tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAre You Staring at My Ass? Ch. 02

Are You Staring at My Ass? Ch. 02


The first chapter of this story seemed to go down well so I've tried to get the second part out as quickly as possible. The story is working through at its own pace, there are some definite developments in this chapter, and I have several further chapters mapped out. It's really an attempt to portray a more unusual relationship between the protagonists. Feedback welcome.


After the night when Charlotte told me I was free to stare at her ass, I wasn't sure who should initiate contact next. I was extremely interested in another night of smoking dope and checking out Charlotte's body, but I wasn't sure how she felt about it. I vacillated for a few days until curiosity and the memory of Charlottes curvaceous behind was about to get the better of me. I was about to make a move when my phone chirped with a WhatsApp early one Friday morning as I was just out the shower. It was from Charlotte and I could see it had a picture attached.

"What pants do you think I should wear today?" The message read. In the picture where three pairs of knickers arranged neatly on what I guessed was her bed. The first pair where a brief but functional pair of black bikini briefs, the second were a pair of silky boy shorts while the third were constructed of black lace but where almost entirely see through. It was a typical of Charlotte's habit of understatement to describe such delicate and alluring items of clothing as pants.

"Well, I could make a case for any of them" I typed. "Give me some more context."

Charlotte was immediately typing her reply.

"It's Friday, the week is nearly over so the black ones feel a bit functional..."

"Agreed." I replied. "But to help you, I think I need to know what your wearing above the pants."

"Jeans, it's casual Friday."

"The boy shorts will possibly give you a bit of a visible panty line. I would go with the black lacy ones." I was always going to recommend the sexiest ones.

"They are the most fun I agree." Charlotte replied. "It makes me feel pretty sexy at work walking around with only me knowing what I'm wearing underneath."

"You do realise that nearly every man in your office is going to be wandering what you are wearing under your jeans, right?"

"Maybe so," Charlotte typed. "But the only people who will ever know are you, because you chose them and Paul this evening when he bends me over the sofa, pulls down my jeans, then the pants you chose for me to wear and stuffs his cock up my cunt :)."

That made me sit up! I had never expected Charlotte to use such explicit language. I re-read the conversation stroking my cock as I did so. I figured I needed to relieve myself before going to work in case I took someone's eye out on the tube. I came ridiculously quickly.

I heard nothing from Charlotte until later in the afternoon when another WhatsApp arrived. There was no message, just two photos. The first was of the front of Charlotte's jeans. They were skin tight, and it occurred to me that Charlotte had a prominent and extremely sexy pubic mound. Her top had ridden up slightly exposing a few inches of her stomach, with her hand she had pulled her knickers over her hip above the jeans. I had proof she had gone with the black lacy ones. The second picture was a full body pose taken in the mirror of must have been her work toilets. Charlotte was taking the picture looking over her shoulder mischievously poking her ass towards the camera sticking her tongue out. Charlotte was a master of making a perfectly appropriate work outfit appear filthy.

The next day I got a more innocent message from Charlotte asking me if I wanted to meet later in the week. I replied in the affirmative; the location had not been decided but obviously I was hoping to be invited round to her flat where we could pick up such topics as me looking at her ass and things being stuffed up her cunt. The tease was getting to me. I half-heartedly suggested a pub, but Charlotte put me out of my misery and said it would be easier if I just came around for some food and that she preferred getting a bit stoned to drinking in any case. She also casually dropped in that I would be welcome to stay over if I couldn't be bothered going back home.

This was exactly what I was hoping for and its fair to say that during the day on Friday I was not hugely productive. At four o'clock I gave up the say as a bad job and persuaded some work colleagues to kill some time with me. At seven o' clock right on time, I was heading towards Charlotte's flat. I had no fixed plan for how I would approach the night. It was clear to me that whatever happened would happen at Charlotte's pace. I had to accept that she was in control. It was my decision whether to go along with it or not, but I didn't get a say in how things would turn out thereafter.

I bumped into Charlotte just as I approached her flat.

"Busy day," she said rather breathlessly." I'm going to cook us some pasta, but I didn't have time to go mad I'm afraid. We did get a "delivery" yesterday though." Charlotte raised her eyebrow in a conspiratorial fashion.

