tagSci-Fi & FantasyAramil and the Testing Ch. 05

Aramil and the Testing Ch. 05


Aramil Liadon, elven ranger, stared at the items in front of him. He had one final challenge left to complete the Testing - assemble the bow using the parts he had found.

Treyvon stood behind him on one side, with Lohr the Tree Mother on the other. They watched him intently. Also watching him intently was the crowd that had gathered the moment he had returned to the village. The elves of the village knew that they were about to witness another of their clanmates coming of age. It was an event for all to enjoy.

Aramil was pleased to spot Polissa and Korali amongst them. Korali had gone to find her family the moment she had arrived in the village but she had since returned to watch him. The only disappointment was that Lucia had indeed returned to the forest. Part of him would have enjoyed seeing all three women he had fucked over the past few days in one place.

He took a deep breath, then started. He knew what it was he had to do - every young elf knew how to construct a bow, even those who would not go onto use one in everyday life. His nerves stemmed from the large crowd and the knowledge that if he made a mistake he would ruin the precious materials he had brought back.

Even so he worked diligently. He treated the wood with the sap he had brought back then carefully attached the string. He heard Treyvon sigh in wonder when he picked up the string and knew that the man was overawed by Aramil's acquisition of dryad hair.

Nonetheless he had soon finished the bow. He picked it up. He had one last thing to do. Reaching for an arrow that lay on the table, Aramil nocked it and drew back the string. The crowd grew hushed. Then he released the tension and the arrow hurtled towards the target, hitting the bullseye.

The crowd erupted in cheers and Aramil grinned. He had done it! He had passed the Testing, collecting the parts for and then constructing a wonderful bow. Even he was impressed at his handiwork. The bow was truly magnificent and he knew it would serve him well in his journeys outside the forest.

As he basked in his glory he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned to find Lohr smiling at him. The dark-haired Tree Mother gestured for him to follow and he did so willingly, knowing that she was leading him to the centre of the village for the ceremony. The crowd followed.

As they walked Aramil took the time to stare at Lohr's ass through her dress. She was gorgeous and he was horny, but he suppressed the desire that coursed through his veins. He would have time to find a willing partner later.

Soon they had arrived and the crowd gathered round as Lohr summoned him up onto a raised plinth. It was the platform used for village council meetings and other important events. He followed her up, his family and friends making sure they were at the front of the gathered group. Aramil smiled at them.

Then Lohr raised her hand and silence descended again. She smiled at him.

"Aramil Liadon, you have passed the Testing, and are free to leave the forest. You go with our blessing, and we will welcome your return. Well done."

The gathered crowd cheered as Lohr handed him a small pouch of gold and then to his surprise the Tree Mother kissed him on the cheek. He was even more surprised when she whispered in his ear as she did so.

"Come to my house in ten minutes."

Before he could ask her why she had stepped away with a broad smile on her face. There was something else in that expression too and his blood heated up at the sight of it. Aramil forced himself to be sensible. There was no way that the Tree Mother was making a move on him.

Then she stepped off the small podium and left him alone up there. He grinned at the gathered crowd then stepped down. His friends and family showered him with hugs and congratulations and then he found himself being praised by other members of the village. It truly was an event for the whole clan.

Korali was standing at the rear of the group, grinning at him. As the crowd dispersed he approached her and she mock-bowed. "Congratulations, Aramil."

"Thank you," he beamed.

"So, you have passed the Testing, and are free to explore the world. Where will you go?"

Aramil paused. He did not really know. He had always thought he would simply strike out in one direction and see where it took him. He shrugged.

"You do not have a plan?" Korali laughed. Her hazel eyes flashed with amusement. "You remind me of myself, Aramil. I did the exact same thing, but I swiftly grew bored."

"What did you do then?"

She beamed at him. "I joined the Golden Band, and rose through the ranks to captain. I wish I had done so sooner."

"I will keep that in mind."

"Good. And if you ever decide to try your hand at noble work, seek out our headquarters in the capital of these human lands. Find me and I will help you join. You are young, strong and skilled, Aramil. You will do well there."

He thanked her graciously again then they parted. Korali joined the group of villagers still milling by the podium and Aramil made his way quickly to Lohr's treehouse. What could she want with him?

When he reached the building he knocked on the door. It opened, though Lohr stayed behind the door and did not reveal herself. She seemed to be very secretive as if she did not want those outside seeing her. He stepped through.

"I'm glad you came," she said as she shut the door and Aramil turned to face her. Then he gasped.

She had changed out of her usual garb into a flimsy black garment that was almost see-through. Her large breasts pushed upwards through the low neckline and it was so short that her lovely long legs were revealed almost in their entirety. Aramil was not sure he had ever seen someone wearing something quite so deliberately sexy. He had certainly not been expecting the first person he did see wearing something like that to be the Tree Mother.

