tagIncest/TabooArcheology, Sociology and Sex

Archeology, Sociology and Sex


Dear readers: This is a long story 26K words. I chose to leave it in one piece because I got comments that didn't like the chapter thing. There's incest (obviously) role play, lesbianism, son in law, daughter in law. No man sex. And, ignoring the reality of human dynamics nobody in this story EVER so much as thought about sex until they were eighteen. Comments welcome, but remember, it's free! Enjoy!


New York

"Mom, how do you cope with dad being away for so long?"

My mother and I were in their hot tub, set a bit lower than usual. It was a cloudless night in the height of summer. I picked up the plastic tumbler and took a sip of wine. Before she answered, my mom did the same. She always impressed me. She's 47 now, but uses her job as a sociology professor to get a lot of time in the college gym and pool. She's tall, nearly six feet but spare, like a runner. Dad was a swimmer in college so my older sister Becky and I are mirror images.

"I was wondering when this would come up."

Danielle and I met in my junior year at SUNY. We became an item, got engaged and married soon after graduation. She was on a National Guard scholarship and the Army called her up a week ago for training.

"It's the first time we've been apart for more than a week. It's not as easy as I thought it would be."

Mom sipped and looked at me. I waited for an answer. It was late. I'd come over for dinner that turned into movie night and now a nightcap in the hot tub. I kept a suit here just for the pool and tub. Mom caught my eyes.

"Jordan, we're both adults now. I'll answer that question the next time you come over..."

I went to protest but she held up one finger. I knew that sign, I learned it at a very young age. Do not interrupt and do not try to avoid answering.

"But you must be prepared. Your father and I are not deceptive, but there is much you do not know about your family. So, you decide."

With that she got up out of the tub. She had on a one piece tank suit that clung to her form nicely. I had to wonder how my father could leave her behind for these trips. I knew why, it enhanced his reputation and made his text books more saleable. Dad is a professor of Archelogy and ancient cultures so he does this stuff at least once a year. As mom extended her long muscular leg her butt flexed. Dad must like fame a lot.

Wherethefuckarewe Mexico

"Dad, how do you manage, being away from mom for so long?"

My dad looked up from the map. It was hot, over 90. His shirt was mottled with sweat. He smiled. We were in the project tent. The rest of the students were digging. We had arrived on site just that morning.

"I was wondering if you would ask."

We were in the middle of Mexico excavating what was literally a Mayan landfill. He led the expedition of 20 or so undergraduate students. All of whom were, of course, over 18.

"This is the first time Gene and I have been apart for more than a week. It's not as easy as I thought it would be. You've been doing this, well, for decades."

He looked up but did not speak right away. I waited.

"I'm not going to answer that question at this time. I'll tell you anything but you must be prepared. Becky, you're an adult now and I will speak with you as an adult. If you ask me again I'll share. There's a lot you don't know about your family."

I was in Mexico because I was trying for my PhD in archeology and needed a thesis topic. Dad needed an assistant and after I badgered him relentlessly he reluctantly said yes. It was understood that I would jump into the worst jobs to make sure there was no appearance of favoritism. Dad moved out of the tent and I watched the cords of muscle in his legs flex as he walked. How mom could let him be gone for so long was a mystery to me but also the opportunity of a lifetime.

At the end of the day I finished up the reports and went back to the tent. Everybody was in big wall tents lined up in two rows facing each other with maybe ten feet between them on every side. Dad and I were sharing the first one in the left row. I unzipped the screen and slipped in. The lower sides were rolled up with built in screening. Vents at the top kept it pretty cool. I moved the privacy divider aside and went to my side. Dad wasn't there, I assumed he was showering. We had a nice portable shower trailer with 6 showers. I couldn't wait.

The team had dinner together and Dad went over the first day's work then laid out the tasks for tomorrow. Everybody looked whipped so he closed the meeting; we all went to our tents.

We conversed through the canvas screen.

"Becky, I'm beat, I'm just gonna crash."

"Yeah, dad, I'm trashed too, good idea."

I took off my clothes and slipped on a pair of light boxers and a tank top. I've got a nice pair of breasts, B and firm so I can get away with no bra. Besides I hate sleeping in one. I heard dad rustle around and then he stopped. I read my kindle for a while but couldn't stay awake.

