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Are We Satisfied


This questionnaire will help couples to determine if they are completely satisfied with their current sexual activities or perhaps open up a dialog for a discussion on how to add some spice to a stale relationship.

Before actually starting the questionnaire, it is suggested that the atmosphere be set. First, discuss with your SO (significant other) the sexual nature of this exercise and your interest and/or curiosity about how both of you will answer some of the questions. Make certain that you both understand that these are sexually explicit questions and may touch upon topics that the two of you have never openly discussed. It is important that you both agree to answer all the applicable questions HONESTLY. Don't try to coerce your SO to participate in this exercise. Both parties must be willing and comfortable divulging some of their deepest sexual secrets.

Are you ready to begin?

  1. Are you ...?

    1. A married couple

    2. Engaged

    3. FWB

    4. Other

  2. Have you ever openly talked to your SO about your sexual preferences and fantasies?

    1. Yes, we talk often

    2. Subtle hints but not openly

    3. Only if we have been drinking

    4. Nope, never have!

  3. How would you describe your sexual experience prior to meeting your current SO?

    1. I was experienced!

    2. I wasn't necessarily experienced but I was not a virgin.

    3. Very limited

    4. My current SO was my 1st

  4. How many sexual partners have you had?

    1. More than 20

    2. More than 10

    3. Less than 10

    4. One

  5. Is your SO aware of your sexual past?

    1. Yes

    2. No

    3. Some of it

  6. Does your SO ever ask you to talk about past sexual experiences?

    1. Absolutely, loves to hear the details!

    2. Yes, and I sometimes do

    3. Yes, but I don't feel comfortable do so

    4. No

  1. Who is usually the one to initiate sex?

    1. He is

    2. She is

    3. 50/50

  2. Would you ever consent to 'kinky' sex with your SO?

    1. Kinky? You bet I would!

    2. Probably

    3. Depends on what it involved

    4. I doubt it

    5. NO!

  3. Do you believe that a couple 'in love' can deviate from making love and just 'fuck' for fun?

    1. Yes! Fucking can be purely for fun.

    2. Occasionally fucking should be just for pleasure.

    3. Not really

  4. Have you ever fucked someone just for fun?

    1. Yes, more often than not

    2. Yes

    3. Probably

    4. No

  5. Have you ever said to a sexual partner, "Let's just fuck"!

    1. Oh yes!

    2. Yes I have

    3. I'm sure I have said that once or twice.

    4. I don't remember

    5. No

  6. Are you 100% sold on sexual monogamy? Remember, answer honestly.

    1. Honestly, No!

    2. I'd like to say yes but 100% is a stretch

    3. I'd like to think I am

    4. Yes I am!

  7. What is your current body image?

    1. I have no body image issues

    2. I could use a little work

    3. Not happy

    4. Hate my body image

  8. Are you comfortable being naked with your SO?

    1. Absolutely!

    2. Usually

    3. I'm OK with it

    4. Please dim the lights!

    5. Turn off the lights!

  1. Does your SO have issues with your body?

    1. Yes

    2. If so, I am unaware

    3. No

    4. I think so but we never discuss it.

  2. Would you consider yourself to be sexually adventurous?

    1. Yes I would!

    2. I can be if the situation is right

    3. I am more vanilla

    4. I wouldn't mind being more adventurous.

    5. Not interested in sexual adventure.

  3. Which of you is more sexually adventurous?

    1. He is

    2. She is

    3. 50/50

  4. Have you ever been in a threesome? MFM

    1. Yes and I enjoyed it.

    2. Rather not say.

    3. I haven't but I might consider it.

    4. No and not interested.

  5. Have you ever been in a threesome? MFF

    1. Yes and I enjoyed it.

    2. Rather not say

    3. I haven't but I might consider it.

    4. No and not interested.

  6. Have you ever fucked anyone with other people close enough to see you?

    1. Yes and it was great!

    2. No but I would like to.

    3. No but it sounds exciting.

    4. No

  7. How many people of the opposite sex have seen you naked?

    1. Too many to count

    2. A few

    3. Not many

    4. Only my SO

  8. How do you feel about someone other than your SO seeing you naked?

    1. No problem!

    2. OK, depending on who it was and the situation.

    3. I'd probably be OK if I was with my SO

    4. Unsure

    5. NO! NO! NO!

  1. How will your SO answer this question?

    1. Definitely 'A'

    2. Probably 'B'

    3. Maybe 'C'

    4. I really don't know.

  2. Do you get jealous if someone of your sex pays attention to your SO?

    1. No, I am flattered

    2. Not really unless the person is being obnoxious.

    3. Not usually but I might

    4. Sometimes

    5. Yes I do.

  3. What if your SO appears to return that attention?

    1. Turned on

    2. My SO wouldn't unless we had a 'plan'.

    3. I'd be curious as to what my SO had in mind

    4. Mildly pissed

    5. Really pissed

  4. Have you and your SO ever discussed involving others in your sexual activities?

    1. Yes we have

    2. We haven't but I wouldn't be opposed to discussing it

    3. It has been mentioned but nothing more

    4. Never came up

    5. Haven't and don't want to.

  5. Do you have any bi-sexual interest?

    1. Yes

    2. Maybe with the right person

    3. No

  6. How would you like your SO to have answered question 27?

    1. 'A'