"Pasta and weed? That's a pretty fine combination." I said. It was fine in my book.

"I got some beers as well. And don't forget we've established you like my ass and its OK for you to stare at it." Charlotte buzzed us into her stairwell, and we ascended the stairs to her flat. I had already developed a stirring in my groin at the knowledge that we would move straight to the ass staring with no preliminaries. I wasn't sure where we were going, but events were moving forwards.

Charlotte deliberately moved ahead of me on the stairs and gave her bum a bit of a wiggle as she climbed. She was wearing, a pleated skirt that came just above her knee over dark, sheer tights. The Spring air still had a chill. Above the skirt she had a black long-sleeved knitted top. It was high collared so there was no cleavage but while not totally sheer gave a hint of what was beneath. Charlotte didn't have the boobs to go for cleavage, but she had, as usual, cleverly made the best use of what she had.

The skirt wasn't tight, so I didn't have a skin-tight view of Charlotte from behind and neither was it short enough to reveal much as she climbed the stairs. It did make me want to flip up the back and see what she was wearing beneath.

Charlotte let out a deep sigh as she dropped the shopping bags in the kitchen.

"Not casual Friday today then?" I asked.

"Meetings all day with the board." She replied. "Totally stressful and not a day for jeans."

"You look nice though," I said. "Professional with a hint of sass."

"I wasn't sure about this top, it's not really sheer, but I think that the CEO got a bit of a look when I was standing with the window behind me. Wasn't really the effect that I was going for, but no harm done I suppose."

"He should be keeping his eyes to himself."

"He was subtle, but I don't really want an old man staring at my tits. Problem is, it's been too long since you came around and stared at me. I think I'm sub-consciously turning into an exhibitionist."

Charlotte disappeared briefly into the kitchen sorting out the shopping and emerged holding a beer for me and the pencil case where she stored her weed.

"OK, I have had a really long and stressful week, so I've been hanging on for some relaxation. I'll get the tea on shortly, but I need to chill out a bit first if that's OK."

"Fine with me," I said taking the beer. Charlotte sat opposite me and managed to elegantly roll a joint. After a short period of concentration, she was happy with her creation.

"Right, pass me the lighter and drink some more of that beer." She instructed me.

Charlotte sparked the joint and took a deep pull.

"That." She said. "Is hitting the spot." She stood up from the sofa and stood in front of where I was sitting in the chair opposite.

"Now I realise that this skirt is not very ass-viewing friendly." She said.

"It's a nice skirt. Your legs look amazing" I replied.

"It is a nice skirt, but don't worry I have thought of you. You need to lie down on the floor just there and close your eyes." She pointed in front of the sofa.

I lay down facing up with eyes closed as instructed. Unbeknownst to me Charlotte stood above me with her feet either side of my head. I could feel and hear something happening, but I wasn't sure exactly what.

"Ok, you can open your eyes now." Charlotte instructed.

I opened my eyes and looked upwards. Charlotte had stood directly above me giving me a direct view up her skirt. I was lying on the floor staring at the crotch of her knickers that were slightly obscured by her tights. From my angle the knickers were black with a lacy finish. Functional but with a bit of mischief.

"How's that?" Charlotte asked.

"Amazing." I said. Which seemed a bit lame, but I was not at my most lucid.

"Good, I'm pleased." Said Charlotte. "I'm going to stand here while I finish this joint while you look up my skirt at my pants. I find the combination of weed and your eyes on my cunt very calming. When I've finished this joint, you can roll another, and I'll go and make the tea."

"Ok." I said and that's what happened. I lay beneath Charlotte for what seemed like second but must have been more like four- or five-minutes, drinking in the sight of a perfect pair of legs tapering to a view of Charlotte's crotch. I was close enough to reach up and touch her knickers, but my hands were firmly placed on the floor. Eventually Charlotte finished the joint, but she had one final tease up her sleeve, (or skirt). She had placed the ashtray just to the side of my head. In order to stub the joint, she had to squat down to reach the floor. As she squatted her skirt enveloped my head and her crotch fell to just inches from my face.

