tagGroup SexAre You Sure?

Are You Sure?


AUTHORS NOTE: There is no actual sex in this story. Just two people checking each others' will before taking a leap.


She waited in the passenger seat as he walked around to her side to open it, not out of habit or some sense of entitlement, or a desire for old fashioned chivalry; rather as a delaying tactic. The door opened and she turned, swinging her legs out to the side, exposing her shapely appendages below a skirt that was shorter and tighter than she normally wore. She felt the warm summer evening air waft over her, challenging the remaining air conditioned coolness in the car. He waited with his hand out but she didn't take it, only looked up at him expectantly. It took him a second to realize she had stopped, and was waiting.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Last chance," she said plainly, looking up at him from narrowed, searching eyes. "If we go in, there is no going back."

"I know," he grinned nervously. "Are you ready?" He waited for her to grin back, and when she didn't, his grin faded, and his hand dropped to his side. "Are you having second thoughts?"

She searched his face for some indication of his thoughts, but saw only his eager anticipation. "Actually, I wanted to be sure that YOU were sure," she told him. "You know what is likely to happen if we go inside."

His grin reappeared. "It's all I've thought about all week."

"Yes," she said, her smile playing lightly on her face against her will, seeing his happy, horny expression. "But I need you to access your big head for a minute." He continued to grin. "I'm serious," she insisted. "I'm sure you have imagined tonight a thousand times in your fevered brain. But I need to know that you can handle what could happen."

"I don't understand. We've been looking forward to this for weeks, planning. YOU'VE been looking forward to this. Is there a problem?"

"Not with me." She answered questioningly. "But I need to be sure that you know what door you're opening and that you are going to be okay with it." She searched his face again. "No matter what 'IT' is."

"We've talked this out already," he replied uncertainly.

"I know, but I need to hear it again; for certain." She waited. "Considering all the possibilities. Considering what COULD happen, not just what you THINK will happen." She glimpsed a flash of concern cross his face, and then watched as his mouth turned to the side, and he bit the inside of his lip, his telltale pensive look. She reached out and took his hand, held it between hers, clasping his strong, confident digits inside the cocoon of her delicate fingers. "Honey, I need to be sure that you'll be okay, that WE will be okay if we do this."

"You know I love you, Karen," he told her, and her heart leaped, as it always did when he said it. His voice was genuine; endearing, and she warmed at the thought.

"I know you do, honey, and I love you, too," she said softly. "And I don't ever want anything to get in the way of that." She pulled lightly on his hand and his shoulder followed, and he leaned on to kiss her, softly. It was the kiss she wanted, not a hot, passionate kiss; there would be plenty of those later, regardless of whether they went inside or not. This was the one that told her she was his, and only his, and that he was hers alone. She released his hand and raised hers to his face, holding his head close to hers.

"I know you're excited; I'm excited too," she said. "But I need to know that when it's over you'll still be there for me, that we'll still be together, that nothing will change between us." She kissed his lips, feeling the softness of his mouth, tasting him, feeling the belligerent stubble on his chin. "If we go, there's no undoing it," she told him, and she watched his face intently, making sure the words were getting through, studying him to insure there was enough blood going to his brain. "We can't put the genie back in the bottle. Once it's out, it's out."

"I know that," he told her softly, and the look on his face told her that he understood. His hands moved to her shoulders. "I know," he repeated, looking into her eyes, making sure he connected with her; making sure she saw him, serious and intent. Her heart leapt at the connection, and her breath caught. He was so handsome, so caring and loving, and he was hers, beyond all reason, and he was letting her go. "No matter what, I love you. I know that I can be a little ... simplistic sometimes," he said slowly. She watched him choose his words. "But you want this. WE want this. And I understand that it may go ... beyond. Beyond what I think might happen." His eyes darted back and forth between hers; they were so close he couldn't look into both.

"It could go far beyond," she added. "You might see me do things." She felt a little rush at the idea. "Things you haven't imagined." Between her legs her body, already aroused, reacted to the possibilities of the evening. "This isn't just fantasy now, sweetie; it's not just us in bed, telling each other how hot we are. This will be for real." She felt another surge between her legs, and her scent rose between them, defeating the sweet fragrance of the evening air. "God," she confessed, "just talking about it is making me wet. I can smell myself," she chortled.

"I'm hard as a rock," he confessed.

"Will you still be hard for me after?" she asked, and she parted her legs slightly, forcing the skirt to ride up her slender, strong thighs. "Will you still want this?" She dropped a hand to her lap, slipping it under her skirt to her pantyless shaved sex. "Will this still excite you after? Do you understand what could happen if I start? How much I might like it? How far I might go?" Her voice caught a little, from her excitement, not from fear. She was concerned only about two things; that he might want to back out but would let her go anyway, and that he would stop her, now, that she was so excited and ready.

"M-mm, definitely," he confirmed.

She put her other hand to his chest, holding it over his heart. "And what about here? Will your heart still want me? There are a lot of things that look and sound exciting when we're horny, baby. It all seems like a good idea then. But once you cum, and the blood goes back to your brain, you might see me ... differently." Her voice trailed off at the last word.

"I might see you more beautifully," he answered, and she smiled sweetly at him before taking her hand from between her legs and brushing her fingertips at his lips.

"Yes, you might," she said, smearing her musky secretions on his wonderful, tender lips. "And I know that you want to," she continued. "But what if it goes ... beyond your imagination? What if," she slipped a fingertip into his mouth, "I don't stop? If I can't stop? If I exceed your fantasy?" He looked at her, and she knew then, she knew for sure that he didn't grasp the possibility, that he hadn't imagined where this night could go. His horny fantasy had gone only as far as his imagination could take him, and no further. She, on the other hand, saw the potential for where the excitement and thrill might lead. "Honey," she said, "what if there is more than one?" Still she sat, unwilling to get out of the car until he reassured her. "What if there are more?"

"Two?" he asked. "What, at once?"

"Two; three. More." She hesitated, and swallowed, acknowledging to herself where her desire might lead her, and gathered her resolve and blurted it out. "A lot more. Over and over. Everywhere. All over. Could you handle that?" Her voice was determined, her words quick and stern. "Because that could happen, baby. I'm so hot now, so excited, I don't know if I could stop." She trembled a little, and again her pussy reacted to the mental image. "I don't know if I will WANT to stop."

His face was a mix of confusion and fascination. "More than one?" he repeated.

"Oh, God, yes, baby, more. That's what I'm trying to tell you. This has been building in me for so long, we've been talking about doing it, and I've gotten so excited, and YOU have been so excited for me; I feel like my body is going to lead me places I've never gone. And the more we talked, the more excited I got, the more I started to imagine it ..." Once again her words trailed off, and she studied him for his reaction, but he seemed frozen, and she had a flash of fear that they would not go through with it, they would go home, have wild sex and shout their fantasies at each other as they wailed in passion, as they had done for months now.

And then he pushed her legs apart and stepped into her; he was kissing her, pulling her shoulders into his, his tongue hot and wet in her mouth. No lover's kiss now but a hot, sexually charged exchange of passion. "Yes," he said into her mouth, "Yes, yes, yes," as their mouths mashed together.

"You want it for me baby?" she asked as he kissed her, muffled into his affirmation.

"Yes, do it; fuck, you hot slut," he grunted, his tongue licking at her lips. "Yes! Fuck, I love you!" Her hands were on his back, groping his strong shoulders, HER man's shoulders, and she knew they would be all right.

She pushed him back, away from her, and she slid off the seat and smoothed her skirt down. "Let's go, then," she told him.

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