"Hello Aramil," she said sultrily, smiling naughtily at him. "Do you like what you see?"

He nodded. "I do, Tree Mother, but-"

"Call me Lohr," she said, interrupting him. "You are an adult now, Aramil. A very attractive adult. I have been waiting for this moment ever since I heard about your exploits with the young women of the village."

She slipped towards him and he could not keep his eyes off her. She was gorgeous. She was the equivalent of a thirty-five year old human and his cock already strained against his leather armour at the sight of her.

"And now that you have proven your maturity to the Clan there is no longer anything to stop me... enjoying you. Let me celebrate with you, Aramil. Please."

She kissed him and he did not hesitate in kissing her back. Whilst part of him could not believe this was happening the rest of him acted on instinct. He had often dreamed about filling Lohr with his jizz and now it seemed he was finally going to do so.

Then her hands were on his armour and she hurriedly undressed him. Soon he was naked. Her mouth twisted into a wicked grin at the sight of his body and she pushed him roughly towards her bed in the corner of the room until he thumped down on top of it. Then she clambered on afterwards, kneeling by his waist and smirking up at him as she sucked the tip of his hard cock into her mouth.

Aramil groaned as Lohr sucked his cock. She was amazing at it though that did not surprise him - she was amazing at everything. More importantly she looked fantastic doing so and he could see straight down the cleavage of the loose negligee that she wore. Her black hair fell messily about her face as she bobbed her head passionately on his length and pleasure coursed through him at her work.

He remained that way for a while whilst the Tree Mother devoured his member. Her brown eyes shone into his and her own horniness was evident in them. He could tell that she was as turned on as he was and it seemed to Aramil that she was enjoying giving him this blowjob almost as much as was enjoying receiving it.

At last he could take no more and he reached down to guide Lohr up. She did not need telling and she pulled her head from his cock and kissed him deeply, moving to straddle his waist. Aramil watched on in awe as she slid the black negligee from her body, her black hair cascading over her naked shoulders and revealing her body in all its glory.

His cock was desperate to be buried inside her cunt and Aramil did not intend to deny it. He wrapped his arms around Lohr and rolled over until she was lying on her back beneath him. She did not seem to mind the new position and as he pushed himself upright and reached for his member she spread her legs wide. Her pussy looked fantastic and he was soon sliding inside her.

"Oh fuck, Aramil," she sobbed out as he sank into her tight cunt. It felt magnificent and he was soon thrusting passionately into the gorgeous elf. Her brown eyes shimmered with lust and loud moans issued from her lungs every time their hips collided.

Aramil simply decided to drink in this moment. He was not ashamed to admit that he had thought of Lohr many times when pleasuring himself as a young adult and to think that he was actually fucking her almost made him come right there. But he knew that he had to savour the moment and so instead he drank in the sight of the absolutely stunning Tree Mother as she writhed in ecstasy at the relentless assault of his cock.

Lohr's bed shook at their passionate fucking and Aramil briefly wondered if the villagers had noticed he or Lohr were missing. Even if they had noticed Aramil was sure they would think things were far more innocent than they were - no one would believe he was actually having sex with the Tree Mother.

He could scarcely believe it himself but the tightening in his balls told him it was real. Lohr stared up at him in lustful desperation, her magnificent cunt starting to narrow on his cock. Her naked body seemed to tense in anticipation of the huge orgasm he knew was building inside her and he intended to help her get there. He was not far away either and with that thought in mind he sped up his thrusts until he was fucking her with abandon.

"I'm coming!" she shrieked out seconds later and her brown eyes glazed as she twitched. A ragged scream was torn from her lungs as her body spasmed in the throes of such an immense orgasm. The sight of his Tree Mother coming so hard pushed Aramil over the edge too and his seed sprayed powerfully into the elf's shivering cunt as his own climax arrived.

It seemed to take a long time for their orgasms to pass but eventually they faded. When they finally did Aramil slumped down on top of Lohr. She pulled him in for a passionate kiss.

"That was worth the wait," she giggled as he rolled onto his back.

He glanced over at his Tree Mother. Suddenly he wasn't so keen on leaving the forest.

Lohr seemed to read his mind. "Oh, Aramil, you can't be considering staying now? No, you must explore the world. See new sights, meet new people, fuck as many women as you can. I will be here when you return."

She stood and Aramil watched on eagerly as she climbed back into more normal clothing. Now that he knew what she looked like underneath those dresses he found her even more sexy. But he could not lie on her bed forever. He had to go back outside.

Soon he was back with his friends and family and enjoying his celebrations. He knew he would depart in the morning, to set out on a new adventure and leave this forest for the first time.

He couldn't wait.


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