Are You Gay Ch. 02


Normally I would wake up each morning at six so I could be ready to leave the apartment by six forty five. It only took me a half-hour to get to work but I always arrived early in case I had a problem with traffic.

This Monday I woke around five. I wanted to have enough time to be sure I was perfect when I left the apartment. I took a long hot shower and used the hair remover on my beard just to be sure. I went over my whole body with moisturizer before using the talcum powder that JoJo had bought for me. After drying and brushing out my hair I went in to the living room to get dressed.

I first put on my stockings and the garter belt before putting on my panties like JoJo had told me. I also made sure to tuck my manhood back. After slipping on my skirt and my bra I started on my makeup. The blouse came next followed by my heels and the jacket. The scarf I tied loosely around my throat to hide my Adams apple.

I open the purse that came with the suit and put in my lip-gloss a small bottle of perfume my drivers license in case I needed an ID for something. I put in my credit card my bankcard and all the cash I had in my wallet.

When I thought I had everything I would need JoJo came out of the bedroom and asked to look in my purse. The only thing she said I was missing was my compact and a pen in case I had to write something.

JoJo kissed me on the cheek and said, "Good luck today though I doubt you need it. If she doesn't hire you she's a fool. Make sure you call me and let me know what happens. Here's my cell number." She handed me a piece of paper with her number on it and kissed my cheek again. She then looked at my ears and said, "Oh god I nearly forgot."

JoJo went over to the box she had brought on Saturday and took out what looked like a gun but only barely. She put something into the gun and brought it over to me. She put the gun up to my earlobe and said, "Now hold still this may sting a little." JoJo pulled the trigger and I felt a sting to my earlobe as I heard the gun go pop. I knew JoJo had just pierced my right ear. She did my other ear lobe before saying. "They're only cubic zirconia, but they look like real diamonds." I thanked her after she told me how to take care of the holes.

I left the apartment at six twenty well, ahead of my normal time. I drove well under the speed limit so I wasn't stopped but I still arrived at my office almost an hour early.

I stopped in a coffee shop to kill some time and I also wanted to see if the girl behind the counter could see I wasn't a real woman. I didn't see anything in her face that would say she realized what I was. Then again her face didn't seem to notice much of anything that happen around her.

Once I had my coffee I decided to make my way up to the office and wait there for Ms. Brant to come in. Normally I would just walk passed the security guard as he knew me and didn't ask for an Id. This time he stopped me in my tracks.

"Excuse me miss do you have an ID," He asked as he stepped in front of me.

I thought about showing him my ID but quickly discarded that idea as it had my old picture so I said, "I'm here to see Ms. Brant."

The guard looked me up and down for a second before saying, "Ms. Brant isn't here yet and I can't let you up with out her okay. You can sit over there in the lobby till she gets here or you can come back later."

"I'll wait in the lobby thank you," I told him just before I turned and walked over to the seating area of the lobby. I could feel his eyes on me as I walked away.

While I sat and waited for Ms. Brant to come I watched as all my former colleagues walked past on their way up stairs. The guard didn't stop a one of them, as he knew them all.

At twenty minutes after eight Ms. Brant came into the lobby. Though she looked right at me and even smiled at me she walked right past me. When the guard saw her he said, "Ms. Brant that young lady is waiting to see you do you want me to send her up or should I have her see someone else?"

Brant looked over at me and said to the guard. "I'll speak to her Paul." I was surprised that she knew his name, I've worked here four years and I didn't know his name.

I stood as Brant approached and when she was close she asked, "I'm Lisa Brant may I help you?"

I was surprised she didn't recognize me right off so I said. "Yes ma'am you told me to come in this morning dressed like this if I wanted the job."

Brant looked at me closely and then she looked at what I was wearing. I don't think she knew whom I was at first then her eye got big and she said. "Ted is that you?"

"Yes ma'am the guard wouldn't let me up with out ID," I told her in a low whisper so no one could hear us.

Brant spoke softly when she said, "He probably doesn't recognize you. Come along and we'll talk in my office."

