There are three girls in the unit next to me. They're average age would be about twenty, they're all quite good looking and they're all outgoing and friendly, without being tartish about it. I haven't dated any of them yet but it's definitely on my to-do list.

The one drawback I find is that they tend to argue amongst themselves, and they always do it loudly. I've asked them to tone it down a bit and they say they will, but up until now, they haven't.

One of the troubles with having three people in an argument is that it always turns into two against one, so the one tends to shout louder to make up in volume what they lack in support, which of course makes the other two talk louder and so it goes. They can get very noisy at times.

I'll be fair; they aren't ganging up with a consistent two against a specific one. In any argument, any of them could be the odd girl out, but that didn't help me listening to them yelling over the silliest things.

I mean, why does the whole neighbourhood need to know that Joanne used the last of Brenda's shampoo?

The final straw for me came when they started an argument at 2:00am on a Sunday morning. Two bloody am? I ask you.

I got out of bed and went stalking over to their unit, still in my pyjamas, intending to bang on their door and have a go myself. When I got there the front door was wide open, so I just walked right on in, heading to the source of the noise.

Joanne and Brenda were sitting up in bed in rather fetching nighties, showing quite admirable cleavage. I had no complaints there. Shelley on the other hand was being a problem.

She had come home late in, let's just call it, a happy condition. She'd barged in on Joanne and Brenda and woken them because she wanted to talk. Joanne and Brenda were not too enthused over being woken out of a deep sleep, and were expressing their indignation in no uncertain terms.

I had to speak up quite firmly before they even realised that I was there, and when they did I'll admit they seemed rather startled. It seems that they weren't expecting a neighbour to wander into their bedroom in his pyjamas at 2:00am on a Sunday morning.

I smiled at them and explained that someone had left the front door open.

At that we all looked pointedly at Shelley.

I explained that someone had started a very noisy argument at two o'clock on Sunday morning and had woken me up.

We all continued to look at Shelly, who wasn't quite as happy as when she'd started this little charade.

I explained that I was very unhappy, and when I was unhappy other people tended to become unhappy. One reason someone was going to become unhappy was because they were about to get their bottom spanked.

Brenda and Joanne started looking really interested in what was about to take place. Shelley on the other hand seemed to become a little nervous but, still being decidedly happy, was not able to think fast enough to work out what she should do, which in this case would have been to run. Fast.

I just sat down on the nearest bed and hoicked her across my knee. I lifted her dress clear of her bottom and peeled down her panties. Then I spanked her pretty little bottom, hard. I didn't grope her or try to take advantage of her in any way, and Brenda and Joanne are witnesses to that. I just gave her a reasonably good spanking.

After that I stood her up and told her to go to bed. Now! And I didn't want to hear another peep out of her or the others, because I'm sure that no-one wanted me to come back and hand out another spanking, did they?

The three of them shook their heads. Brenda and Joanne were struggling to hide their giggles while Shelley was holding her bottom in shock and looking nervous.

I wished the girls goodnight and departed, closing and locking the front door as I left. Brenda and Joanne had the courtesy to hold in their giggles until they heard the door close, but I heard them start as I walked back to my place.

Where I went to sleep, with no further interruptions.

On Sunday morning the three of them came around to see me. Shelley had woken up with a tender bottom and hadn't known why. When the others had explained what had happened she came over to see me for confirmation, and the others had come along for the show.

Shelley was feeling belligerent and offended, and it seemed that Brenda and Joanne had been egging her on a bit with a little exaggeration of what had happened. I explained it to her from my point of view.

"You came home blotto at two in the morning. You then started a fight with Brenda and Joanne, probably waking half the neighbourhood as well as me. You also didn't bother to close your front door so I was able to just walk straight in. I politely suggest that the three of you should be quiet and let the rest of us get some sleep. Seeing you were the main offender I smacked your bottom and sent you to bed.

