trees into shapes that suited their wishes but that did not mean all elves did so - many elves lived in cities or away from forests.

Lohr came to stand beside him then and smiled. She motioned for him to take a seat. When he had done so she sat opposite him. Aramil resisted the urge to try and stare down her generous cleavage.

She seemed to collect her thoughts for a moment, then spoke. "Aramil, it has come to my attention that you are... enjoying the fruits of adulthood with many of the young women of this settlement."

Aramil went cold. "I am sorry, Tree Mother," he stuttered. "I will stop. I did not mean to cause any problems."

The beautiful elf laughed, waving her hand dismissively at him. "Do not be foolish, young man. You are doing nothing wrong. No, I have called you here today because your actions suggest to me that you may be ready to become a full adult. You are ready to take the Testing."

Aramil gasped. the Testing was the ceremony that all young elves in the village had to undergo to be considered adults and allowed to leave the village. Of course, he could leave the village at any time but if he did so before undergoing the Testing then he would be an outcast. Narlissa had convinced him to stay and earn the right to leave rather than simply run away.

"I am honoured, Tree Mother," he said at last.

The elf stood then and paced around the room. She smiled at him. "Do you know what you must do?"

Aramil shook his head.

"You must pass four tests, or challenges if you prefer, to be considered an adult. They are not known in advance. You must approach the people whom I tell you and they will instruct you as to what you must do. The challenges may not be easy. Are you ready for this, Aramil?"

He nodded again. "Yes I am."

"Good," she grinned. "Then you may start immediately. Your first test will be administered by Treyvon. Good luck, Aramil."

Aramil thanked the Tree Mother and hurried from the house. Treyvon was the local bowsmith, a man of immense skill. Aramil wondered what it was that he had to do. He practically ran across the village to the man's house.

Treyvon grinned as he saw Aramil arrive and spread his arms wide. "Ah, our newest challenger arrives. Tell me, Aramil, do you know what it is you must do?"

Aramil shook his head. "No, master Treyvon, I do not. The Tree Mother said I would find out when I arrived."

"Excellent. You are to find for me a length of wood ideal for bowmaking, Aramil. It must be suitable for a perfect bow, strong yet supple. That is your task."

"You are undertaking the Testing, Aramil? You did not inform me of this," said a sweet voice and Aramil turned to the source.

His cock twitched as he saw Treyvon's daughter, Polissa, smiling at him. The young woman was around Aramil's age, if two or three years younger. She would have been nineteen or so by human standards. Her brown hair was back in a ponytail and her blue eyes practically shimmered. She was wearing a brown skirt and white shirt. Even in such simple clothes he could tell she was gorgeous with a slender body, long legs and lovely big tits. She was about 5'2" in height - average for an elven woman - and she was also one of his closest friends.

"I did not know that I was until only a short while ago, mistress Polissa," he responded, bowing. He had to maintain an air of formality in front of Treyvon despite the fact that he and Polissa were very close. Indeed, only yesterday the beautiful young elf had been naked and sobbing with ecstasy as he stuffed her full of his cock from behind.

Such thoughts set his blood aflame and he found it hard to focus on what Treyvon was saying to him. The bowsmith explained exactly what it was that made a piece of wood perfect for bowmaking so that Aramil would know what to look for but he was not listening. Instead he was remembering what Polissa's velvet cunt felt like wrapped around his cock and wishing he was fucking her. All the while Polissa stood in the doorway and smirked at him.

"So you understand what it is you must search for?" the bowsmith said at last.

Aramil swore silently to himself. He had no idea what he had just been told. But he could not ask Treyvon to explain it all again so he simply agreed. "Yes, master Treyvon. I know what to look for."

"Excellent!" said the elf, clapping his hands together. "Then good luck, young Aramil. I'm sure you'll do fine."

Aramil left the man's treehouse with a clouded mind. Clouded partly because he knew he now had to find something he had not been listening to the description of, but mainly because his balls cried out to be emptied. He knew he would have to find somewhere private to give himself release.