I followed behind Brant past the guard who tipped his hat and on to the elevator. Several other people got onto the elevator with us so we couldn't speak there either. All the way up to the eighteenth floor where our offices were I was so nervous I could almost hear my knees knocking.

Once we were off the elevator I followed behind Brant to her office. When the door was closed she said, "I don't mine telling you I'm quite surprised by this. I really thought you would turn me down."

I thought she was telling me she didn't want me so I said, "I'm sorry I thought you were serious."

She realized I was feeling rejected and she quickly said, "No I was serious. After looking over your employment history and what courses you took in school I was sure you were the person I was looking for. In fact I was still going to offer you the job if you didn't wear these clothes. But I must say you look wonderful in them. By any change do you like wearing them?"

I knew I could say no, I only wore them to get the job. That would have been a lie, so I said, "I know this may sound a strange but I really like wearing girls cloths. Beside girls have so much more to choose from than boys do."

Brant smiled before saying; "I know exactly what you mean. Now please make us a pot of coffee before we sit and talk over your duties. When Mr. Simon gets here you can take your paper work down to personnel and start your hiring process."

As I made the coffee I could feel Brant's eyes on me the whole time. I made sure to do everything the way JoJo taught me. I'm sure ever thing I did was the way a real girl would do it. When the coffee was made I asked how she took it. I then carried both cups over to her desk before taking the seat she offered me.

Once I was seated and had a drink of my coffee Brant asked, "You have to tell me where did you learn how to be a girl. You told me you aren't gay and I assumed you never cross dressed before by your reaction to the clothes I gave you."

I told her about Fran and JoJo and how they taught me all weekend. After my explanation Brant said, "Well they are excellent teachers. I didn't recognize you down stairs and even though I know who you are I still have a hard time believing it."

After I told her I would pass on her compliment she reached into her desk draw and pulled out a cell phone, a leather date book and several sheets of paper. She handed me the cell phone and said, "This you will keep with you at all times. I have a spare battery for it so always keep a fully charged one on hand. The book is my appointment book that you will always keep up to date and make sure I follow it religiously."

She wrote on the three sheet of paper before handing them to me and said. "Once Mr. Simon gets here take those to personnel and then come back here. Unless I expressly tell you other wise I want you at my side all the time. In fact from now on consider yourself my right hand."

We heard a knock on the door so Brant said, "Show Mr. Simon in and then go to personnel. We'll talk more after I'm done with Mr. Simon."

When I got up I picked up the papers the phone my purse and the appointment book and went to answer the door. Five minutes later I was in the personnel office filling out the normal paper work when I was asked to step before the camera to have my picture taken. I was then handed an employee ID and the girl asked where she should send the passport when it came in.

I didn't know I was getting one so I told her. "I guess Ms. Brant's office will do."

The girl look confused before she said, "I'll have it shipped to the main headquarters then." I nodded assuming it would get to me eventually.

I was just heading back to Brant's office when the cell phone went off. It was Brant telling me to hurry as she was done and it was time to leave. I walked as quickly as I could back to her office. Once there she handed me her brief case and said good bye to Mr. Simon. I was right behind her as we walked back to the elevator.

Once on the elevator Brant asked, "What name should I call you? I can't call you Ted now can I?"

"No Ms. Brant you can't, Fran and JoJo have been calling me Teddie and I kind of like it," I told her.

"Mm yes Teddie is a nice name and when we're alone like this you can call me Lisa seeing we will be together a lot."

When we got off the elevator Lisa introduced me to the guard saying, "Paul this is Teddie Stein she is my new assistant. So if she ever comes here with out me you can send her right up."

The guard tipped his hat and said, "Very good Ms. Brant I'll see she doesn't get stopped again." Lisa thanked him and we left the building.

Lisa and I walked out of the building. There was a long black limousine parked in front of the building. Lisa walked right up to the driver who tipped his hat to her before she said, "James this is my new assistant, Teddie Stein." To me she said, "Teddy this James Klein my driver."