I woke up. I had to pee. I looked at my watch, it was 12:37. I'd been asleep for a couple of hours. I quietly moved to the tent door, I looked over and noticed dad wasn't there, he must have to pee too.

There was a gibbous moon that night, I didn't need a flashlight. The potty trailer sat at the far end of the tent row. I walked down the middle and did my piddle. I walked slower on the way back. I loved all the stars. It's amazing what you see with no ambient light. By the second tent from the far end I heard it. A moan, stifled, but a moan, now another, I smiled, whoever it was, wasn't dreaming. I moved closer, right up to the canvas. I could hear a girl's voice.

"mmmmmm oh yeah, right there...ahhhhhh"

The sound of a woman having her pussy licked was unmistakable.

"Ohhhhhhhh yeeeessss, put a finger in, oh slowly, yes"

I felt the tingle in my groin. I looked around, moved behind the tent. I couldn't help it, my hand just slipped in my shorts. I explored my already damp sex as I listened.

"Oh John, I love your tongue. Finger me, at the top, Ohhhh fuuuck, yes right there. Oh don't stop I'm close."

I wondered which of the two John's in the group was in there. Both were good looking. My fingers were covered in my juice as the mystery woman came.

"Ohhhhhh ohhhhhhh OHHHHHHH, mmmmmpphh"

She had stuffed a pillow or something in her mouth when she got too loud. My fingers pressed my clit and in a second I had to put a hand in my mouth as the wave overcame me, the warm flow from my vagina covered my hand. Oh it was a good one. The couple wasn't done.

"John, stick it in me, now. I'm so fucking horny."

I couldn't make out what the guy said, he whispered so low but it was apparent within seconds.

"Oh John, yes, it feels so good. Fuck me."

She got quiet after that, just moans and the sound of slapping flesh. I went back to the front, headed back towards my tent, another sound. I leaned up against a tent across the road from the first.

"Laura your pussy tastes so good."


Girls? Two girls? There was only one Laura. She was tiny, maybe five one, with no tits at all. She was quite smart, very nice, and apparently, very gay. As I walked back to the tent I wondered, is every one of these trips like this? Dad was still out. I felt sorry for him. I think he may have gotten Montezuma's revenge.


With Danielle off at training my life was in a rut. This week went like the last. I worked, went to the gym, got dinner and, after an evening of TV, retired to my bed masturbating to videos of Danielle and I having sex. We have a lot of them. As hot arcs of cum launched across my abs I thought, this is getting old.

Mom asked me out to dinner on Friday. She is well known so we got a good table at the best restaurant in town. Dinner conversation, all about everybody else, I talked about Danielle, mom talked about Dad and Becky down in some desert in Mexico and how she was talking with Gene, my brother-in-law about coping, my mother the relationship coach.

While we were eating a woman at the table next to us caught my eye. She looked a bit older than mom and almost as good looking. She kept catching my eye and smiling. I was smiling back. I saw her move a little and then her eyes looked at mine, then down. She had to do it three times before I caught on she wanted me to look down. I fought to keep my mouth from hanging open. We were in the corner and out of the traffic flow. She had pulled the table cloth back. There was just enough light to see that she had pulled her dress up, had no undies on. Her pussy was shaved smooth. A vibrator was in her slit. I looked up. She smiled again, dropping her dress. We were getting ready to leave. As we passed she slipped a note into my hand.

Once we were in the car I unfolded the note.

"I want to fuck both of you."

Under that, a phone number.

I told mom about it, she laughed hard.

"Yeah, that's Wendy Henderson. The woman is a slut. She knows me and knows you're my son."

I was surprised.

"She knows you and still passed that note? She knows I'm your son?"

Mom waved her hand.

"Don't worry about it. I'll explain it all someday."

Back at the house mom suggested wine and tub time. I went up to my old room to change. I took a few minutes to inventory the furniture there. We had moved into a two bedroom apartment just before Danielle left, planning on filling the second bedroom. Right now the place looked Spartan. Mom told me to get my stuff out of here so this was step one. The door was open, I saw mom walk by in a short robe. Not wanting to keep her waiting I changed and headed for the tub.

