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Are You Ready?


"Are you ready?" He asked. He was Mr. White and he had been running, coordinating, stewarding and sweating over the Haunted House for every year since it began. He stood in front of the bleachers looking at the fifty or so people sitting in the first three rows. All were students at the college who had volunteered to help with the Halloween Haunted House fund raiser.

A hand was raised. Mr. White pointed and the long haired guy wearing a gray t-shirt with the words "Life Sucks!" on it asked, "What do I hafta do?"

The man up front looked at him for a full ten seconds before he answered. "You don't hafta do anything. We are all volunteers here. We get to do things to have the kids and adults that come to the Haunted House have a great time. I don't get paid. You don't get paid. And, since you brought it up, let me explain something else to you. When I ask you to do something it is not the opening of a negotiation. We don't have time to ask people if they want to do this or that every time something comes up. If I ask you to do something, please do it."

He paused. Then he said, "On the table are lists of things that need to be done between now and Friday, Halloween. Look over the lists and get started. On the back of the back page is a list of cast jobs for Halloween. Look it over and come back to me to sign up. Ok, let's get to work."

Every year the organizations on campus cooperated to do the Haunted House. They raised money for youth groups, foster kids, school supplies for elementary schools and for kids in hospitals. The school of engineering designed, built and operated the devices used in the House. The drama department managed the cast and trained them. Jack White managed the whole thing. He usually ran a construction company but every year he took his two week vacation beginning the twentieth of October and managed the Haunted House. For the last three years he managed it alone, since his wife of fifteen years died. Before that they had done the job together.

Beth and Amy sat together in the second row during the meeting. They were best friends and had been best friends for more than two years. They met two days before the start of their first year of college. They were assigned the same dorm room. Amy got there first and piled her stuff in the middle of the room. When Beth arrived Amy asked, "Which side of the room would you like?" That was the beginning of a great friendship.

They discovered benefits to being best friends that they hadn't anticipated. Both were the same size. They traded clothes often. If Amy went shopping she knew that if something fit her it would fit Beth and vice versa. Their families liked each other. Breaks from school were split between families with the girls staying together. Both had been raised in the same Christian denomination. Neither smoked or drank alcohol. In the two plus years they had roomed together neither had brought a man back to their room and neither had spent the night with a man somewhere else, either.

They had talked about sex. Both owned battery operated appliances that they used on occasion, in private, when the other was not home. They agreed that if the definition of virgin was that a penis had never been inside their vagina, they were both virgins. Both had been tempted to give up their status, but neither had done it.

At the end of the meeting they got the lists and looked at the back page. They knew the fun cast jobs would go first. They saw a strange item on the list. It said, "6 Goth angels". Something about getting into Goth attracted them. They agreed it would be just for Halloween, that Goth wasn't anything that attracted them, really.

After a minute long conversation they went looking for Mr. White. He put their names down on his master list and told them to go to room one-eighteen in King Hall. In that room they found three other people, who they assumed were from the drama school. They were shown costumes and wigs. One of the three helping in the room showed them what they would do with makeup and how no one would recognize them once they were in costume.

Both Amy and Beth were blonds with pale skin. Natural blonds who both burned if they stayed out in the sun for over an hour. Both joked that if they went to the beach it had to be at night. They tried on black wigs and liked the way the black hair changed their look.

The other four Goth Angels arrived and they conferred about the look and the costumes. None of the six were male so the male from the drama department left. It was agreed that all would supply their own black stockings, leotard and shoes. The wigs and make up would be from the costume department of the school.

As Amy and Beth left to head towards the gym, where the House was being built, one of the women from drama went with them. They became friendly and worked the rest of the day together helping to build the opening maze. When hunger and time convinced them they were done for the day the three went to dinner together.

Their new friend's name was Catherine. She was a senior, from Chicago, oldest of six kids and she had a tattoo that both Amy and Beth had seen. It was of a scorpion two inches long on the inside of her left forearm. Both had looked at it often during the day, but neither had asked about it.

Finally, Beth couldn't wait any longer and she asked, "Can I ask about your tat?"


Amy asked, "Why a scorpion?"

"I was born on November tenth, right in the midst of Scorpio."

Beth asked, "Why on your arm?"