The driver and I shook hands then he held Lisa's hand as she got into the car after telling him, "We need to go to the Chambers street store first, before we go to the main headquarters.

"Of cause ma'am but you do know the traffic is pretty bad this time of the morning," The driver told her once she was in the car.

"That's okay James Teddie and I have a lot to talk about before we get there," Lisa told him just before he held my hand as I got into the car.

Once the car was on the road Lisa asked, "Teddie is they're anyone in your life like a girlfriend or a lover. I know you're not married and you told me you aren't gay but is there someone at home waiting for you every night?"

"No there's not, I live alone and I don't have anyone. I mean there is Fran who is a close friend, but she has JoJo," I told her.

Lisa smiled and said, "That's good because I'm going to need you with me most of the time. In fact I would like you to move into my house with me so you can be close. My last assistant live with me, it worked out great for us. How do you feel about traveling?"

"I never traveled much. In fact except for coming here from Kansas I've never traveled at all," I told her.

"My last assistant complained I traveled too much and that was the reason she left me. She said I spend half my life in airplanes. She was probable right but that's the nature of this business if we don't have the designs that are popular someone else will and our customers will go to them. So do you think you can handle traveling several times a month?"

I didn't have to think about it for very long as I said, "I think I can handle it. I know I would like to try."

Lisa smiled and took my hand in hers and said, "That's wonderful and how do you feel about moving in with me? I guess you could keep your apartment but you won't be there very often."

"I guess that would be okay I'll have to but my things in storage for the time being." When I said this Lisa seemed quite glad.

She then looked at my hands and asked, "Did you do your nails? They are simply beautiful."

I looked at my nails and said. "No JoJo did them for me she taught me what needed to be done to keep them up but she said I should get them done professionally when I had the chance."

Lisa looked at her own nails and said. "You said this JoJo owns a salon can you see if I can get an appointment for today or tomorrow. I've been looking for someone that was good since my last assistant left. She was a whiz at doing nails and I can't find anyone that's as good as she was."

"Let me give her a call to see if she has anything available for today." I told Lisa as I started dialing JoJo's number.

The first thing JoJo asked was if I got the job when I told her I did she seemed happier than I was. I then asked about an appointment. JoJo hemmed and hawed before she told me the only thing she could do was stay open late to fit her in. When I asked Lisa she told me that would be fine if it was okay with JoJo.

By this time we had arrived at the Chambers street store. Once we were inside Lisa introduced me to Helen who was Lisa's personnel shopper. Helen now became my personnel shopper as well.

We started in the business section and by the time we left I had twelve new suits. In the lingerie section I was out fitted with all manner of panties, bras, slips, stockings, garter belts, bustier, camisole, chemise and a several corsets that Lisa said I just had to have. By the dresses they picked out ten dresses, eight skirts, fifteen blouses and twelve sweaters. In the sleep wear section they picked out ten long nightgowns and ten short nightgowns, eight satin robes and three silk robes. Of cause I had to have shoes for each outfit as well as handbags and other accessories. In the jewelry department Lisa picked out several pairs of earrings, three watches and several rings.

When we left the store we had just enough time to get to the board meeting that was being held at four o'clock at the main headquarters. All my new clothes were sent to Lisa's home by courier.

By this point I knew Lisa was pretty important to the company. I figured she was a vise president and she had something to do with buying clothes for the stores. It wasn't until we got to the boardroom that I found out how important she really was.

The boardroom was a large room that had several windows that look out over downtown. There was a large round table with enough chairs around it to seat twenty people though there were only ten other people in the room. As Lisa made her way to her seat she stopped at each person shook their hand and asked about his or her family. She not only knew their spouse's name but the name of their children as well.

Just before she sat in the CEO's chair she said, "Ladies and gentlemen I would like to introduce Teddie Stein. She is my new personnel assistant." Some of them smiled at me but that was about all. Lisa then told me to sit in the chair directly behind her.

I really didn't know what I was suppose to do so I took out the appointment book and took notes on the meeting in case Lisa wanted a reference. I could see that there were no yes men or women at the meeting. Each topic of discussion was vehemently discussed at length until Lisa made her decision. Once she did all discussion ended.