As far as I'm concerned, you were all lucky that I didn't line up three pretty little tushes and taken the opportunity to spank each one in turn. If I get woken at two in the morning another time, then that is highly likely to happen. If you want to argue, turn down the volume."

There were giggles all round at my obvious irritation. The threat of a trio of spankings was ignored.

"On second thoughts," I told them, "if it happens again I'll only paddle two bottoms. The lucky third will get taken to bed while I express my displeasure more personally."

That got me a horse laugh. Just how would I decide which one would be lucky enough to be taken to bed?

"That is easy," I told them. "You always fight two against one. I'll assume that the one, whoever she may be, is in the wrong. The two will get spanked and the one will get bedded. Even if she doesn't want to, I'll expect her to bend over on command and take it like a woman.

The other two get to watch. Now go away. I have things to do."

The girls left, still giggling.

That afternoon there was another argument. A loud one, and I was trying to get some work done, but I defy anyone to concentrate on a computer program while three girls squabble so loudly that they might as well have been in the room with me.

This time it sounded as though Brenda and Shelley were having a go at Joanne over something. Once again they'd left their door open and I walked in looking exasperated.

I started straight in.

"By my watch it's 2:00am. Why don't the three of you step into the bedroom and bend over the bed for some spankings."

Brenda pointed out that by their clock it was only 3:00pm, but I returned the compliment by pointing out that I didn't care what their clock said.

"As far as I'm concerned this is one fight too many. If you can't agree not to fight amongst yourselves, someone has to start enforcing the rule. The bedroom, please."

I know. You're wondering what would I do if they told me to get knotted and to go away? I would probably have had to retire in high dudgeon, nursing my wounded pride and breathing threats of vengeance in the finest villain style. However they didn't.

With much giggling and chatting between themselves, they decided to follow my directions and see just how far I was willing to push things. They all waltzed into the bedroom with yours truly following close behind.

When I walked into the bedroom the girls had already taken up stances alongside the bed, bent over and with bottoms pointing at me. I calmly walked up behind them and started pulling down panties (shorts as well, in one case), exposing their bottoms.

"From what I heard, Brenda and Shelley were fighting against Joanne. Would that be correct?" I asked.

The girls agreed that this was so, so I nodded.

"Then Brenda and Shelley get spanked, while Joanne gets to be the lucky one."

The three of them seemed to go very still for a moment, finally deciding that I wasn't bluffing, but not sure how they could back out now that their bums were on the line.

While they hesitated, I stepped up and gave Brenda a few good spanks. Maybe more than a few, certainly enough to let her know I was serious. I must admit that some of those spanks might have been slightly off target, but she shouldn't have been standing with her legs apart and her pussy showing. Brenda squeaked and squawked a bit, but all in all took it in good part.

I moved on to Shelley, with much the same process and results as with Brenda. Maybe a few less spanks because her bottom already had a subtle red glow on it, but she also was flashing her pussy in a way I could only call deliberate, so a few spanks went astray there as well.

Now it was Joanne's turn, and it was here I expected them to balk. A fun spanking was one thing. Having me bonk one of them was something else. Joanne promptly protested, asking why she couldn't just have a spanking like the others. It wasn't fair. It hadn't been her fault.

While Joanne was protesting my hand was idly resting on her bottom, with my middle finger casually stroking her pussy. My problem here was, did she have a valid point?

I looked at Brenda and Shelley and asked what the fight was about. Interestingly enough, they both blushed and wouldn't say. I tapped Joanne's bottom a little harder, asking her the same question, but she was also reluctant to say.

I was frankly curious about it now, but didn't think pushing would help. I changed tactics.

"So who's fault was the argument? It didn't just start by itself."

Brenda and Shelley were quick off the mark this time. They both insisted that Joanne was to blame. I pressed Joanne for an answer and she dithered and then admitted she'd screwed up.

"Then why didn't you just apologise and help get the problem sorted out instead of the big argument? It would have been easier all round, Brenda and Shelley wouldn't have red bottoms and you wouldn't be about to get closer acquainted with me."