"I thought about a tattoo just above my butt crack, but I'd never see it." She touched just above the top of her skirt where that tat would have been. "I picked my arm so I would see it."

"Do you have any others?" Amy asked.

"Yes, two."

"Can we see them?" Beth asked.

"Not here. Maybe, if you come back to my place or I come to yours."

"Come back with us." Amy said, "We live in Sagan Housing number two."

"Oh, that's close to where I live. Sure, let's go." They bussed their dishes and left the dining hall. A five minute walk had them inside Sagan Housing number two. On the third floor they went to the corner room of Amy and Beth.

Beth unlocked the door and the three went in. Catherine looked around and said, "Just as I thought, two Christian girls from middle America."

"Is that a bad thing?" Amy asked.

"No. As a matter of fact it's perfect. I've got a part in a play for the Spring and I play one of you. Maybe you can help me get into character?"

"How?" Amy asked. She was interested.

"We can talk about your attitudes, beliefs and goals. That will help me understand why I would be saying the things my character says."

"Ok. We'll help." Beth said.

"Now, about those other tattoos." Amy said.

Catherine pulled her shirt up and off, leaving her with just a black lace bra. She squeezed her breasts together to unhook the front closure of the bra and it fell away. A small Chinese dragon circled around the areola of her right breast. The breast was slightly larger than either Beth or Amy's breasts and the areola was about the size of a quarter. The dragon seemed to be chasing his tail.

Beth moved closer and asked, "Did it hurt a lot?"

"Not too bad until he bit me!" Catherine said, then she laughed. "You can get closer if you want. She squeezed her breasts and said, "I love getting him some air. Dragon's need to be free, you know."

Amy moved closer. She was thinking about what her family would say and do if she got a tattoo. She was pretty sure they would be very upset. She could hear her mother's voice saying, "Nice girls don't do things like that!" There were times when that voice really bothered Amy.

Without conscious thought Beth's right index finger reached for the dragon. Beth almost touched it when she realized she would be touching another woman's breast! She stopped and looked into Catherine's eyes.

"Sorry." She whispered.

"Go ahead. Touch him. I won't be offended and he'll love it!"

"Why he?"

"A girl dragon would be down below. Boys seem to have a thing about tits." Both Beth and Amy smiled and nodded.

Beth's finger touched Catherine's smooth skin. She was surprised the dragon didn't feel different than regular skin. She moved her finger along the figure, tracing it around her areola. Catherine's eyes closed and a small, soft moan escaped her mouth.

Beth pulled back. Catherine's eyes popped open and she grabbed Beth's hand, placing it back against her breast. "I love having my breasts touched. I got the dragon as an invitation to be touched. Please touch me. Pinch me, stroke me, kiss my breasts."

"It's not right." Amy said.

"I'm sorry." Catherine said as she released Beth's hand, refastened her bra over the dragon and reached for her shirt. "I didn't mean to offend."

Beth said, "I'm not offended. You are just very different from us. It isn't like I was taught that touching you was wrong. It's just that in our families women never show anyone their breasts. I'm twenty-one and I've never seen my Mom's breasts since I stopped breast feeding."

Amy added, "My Mom would freak if she knew what we already did." She paused and said, "I think I misspoke. I don't know if what we did was right or not. I know it felt uncomfortable. I shy away from the uncomfortable."

"If that made you uncomfortable, I'd better go home." Catherine started putting on her shirt.

"Where's the other tattoo?" Beth asked.

"Inside my jeans."

"Front or back?" Amy asked, looking at the zipper.


Amy's thoughts went to her own front. Except for during the summer when she shaved enough to allow herself to wear a swimsuit she had hair, lots of hair. She wondered where she would put a tattoo.

Beth thought about her own front. She shaved her legs only to mid thigh. She never wore a swimsuit or short-shorts. Her hair was blond and unless the light was perfect no one would ever see any hair on her. She pictured another dragon peeking through the blond hairs. A girl dragon.

"What is it?" Beth asked, "Another dragon?"

"A vine wrapped around a heart and a taiji."

"A what?" Amy asked.

"Taiji. A circle with a curved line in it, one side black the other side white."

"I still don't get it." Amy said.

