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Ari Pt. 02


[Author's Note]: This is a sequel to "Ari" by Just Plain Bob. Ohio has written a sequel to this great tale as well. Mine is a different version from his. I request you to read JPB's story before you continue as it won't make sense otherwise. The story continues from where his ends. It's my first story and I look forward to hear your comments, good and bad. However, be warned it is not meant for lovers of cuckold stories as this is a revenge story with a bad ending if you like cuckold stories and a good ending if you're a man who refuses to wimp out.

I am grateful to JPB to give me the permission to write a sequel. If you hate it, blame me and not him. Any comparisons between JPB's story or Ohio's version and mine would be silly as this is my first story and they are proven masters.


To say that I was hurt would be the biggest understatement in the history of understatements.

Arington or Ari for short my wife for seven years was not the loving wife I thought her to be. I took great pride in having a perfect marriage in an era where the concept of a perfect marriage did not exist. How do you convince yourself that the woman you love the most in the world is nothing but a common whore? Sorry, not a common whore but a corporate whore. Perhaps that made it worse? A woman who sells her body in dire circumstances can be classified as a victim of circumstances but a woman who willingly sleeps around when she need not is nothing less than a greedy selfish bitch. Sadly that greedy selfish bitch was my wife. I had uncovered the painful truth a few hours ago and found myself in unfamiliar surroundings of a motel room. The lonely double bed painfully reminding me of how lonely I had become and of the difficult road that lay ahead.

As my anger rose, I became determined by the minute to get even. The humiliation at being cuckolded was too much to bear for a proud man like myself. I may have been cuckolded unknowingly but a wimp I refused to be. With these thoughts I decided to sleep for the night and plan in the morning with a fresh mind. I woke up the next morning wondering if all this was a dream but one look at my surroundings and I realized it was not. Ari was an intelligent woman and if I had to get the better of her I would have to plan really well. Never underestimate your enemy they say and in this case doing so would be a grave mistake as the enemy knew me better than anyone else. I called her up after having breakfast and she immediately picked it up.

"Bobby where are you?" Were her first words in a tone that sounded sadder than I had ever heard, for an instant it melted my heart and I wanted to console her but then suddenly realized that all this has happened because of what she did.

"Ari", I said trying to sound calm though god knows I was dying from inside. "I would be requiring some clothes and would be getting my stuff out of the house soon. I called up to ask what time would be convenient to do the same. By that I mean a time where there are no clients of yours at home. Seeing my wife entertaining her clients in my house for the second time may be too much for me to handle after what I went through last evening."

"Bobby, there won't be anyone in our house ever again except you and me. What you saw and heard last night has killed me more than you realize but I won't say Sorry because a mere apology won't even describe how I feel. However, I would like you to know that I accept full responsibility for what happened. I would like to make it up to you if given a chance. Needless to say I would like to remain your wife and become the faithful wife that you so truly deserve but it longer is about what I want but about what you want."

I had to give her credit. She had said the right things and sounded sincere but that was hardly surprising as a woman of her intelligence could clearly see that if there was any chance for us to survive she would have to do as I say. This is the opening I need I thought, I need to make full use of her so called repentance and turn it into an advantage. While the thought made me happy it also saddened me a lot. Here, I was plotting and planning to get revenge and get even on the woman whom I have loved for eight years and married for Seven. Had my marriage turned so ugly in a period of twenty four hours? Can one day change a life so drastically?

"I don't know what I want at the moment but I do know I need time to organize my thoughts regarding your unexpected betrayals that has shocked me more than you shall ever realize but I did not call up to discuss my current emotional state with you as I doubt that would make a difference. I shall be there in an hour. Is that Ok? "

"This is your home Bobby and you don't need to ask me for permission to come home. Of course it's ok! I shall wait for you. See you in an hour. "

I had some water, took a deep breath and thought of my just concluded conversation with my hopefully soon to be ex-wife. It was clear that I required time to plan my actions and anything done in haste could be disastrous for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I still loved her despite of what she did and so had to learn to overcome those strong positive feelings that still existed for her which was going to be a huge task as you can't hate someone you have loved for years in twenty four hours. If you can, then surely your love was not real to begin with. Secondly, although I had never doubted her intelligence one bit, the phone conversation sometime back further convinced me that here was a woman that could not be taken lightly as an opponent as the way she spoke on the phone seemed like a woman who was confident of solving any crisis.

What further made my task difficult was that I have never wished bad for anyone. Never had any so called enemies in school, college or at office. I got along well with everyone I came across due to my lighthearted nature. Thus, extracting revenge was not something I was used to and for the first time I was in unfamiliar territory.

I reached home and rang the bell. Another first as I always opened the door with my own key.

Ari instantly opened the door and for a few moments I just could not take my eyes of her. She was a naturally good looking woman and with slight make up on her face combined with a stunning black dress she looked like the proverbial million bucks.

She must have read my mind for she immediately replied, "Yes Bobby, I did dress up just for you. I am your woman and despite of what you think of me at the moment, I love dressing up for you."

"Good morning to you too Arington", I replied sarcastically indicating that I was not ready for any bullshit that she might try to feed me.

"I know I royally fucked up Bobby but sarcasm won't help. However, if you feel that makes you feel better than I am Ok with it. As I said on the phone, do what you feel is right and I shall rightly agree to it."

