tagGroup SexAren't The Neighbors Nice?

Aren't The Neighbors Nice?


We retired a couple of years ago. My wife and I were rather lucky in that we could both retire at the same time. We didn’t want to stay in the home where we had raised our family. For one thing, the house and yard were too big for just the two of us and, for another thing, we didn’t like the way the old neighborhood was changing as the older owners sold out and moved on. We decided to do the same.

We looked around for almost a year before we moved. We didn’t want to move to a so-called adult community full of retirees. We found a nice place in a newer community. We bought a nice three bedroom, two bath patio home. We shared a garage wall and a patio fence with a neighbor, but we liked the way the everything was laid out. The homes were arranged around a wooded square with the patios facing the woods. It was a nice piece of open space.

The community also has all the other amenities of a planned community - walking and biking trails, a community center with swimming pools, fitness center, tennis and squash courts, etc. Rita and I do like to walk and ride our bikes.

The families living around us seemed to be either retired couples, older working couples without children living at home or young families with grade school age children. There were no teenagers. The day after we moved in we met our immediate neighbors over the patio fence.

Rita and I were taking a break from unpacking. We had just popped the cap on a couple of brews when our neighbors came to the fence.

“Hi, I’m Art and this is my wife, Faye.”

We walked to the fence. “This is Rita and I’m Ben.” We all shook hands and went through the niceties of ‘Nice to meet you.’, ‘How do you do.’, etc. “Would you like a brew?”

“That’d be great. Thanks.” Art opened the gate and followed Faye through to our side of the fence. We handed them each a bottle and sat down to get acquainted. Art was about my age, sixty-two, and my size and build, six feet and about one hundred ninety pounds. Faye was a lean rangy graying blonde with close cropped hair and deeply tanned face, arms and legs. She was slightly taller and slimmer than Rita. Rita weighs about one thirty-five pounds. She’s a tad over five and a half feet tall. She’s a brunette with hazel eyes and she’s all the woman I can handle.

Over the weeks, we got to know Faye and Art pretty well. Faye swam daily. She spent a lot of time at the pool working on her tan when she wasn’t swimming laps. They had asked if we played cards. We said we weren’t Bridge players. They said they weren’t either and they meant cards like poker and blackjack. We enjoy cards so we played with them regularly and, through them, met several other couples who lived in the community.

But now let me tell you a little about Rita and me. Rita and I had originally met through work. She was coming off a long relationship that had broken down because of work related relocations. I was two years out of an amiable divorce. We seemed to hit it off together and soon we were dating regularly. It turned out we lived close to each other and, as a result, we spent a lot of time at each other’s home.

The first time we slept together was at my place. I’d fixed dinner and afterwards , while making out in front of the fireplace, she suggested we go to bed. It must have been a long time for both of us, because we made love three times during the night, then again before we got out of bed. Fortunately, it was a Saturday morning.

The first time I went down on Rita was at her place. It had become almost a regular routine - fix dinner, make out then go to bed. Anyway, we had been kissing, caressing and generally enjoying foreplay when I began kissing my way down Rita’s belly. She was crossways on the bed with her feet hanging over the edge. I got on my knees on the floor and began to kiss and lick my way up her legs.

When I got to her crotch I kissed her pussy. Rita tensed up. I licked and kissed her outer lips and I could feel her relax. As I worked the tip of my tongue along the edges of her labia, she scooted her butt closer to my face. I put her legs over my shoulders and made myself comfortable. When I parted her labia and licked her soft inner lips, I heard her sigh.

“You like that?”

“Uh huh.”

“So do I.” She got wetter and tastier as I worked the tip of my tongue up and down between her lips and around her pearl of a clitoris. Rita splayed her thighs wide. Her pussy was open to my lips and tongue. I softly rubbed her belly with one hand. She began to utter little “Ohh’s and her belly and inner thighs began to twitch and quiver. She put her hand on my head and pressed my face against herself as she guided my lips and tongue.

Afterwards, I lay beside and put my arm around her shoulders. Rita rolled over, “That was nice.” She kissed me. “You’re face is wet.”

“Uh huh.”

She began to kiss her way down my chest and stomach. I groaned when she took my cock in her warm mouth. She made love to my cock and balls and it wasn’t long before I told her I was going to cum.

She took my cock out of her mouth, “I know.” She bent down and slipped her lips over my cockhead. As the cum boiled up from my balls, she raised her head. A stream of cum spurted from my cock and landed on my chest. Rita held my pulsing cock until I finished then she licked me clean then she crawled up and lay on top of me.

It turned out that both her ex and my ex liked receiving head but neither of them wanted to give head. We moved in together then got married. So, after thirty years of marriage and two kids, our love life is still improving. Since we’ve retired we’ve become more relaxed and rested and make love more frequently. But enough about us.

During one lengthy stretch of bad winter weather, everyone got a little crazy with cabin fever. That’s one thing about being retired - you don’t have to go anywhere or be anywhere. When the weather is bad, you don’t go out., but that has it’s drawbacks too.