At a quarter to six I knew we had to get going if we wanted to make Lisa's appointment with JoJo. So I leaned over and whispered to Lisa, "You have a six thirty appointment. We should be going unless you want me to cancel."

With out taking her eyes off of the person who was talking at the time Lisa nodded her head slightly. I went to seat back just as Lisa said, "Fred please bring that up at the next meeting. I'm sorry everyone, but I have another appointment that I must get too." Lisa stood and walked out of the meeting with me hot on her heels.

The elevator quickly filled with other board members who tried to talk with Lisa but I could see she didn't pay them much attention. The meeting was over and that was that. As we got into the limo I told James where we needed to go next. Once on the roads I said, "I'm sorry I disturbed the meeting, but."

That was all I got out before Lisa stopped me by saying, "You didn't disturb the meeting and you did exactly what I'm paying you for. I want you to interrupt when I'm late. I need to be at every appointment and I expect you to get me there. From now on you do what you must to get me out the door. Besides, the way you did it was perfect. It actually looked like I remembered the appointment."

We pulled in front of JoJo's salon with five minutes to spare. I had never been here before and I was quite impressed with it. It was an upscale place that seemed to cater to the well to do.

When we walked in the receptionist said, "Good evening you must be Ms. Brant and Miss Stein. JoJo is in the back waiting for you please come this way."

We followed the receptionist back to one of the beautician's stations. JoJo had her back to us as the receptionist said. "JoJo Ms. Brant is here."

"Thank you Amanda you may go now please lock the door on your way out." JoJo told her with out turning her back.

As soon as the receptionist was gone JoJo turned around. Lisa took one look at JoJo before she ran to her and threw her arms around JoJo's neck. They kissed a few times before Lisa said, "Jolene where have you been I've looked everywhere for you."

"I've been hiding mostly from you," JoJo told her.

I was dumfounded but I managed to say, "You two know each other?"

Lisa barely looked at me before she said, "Jolene use to be my assistant before she left one night and never came back."

JoJo pulled Lisa's arms off of her and said, "You know why I left. If I didn't you would never have gotten someone to replace me. You would have tried to talk me out of leaving just like you did the last three times I quit."

"So you knew who Lisa was when I told you about the job," I asked JoJo.

"Yes of cause I did. I figured if I trained you and Lisa hired you I could come out of hiding. Besides with all the traveling your going to do I won't have to worry about you and Fran becoming an item. I love her more than you know and when I heard you both professing your love for each other I knew I had to get you away from her. It's not that I don't like you, but I love Fran too and I don't want to lose her," JoJo told me but I could hear a sadness that boarded on embarrassment in her voice

JoJo looked at Lisa's nails and said, "My god who have you been going to, these nail look like hell."

"Tell me about it. I can't find a decent nail person in the entire city. After looking at Teddie's nails I hoped she could do them, but I should have know they were your work," Lisa told her as JoJo led her over to the nail table.

JoJo smiled at this compliment and said, "That's very kind of you. You can come any time you like after all I could never have bought this place if it wasn't for you."

"You've earned every penny I ever gave you and more besides. And I know some of those pennies you loved making," Both girls laughed at this.

As JoJo started removing Lisa's old nail polish she said, "Have you told Teddie everything about the job?"

"I told her about the traveling and I wanted her to move in with me what else is there," Lisa asked.

JoJo laughed and said, "What about the deal closings. She should know about that too."

I saw Lisa blush deeply before she said, "I didn't think she would be involved with that. After all she's not a real girl."

JoJo laughed again and said, "You know as well as I do most of those guys wear the clothes they sell. I think Teddie would be a great closer."

I could see Lisa was thinking before she said, "You think so. She told me she's not gay."

"Oh I don't think she's gay either but I know for a fact she's bisexual. She loves getting fucked in the ass by Fran with her strap on. I'm pretty sure she'll love it from a real cock just as much," JoJo told Lisa. Now it was my turn to blush.

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