tagLoving WivesArbor Side Ch. 01

Arbor Side Ch. 01


Arbor Side
Part One

Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Starting over

The Napolina Couple

The Seduction

The Dance


Surveying the Damage

Chapter 2

After Shocks

An Arrangement

The Date

An Involuntary Exhibition

Like a Horse

Chapter 3

Sorting It Out

Putting It Back Together

Road Ahead

Hello Mister Whip

Round Two

A previous story An Affair in Curley, takes place prior to this story but I don't feel it is necessary to read the stories in any particular order. It is my opinion they and following parts will stand alone. If you disagree I would like to hear from you.

These stories are about Jo Ann Bancroft a southern lady that was brought up "right" and her dealings with her sensuous nature. There is exhibitionism, pain, and plenty of sex but there is a story too.

As a male writer I have often wonder how women feel about these sex stories. It has become my goal to write something that women relate to.

If you are a female I would like your criticism. Tell me how far off I am. Whatever your opinions, I will appreciate you reading it.

Arbor Side
Chapter 1

Starting Over

Conner and Jo Ann arrived in Arbor Side as refugees from the small Louisiana town of Curley where they had been raised and where they had lived for almost forty years. Everyone in Curley knew that Conner had an affair early in their marriage and that Jo Ann had later fallen in love with the music director at the local Methodist church where she worked. Jo Ann and Conner got over it but the good town folk still enjoyed talking about it.

Eventually the couple decided they would like to start over in another location and when opportunities presented themselves in Arbor side they made the move.

There are all age groups in Arbor Side, some older folks who own the houses and apartments and a lot of students and young professionals who rent from them. The youngish professors and grad students and their spouses lend a very non judgmental element to the community.

In Curley there had been an epidemic of divorce in the years before Jo Ann and Conner decided to leave. First one, then two, then 10 and so on of friends, relatives and acquaintances headed for the divorce courts. Couples accepted divorce as the norm. It had become frightening..

Any time a wife said, "we need to talk", a cold chill ran down her husband's back. Perfectly compatible and even happy couples joined the parade. Friends were influenced by friends and kin by kin. There didn't seem to be an antibiotic that could stop the epidemic.

In Arbor Side Jo Ann and Conner found escape from the attitudes of Curley. With the more liberal attitudes came acceptance of spouses wanderings outside of the marriages. Infidelity was not a cause for divorce.

The Napolina Couple

Mariana and Marco Napoleon were an attractive couple. They had lived in the United States for almost 10 years and spoke English flawlessly even if with a definite accent. Mariana was trim and petite with coal black hair and nice curves. Her breast were small but well proportion to her body. Marco was over six feet and had not put on the weight that so many men just reaching forty had. Like Mariana his hair was black and shiny also.

They didn't quiet fit the standard academic mold in Arbor Side but they fit in nevertheless and were always on the guest lists for parties and soirées. If the gathering was staid and conservative, which didn't happen often they seemed to fit. If the evening was edgy and racy they still seemed right in place.

Mariana taught at a kindergarten up above Lancing Cross Road. She had a natural smile that turned on at the least provocation and everyone always felt it was directed at them especially. Working with children as she did her vocabulary and expressions seemed always direct at a youngster. Older people didn't seem to mind that they were being talked to like children, such was Mariana's charm.

It wasn't altogether clear what Marco did but it didn't matter he seemed to handle it with no attendant problem to the point that what Marco did was never much of a subject. How he charmed the ladies was discussed more often by both men and women. Charm them he did.

It was little wonder that Jo Ann and Conner also were embraced into Arbor Place society. While they were possibly a year older than Mariana and Marco they were nevertheless an attractive couple. It wasn't surprising that the two couples were mutually attracted to each other.

After encountering each other at several parties Jo Ann received a call from Mariana inviting them over for a Friday night dinner for just the two couples. Jo Ann accepted without even checking with Conner and Conner later agreed there was no reason that he would not want to spend an evening with the Napolinos. The dinner went off exceptionally well with lots of witty banter and smiles all around for everyone.

