tagIncest/TabooAre You Sure About This?

Are You Sure About This?


It's an odd feeling watching your mother kiss another woman.

Believe me, I found that out a few months after my parents had divorced and my mom told me that that she had recently begun dating another woman. She was nervous when she first sat me down to tell me that. But she said she was glad I handled it well and that I didn't judge her about her personal choice. The truth is, I just wanted her to be happy, but I did think the whole situation was a little strange. I had always wondered if this other woman was the reason why my parents divorced, but both she and my dad remained vague about it, like they didn't want to talk about it.

My mother is a very prudish and demure middle-aged woman at 45 years old. She has blond hair, fair skin, with a slender body and a pretty face. So I was surprised when I was first introduced to her girlfriend, Angela, for the very first time because of how different she was compared to my mom. Angela was an incredibly sexy 36 year old brunette with a well tanned athletic body and has curves which no man could resist. They also had different lifestyles as well, with Angela being an outgoing fitness trainer, and my mother being a modest English professor at the university I attended.

One thing was clear, they really loved each other. My mom would always invite her to dinner at our house and they always had a great time talking and laughing. They became even closer as time went on. It was also clear that my mother was the submissive one in their relationship. She would always go out of her way to make sure Angela was happy and really did a lot for her. I tried not to think of what their sex life was like, but, well, some things are unavoidable...



A loud noise courtesy of our next door neighbor had woken me up at night. It was around 11pm. What kept me from going right back to sleep was noticing that the light was still on in our house. 'Odd,' I thought to myself. My mother is never up this late, especially on a weeknight. I just figured that she must still be with Angela who was over for dinner this evening. I didn't want to go back to sleep. I couldn't. My curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to see what they might be doing.

Deep down I knew what they were doing- it was obvious. But I couldn't help myself. So I proceeded quietly down the hall and slowly down the dark stairway before seeing the two of them.

There I saw my highly educated and respectable mother on her knees with her face buried in her girlfriend's crotch.

My mother was topless. Her sweater and bra were neatly placed on the same couch that her girl friend was sitting on. From my angle, I could only see my mother's pale white back and the side of one of her breasts. And the only thing I could see of her breast was that it sagged while she was leaning forward.

Angela, on the other hand, was only naked from the waist down. Her jeans and panties were tossed on the floor leaving her muscular thighs and vagina exposed for my mother's consumption. She was leaning back on the couch with her eyes closed, enjoying the pleasure she was receiving as she ran her fingers through my mom's wavy blond hair.

She opened her eyes to watch my mother's tongue lapping over her labia and clitoris; seeing the control she had over her. I could even hear the slurping and sucking sounds that my mother was making down there.

It didn't take long for Angela to catch me in the corner of her eyes and turn her full attention towards me. We were both in a state of utter surprise; I caught them in the middle of a sex act in our house, and she caught me spying on them. We both froze for a brief moment. I didn't know how to react, and by the look on her face, neither did she. And of course my mother was completely oblivious to all of this as she continued her work on the vagina presented in front of her. I had a strong urge to just turn around run back to my room, but that would mean making enough noise for my mother to know I was there.

Suddenly, a small grin appeared on Angela's face along with a lustful gleam in her eyes. Me watching them was now making her more aroused than she already was. It was the final act of sexual dominance she had over my mother. It was as if Angela was getting off knowing that her girlfriend's son was witnessing his mother being degraded in such a manner that a woman of her stature shouldn't be in.

She took her eyes off me and leaned forward, whispering gently to my mother, "That's it. Lick it faster. I'm almost there."

Mom listened as she picked up the pace that her tongue and mouth were moving in. Angela's breathes became deeper as she started squirming where she sat. She leaned back on the couch and closed her eyes once again. She was clearly approaching an orgasm. I can only imagine what was going through her head as she slowly started to shiver. She was cumming, and in my mother's mouth of all places.

