tagSci-Fi & FantasyAramil and the Testing Ch. 02

Aramil and the Testing Ch. 02


Aramil Liadon, elven ranger, smiled as Treyvon praised him. The bowsmith was turning the length of wood over in his hands and staring at it wide-eyed. Clearly he was delighted in the wood that Aramil had found.

Except of course that Aramil had not truly found it. Instead it had been given to him by Polissa, Treyvon's daughter, on the condition that he fuck her. She now stood in the doorway smiling naughtily at him, the secret safe with her.

But Aramil did not have time to linger on those memories for long. Soon enough Treyvon had set aside the length of wood with another stunned mumble before turning back to Aramil.

"Aramil, that is the best length of wood I have seen in years. It is fantastic, perfect for bowmaking," he said, shaking his head in wonder. "Yet you are not done. You must still construct the rest of the bow and for that you must head into the forest. You will need to find something to serve as a string and you will also need something such as an oil or balm in order to treat the wood."

Aramil bowed. "Very well, master Treyvon. I shall head into the forest at once."

Treyvon laughed heartily. "You do not need to go alone, Aramil. I have been told that Ranger Lucia is waiting on the outskirts of the village for you. She will take you further."

Ranger Lucia was one of the elves who guarded the forest. The village took the protection of the forest very seriously and there were always a few rangers who patrolled and defended it. Often they did not return to the village for weeks at a time but they all enjoyed their role. For a while Aramil had considered joining their number when he had taken The Testing.

He thanked Treyvon and left the man's treehouse, before turning and walking to the edge of the village. If Lucia was waiting for him he did not want to delay her.

He saw her under the boughs of a great tree and she smiled pleasantly at him as he approached. Aramil smiled back and could not help but look her up and down. He hoped she did not notice.

She was beautiful. Her blue eyes sparkled with warmth and her curly blonde hair fell loose about her shoulders, her pointed ears sticking up through it. He had never met a non-elf (those closest he had come was Narlissa who was a half-elf) and he thought he would find it very odd to see other races out in the world without pointed ears.

She was of average height for an elven woman, probably about 5'1", and the equivalent of a human in her late-twenties. Her armour was tight enough to reveal her large breasts and slender body. She wore tight leather pants that were stitched at the side and leather corset that pushed her cleavage upwards. Aramil had no doubt she wore it for the comfort, protection and agility that it provided but he could not help appreciating it for the wonderful view instead. A long cloak and leather bracers and boots completed her outfit.

"Good afternoon, Aramil," Lucia said then.

He smiled at her, his blood heating up at the prospect of spending some time alone with this beautiful blonde elf. He knew that nothing would happen between them but that did not stop his cock from twitching at the thought of it. He did not know why he was suddenly so horny all the time but he could not complain about it.

Lucia seemed to know all about his task but that did not surprise Aramil. After all she would surely have been informed about why she was leading him to the woods. Aramil was grateful to have some help at least.

They set off into the woods and Aramil enjoyed their pleasant conversation. They journeyed deeper into the forest as the day wore on and Lucia explained to him that she could not help him complete both of his tasks but as long as he did not tell anyone she was willing to help him with one of them. There was a tree in the forest that produced the most amazing sap that could be used for treatment of a bow. Whilst she was sure that he would discover it on his own she thought it would simply be quicker if she showed him.

Aramil was grateful for that but he was even more grateful that she was so gorgeous. As the afternoon turned to evening he slowly grew more and more horny. Whilst he tried to be subtle about it, Lucia was stunning and he could not help checking her out. He knew he would have to disappear into the trees at some point and relieve his horniness otherwise he would probably embarrass himself.

After a few hours of travelling they found themselves standing in front of a great tree. Lucia gestured towards it.

"The tree I discussed," she smiled. "Though I'm not sure how much you were listening. You seemed to be staring at my ass for most of the journey." She winked.

Aramil stuttered in surprise. Lucia laughed, waving him towards the tree. Ignoring the embarrassment and sudden horniness that flooded into him at her words he climbed the branches. Drawing a vial from his pouch he cut a small hole in the tree with his knife and allowed the sap to drip into the vial. He did not want to take too much so when he felt he had enough he smeared his finger over the hole so that the sap would dry up and seal it.

Then he climbed down and Lucia smiled at him. It was starting to grow dark.

"Well, we should make camp for the night," Lucia said matter-of-factly. Aramil could not disagree. They had travelled far in the forest that day and even if they woodwalked it would take a few hours to return to the village. Besides, he had not yet found something suitable for a bowstring and so could not return to the village anyway.

"I agree," he said, starting to set up his tent. He noticed that Lucia did not bother with her own.

"I will deal with my tent when I have set the fire up," she laughed, clearly noticing his expression. "First, I want to get some warmth and light in the forest, however."

She disappeared into the trees and Aramil continued to set up his tent in the darkness. Whilst as elves they did not need the fire to see the same way that a group of humans would, it still provided warmth and kept wild animals away. Elves could see in the dark much better than humans but that did not mean they always preferred it.

