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\Everybody has bad days, but when I have one it seems to go on forever. I was sitting on the side of the road with a flat on the right rear and when I opened the truck I found the spare flat too. I picked up my cell phone to call Triple A for roadside assistance and found that I was in a dead spot and couldn't connect to anything. That left me with two options - walk up the road or walk down the road. No real choice there. I could see my destination sitting on top of a hill about a mile and a half away and going the other way would be a five-mile walk to reach a phone. I grabbed my bag and set out for Charlie's place.

As I trudged up the hill I thought, for at least the twentieth time, that I really didn't want to be there. I would much rather have been in my own home with my wife all to myself rather than having to share her with thirty or forty other people, especially since she had been gone almost a week. Arrington, Ari for short, was the Executive Assistant to Charles Wellington Byrns, President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board and major stockholder in one of the Midwest's largest corporations. Ari's job meant that she went where Charlie went and that was all over the place and often. I wasn't very happy about it since I would much rather have her home with me, but Ari had made it perfectly clear when I proposed that if she accepted she was keeping her job. She told me that I needed to understand that the condition was non-negotiable and that she would not entertain any motions to reopen the question after we were married. Her straightforward, no nonsense approach to things was one of the qualities that I admired in her and if letting her keep her job was the price I had to pay to get her, so be it. Besides, I planned on using trickery - make babies and turn her into a stay at home mom. So far it hadn't happened, but I was trying hard.

Ari had been gone on a four-day trip to San Francisco and she and Charles had flown in at four that afternoon and had gone directly from the airport to his house. Tomorrow there was going to be a pool party at his house and the plan was for me to meet Ari there and spend the weekend. Then Monday Ari and I were going to take off for a week and spend some time together where we could be alone.

I suppose the easiest thing for me to do would have been to walk to the gate and hit the buzzer and wait for Charlie or some one to come down and get me, but the gate was still a mile ahead of me and I could see the house just off to my right. I decided to go cross-country and save myself a half a mile. The ground was a little rougher than I expected and it was slow going. It was getting dark as I approached the house from the side and I could see Ari sitting out on the patio reading a magazine. Charles came out of the house in a bathrobe and walked up to Ari and I was just about to shout and wave when he opened the bathrobe and put his hard cock inches from Ari's face. She put down the magazine, leaned over and took his cock in her mouth and started sucking him off. Not a word had been said, just walk over; stick out the cock, open mouth and suck.

At first I was stunned into immobility and I just stood there and watched. Then the anger started to build and I began moving toward the house with mayhem on my mind. But the closer I got the more I wanted to know about what was going on. I slowed my advance until I was close enough to hear Charlie say, "That's it baby, no one does it better than you."

I stopped and stood there quietly as my wife gave her boss a blow job. I was wearing dark clothes, it had gotten dark out and there was a stand of trees behind me. I figured if I stayed still I wouldn't be noticed. Ari was caressing Charlie's balls as she sucked his cock and his moans of pleasure masked any sounds that her sucking might have made, but I was painfully aware of what those sounds were like and just as painfully aware that I was going to miss them after this night was over.

On the patio Charlie moaned, "Here it comes baby, here it comes" and Ari let loose of his balls, grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled him as deep into her mouth as she could and then she gulped and swallowed until he went soft in her mouth.

Charlie was retying his bathrobe and Ari was reaching for her magazine when he said, "We have time for a roll in the hay before Bobby gets here. We will have plenty of warning because he has to buzz us from the gate."

"No, you know the twelve hour rule. I don't go from another man to my husband unless twelve hours has gone by."

"That's a stupid rule baby. You come to me after fucking other guys, sometimes only minutes after."

"Yes, but I love my husband, I only like you."

"I don't follow the logic of that."

"You don't have to - it's a wife thing. Bobby deserves better from me than he gets and I know it, so for my own peace of mind I have to do some things just for him. I won't go to him fresh from another man and that's also why no one ever gets my ass. My ass belongs to Bobby and only Bobby."

Charlie's bathrobe had fallen open again and his cock was erect again. He reached down and stroked it, "How about it? Can you do it again?"

"As long as you understand that as soon as Bobby rings the buzzer I'm done no matter how close you are to cumming. I have to have time to brush my teeth and gargle before I kiss him."

"How do you know he won't like the taste."

"I don't know, but he isn't going to find out from me."

Charlie stepped forward and Ari took him in her mouth again. As he sucked him he asked, "Are you coming to my room tonight after you fuck his brains out?"

Ari took her mouth off him, "Do you want me to?"

"Hell yes. You know that I never get enough of you."

"Well if I can wear Bobby out and he falls asleep early enough I'll sneak down to your room. But if he's really horny and it gets too close to daylight I won't be there."

"What about the twelve hour rule?"