She shivered for a few moments before eventually settling her body down. She laid there, enjoying the bliss she was feeling, before sitting up and giving my mother a big kiss on the mouth.

With that, I quietly made my exit back to my room.


That night marked the first time that I had ever masturbated thinking about my own mom. I couldn't help it. I found myself overwhelmed with the taboo of seeing her being used for sexual pleasure and her enjoying ever second of it. Before that, I had never seen or heard her in any sexual setting. It was as if she had been sexless and a perfect example of morality. But all of that changed now and I never looked at her in the same way. And that's what made it so exciting for me to fantasize about her.

It became a dark little secret that only her girlfriend and I knew about. She would wink at me as she kissed my mother when my mom didn't know I was looking, as if to tease me, flaunt their love life in my face, and to remind me of me of that fateful night. But she didn't need to; the sight of them in the middle of a sex act was something I never would have forgotten anyways.


News of a possible sudden storm cut short a camping trip with me, my dad, and some of my cousins. It wasn't that big of a deal since instead of arriving home that night, we would all just be home early that Sunday morning.

I noticed Angela's car parked in the driveway after my dad dropped me off at mom's house. I didn't think much of it since it was in the morning and that might have been planning on going out someplace together. But then again, they were expecting to have the place all to themselves since I never thought to call my mother ahead of time to tell her I would be back early, so who knows what they could have been up to.

I grabbed my things from the car and made my way through the front door, not knowing if I would be walking in on the middle or something or not.

The house was filled with silence as I walked in. Then, I saw her. I saw Angela completely naked in the kitchen as she came to check on the sound of me entering. We both stood there for a moment with the same deer-in-the-headlights look in each of our faces from this surprise.

I couldn't help but to admire her beautifully formed athletic body for the brief seconds it took her to grab the nearest apron and use it to cover herself with. She had the perfect balance of muscle tone and curves which kept her feminine appeal. Her breasts looked like perfectly shaped c-cups with large brown nipples on each of them. Her vagina was cleanly shaven making her large labia clearly visible from where she stood.

"What the hell are you doing here Henry?" she said in a scolding manner while trying to keep her voice down at the same time. "Your mom said you weren't going to be back until night time."

"The weather forced us to come back earlier. Jeez, I didn't think I'd need permission to come back to my own home," I replied.

"Keep it down, your mother is upstairs..."

"Oh, of course, and she's obviously expecting you right now," I whispered back. "I better go and let you two get back to what you were doing."

That same sexual grin she had on her face a month ago when I saw them on the couch re-appeared on her face, and she said, "On second though, why don't you stay for a while? I was about to bring some food for me and your mother to use in the bedroom. But I think bringing you instead might be a little more fun, don't you think?"

I was stunned by what she had just proposed. She had just invited me to bed with her and my own mother. My mind started racing with all the possibilities that might occur. But I couldn't do it. Real life is one thing, and fantasy is another.

"You can't be serious about this...you're just teasing me..." I told her, stammering at my words.

"You think I'm teasing you, well here's your tease," she said, and without a hint of warning, she dropped the apron covering her body and exposed herself completely to me. "Get a good look. I've seen the way you've been looking at us since after that night you caught her eating my pussy. And it's definitely not how a son is supposed to look at his mom. So let's quit wasting time standing around and get right to it."

"I...can't...and you know it would never work. She would freak out the moment she sees me in the room. I know my mother, and she would never go for it."

"She's blindfolded Henry," she replied with a sexy tone of voice while maintaining that grin. "She's blindfolded and is masturbating with a vibrator right now, warming up until I get back. We usually do nasty stuff like this at my place, but since you went camping, we thought it would be fun to do this in her bedroom for once. It's a nice change of scenery in our sex life. And you telling me that 'you can't' because 'it would never work' is much different from saying that 'you won't'. So like I said, cut the bullshit, I know you're interested."

"Fine, I'll admit it, I'm interested in fucking my mom. Is that what you want to hear? And what do you get out of this anyways? That's what I don't understand."