As he was setting up his tent he wondered what to do about his horniness. He had only let it get this bad once before and on that occasion he had propositioned the first woman he found. Luckily she had said yes but he did not think Lucia would be so receptive. Deciding that coming onto Lucia would be a very bad idea he resolved to disappear into the trees and get himself off when she was busy with her tent.

Soon his tent was ready and he waited for Lucia to come back. His mind raced with images of himself and the beautiful ranger fucking in various different positions. He groaned under his breath. He only hoped he could avoid making a fool of himself for just a few moments longer. Then he saw movement and Lucia returned with an armful of dry deadwood. Within a few minutes she had prepared a small fire in front of his tent. She turned to him and smiled.

"I should probably set my own tent up," she sighed, glancing behind her to the space opposite the fire. "It seems such a daunting task this late at night."

Aramil's cock saw its chance. Before he could think, he had blurted out a response. "You could always share mine."

Her eyebrow rose and she smirked at him. "A generous offer, Aramil, even if it is a very forward one. But why should I accept? You are nearly twenty years younger than me."

He felt his cheeks grow flushed with embarrassment, yet could not stop himself from answering. It was as if his member was thinking for him. "Because age is an irrelevance when two people are fucking," he practically growled. "And you are someone I would very much like to fuck."

"You have such an elegant way with words," Lucia laughed teasingly. Yet a glint seemed to have entered her blue eyes and Aramil's cock twitched when suddenly she started to slink towards him. "But your words are not inaccurate. You are right, Aramil, it is maturity, not age, that makes the difference."

She reached him then, stopping in front of him and staring into his eyes. His cock throbbed with anticipation as she continued. "And from the way you looked at me earlier, I would say you have matured very well indeed..."

She kissed him then suddenly and Aramil groaned as he returned the motion. Her kiss was hungry and passionate and it seemed to Aramil that her lust was almost as pent up as his.

He ran his hands over the blonde elf's body for a while before finally deciding to take things further. He found the clasps to her armour and it did not take long for him to peel most of it from her body. She did the same to him and soon he found himself naked before her. Her eyes dropped to his erect cock and her lips parted in clear anticipation.

Aramil spun her round, then lowered her to the fur-lined floor of his tent. He slid the last of her underclothes from her slender body and then simply enjoyed the sight of her naked. He could scarcely believe that this was really happening and so resolved to enjoy the moment for as long as he could. Her long limbs and big tits all cried out equally for his touch and attention but he knew what it was he was going to do.

He pushed her legs apart and dived forwards, eager to show her just how mature he really was. Lucia cried out in pleasure as his tongue found her folds and her blue eyes rolled back at the feeling. He licked and kissed and caressed every inch of her delicious pussy before sliding two fingers into her cunt. She moaned, reaching forward to grasp his long blonde hair and he glanced up to see her staring intently down at him. Pleasure was overcoming her and she rubbed her hips back against his face. It took no longer than a few minutes before she orgasmed hard against his tongue, her juices seeping out around his mouth and her cunt spasming against the two fingers he had buried inside her.

When she had recovered from her climax he kissed his way back up her body, making sure to give extra attention to her lovely big tits as he did so. Soon he was resting on top of her and she tugged him down hungrily for a kiss.

She grasped his shoulders and rolled them both over until she was on top of him. Then she broke the kiss and sat upright, lifting her hips and grabbing his hard cock. Her wavy blonde hair cascaded messily over her shoulders and back.

"Now, let us see if you truly are ready to pass the Testing, Aramil," Lucia smirked as she lined herself up with his cock, then the expression turned to one of intense pleasure as she lowered herself onto his stiff dick.

"Oh yes, that's so good," she sobbed and her eyes rolled back slightly. She rested there a moment with Aramil's cock buried inside her tight cunt before finally opening her eyes and staring down at him. Lust shone in her blue eyes as she started to move her hips and it did not take her long to be riding him with passion.

Her big tits swung on her chest at her movement and Aramil could not help but reach up and grasp the wonderful globes. They felt amazing in his hands and he squeezed them as the beautiful blonde elf passionately rode his member.

"You feel so good inside me, Aramil... you're going to make me come!" she cried out, rolling her hips back and forth frantically. She had hunched forwards slightly and he let go of her breasts to instead let his hands rove over her glorious naked body. The feel of her soft blonde hair and hot skin drove him closer to the edge. He started to thrust powerfully in unison with the movements of her hips and knew he was only moments away.

Their cries were loud in the otherwise quiet and dark forest but Aramil did not care. The chances of someone else being near were incredibly slim but even if that were not true he was too caught up in the moment to be bothered by it. Lucia's cunt had started to narrow on his member and he knew she was about to climax.

"Fuck yes!" she screamed out seconds later and he could feel her body starting to spasm. He knew she was coming hard around his cock and the shriek torn from her lungs only reinforced that. He suspected she had never come so hard in her life and that thought pushed him over the edge. His jizz spurted from his member and fired deep into the ranger's cunt.

At last the moment passed and Lucia slumped down on top of him with a delighted giggle. She kissed him before rolling away.

"You are definitely ready for Testing, Aramil, after making me come like that," she laughed. "I shall have to make sure to experience you again before you leave the forest."

Aramil grinned. He liked the sound of that.

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