Catherine unbuttoned her jeans and unzipped them. Using both hands she worked them over her hips and then down. She was shaved smooth and just above the top of her slit her tattoo showed. It was about six inches wide and maybe an inch high. On Catherine's left side a red heart wrapped in a vine, which also wrapped around the taiji on the right side. Beth had never heard the term taiji but had always called the symbol the yin-yang symbol. Tendrils of the vine reached down alongside her slit on both sides, framing the crease of her skin.

"Now do you know what a taiji is?" Catherine asked.

"Yes." Amy said.

"It's beautiful." Beth whispered. She looked up at Catherine and said, "You're beautiful."

Catherine said, "Thank you." She started to pull up her jeans.

"Can I..." Beth asked, but couldn't quite get the words out.

"Yes! You can touch. But first, I need to pee."

Beth pointed to their bathroom and Catherine went inside. She didn't close the door. She pulled her jeans down a bit farther and sat. Beth and Amy had lived together for two plus years and had never peed with the door open. When Catherine flushed she pushed the jeans the rest of the way down and stepped out of them. She walked back to Amy and Beth nude from the waist down and only her bra above the waist. She sat down on Beth's bed and then laid back and spread her legs a little.

"Ok. You can look. You can touch." She watched both Beth and Amy. Amy appeared rooted to the spot she was in. Beth wanted to move closer but didn't want to appear too anxious.

Catherine asked, "You have seen a pussy before, haven't you?"

"In gym class. In the showers, but not like this." Beth answered. Her eyes never left the sight before her. Her voice, a soft whisper.

"Then get closer and take a good look. Mine isn't like every one but it's pretty normal... except for the tattoo."

"Why the taiji and a heart?" Beth asked as she moved closer.

"The heart for love and the taiji stands for balance. I want both in my life. The vine binds them together. I put it right there so it's in the middle of me, between my toes and my head."

Beth's hand reached out and gently touched the taiji. Catherine worked hard not to thrust against her hand, just allow her access. She held still and soon Beth's fingers explored the tattoo. When her index finger followed the tendril down alongside Catherine's slit she felt Catherine's hips raise just a little. She realized the response was sexual and she realized she wanted it.

Amy could not look away. A war was waging inside her head. Was she just uncomfortable or was what she was watching wrong? Was her friend, her best friend, sinning by touching Catherine? What would Jesus want her to do? Not having ready answers had her riveted to her spot on the rug, not moving and barely breathing.

Catherine whispered, "Touch me, inside." Her knees parted another two inches or so.

Ever so slowly Beth moved her finger to Catherine's slit and then along the slit to the end nearest her chest. When her finger stopped she pressed down, just the slightest bit.

Catherine could not hold the moan inside. The tingle from the extra pressure so near her nub could not be ignored. She moaned. Beth's eyes looked up at Catherine's face and she saw the exquisite pleasure she was giving Catherine. Her finger moved inside the slit and she felt the slippery wetness she knew would greet her finger.

Deeper and lower her finger slid into Catherine. She felt Catherine's body quaking, her breath came in shallow gasps and the moaning continued. When her finger found and entered Catherine's vagina she knew what Catherine was feeling, knew how good it felt when the finger rubbed her. Beth realized her own juices were soaking her panties.

Her finger circled the opening to Catherine, then began to move back up towards her clit. Catherine's body shook harder, her eyes clamped shut and her back began to arch. All three knew her orgasm was close, oh, so close.

Amy's feet moved. She dropped to her knees beside Beth and smelled the arousal of both women. She gave in to her desires. Her hand went inside her own jeans and found her own wet pussy. Her middle finger probed her depths and fucked in and out of herself. Her eyes never left Catherine's pussy.

Catherine's hands went to her own breasts, squeezing and pulling at them through her bra. It unhooked and she pinched her own nipples as she moaned louder.

When her orgasm swept over her in a tsunami of emotions she sat up and grabbed Amy's face. She kissed Amy, expressing all the passion and lust that she was feeling. Amy felt it too and gave in to the kiss. Not a thought of it being her first girl-to-girl kiss. She flooded herself and came as they kissed. Beth pumped her finger in and out of Catherine and her other hand went to the dragon and squeezed.

The three were locked in their embrace for a long time. Finally Beth took a huge breath and it seemed to break the lock. Catherine and Amy broke their kiss and backed their faces away from each other a couple of inches.