"So, you know what to look for then?" Polissa said behind him and Aramil turned to face her. She was grinning at him with a naughty glint in her blue eyes and he could not lift his stare from her magnificent figure.

"Not really, no, but I shall have to figure it out." He shrugged.

Polissa laughed. "Oh, Aramil, you are predictable. I saw the look in your eyes whilst father was explaining to you what you needed. You were not listening to him; you were thinking about fucking me. You had that same look in your eyes yesterday. Do you remember yesterday?"

"Yes I do."

"I'm glad. I'm not sure I shall ever forget it, myself. I came so hard, Aramil. I almost passed out I was coming so hard. So I'll make you a deal, between friends."

His balls twitched. "Oh?"

"I have a length of wood that matches father's description perfectly," she said, slinking towards him with a smirk. "I took it from his storehouse almost five years ago. It is ideal and he will be delighted."

"And what do you wish in return?" Aramil responded.

"Make me come like that again, Aramil. Please."

He was not about to deny her that request and seconds later they were kissing. However they were out in the open and so did not kiss for long. Instead, Polissa grabbed his hand and started running for the edge of the village. When they reached the outskirts the beautiful brunette elf woodwalked and soon Aramil found himself a good distance away from the settlement. They would not be disturbed here.

Clearly that same knowledge came to Polissa because seconds later she was kissing him again. She crushed herself against him and Aramil could not help but reach for her shirt. It did not take him long to have her naked in front of him and she made sure to undress him at the same time.

Aramil took in the sight of the stunning elf for a moment before suddenly she sank to her knees. She grinned up at him as she reached out to grasp his cock.

"If you are taking the Testing, Aramil, you may not be among us for much longer. It would be remiss of me if I did not kiss your cock goodbye."

She smirked as she sucked his head between her lips and let her tongue swirl around his length. Aramil moaned, reaching out to stroke his hands through her silky brown hair as she started to bob her head on his member. It felt amazing and he knew he would miss Polissa's blowjobs if he were to pass the Testing but he hoped there were many more women outside of the forest who would also enjoy sucking his cock. And if there were not, he would simply return and seek out Polissa again.

But for now he was not thinking about the future. Instead he was thinking about the gorgeous naked elf who was on her knees in front of him and he knew that he wanted more. He guided Polissa back to her feet and she smirked as he bent her round against the nearest tree. She placed her palms on the bark then pushed her ass out towards him. Aramil did not take long to be easing his cock into her hot pussy.

She moaned at the feeling and pushed back against him. Aramil grabbed her supple ass and slowly started to pump. He knew that out in the world he would meet many other races, not just elves, but he hoped that they were all as happy to have sex with him as the elves in this village were.

He was soon moving his hips quickly as his cock slipped easily into the bowsmith's daughter. Her moans were loud in the quiet forest and he enjoyed the sound of her vocalised pleasure. She looked amazing too bent over with her palms on the thick treetrunk. Her brown ponytail swung with the force of her sex and so did her large breasts. He could not resist the urge to lean forwards and grab those lovely mounds, squeezing and kneading them as he fucked her.

"Oh yes, fuck me like that, Aramil," she moaned insistently. "Make me come again!"

He did as he was told, speeding up his thrusts until his hips slapped noisily against her ass. Her whole body shook with the movement and he carried on gripping her big tits as her cunt started to narrow on his member. He knew the moment was near and from the tightening of his balls he could tell that he was not far away either. With a final grunt his felt his cock spasm.

"I'm coming! Yes!" Polissa shrieked at the same moment, her pussy pulsating on his member as an orgasm ripped through her. He could tell she was coming just as hard as she had the day before, if not harder, and the thought of her immense pleasure pushed him over the edge. Rope after rope of his hot cum sprayed powerfully into the beautiful elf's depths where it mixed with her cunt juices and leaked out around his member.

At last their climaxes faded and Aramil pulled out of Polissa. She turned to him with a giggle and quickly dressed. Together they woodwalked back to the village and minutes later she snuck back to him with a length of wood he knew was perfect for bowmaking.

He grinned. He had to return to Treyvon.

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