"We never have sex in the mornings so it will be twelve hours before we make love again."

"Make love?"

"Yes Charlie, make love. I make love to Bobby, I just fuck you"

"Speaking of fucking and coming to me from other men, Benson was most appreciative of your talents. He gave us his biggest order ever and he wants to see you again. Feel like flying back out to San Fran next week and paying him a visit?"

"Not next week. Bobby and I are going away for a few days. Tell Benson I'll come see him week after next."

"While we are talking about Benson, how do you want me to handle your commission?"

"Same as always, ten percent in my company checking account and the rest in company stock."

She bent forward and captured his cock again and I saw her tongue snake out and lick the underside. I'd seen and heard enough and I knew what I was going to do so I made my way around to the front of the house and rang the doorbell.

I knew that Charlie would know who was at the door because of the closed circuit video camera that was pointing at the door so I wasn't surprised that it took him several minutes to answer it. I'm sure that he had to go and tell Ari so she could hurry off to the bathroom and brush her teeth. Wouldn't want hubby dear to taste something strange when he kissed wifey dear, now would we? I had to force myself to act normal, be nice and not hit the bastard when he answered the door. I intended to catch the two of them in the act later on so I didn't want to make either one of them suspicious now.

I was explaining my flat tire to Charlie when Ari came hurrying down the stairs and into my arms. She kissed me (she tasted like Crest) and told me how much she had missed me and how glad she was to be with me. We had a few before dinner drinks, ate a leisurely dinner followed by a few brandies and some conversation before Ari said she was tired from the trip and the two of us headed upstairs to our room. I did the best I could to keep the rage I felt off of my face as I listened to Ari tell me how much she loved me, how much she had missed me and how horny she had gotten while waiting for me to arrive.

Ari was the most fantastic piece of ass I'd ever had and I was going to miss that part, but I would enjoy it tonight even if there were parts that she wouldn't. She started off with a blow job and even as good as it felt it was all I could do not to ram it down her throat as far and as hard as I could and choke her with it. I let her take me all the way to completion and then I went to work on her tits with my mouth and on her pussy with my fingers. When I was hard again I mounted her and fucked her as hard as I could until I came for the second time. Then it was sixty-nine until she had me hard again and then I took her from behind. I plowed into her until she started to have an orgasm and then I pulled my cock out of her miserable cunt and drove it straight into her asshole as hard as I could.

Ari loves anal sex, and usually I spend some time working on her with my thumb and fingers before I slowly work my cock into her, but not this time. I brutally rammed the cheating whore's ass as she screamed.

"Bobby, you're hurting me."

Yes I am you worthless whore I thought as I pounded my cock into her. She cried and asked me to stop, to slow down and take it easy, but I ignored her. She tried to pull away but I held her fast. This was the only way I could punish her and this would be my last chance to do it so I showed no mercy. Her cries slowly faded and became moans and then her ass started to accommodate me and she began pushing back at me. Two minutes later I sent my load up her shit hole, pulled out, yawned, and rolled over and pretended to go to sleep.

Ari got up and went to the bathroom and then she came back and snuggled up against me. Ten minutes later she gave my shoulder a little shove and when I didn't respond she got out of bed and left the room. As soon as I heard the door click shut I hurried out of bed and moved over to it. Quietly opening it a crack I watched Ari walk down the hall and go into another room. I tip- toed down the hall and put my ear to the door and heard Ari say, "All ready for me I see."

I went downstairs to Charlie's den and found a couple of magazines and books to read and then I went back upstairs and sat down in the hallway just outside Charlie's door, propped my back against the wall and settled in to read and wait. Occasionally I heard a cry, a few words that sounded like "fuck me, fuck me" and a lot of moans and eventually things got quiet. I heard Charlie's door click open and a cry of surprise when Ari saw me sitting there. She closed the door behind her and asked, "How long have you been out here?"

"Since about ten seconds after you went in."

"Can we talk about this?"

"No, nothing to say really. That's why I'm sitting out here, so we can eliminate the "you don't understand", the "It's not what you think" and the "I can explain." When I got here tonight I didn't come up the drive from the gate. I thought I could save time by walking cross-country from the road and I came up on the side of the house just in time to see what happened on the patio and to hear the conversation that followed. Thanks, by the way, for brushing your teeth before you kissed me hello."

"I guess that explains the anal sex."

I just shrugged my shoulders and then I stood up, "I'm sure that you can make my excuses in the morning" and I turned and went downstairs. I used the phone in Charlie's den to call Triple A and then I headed out to meet them. Ari was waiting at the door, "Bobby, please stay with me, don't leave baby, please don't." I pushed her aside and stepped out the door and as I walked down the drive I could hear her behind me telling me that she loved me and begging me not to go.

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