tagSci-Fi & FantasyAramil and the Testing Ch. 04

Aramil and the Testing Ch. 04


Aramil Liadon, elven ranger, woodwalked through the forest with delight. He had both the sap and the bowstring that he needed and knew that there was only one challenge left for him to complete the Testing. He was so close he could almost taste it.

As he pressed on he regretted not bringing his horse. He knew it did not change things too much but he would have been quicker on horseback. Still, woodwalking made the distance feel much shorter whether he was mounted or not.

The day stretched on as he journeyed through the wilderness but he did not slow down. He knew the village was not far away and he intended to get there before nightfall. The sooner he got to the village the sooner he could pass the Testing and leave the forest to explore the world. That thought filled him with excitement. He wondered what he would find beyond the borders of the forest.

Suddenly he realised that someone had recently passed through this way. He had been so caught up in his thoughts that he'd almost missed the signs but they were there. He quickly worked out which direction they had been travelling in and hurriedly set off after them.

It was not so much that visitors were not welcome in the forest but they had to be guests of the elves. Sometimes humans wandered in and the rangers had to escort them back to the edge of the forest. Aramil had never seen any of these travellers but he wondered if he would find some now.

He followed the trail for a while and seemed to be getting closer and closer to the person or people causing it. Then he caught sight of a figure ahead and quietly approached. He moved past them and ahead of them so that he could wait for them to pass and get a good look at them.

The figure did not seem to know he was there and soon they came into view. Aramil's jaw almost dropped.

It was an elven woman, probably in the equivalent of her late-twenties, and she was stunning. She was quite tall for an elf, he guessed around 5'4", and her black hair was worn in a bob with a straight fringe that framed her lovely face. Hazel eyes stared ahead as she strode forwards.

What caught his attention the most however was the armour she wore and the figure it revealed. Her thighs, stomach and upper chest were left bare by the metal armour. He could tell immediately that her tits were huge, and the sight of her glorious body made him instantly horny.

He had never seen such impractical yet sexy armour and could not keep his eyes from the figure that it revealed beneath. He was so preoccupied with how amazing this woman looked that he did not notice when she stopped.

"You hide well, young man," she said and he realised with a start that she was staring right at him. "But not quite well enough to avoid me." She grinned, spreading her arms wide. "I am Korali, member of this clan, and I am travelling home. And you are?"

Aramil coughed and stepped out of the undergrowth. He bowed hurriedly. "I am Aramil, also a member of this clan. I apologise for spying on you, but I had to make sure you were a friend of the elves."

"Well, I'm certainly that," she laughed. "I remember you, Aramil. You were but a child when I left this forest, no more than twenty years-old."

Aramil was nearly forty years-old now, though as an elf that made him the equivalent of twenty in human terms. Elves aged and matured half as fast as humans. When Korali had left he had been only ten years-old in human terms.

Suddenly he remembered her leaving ceremony. Korali had been one of the youngest members of the clan to ever pass the Testing and strike out on her own. She could not have been more than eighteen in human terms when she left the forest.

"And I remember your ceremony now, Korali," he said. "You were the youngest elf to pass the Testing for a generation."

The dark-haired elf laughed again. "You flatter me with such reminders, but yes, that was me."

"Have you returned since?" he asked. He did not remember her doing so.

She shook her head. "I have not, but there was no rush. I am enjoying myself out in the world. I have risen to the rank of captain in the Golden Band - an elite mercenary guild. Whilst I appreciate my childhood here, it is no longer my home. Yet, I was passing the forest and could not resist visiting to see friends and family."

Aramil was surprised at that. Whilst he had every intention of leaving the forest to explore the world he did not think he would ever consider anywhere but here as his home. He always intended to return when he'd had his fill of life away from the clan.

"I see you find that a strange thing indeed," Korali smiled. "Perhaps when you pass the Testing, you will find your opinions of the world change, too." Then she paused. "Or have you taken the Testing already, Aramil? You have a set about your shoulders that speaks of maturity. If you have not, you surely will soon."

Aramil grinned. "I am undertaking it now. In fact, I was returning to the village with my challenges completed when we met."

"Congratulations then!" Korali laughed. "I am delighted for you. I remember you as the adventurous child no one could keep still. Exploration will suit you." Then she raised her eyebrow at him. "I also remember thinking that your cheekiness would evolve into flirtatiousness as you grew into a man. I see I was right about that, too - you seem incapable of keeping your eyes from my body, Aramil."

Aramil spluttered. "I am sorry, Korali. I meant no offence."

"Now I never said I took offence," she said, lifting her finger to playfully chastise him. "I do not rely on bulky protection to survive in combat. My armour may be revealing but it also meets my needs. Besides, I like the way it draws the attention of handsome men, something it seems to be doing right now." She placed her hand on her hip and cocked her head. "Does it draw your attention, Aramil?"

The position seemed to push out her giant tits. His veins further heated with lust.