She playfully pinched me on the check and said, "Men aren't the only ones who enjoy incest."


We were both nude as she held my hand and led me up the stairs to a sight that I never thought I would ever see or even lust after; my naked mother, blindfolded on the bed, and masturbating with a vibrator. There were also other sex toys on the bed which were lying in the area between my mother's wide open legs. They included a strap-on and what looked like anal beads and lube among other things.

My mother spoke in a concerned tone as we entered the room, asking Angela, "Who were you talking to? Was someone just at the door or were you on the phone?"

"I brought someone for you. His name is 'Joe', he's a friend of mine," she replied, making up a fake name for me as she walked towards my mother as I waited by the door.

"You did what!? Oh god, I can't believe you would so such a thing. I never agreed to this!" my mother yelled as she threw the vibrator to the ground and attempted to pull off her blindfold.

Angela forcefully grabbed my mother's wrist and warned her, "Don't you dare take it off Helen. This isn't over until I say it is. And right now, I say we're just getting started."

My mom accepted what was happening and ended her fight.

She continued, saying, "Remember how you would always tell me that your cunt belonged to me? Well I decide how it gets used, and today, I've invited my friend over so he could fuck you. So just relax and we'll have some fun."

"...Okay, fine..." my submissive mother replied.

Angela held out her hand to me, signaling for me to walk over to the bed where I got an extremely intimate look at my mother's nakedness. Her body looked soft and thin, yet she still had her womanly curves around her hips and thighs. She also had a large patch of brown pubic hair as well. Her breasts looked like b-cups and had large pink nipples which were hard from being exposed for so long.

She placed my open hand on top of my mom's foot and I wrapped my fingers around it. My mother didn't react to my touch at first, she just laid there, not knowing what to expect. Angela continued leading me forward, dragging my hands across my mother's legs in the process. My hand continued rubbing across her body through her crotch, brushing against her pubic hair and through her breasts where I started to feel her tense up with sexual excitement. Angela let go of me and used both of her hands to gently pull my mother to get her to sit upright on the side of the bed.

I felt an unbelievable level of power over my mom which had caused my penis to become fully erect. I could now do all of the nasty things I had been fantasizing about doing to my mother over the past few months. But most importantly, she would never know that it was me- her son.

The line which no family members should ever cross with each other had been exceeded as I bent down to kiss my mom full on the lips. Her lips felt soft as they always had been whenever she kissed me on the cheek or forehead. She was cautious with her mouth at first, limiting this kiss with just her lips. But as I began to rub her back and shoulders, she opened her mouth wide open for me and we were able to use our tongues on each other, discovering what we both tasted like. It was clear that she was really starting to open up and enjoy this whole experience as she started to let out soft moans in between our kisses. The frequency of her moans increased as I used my hand to play with one of her big nipples and roll it around in my fingers.

"Your cock looks nice and hard 'Joe', why don't you have Helen give it a few licks for you? She's great with her tongue and mouth," Angela said as she moved to the other side of the bed behind my mother.

I did as she suggested, breaking the kiss and standing up straight so that my hard cock was right in front of my mother's face. She knew exactly what was needed of her as she opened her mouth wide enough to give me an easy entrance. That's when I did it; I pushed my crotch forward a few inches, just enough to insert my penis inside my mother's mouth. She immediately closed her lips around me and started sucking the best she could in the position she was in. Angela was right, my mom had a great mouth and she really knew how to use it. Her tongue felt as soft as her lips did, but it was obviously much warmer and was soaking wet with her mouth water.

She continued sucking my cock for a few moments as Angela got behind my mom and started massaging her breasts and kissing her shoulder and neck. That really got my mother going as she started sucking even harder and faster. She also lifted her once reluctant hands from the bed and used them to rub my thighs and to eventually caress my balls and the base of my cock. At that moment, I was able to fully understand the sexual pleasure Angela was receiving the night I caught my mother eating her pussy. I understood why Angela didn't want to stop my mother, even as I watched. The pleasure was too great. My mother definitely wasn't as prudish as she let on.