It went off so well that they agreed to attend a symphony together on Sunday afternoon. After that they toured the art galleries together and nearly every free event that came to the park that summer as well as showing up at the parties as a foursome.

Jo Ann was not working at present and Mariana took to dropping by for coffee on Saturday mornings and whenever she could arrange it. Jo Ann and Marian became best friends and as best friends do they exchanged personal and intimate secrets. Soon Jo Ann learned that Mariana didn't know for sure what Marco did but because she didn't know she assumed it may not be socially acceptable. Mariana learned that Conner had had an early affair and only a few years ago that Jo Ann had been in love with a co-worker at her church
Soon Jo Ann was carrying Mariana's daughter to dance class and filling in to pick her up after school. Jo Ann saw the child so often that a bond began to form.

When the couples would come together there was a lot of hugging all around as they greeted and again when they parted.

The Napoleon and the Bancroft were hitting it off quite well, thank you very much.

The Seduction

On a particular Saturday afternoon as the couples were getting into Conner's car to go to a local festival Mariana crawled into the front with Conner rather than getting in the back with her own husband. Nothing was said and Jo Ann sat in the back with Marco. Thereafter that became the routine arrangement with the spouse of one sitting with the spouse of the other. A seemingly innocent gesture between friends starting a slide down a slippery slope. When they arrived at the festival
Mariana stayed with Conner and Jo Ann walked with Marco. Before they left the festival they had taken to holding hands as they walked.

That evening when leaving a restaurant, where they had spent over an hour enjoying drinks and a nice dinner , Jo Ann slid in beside Marco and instead of merely sitting with him as before she burrowed under his arm. Mariana slid over by Conner and pressed against him as she watched and chatted with the couple in the back seat. At one time, with Mariana watching, Marco let his hand drop down on Jo Ann's breast. Jo Ann let it rest there for a brief moment before taking it an enveloping in in both of her own hands and smiling at Marco like he was a favorite but wayward child.

Conner had followed what was going on in the back seat in his rear view mirror and old feelings of jealousy were beginning to rear up when Mariana placed her own hand on his thigh. Stronger feelings overcame the feelings of jealousy in the form of a rapidly rising cock which caused a noticeable tent in his lap. Mariana for her part was tempted to reach over an pet the protrusion but at the last minute decided not to escalate what was becoming a seriously charged sexual atmosphere.

Mariana suggested they go back to their house for drinks. Conner and Jo Ann quickly agreed. When they arrived the couples remained wrapped up in each others spouses as they left the car port and climbed to the patio. Jo Ann remained nestled under Marco's shoulder as they approached the patio and the petite Mariana wrapped her arm around Conner's waist and snuggled closer to him now that he wasn't driving. Electricity from four sets of hormones raging like teens ricocheted off of each other. The atmosphere was so heavy it was getting hard to breath.

Conner and Jo Ann were instructed to make themselves comfortable while Marco prepared drinks.
"Why not dance for us tonight. " Marco suggested to Mariana. "put on one of your gypsy costumes. You know the one with the harem pants"

Mariana disappeared into the house without replying. Conner notice a disoriented look about her as she was leaving. He too felt a little disoriented from the tension that had set in. Jo Ann too had a different look about her and Conner was afraid it was the same one he had witnessed over the years when she was sexually aroused. But why should she not be aroused since Marco had fondled her breast all the way home. Conner himself was trying to calm a cock down that wanted to be seen and heard from. Only Marco seemed in control although there was a lot of something heavy hanging in his pants.

Mariana returned almost as Conner, Jo Ann and Marco we taking the first sips from their drinks. She had changed into harem slacks made from see through material which sexily show cased a pair of beautiful shapely legs. Only a thong under the pants kept her from appearing naked from the wast down. The shirt she was wearing wasn't in keeping with the pants but she had left the buttons unbutton and only held it together with the shirt front bunched and knotted in front. Mariana wore no brassiere since her breast were firm so now very large nipples pressed against the shirt fabric.

"Where is mine, " asked Mariana indicating the drinks. Conner and Marco almost collided as they sprang to their feet to accommodate her. Marco acceded to allowed Conner the opportunity of serving Mariana and quickly returned his attention to Jo Ann.