My mother sat in a swirling pool of bubbling water shrouded by a bromine scented mist. As I climbed in I did a double take. Mom was in a bikini, but it wasn't much of one, well, the top at least. Two inadequate triangles were fighting hard to cover her almost C breasts. I saw the WW tag and knew immediately. She had a Wicked Weasel suit on, 'on' being subjective. I said nothing, settling in across from her. She poured me a tumbler of wine and lay back.

"So, last time we were here you asked me how I managed with your dad gone for so long."

I sipped.

"Yeah, it's tough for me."

"Do you remember what I told you?"

"You said I need to be prepared."

Mom took a long drink of wine, refilled her cup. She looked right into me.

"Are you? Prepared?"

I was feeling cocky. I lay my arms on the rim of the tub smiling at my mother.

"Yeah, I'm prepared."

She put her cup down, laid her arms on the side as mine were. The tiny top was straining to hold her breasts in place. A smug smile graced her mouth.

"How often do you masturbate?"


"I'll help you out. I do it at least twice a day. As a matter of fact if you go upstairs right now you'll find one of those plug in the wall massage things with that big round head lying on the bed on a towel. That thing gets me off like a rocket."

I was speechless. Mom took another drink.

"Hmm I guess you weren't as prepared as you thought."

"Mom, that's real personal, you know?"

She laughed.

"I know you do it. If you masturbate at the rate you did when you lived here after you were eighteen, it's a wonder you're not dehydrated."

She looked at my face.

"What? You think I didn't know? Undies, tee shirts socks, your hidden fuck books all pasted with a rather large amount of cum."

If my face had not been red from the hot water that speech would have done it. I just stared at her. She shrugged and stood up, the water coursing off her lean body.

"As I thought, not prepared. Well, when you are ready, text me, we can pick this up where we left off."

I wasn't hearing all she had to say. My eyes were riveted to her crotch. The itsy triangle of fabric wasn't big enough. I could see the very top of her slit. She was, of course, shaved smooth. The fabric clung to her cleft, leaving no part disguised. It was also very obvious, based on my history with women, that my mother was excited. I started to get an erection and suddenly I was back in High School, 18 years old, of course at my mother's door feeling an equal mix of lust and guilt. When my eyes met hers my guilt was manifold since it was apparent she knew where I was looking. She swung her leg over the side. As she did I got a perfect view of the shred of cloth covering her vagina then a full look at her firm round ass with the floss running up her cleft. My dick was fully hard now. She just walked into the house leaving me there with a boner and receding guilt.

I got very little work done the next day. My mother had really blindsided me, but by afternoon I had worked it all out. I should have known that my mom knew I jerked off. I really didn't do much to conceal it. The bikini was what really threw me. She'd never let me see that much of her. Her candor about self-pleasure was so casual, I felt immature. I got out my phone, typed a text. 'I'm ready' was all it said. I stared at the screen. Based on what's happened so far I knew I had to be prepared to bare my secrets while she bared hers. I felt a slight surge in my groin, I pushed 'send'.

The response took only two minutes.

'Good, have an early dinner. Be here by 8. ;-)'

It was Friday. Saturday was going to introduce a whole new world for me.


Mexico the next day was just as hot. I woke up to dad snoring. Hopefully he was over whatever he had last night. I dressed quickly. I wanted to watch everybody today. I knew Lauren was at the very least Bi. I wanted to see if I could find out who was with her. I had a lot to do and not a lot of time to get it done.

At breakfast the two John's didn't seem to favor any one of the girls and Lauren was sitting with a mixed group. My initial observations were a failure.

Dad and I were in the project tent again. All the students were hard at work. I took the opportunity to fill dad in on the goings on.

"Did you know the students are having sex?"

He was perusing some maps.

"Not surprised."

I sure was.

"That's okay with you?"

He stopped and looked up.

"You're bothered by that?"

"Well, I kinda thought you'd try to keep this professional and all."

He laughed.

"Becky, I've been on a lot of digs. You've heard it said about Vegas, 'what happens on the dig, stays on the dig.' I let the students set up the sleeping arrangements and leave it up to them if they want to change them. We're gonna be here for a while so everybody is going to need some recreation. My only rule is no drama. If I get drama, somebody goes home."

I was still surprised, but intrigued.

"So, you have no problem with one of the two guys named John fucking some girl and Lauren having sex with another girl?"

Dad stopped what he was doing. He looked at me. Not mad, surprised maybe.