    2. 'B'

    3. 'C'

  7. Are you aware of the term 'swinger or alternative lifestyle'?

    1. Yes

    2. No

  8. If you are aware of these terms, are you

    1. Curious

    2. Supportive of a person's right to embrace their own sexual preferences

    3. Non supportive of non-traditional sexual activities

    4. Turned off by the thought

    5. Unaware of the terms

  1. Would you attend an alternative lifestyle event with your SO?

    1. Yes I would!

    2. Maybe

    3. We have already

    4. Undecided

    5. NO!

  2. How will your SO answer question 31?

    1. 'A'

    2. 'B'

    3. 'C'

    4. 'D'

    5. 'E'

  3. How are we doing so far?

    1. I'm a little turned on, let's keep going

    2. I'm willing to continue

    3. I'd like to stop here.

    4. I'm out!

  4. If you are still with us .... Would you consider expanding the boundaries of your current sex life?

    1. Thought you would never ask.

    2. I'd definitely consider it

    3. Maybe

    4. Probably not

    5. NO

  5. Pick up to three of the following as activities you would consider if your SO agreed.

    1. Voyeurism (No participating. Just watching others)

    2. Orgy (participating)

    3. MFM

    4. MFF

    5. Gang Bang (Usually one woman and multiple male partners)

    6. Mutual masturbation (You and your SO together)

    7. Group nudity w/soft sexual contact (no fucking but anything else is OK)

    8. A date with another person (you or your SO goes out and then returns to give you the details)

    9. MMFF

    10. Attending a swinger's party (open to whatever happens)

  6. Pick three that you think most appealed to your SO?

    1. ________________________________

  7. Has your SO every ask you watch you masturbate?

    1. Yes frequently

    2. Yes

    3. Occasionally

    4. No

  1. If applicable, did you?

    1. Yes

    2. No

  2. Did you enjoy having your SO watch?

    1. Yes, I loved it

    2. Yes

    3. A little

    4. Not really

    5. Not applicable

  3. Do you masturbate w/o your SO?

    1. Yes

    2. Occasionally

    3. No

  4. If you were with your SO and someone else was watching you masturbate, would you ...

    1. Give them a real show

    2. Enjoy it if my SO didn't mind

    3. Stop immediately

    4. Be embarrassed

    5. Wouldn't be doing it if someone else were there

  5. Would your SO get turned on if someone was watching you masturbate?

    1. Absolutely!

    2. I think so

    3. Maybe

    4. Probably not

    5. No

  6. Do you watch porn?

    1. Yes, often

    2. Sometimes

    3. Hardly ever

    4. No

  7. Would watching porn turn you on?

    1. You bet!

    2. Probably if the subject matter interested me

    3. It could

    4. Not really

    5. No

  8. If your SO wanted to watch a porn movie, would you go along?

    1. Yes I would

    2. Probably

    3. Not sure

    4. No

  1. Oral sex ...

    1. Love getting and giving

    2. I like getting it

    3. I like giving it

    4. It's OK

    5. Prefer not

  2. How many times per week do you make love/fuck to your SO?

    1. More than 5

    2. 2-4

    3. 1-2

    4. Less than 1

  3. Are you satisfied with how you answered question 47?

    1. Satisfied, NO. Honest, yes!

    2. I'm OK with it

    3. Yes, it is just fine.

  4. Is your SO satisfied with it?

    1. Yes

    2. No

    3. Must be as I hear no complaints

  5. Would you or have you taken explicit photos of your SO?

    1. Yes

    2. No

  6. Has anyone seen them other than the two of you?

    1. Yes

    2. Maybe

    3. No

The following 28 questions are for the female.