With her drink now in hand Mariana sat near enough to Conner to lean on him as she sipped her drink. Not much was said as the drinks began taking their effect. In a few minutes though the alcohol kicked in and light meaningless banter began. Conner was painfully aware that the delicious lady next to him was almost naked from her shirt down. Even in the dim light her skin under the harem pants had a luminous glow.

The Dance

Marco went to the sound system controls and started a middle eastern sounding music. He quickly returned to Jo Ann's side and even before he was seated Mariana arose and started moving to the music. Conner and Jo Ann, individually had both been a little apprehensive about coming back to the Napoleon's house with the sexual tension that clouded the two couples but now they sipped their drinks and began to relax and enjoy themselves.

The music along with the Movements of Mariana slowly began building the tension again. The thin gauzy material accentuated her nude body underneath. Her shirt seemed out of place and less sensuous even though it had been tied up in front to uncover a large expanse of midriff. Marco observing the incongruity arose and moved to Mariana and removed the shirt exposing her bare breasts.

Mariana's breast were not large but were nicely proportioned mounds. In her current state of arousal the nipples stood large. Marco smiled fondly at Mariana as he handed her shirt to her. Mariana looked back at him almost like a women lost of her senses and quickly threw the blouse aside.

The effect the dance and the music was greatest on Mariana herself. And now with the added thrill of having her breast exposed she became more aroused. Her heat was contagious and all three observers found themselves heating up as well.

Mariana swayed and swirled to the music. Marco's hand dropped to Jo Ann's breast and began a slow loving, messaging. Conner stared in fascination at the scene unfolding in front of him, the sensuous gliding and jerking of Mariana an the sight of his wife across the room having her breast's violated and making no move to stop it. For his part Conner's cock protruded out in front of him and throbbed like a sore toe.

At one point Mariana lost track of the music and stood almost stationary with only a slight sway. She took a stance with her legs spread wide and hips pushed in front. Her head was thrown back as she seemed to be convulsing. It was obvious she had used the music and dance to reach a climax.

Across the room from Conner, Marco gently pushed Jo Ann forward encountering no resistance and ran his hands up the back of her blouse and unhooked her brassiere. When she once again leaned back against him he put his hands under her blouse and began fondling her bare breast under the loose brassiere. Jo Ann lay her head back against his shoulder and started taking large gulps of air. Considering Jo Ann's sensuous nature Conner knew that Marco would be able to take her over the edge by merely squeezing her nipples in her now aroused state.

As Mariana finished her own orgasm she slowly started to dance once more but after only a moment she glided over to Conner and leaned back against him not realizing how his cock was sticking out in front. She quickly readjusted her position and leaned back and smiled at him as Conner rested his hands on her bare hips. Mariana immediately took them and placed them on her bare breasts. Now almost breathless Conner commenced to give her the same massage that Marco was administering to his own wife's breasts. Rolling the nipples between his fingers once again brought Mariana towards a climax. Realizing her state she took Conner's hand and in a tone that was not a question but a statement she said to Jo Ann.

"Ann I need to borrow Conner for a while," and started pulling him towards the door.


Jo Ann for her part simply stared wide eyed at the departing couple without making a reply.

Mariana almost drug Conner down a hallway and pulled him into a large room. To Conner it seemed like an ordinary bedroom. It was only moments later that Conner realized that the room had a sliding divider and that there was another bed in the same room. Mariana almost attacked Conner as she pulled his mouth down to hers and kissed him hungrily. Conner ran his hands around her bare back but for the most part let her lead the way. That way very quickly led to his belt buckle and she started clawing at it in her haste to drop his pants. Seeing the urgency Conner stripped off his shirt and kicked off his shoes . Mariana dropped her pants and very quickly the only thing standing between them was Conner's very hard and pulsing cock.

"I need it now" Mariana breathed and fell back on the bed with her arms and legs spread wide.