"Charlottes cunt is inches from my face." I thought. Her skirt falling directly over my face had impaired my visibility somewhat, but I was getting a sensory overload as I was sure I could smell a faint tinge of arousal. It was clear Charlotte was getting something sexy from me looking at her. Charlotte squatted for a second or two longer than the manoeuvre strictly required. For a moment I wondered if she was about to lower herself directly on my face and make me inhale her scent. I think she thought about it but that was few steps further than whatever schedule was in her mind.

"Right I'll get on with the tea then." Charlotte said breaking the spell. "You get on with skinning up that joint."

"On it!" I replied. I was caught in the current of Charlotte's plan and I was dumbly following. Once I had rolled another joint that was considerably less aesthetically pleasing than Charlotte's had been, I joined her in the kitchen. She busied herself with making the pasta, while I enjoyed her elegant, fluid movements.

"This isn't a very good ass-watching skirt, I had forgotten." Charlotte randomly dropped into the conversation. "That's not very fair. Does this help?"

Charlotte grabbed the hem of the skirt and pulled it over her waist. She stood with her skirt aloft giving me a view of her tights and the black lacy knickers underneath. The knickers were partially sheer but dark enough to obscure any view of her pussy through the material.

"I can see more." I croaked. Charlotte then rotated 180 degrees so I could see her ass encased in black lace. The knickers covered maybe three quarters of her ass, leaving a decent portion of bare cheek uncovered beneath her tights.

"That's the best thing I've seen today. I like those knickers." I sensed I needed to get the compliments right to keep the momentum going. As much as Charlotte was in control this was clearly new ground for her, and she must have been nervous.

"I'm glad you enjoy it." She said looking pleased. "I want to make sure my guests are happy. This is not very practical though. I can't really cook holding up my skirt."

She let the skirt fall back around her waist which was disappointing. Charlotte then reached to her side and pulled the skirt's zipper down. With a slight wiggle of her hips the skirt dropped to the floor.

"That's better." She said sounding pleased. "I can cook, and you can look at me. Perfect."

Charlotte bent over at the waist to pick up the skirt giving me a close view of her cheeks with a peek between her legs and dropped it in the bedroom. She then continued to cook, and we chatted away amiably as we had done many times before. The only difference being that Charlotte was walking around the flat wearing no skirt in just her tights and knickers.

We ate, drank a bit more and smoked a bit more. Once again, I felt a little too stoned and a little too drunk. It wasn't that late, but I could see Charlotte's eyes were drooping and mine where too.

"Where's Paul tonight?" I asked. I wasn't sure whether we should acknowledge Charlotte was married or not.

"He's out with his friends, some work leaving drinks. I think he would have preferred dinner with us though. He was saying this morning it's been ages since he's seen you. We can hang out tomorrow though maybe."

"Sounds cool." I said. "I was wondering if Paul knew I was here."

"Don't' worry." Replied Charlotte. "Paul knows you're here. You don't need to worry that your sitting in my house looking at my bum. He's cool with it."

"Oh, right," I said. This was news to me. It had seemed weird that Charlotte would be sneaking around letting me see her semi-naked behind Paul's back, that wouldn't really be her style. On the other hand, it would seem equally strange that Paul would be complicit in the tease. I wanted to know more but I figured it would be best to stick with my plan of letting Charlotte control the pace.

Charlotte stood up and cleared away the cups and plates that had accumulated in the lounge. I took the opportunity once again to admire her long shapely legs encased in dark tights as she walked through to the kitchen.

"I'm pretty done in now to be honest." Charlotte said as she reappeared in the lounge. "I think I'm going to have to hit the sack now. Sorry I haven't got much stamina."

"I'm pretty tired as well." I said. "Bed sounds good. I feel like I could sleep forever."

"I was expecting Paul home by now; the drinks must have been better than he thought. You still up for getting some brunch tomorrow?"