Anyway, we invited Faye and Art over for drinks and dinner. I’d fixed a rum punch and through the course of the dinner and evening we all drank a lot. Art suggested we go over to their place and play some cards. They have the family room set up as a card parlor. Everyone thought that was a good idea so we trooped over to their place. Faye reminded me to bring the punch.

I wouldn’t say it was inevitable, but we ended up playing cards for clothing. Everyone seemed to playing to lose and soon we were all down to our underwear. Rita was in panties and bra. I still had my t-shirt and shorts. Art was down to his shorts and Faye was down to her panties. Rita lost the bra in the next hand. I noticed Faye sort of eyeing Rita’s breasts.

Faye lost her panties. I thought that was the final hand but Faye wanted to play one more. Art dealt the cards, “What’ll you bet with? You’ve lost everything.”

“I’ll think of something. I’m not going to lose. Just deal the cards.”

We played the hand and Art lost his shorts. The next hand was lost by Faye. Art looked at his wife, “You lose. Pay up.” Faye stood and walked around the table. She was a woman in her late fifties. Her body was tight and still tan. It must have been all the swimming. She pulled Art to his feet then she bent over and began to give him a blowjob.

Art looked rather startled. He glanced at Rita, who winked and laughed, “She’s played this game before.” I noticed Rita’s nipples were hard. “That looks like fun.” She stood and peeled her panties down her legs. “Stand up, Ben.” I stood as Rita pulled her chair close. She pulled my shorts down, leaned forward and swallowed my cock.

Art looked over at me, “You might as well take off your t-shirt and stay a while.”

At some point, we moved into the bedroom. Rita and I got into a 69 with her on top. Art was laying beside us as Faye lay on her stomach between his legs. Rita stopped sucking my cock and I heard Faye, “May I?” Rita swung her leg over my head and kneeled beside me. Art sat up. Faye moved to lie between my legs. I looked at Rita. She just smiled and nodded at Faye. Faye held my cock. She looked at Art, who also nodded. We all watched as Faye guided my cock into her mouth.

Rita rubbed her breasts and pussy as she watched Faye blow me. Art was stroking his meat. Rita lay down facing Faye who held my cock for Rita to begin sucking again. Faye moved around and began to rub Rita’s back and ass. Art moved around so his face was close to Rita’s face. He watched intently as she sucked my cock.

I felt his hand under my ball sac then Art wrapped a forefinger and thumb around my cock shaft. He tugged my cock out of Rita’s warm mouth. She pushed herself up on her elbows as she turned and looked at me. She was wide eyed as Art guided my cock into his mouth.

Faye helped Rita turn over into a sitting position on the bed. The fact that her husband was sucking my cock didn’t seem to disturb her. Art had rolled onto his side. I watched his cock grow long and stiff as he sucked mine. Faye was kissing and sucking Rita’s tits.

I reached out and touched Art’s cock. He grunted and pushed himself to his knees. He swung his leg over my head. Rita looked at me and then lay back as Art positioned his cock over my face. We had to adjust our positions so I could pull his hard-on down to my mouth. I thought to myself, ‘Do you want to do this? You haven’t sucked cock since you were in college.’ But by then Art’s cockhead was gliding along my tongue towards my throat.

The bed rocked as Faye and Rita rolled around. I glanced out of the corner of my eye. Rita and Fay were in a 69 with Rita on top. Faye’s face was pressing against Rita’s pussy as Faye worked a long index finger into my wife’s ass.

No one cum but we all enjoyed some very nice oral sex. We ended the night screwing our own wives. Faye straddled Art and Rita straddled me. The women were face to face so they could kiss and caress each other’s faces and breasts.

Rita and I spent the night. The next morning wasn’t the least bit uncomfortable. We all knew we had too much to drink but we all also knew that wasn’t an excuse. And we all knew that all of us had had some very satisfactory sex.

Over breakfast, Rita looked at me, “After all these years, you never told me you were bi.”

“I think I’m more curious than bi. I had a gay roommate in college. He used to give me blowjobs. One day I decided to return the favor and I discovered that fellatio was fun.”

Faye looked at Art, “What about you?”

“I learned how to do it in the service. What about you Faye?”

“It was in college. I had a sorority sister who taught several of us the pleasures and joys of cunnilingus and lesbian sex.”

Rita looked around the table, “I was in college too. Only I was visiting with my roommate’s family over a break. Her mother introduced me to the Sapphic pleasures. Alice, my roommate and her little sister were also practitioners of the arts.”

“Ben, did you get into, uh, . . .”

“Anal sex? Yes, Carl, that’s the roommate, and I did anal sex occasionally. But mostly it was fellatio. He was a nice guy.”

“Do you know where he is now.”

“Yes. He was drafted out of college and he was killed in combat in Vietnam.”


“Anyway, that was a long time ago.”

We finished breakfast and as we were getting ready to go home, Rita kissed both Faye and Art and turned to me, “Aren’t the neighbors nice?”

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