"Becky, just what were you doing last night that you would know this?"

Just then one of the students came in reporting a find. As he left he whispered.

"There's no problem, but we need to talk about this later, okay?"

I nodded.

After the dinner meeting dad asked me to go for a walk. We were away from camp before he spoke.

"So, Becky, tell me about last night."

I gave him a slightly sanitized version, leaving out the going behind the tent masturbation part. He stopped and looked at me.

"Did you masturbate?"

I was stunned.


He was very calm. I was very excited.

"Becky, you asked me a question the other night and it looks like this conversation is going to give you your answers. So, are you prepared for this? We are two adults here and we should be able to have an adult conversation."

I thought for a second. This was way more than I expected. This was moving faster than I had hoped.

"The answer is yes and I guess I should tell you the rest of the story."

I told him, in more detail than necessary, about sneaking behind the tent so I wouldn't be seen and how I masturbated listening to one of the John's and the mystery girl fucking. When I mentioned going behind the tent, he kinda smiled. Then I said I almost did the same with Lauren, he smiled again.

'Good thing you didn't."


He took a breath.

"Because, if you had you would have caught me doing the same thing."

My jaw fell open.


He laughed.

"Close your mouth. Look, you just told me you masturbated, so what's the big deal? You think I don't?"

The big deal was that my dad was being very casual about something we never talked about. I suddenly had a revisit to an old sight. I've caught my dad jacking in the shower, I've never forgotten the vision and when he made his admission I had the picture of his long lean body behind that tent with his shorts on the ground stroking what I knew to be a very nice cock. I got wet, just like I did the first time but nothing like another peek I got. But I sure wasn't going to tell him that, yet. Time for a bit of acting.

'Well, it's just a surprise, that's all. This is a bit more family candor than I'm used to."

He started walking, I picked up next to him.

"Well, you asked, now you know one of the ways I deal. I don't peek in, unless the flaps are open and I never record anything. By letting them make the bunking arrangements I pretty much guarantee that there will be lots of masturbation action for me, at the least."

This was a side of my father I never knew. The voyeur. It fit nicely with what I did know.

"You're so casual about this."

He stopped again.

"Becky there's things about your family that you and your brother don't know because you didn't need to. It may be time to open that discussion."

My little brother, maybe, and I was pretty sure my dad wanted to do more than discuss. We turned around and headed back. We were in the tent, getting ready to get in bed when he chuckled a little.

"What's so funny?"

"Well, Becky, since we've broached the topic, if you happen to um, go to the potty, you might want to stay to the right side tents, you know?"

I got red.

"Um, yeah, okay dad, g'night."

I lay in my bunk. He was going out again! Sometime in the next few hours my dad was going to be jerking off behind one of the tents on the left side. He wanted me to go see, I'm sure, right? Now that it was so close I was worried I had read too much into my desires.


At seven fifty-eight I closed the door of my old home behind me. I walked around the large house but didn't see or hear her. I looked out the kitchen window. She was in the hot tub, topless. I moved my head back and kept looking. I hadn't seen mom's tits in a long time. Hers aren't huge so they didn't sag much at all. She moved to take a sip of wine, cocking her ear towards the house. Clearly she heard me come in. Well, it was show time. I stepped out of the house onto the fenced in deck.

"Good evening mom, you're a bit casual tonight."

She took a sip and looked at me.

"Well, among the many secrets of the family, your father and I are nudists. We never told you two but many of our vacations were to clothing optional resorts. I got you a cup of wine, come on in."

I turned to go back in the house.

"Where are you going?"

I froze, really? I turned and looked at my mom. She just kept looking at me. I sighed; I had told her I was ready. I shucked off my shirt and tossed it into a chair as I kicked off my shoes. As my mother watched me, I un-buckled my belt and popped the button. Under her gaze I let my pants drop, stepped out of them. I bent over, yanked my socks off. I looked up, she was still watching me. The problem was I was enjoying it. I'm a bit of a closet exhibitionist. I like the idea but I'm too shy, go figure. But now that I had crossed the line I was getting into stripping in front of my mother. It was only fair, I'd watched her strip, more than once, but she never knew. As I stood back up I knew my cock was getting a little hard. No turning back now, if I moved quickly I could be in the water before it was obvious. I yanked down my boxers, turned to climb in the tub.

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