  1. Were you comfortable answering the 1st 50 questions?

    1. Yes

    2. Most of them

    3. Some of them

    4. Not really.

  2. If these questions ignite more passion in the bedroom, are you on-board?

    1. Without a doubt! Bring it on!

    2. Yes, I'm OK with more passion

    3. OK

    4. Maybe

    5. No

  1. If your SO suggested spicing up your sex, which of the following do you think he would suggest?

    1. Public sex

    2. Talking dirty

    3. Discussing fantasies

    4. Him picking out your clothes for a night on the town

    5. Inviting another female

    6. Inviting another male

    7. Attending a swinger's party

    8. Inviting another couple over for a soft-swap

    9. Inviting another couple over for a full-swap

    10. Sex toys

    11. Mutual masturbation

    12. All of the above

    13. None of the above

  2. Of the above, which do you deem to be off-limits?

    1. _________________________

  3. Would he react with jealousy if you admitted a purely sexual attraction to another man?

    1. He would probably encourage me to pursue it

    2. Yes he would be jealous

    3. Depends on who it was

    4. No

    5. I don't know!

  4. If he suggested attending a swinger party, what do you think would be his motivation?

    1. He wants to fuck other women

    2. He thinks allowing me to fuck other men gives him a right to fuck other women

    3. He wants to see me with get pleasure from another man

    4. He is perverted and a sex addict

    5. He just wants to have a fuck-fest and is open to including me

    6. All of the above

  5. If you elected to go along or have gone along, would it or was it just for his enjoyment?

    1. OK, I did enjoy it also or I certain I would enjoy it

    2. I think I might enjoy participating

    3. Mainly for him

    4. Definitely for him

    5. I wouldn't go along

  6. What if he was more interested in a MFM?

    1. Now you are talking!

    2. I'd be curious as to why but wouldn't be turned off by the suggestion

    3. I'd be very skeptical and want clarification prior to going along

    4. I'm not sure I would want that

    5. Not interested at all!

  1. Do you think he would get turned on if you engaged with another woman?

    1. Absolutely, especially if he could join in

    2. I think he might enjoy watching me with another woman

    3. It has never come up

    4. Probably not

  2. If he asked, would you?

    1. WOW! Yes I would.

    2. I might if he ask

    3. Uncertain

    4. Probably not, especially if he were present

    5. NO

  3. Would you like to see him with another guy?

    1. That would be ultra hot

    2. Not really

    3. NO

    4. He wouldn't no matter what I requested.

  4. Does he enjoy performing oral sex on you?

    1. Yes, he seems to really like it

    2. Not enough but yes

    3. Does it but not sure he enjoys it

    4. No

  5. Do you enjoy performing orally on him?

    1. Yes I do

    2. Usually

    3. It's OK

    4. Take it or leave it

    5. NO

  6. Do you believe performing oral sex with another man would be cheating?

    1. Not necessarily

    2. Yes it is

    3. Depends on what came after the blow job

    4. Depends on the circumstances

  7. How many men have you performed oral sex on?

    1. 10 or more

    2. 5-10

    3. 2-5

    4. Less than 2

    5. None

  8. How many does your SO know about?

    1. All of them

    2. A few

    3. Uncertain as we have never discussed it

  9. Was he ever present when you did it?

    1. Yes and he encouraged me

    2. Yes he saw me and made no attempt to stop me

    3. Yes he was and was upset but didn't stop me

    4. NO

  10. What would be your reaction if he encouraged you to perform orally with another man?

    1. I'd smile and say, "OK, if you don't mind".

    2. I'd do it if he really wanted me to

    3. I'd do it but reluctantly

    4. I'd pass

  11. Including your SO, have you ever let a man cum in your mouth?

    1. Including my SO, Yes

    2. Yes

    3. It may have happened

    4. No

  12. Would you fuck another man if your SO asked?

    1. Yes if he asked

    2. Probably. If it was just a one-time fuck.

    3. Depends on the man

    4. I don't think so

    5. NO

  13. Would your SO enjoy watching you fuck another man?

    1. Yes he would. He'd probably jerk-off watching

    2. I think he would enjoy it

    3. Uncertain

    4. Probably not

    5. No

  14. If he approved would you enjoy him being present?

    1. Yes I would like to entertain him

    2. Yes but I'd be a little embarrassed

    3. Maybe

    4. I don't think I'd want him watching, at least the 1st time

    5. No

  15. Would you enjoy watching him fuck another woman?

    1. Yes, especially if I could join in

    2. Yes

    3. Maybe

    4. I don't think so

    5. No

  1. Does he enjoy watching you masturbate?

    1. Yes, he loves watching me with play with my pussy

    2. Yes he sometimes suggests it and seems to enjoy it

    3. Occasionally

    4. Sometimes

    5. No

  2. Do you or would you enjoy masturbating for him?

    1. Yes

    2. Maybe

    3. No

  3. Would you enjoy or do you enjoy watching him masturbate?

    1. Yes I would and DO

    2. Usually if he fucks me before he cums

    3. Sometimes

    4. Take it or leave it

    5. He won't do it

    6. Both _____ & _____

  4. Do you like talking about sex?

    1. Yes, but only with my SO

    2. Yes, but only with certain people

    3. I usually leave the talking to others

    4. I am kind of shy when it comes to talking about sex

    5. Not really

  5. When your SO sees how you answered these questions, what do you expect?

    1. I'd like us to talk more openly about our fantasies and what we like sexually

    2. I'd like him to know I am not opposed to expanding our activities

    3. I'd like him to be pleasantly surprised by my candidness.

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