The sounds of my mother slurping on my cock came to an end when Angela said to me, "It would be a real shame if you came so soon without being able to do anything else to her. I'm sure Helen's poor little cunt is in desperate need of some attention right now. She is a woman with needs after all..."

She continued by whispering in my mother's ear telling her to lie on her back once again. Those instructions were followed by Angela giving my mom a wet tongue kiss which I had grown accustomed to seeing over the past few months.

I got on my knees and was able to get a great look at my mother's hairy vagina for the first time. The hair was light brown and curly and her thick labia was a darker shade of brown. I spread her vagina open to get a see her large clitoris, as well as her insides which were pink. She responded to this by spreading her legs even further for me, inviting me to eat her pussy as Angela was busy sucking on her nipples and fondling her breasts.

I couldn't help but think how I was now staring at the place where my life began. But I didn't want to think for to long, after all, my mom was waiting for me to please her. My tongue ran across her labia for a few strokes. Each lick was met with an equal reaction from her body. Then I started running my tongue through the pink insides of her vagina causing her to squirm. The same reaction happened as I began to suck on her clit.

I continued this for a few more moments until I wanted more. Her increasing moans to my tongue only fueled my desire to please her. I noticed some of the anal beads lying on the bed along with some lubrication, so I figured that was something that they enjoyed using on each other. So I lowered my hands down to her butt cheeks and used my fingers to spread them apart, exposing her tiny brown anus to me.

Anal sex was something I was always fascinated with, but never had a chance to do with anyone. And now I had a chance to do it with this blindfolded woman lying in front of me. The fact that this blindfolded woman was my mother only amplified this fetish which I've had for as long as I could remember.

I slowly stuck my tongue out to anally pleasure a woman for the first time in my life. Feeling it on the tip of my tongue wasn't how I imagined it to be. It felt softer than I had expected. My tongue swirled around it a few times, feeling each and every line that it had. The more I swirled my tongue, the more she started to squirm, and I liked that. I took things even further as I forcefully plunged my tongue deep inside her anus. I swirled my tongue once again, but this time while inside her causing her to moan while Angela was still playing with my mom's breasts and kissing her. After having explored her more intimate of areas with my tongue, I then used my finger to probe and loosen up her rectum.

"Wait, not there," my mother said, addressing me for the very first time. "I've never had anything go that deep in that area..."

"...which is why now would be the perfect opportunity to change that wouldn't it?" Angela interjected, with a highly sexual gleam in her eyes. "Go ahead 'Joe', I want you to claim her there. She's never let me fuck her in that hole, so maybe she needs a real man to take care of that don't you think?"

Sex was one thing, but my heart started racing at the idea of sodomizing my own mother. I pulled my finger out of her anus and stood back up, unsure of exactly how to proceed with this. But I didn't need to wait long as Angela instructed me to pour some lube on my throbbing cock and inside her rectum. I did as she said before pressing the head of my cock against her lubricated anus. My mother used her hands to spread herself open down there as Angela had told her to. And even then, I still had a hard time entering her. She was that tight. I had to use my own fingers to spread her anus apart even further to insert my head in.

Her body immediately twitched as I pushed the tip of my cock in her anus. I continued pushing forward inside of her. Her moving her body and squeezing the bed sheet showed just how much pain she was in. But her gasps and moans showed how much pleasure she was receiving from this as well. I was now giving her physical sensations she had never experienced before by stretching her anus and rectum.

Her rectum felt incredibly tight, as if her body was attempting to reject this unnatural act of sex. But it wasn't unnatural to me- I loved every moment of it. I loved being the first person to ever claim my mother sexually in her most private of areas. And I loved how it was driving her crazy. That's when I started ravishing her; getting off on every moan, and every twist and turn from my mother's body.

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