Amy blushed and pulled her wet hand from her jeans. Catherine whispered "Thank you. Thank you both!" Beth still held the dragon in her one hand and had a finger of the other hand inside Catherine. She let go and pulled back.

Catherine's eyes opened and she looked at Beth. No one moved. When Catherine moved she said, "Take off your clothes." She moved to an upright position on the bed. Both Beth and Amy did as she asked. They stood up and undressed. Catherine got up off the bed and put Beth and Amy on their backs, side by side.

She spread their legs, putting Beth's right leg over Amy's left. She knelt between Beth's legs and used her hands to open Beth's inner secrets to her face. Her tongue touched Beth's tenderness and Beth screamed. Her orgasm hit hard and suddenly! Her back arched, she saw stars and if she were not already on her back she would have fallen.

While Catherine's face was between Beth's thighs her hand was stroking inside Amy's cunt. She was dripping wet and still spasming as Catherine's fingers probed inside her. Beth began to come down from her orgasm and Catherine moved to put her face into Amy's wetness.

As she did Amy came for the second time. Beth rolled onto her side and grabbed Amy's face, kissing her. Their breasts pressed against each other. The kiss and the orgasm lasted.

Catherine sat back and looked at the two women in the bed. The room smelled like an orgy had happened. An orgy of pleasure had happened. Catherine stood up and said, "We all need to shower. Come on."

She helped them stand and walk to the shower. It was a tight squeeze but all three got in, got clean and got out. Catherine grabbed a towel and began drying Beth. Beth got the hint, grabbed a towel and started drying Amy. They were out of towels.

When Beth was dry and Amy was dry they turned to Catherine and both dried her. They hung the towels up to dry and went back into the dorm room. Catherine picked up her clothes and started to get dressed.

Amy stopped her. She had stopped talking when Catherine had said, "Take off your clothes." Now she said, "Can you stay?"

"I need to go home. I'll see you tomorrow. I promise."

"Before you go there's something I want to do. Ok?"

Catherine nodded. Amy bent to Catherine's chest and sucked on the dragon. She opened her mouth wide enough to take in the dragon and her areola and nipple... and she sucked. Catherine grabbed her head and pressed her into her chest. Amy sucked harder!

"Oh, Fuck me!" Catherine said, as she had another orgasm. He knees buckled and Amy held her up. When she had sort of recovered and could stand on her own she said, "I need another shower. I'll do it at home."

She dressed and both Amy and Beth got in her way, with kisses and touches. When she was finally dressed the three kissed good-night and she left. When the door closed and Catherine was gone Amy realized she was nude.

"I'm naked! I'm never naked!" She said.

Beth looked at herself and said, "I think I'm going to shave my..." She didn't name it. They both knew what she meant.

"Yeah. Me too."

Neither did it that night. They opened Amy's bed and both got in.

"Your bed is wet." Amy said as they embraced.

"If we're not careful your bed will be wet, too."

They kissed a few times and went to sleep.

When Amy woke up it was because her phone rang. She rolled to her side, reached out and answered it. As she put it to her ear she became awake enough to realize she was nude and not alone in bed. One second later the memory of the night before flooded her brain and she gasped. At that moment her mother's voice said, "Amy? Are you there?"

She gasped again and said, "Yes! I'm here Mom. I just woke up!"

Beth sat up, realized she was nude, in bed with Amy and that Amy was talking to her mother. She carefully climbed over Amy and out of bed. As quickly as practical she went to her dresser and got a t-shirt and panties. She went into the bathroom and closed the door.

Mom said, "I was going to leave a message. You're usually in class on Tuesdays at this hour."

"We're getting ready for the big fund raiser on Friday. My econ professor knows some of us will be missing class today. We were up late last night."

"Are you Ok? You don't sound it."

"Mom, I'm Ok. I just woke up. By the time I'm up, dressed and have eaten breakfast I'll be Ok."

"If you say so. The message I was going to leave was to ask if you and Beth are coming here for Thanksgiving or going to Beth's."

"We haven't decided. We haven't even talked about it."

"Then I'm inviting you here. Your Aunt and Uncle from Idaho are coming and so are Grandma and Grandpa."

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