"OK," she snapped. "I screwed up and I'm sorry, but you don't have to have sex with me."

"Yes, I think I do," I told her. "It will help drive the message home for all three of you."

"But I don't want to," Joanne protested.

"But you're going to anyway, aren't you?" I said.

All the time we've been discussing this I'd been playing with her, and she hasn't been trying to stop me. Right then my hand was cupping her mound with one finger well inside her, rubbing her internally. Now I took it out.

Joanne heard my zip sliding down and turned her head to look at the other girls. Her face must have been asking them, "Is he really doing this?" because both girls looked at my erection and nodded.

Then Brenda held up her hands about a foot apart, and Shelley put her fingers and thumbs together to suggest an incredible thickness.

I could almost feel Joanne cringing, but she wasn't backing down.

I slipped my erection between Joanne's legs, letting her feel the actual size of it against her. She was still nervous and a trifle reluctant, but no longer seemed scared. Then I edged her lips apart and pressed the head of my cock against her.

Shelley and Brenda both moved away from the bed slightly to get a better view of me taking Joanne. I think all women must be natural voyeurs who can't resist peeking at another woman being taken.

Pressing firmly, I slid smoothly into Joanne. Too smoothly. She was far more ready for me than I had expected, and as I came into her she was pressing back to welcome me. If this was a woman who was being taken reluctantly and under protest, then I was the King of Siam, and I don't remember attending any coronations.

The whole thing felt like a setup to me, with me the target, but there was no way known that any of us would admit it. Accordingly, I proceeded as though it wasn't a setup and devoted some serious attention to Joanne.

Seeing I had slipped so neatly into place, with Joanne apparently more than ready to receive me, I saw no reason to start with a long slow warm-up. I pulled back and drove back in hard and fast, finding Joanne pushing up to meet me again, more than willing to take whatever I was dishing out.

Initially Joanne was silent, the only noise being our bodies coming together and Shelley and Brenda giggling at our antics. I kept coming at Joanne, hard and fast, and it wasn't long before she was gasping with each thrust.

After a while I changed the rhythm, not by much, but enough to make Joanne have to adjust to match it. When she did, I changed again, drawing a squeal of protest and another hurried adjustment.

Now I was having fun. Knowing the changes I was making, my pleasures continued unabated, but Joanne was suddenly riding a seesaw, going smoothly and ascending one moment and then coming down again with a thud as I changed style again.

Joanne was now actively protesting, writhing and squirming on my cock, trying to establish a definite rhythm that she could use to carry her to her climax. My constant changes were driving her wild.

Having made my point I eased up, finally letting Joanne settle into a rhythm, though it took a while before she was truly comfortable that it would last. We proceeded to move together, in perfect accord as we slowly moved towards out climaxes.

It wasn't all that long and I was ready and willing to let go. I hate having to wait until a woman is ready, but you wind up with more fun if you do. Gritting my teeth I hammered Joanne hard, driving her forward as fast as I could, until I couldn't hold back any more and came in her.

I was fortunate that Joanne was ready, and I heard her scream as I came, and could feel her gripping me hard while I came apart.

Afterwards we sat back and had a drink. I again suggested that the girls really need to sort things out quietly. A far better result for both them and their neighbours. They agreed with everything I said, and I'm quite sure they were also ignoring everything I said. At least, I'd probably have quiet nights for a while.

I could not believe it when I was woken at 2:00am the next morning because they were fighting again. 2 bloody am! I stalked over to their unit and the door was open. AGAIN!

Joanne and Shelley were arguing with Brenda. All three were dressed in nighties that did nothing to hide their charms.

Joanne and Shelley looked at me and then pointed to Brenda.

"She started it," they insisted. "You should take her to bed immediately and teach her to behave. You can worry about spanking us afterwards."

Sometimes I can be too smart for my own good.

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