He nodded. "It does. But that is hardly surprising - you are gorgeous."

"And you have grown into a very attractive young man," the dark-haired elf grinned back. She looked thoughtful for a moment before continuing. "How far do you think we are from the village?"

"About twenty minutes at this pace, I would say."

She nodded. "I agree. And when we arrive, the place will be busy. You shall have completed the Testing, and I will be returning for the first time in years. We will be surrounded by friends and family."

"Indeed we shall."

Korali looked at him and smiled naughtily. "Then I shall have to take advantage of our current privacy, because I do not know when I will get you alone again."

"Privacy?" Aramil said, stunned.

"Yes, privacy. It has been days since I last had sex, Aramil, and I have grown extremely horny in that time. I want you to fuck me, and I can tell from your stares that you want that too."

He could scarcely believe his pointed ears. Korali was very forward with her intentions especially since they had only just met. Yet he could hardly complain. Not when it led to him fucking her.

She stepped towards him, staring up at him with hunger in her hazel eyes. "You might think I look good in this armour, Aramil, but I look even better without it." Then she grabbed his head and roughly pulled him down for a kiss. Clearly she had not been lying when she spoke of her pent-up sexual need.

Aramil kissed the dark-haired elf back and let his tongue push into her mouth where it duelled with her own. His hands wandered over the exposed skin of her revealing armour but he knew that he wanted to see more. Korali pushed him away with a grin and reached behind her to start undressing.

Aramil took the opportunity to pull off his own clothes until he was soon naked in front of the warrior. Her eyes seemed to devour his body and he could tell from her breathing just how turned on she was at the sight of him. She sucked in her breath excitedly as her eyes fell upon his raging hard cock.

Then the last of her armour fell away and she was naked too. Aramil could only stare on in lust at the sight of the beautiful elf, her dark hair framing her face and her huge tits hanging free. They did not sag in the slightest but instead called to his hands. He grasped them happily and kissed her once more.

This time Korali grabbed his shoulders and pushed him to the floor. Soon Aramil found himself on his back with the dark-haired elf standing above him. Then she knelt down, straddling his waist and kissing him again. Once more his hands found her giant tits - he did not think he would ever get tired of playing with them.

Then Korali pushed his head down and started to slide up his body. Aramil grinned as he knew what was coming and soon enough Korali had positioned herself above his face. He reached up to wrap his arms around her hips and tug her down onto his mouth. Soon he was hungrily devouring her cunt whilst she sat on his face.

"That's so good, Aramil," she cried out as he hungrily lapped at her delicious cunt. He teased and licked her wonderful pussy for a good while whilst the elf moaned and writhed above him. She stared down at him with passion in her eyes and his cock twitched when she grabbed her huge tits and squeezed them. Minutes later, her hazel eyes rolled back and he knew she was coming. Her juices leaked out around his face as her orgasm erupted inside of her and she screamed out her pleasure into the wilderness.

When the climax had passed she grinned breathlessly at him, then slowly slid down his body until she was holding herself above his cock. She grabbed his length, smiling naughtily at him, then settled down.

"Oh fuck your pussy feels so good," Aramil groaned as her cunt drew him in, clutching and stroking him every inch of the way. Korali too was overwhelmed by the pleasure and a delicate sob was drawn from her lungs at the feeling of him slipping inside her.

For a moment she rested there until she started to bounce her hips. Aramil stared up at the gorgeous elf and almost immediately started to thrust in unison but Korali did not seem to care. Indeed from her yelps and moans of pleasure she enjoyed the way he met every downward stroke of her hips with a thrust of his own.

Aramil let her ride him for a few minutes as he stroked her body until eventually he could take no more. Reaching up he pulled her down to him, kissing her passionately. She moved willingly and Aramil enjoyed the feeling of her huge tits pressed against his chest in the new position. At once he started to hammer his cock into her tight cunt and at once it had the desired effect.

"Oh yes, I'm going to come!" Korali screamed, and Aramil groaned into their kiss.

He could feel her pussy tightening on his member and he also felt the twitching in his balls that meant he was about to come. His cock yearned to pump this beautiful elf full of jizz and she seemed eager for the same thing. Her hazel eyes clouded and moments later she came.

"Fuck me!" she shrieked as her cunt clutched at his cock. Her eyes went blank as if she were coming so hard she could barely think and Aramil knew that was probably the case. His seed exploded from his cock at the same time, his orgasm pulsing through him in blissful waves. Their juices mixed together in Korali's core as he continued to come into her climaxing pussy.

Eventually the pleasure faded and Korali giggled at him. She pushed herself upright and his cock slipped free from her wonderful cunt.

"That was exactly what I needed," she winked.

Then she climbed off him and within a few minutes they were dressed again. Despite their brief pleasurable interlude they both needed to reach the village.

Soon they were woodwalking again. Aramil was almost home.

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