Mariana was a small girl and in looking at her slot Conner imagined that penetration would neither be quick or easy. With Mariana's fingers spreading the opening he was able to push the head in and the intense heat and fluids allowed the rest to slide in with only a minimum of stretching and no discomfort on either of their parts.

With Conner's cock settled in its' natural position in the steaming hole Mariana breathed a sigh of contentment and said, "just hold me for a moment".

It was a good thing because if Conner had started any movement he would immediately empty his cock into her such was his state of arousal. For a short while they lay like that kissing like two teens and with Conner working Mariana's breasts and trying not to further excite himself. Mariana twisted and turned under him as she sought another release.

Very soon Conner heard Marco and Jo Ann come down the hall and enter the room from the other end. It was only then that he realized it was one room and they were only separated by a thin room divider. With his cock buried in a delicious and desirable woman Conner realized that he was about to be present while another man fucked his wife.

Their kissing stopped as Conner lay entangled in Mariana's arms and legs. They lay quietly as they listened to the sounds coming from the other side of the divider. Jo Ann was making soft moaning sounds that Conner well recognized as Marco disrobed her.

"Ah, Jo Anna my darling," he purred as he slowly removed each garment, "you have such lovely breasts, you are so wonderful, you are so beautiful. I want to fuck you for the resta da night, I canta get enough of your wonderful body" Jo Ann only continued to moan as Marco fondled and made cooing sounds to her.

"Ohhhh." Jo Ann moaned as Conner recognized the tel tale sound that announced that Marco had entered her.

It was no longer possible to hold back. Conner's cock started convulsing with his own pent up need and soon his charge was erupting into Mariana's belly. Conner was unable to hold back a guttural grunting as wave after wave spewed out. For her part Jo Ann was unable to ignore the sounds of her husband as he emptied his load in another woman.

After the initial shock of realizing they were in the same room together the two couples were able to enjoy their new partners without troubling themselves over what the other was doing or what the ultimate repercussions would be. The time of reckoning should be put off for now. They had carnal cravings that cried out for satisfaction and all four went to the task of satisfying those cravings with enthusiasm.

Eventually the desires of four lusty adults began to wind down and they returned to the patio to finish their now tepid drinks. Both Conner and Jo Ann knew the time of reckoning was soon. They knew there was no putting it off. So with many expressions of thanks for a marvelous evening and hugs and deep kisses all around they headed for their car and the ride home that both of them dreaded.

Surveying the Damage

After a quiet start Conner turned to Jo Ann and asked, "Are you alright."
"Do you still love me?"
"Of course I do ."
"Then I guess I'm alright." Jo Ann murmured. "It will take a while to really sort out how I feel but thanks for telling me you loved me. I don't think I could handle this otherwise."
"I'll always love you no matter what. We've been through a lot together and you are right we've got a lot of sorting our to do between us. But we'll be okay." Conner said, as he reached across the car and squeezed Jo Ann's hand. Jo Ann held on to his hand for the rest of the way home.

The next morning being Sunday saw Jo Ann put on her Sunday cloths and left for church as had been her custom for many years. As was his norm Conner puttered in his shop.

Chapter 2

After Shocks

That afternoon and for the next several evenings the Saturday events were gone over and over. Both admitted to having enjoyed the affair and both admitted that either could have stopped it at any time. If there was any guilt it should be credited to both of them. Conner had made the first move to the bedroom but Marco had had his hand cupping Jo Ann's bare breasts long before he had succumbed to Mariana's attraction.

Both of them admitted the sexual tensions had been heightened by hearing the other make love to another person. That was probably what worried both of them the most.

Conner and Jo Ann both had worked hard putting their marriage back together after the affairs in Curley. Now all of that had been put in jeopardy. Their marriage was suddenly adrift in unknown waters and the boat was leaking badly.

What wasn't discussed was how they would act in the future. Jo Ann more than Conner realized there was a shoe that hadn't dropped yet. Jo Ann also knew that eventually Marco would call her for another encounter.

On Monday Jo Ann, in line with her good southern upbringing, wrote the obligatory thank you letter to Mariana thanking her and Marco for a lovely afternoon and evening on Saturday.

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