I wasn't entirely sure how I was going to handle hanging out with Paul again. He was a good guy and I'd always liked him. He was a good match for Charlotte and although I was jealous that he, to quote Charlotte got to stuff his cock up her cunt, (and possible other places too), I didn't hold it against him. If I'd have known him independently of Charlotte, I could easily have been his friend. I didn't feel guilty as it seemed that both he and Charlotte were complicit in whatever plan was playing out but still, I would feel awkward. I had been invited though and this was clearly some kind of test; a gate I had to go through to see what else was on the path we were travelling.

"Yep, brunch good." I said as I began to rise from the sofa to get ready for bed.

"Hold on a second." Said Charlotte. "As I've had such a nice night hanging out with you, I want to make sure you've had a proper look at me, so you have plenty of inspiration in the bedroom."

Charlotte stood up and positioned herself directly in front of me facing away. My face was just inches away from the shapely contours of her bottom. I could see the lace of her knickers as it stretched over her cheeks, exposing the rounded white flesh below covered only by her tights. After about 30 seconds she turned slowly so that I was now facing her front. I could almost see through the gauzy lace and sheer tights but not quite. I had the strongest desire to move my head forward, stick my tongue out and like her cunt through the knickers. I wondered if Charlotte would resist. I was sure I could smell arousal, even stronger than earlier and I was equally sure if I dipped a finger into her pussy, she would have been wet. I was determined though to stick to my plan and let events unfold at her pace.

"You are incredibly sexy Charlotte." I said. "You fill a pair of tights well."

"Thank you." Replied Charlotte. "I'm glad you like looking."

Charlotte then disappeared into the bedroom I supposed to get ready for bed. I went into he bathroom to brush my teeth and headed into the guest bedroom. To my surprise Charlotte was sitting on the bed. She was still wearing the tights and knickers but had changed into a Minnie Mouse pyjama top.

"I forgot one thing for me." She said.

I had already shed my jeans and I was standing in boxers and a t-shirt.

"Well, you're dressed appropriately." Charlotte said. "It's probably easiest if you come over me knee."

I followed her instructions and arranged myself across her knee as she sat on the edge of the bed. I was painfully aware that my cock had sprung into life at the direct contact with Charlotte and was poking into her leg. She physically manhandled me into a more comfortable position; for a skinny chick she was surprisingly strong. I felt her hands tuck into the waistband of my boxer shorts and with a firm tug Charlotte pulled them down baring my ass. I could feel the cool air across my cheeks, my cock had gone from mildly excited to rock hard.

"Now, you've been looking at me all night, so I get a little treat for myself." Said Charlotte.

Without further preparation she rained a series of hard spanks down onto my ass. Charlotte was not in holding back and my cheeks felt the sting of her blows.

"Now that's a pretty glow." Said Charlotte. "Seems you like it too!" She said as she wiggled her legs rubbing against my erection. "Just a couple more and we're done." She followed up with a final series of even harder, well-directed smacks leaving my cheeks throbbing. "That will give you something extra to think about when you're rubbing that cock of yours before you go to sleep. Now I want you to give yourself a nice wank and I'll see you in the morning." Charlotte gave my bright bed bottom a tender stroke. "Such a nice bottom." She said to herself and pulled up my boxer shorts.

I stood up rather gingerly with my cock obscenely protruding against the fabric of my underwear. Charlotte leaned forward and gave me a tight hug pressing her groin against my stiff cock. She ran her hands through my hair as she held me tightly.

"You're the best." She said as she made for her bedroom. "I knew you were the right person."

Once again, I was lying in Charlotte's guest bedroom with a raging hard-on. Tomorrow would see the next stage, I would have to face Paul having just been spanked by his wife, but for now I drifted to sleep with the image of Charlotte's perfect ass in my head.

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by gregix03/30/19

I love !

Nice story. A lot of my favourite fetishes. Some ideas for Ch. 03 ?

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by DistantThunder103/22/19

Nicely done. You certainly know how to turn a phrase.

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by Anonymous03/20/19

Oh! The shame!!

How shameful to be lying in charlottes guest room with a red tingling ass and a raging hard- on. To be left alone like this must be pure torture, I would have to wank myself silly replaying the visionsmore...

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by Biggalute03/19/19

Good stuff

Have enjoyed both chapters, looking forward to more

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