"I wish I knew what to do Arington".

She obviously was getting uncomfortable with me calling her Arington but my broken heart was experiencing raw pain that was crying to hurt her as much as it could.

"I need to think a lot Arington. As you can see, I am not even comfortable calling you Ari. When I am not comfortable calling you by a name of endearment to you, you can imagine my state of mind. However for the sake of not distracting from the issues at hand I shall try to call you Ari"

"Ari yesterday was not a good day for me and that is too put it as mildly as I can. In fact, I doubt I can describe it in words as no words can explain the anguish I have felt since discovering your real profession. We need to talk or rather we shall have to talk at some stage for a closure. I do realize that, but that day is not today. In the meanwhile I can only request you not to entertain your clients at our house. Irrespective of what happens in the future, you are my wife till we get divorced and I would appreciate if I don't get insulted further. Be discrete in what you do is all I can ask for. "

"Bobby, I am hurt with the obvious sarcasm of sleeping with my clients. Though it is the truth hearing it from the man I love the most is very difficult to digest. I feel like you have slapped me a thousand times. Not that I deserve any less. I know it's not easy to believe me after what has happened but for all it's worth, I promise you that my days of sleeping with clients as you so eloquently put it are over."

This was so difficult for me to digest. I had not expected Ari to roll over so easily. Could this be a ploy? With a slight nod of the head, I said, "Let me collect my clothes and some stuff for the time being and I shall come over later to collect the rest of my belongings."

She looked at me with sadness in her eyes and I could see that she was trying really hard not to cry. "Where will you go Bobby? Where will you stay? This is your house. I can shift to the guest bedroom if you feel so but please don't leave me as we can't solve it unless we spend time together."

This really pissed me off and she sensed it immediately. "You can't be serious sweetheart. Oops... sorry I mean soon to be ex-sweetheart. If you think, I am going to sleep on the bed where god knows how many men you have fucked then you're seriously crazy. I could shift to the guest room or some other room but that's not the point. The point is, I don't think its right for us to live under one roof until we decide as to what's going to happen in the future. For that we need to talk and for that I need some time. So for the time being, I am going to stay at my colleague Harry's house. He is out of town on business for two weeks and his wife is visiting her parents. I spoke to him last night without going into detail and he was ok with me staying at his place for a few days. I shall meanwhile try finding a house and can shift all my belongings there."

I entered my room, grabbed some clothes, my shaving kit, toothbrush and other basic necessities and packed them in a bag. I looked at a photograph of the two of us on the side table, took it out of the frame as I looked into her eyes and tore it slowly into half. The slow tearing was more for dramatic effect to help me in my future plans.

If she was trying not to cry till now, this act just tested her limit of endurance. The tears started rolling down her cheeks and I could not help but realize how pretty she looked when she cried. "Was that really necessary Bobby? I know you hate me now but I just can't take this side of you. "

"That's the problem Ari, I don't hate you. I love you so much that it hurts. If I hated you things would have been so easy for both of us. I could have just walked out and you could have continued with your life while I moved on with mine. Sadly, as hard as I have tried to do so in the last few hours I have been nothing but unsuccessful."

"Look, I need some time, Let me think about this and we shall talk soon. In the meanwhile I suggest you get tested for STD's as I plan to do the same. I do know one thing my dear, if I have an STD or any unwanted disease then I promise you, you will live to regret it. Cuckolding me is bad enough, but risking my life with such carelessness is something I won't ever forgive you for."

"Don't worry Bobby; I always had protection with all my clients. Only Charlie did me bareback but he is clean. However for your peace of mind you can get yourself tested and I am sure the results will be negative for any unwanted diseases."

"So good old Charlie is clean huh? How can you be so sure? Were you the only whore that was rocking his bed? Somehow I doubt it. I am sure there were other sluts in the office who were willing to spread their legs for some quick money."

I quickly opened the door and left the house before she could say anything. An idea occurred to me. Suddenly I had a plan. I had a good idea but the planning and execution had to be spot on or else I would become the hunted instead of the hunter that I currently was.

As Bobby left, I shuddered to see how my life had changed in a day. Until yesterday, I thought I had the perfect life. A loving husband who loved me, a successful career- I had it all- The best of both the worlds. Suddenly I was at the brink of losing it all. I had woken up Charlie, the moment Bobby had left last night and filled him in as to what had happened. He was sad as we had no intentions to hurt Bobby in any way. As he looked at me with a questioning face, he asked me, "So what happens now? Are you planning to quit your job? I hope not because you are a great asset to the company. However it has to be your call and I shall accept whatever you feel is right."

"I don't know Charlie" I replied in a voice that conveyed how destroyed I was. "I would have to quit as Bobby would never accept me as long as I work for you. He may never accept me again, but I am going all out to convince him that I love him & don't think less of him as a man and as a lover. For now, I need you to leave. Just let me clear this mess. Please don't try to contact me. I shall contact you when I am feeling better." Charlie understood the gravity of the situation and left the house.

On the way to Harry's place, I was deep in thought. Now that I knew what to do, I could not wait to get cracking. I was however very sure of a few things. There were two aims on which my strategy was going to be based. First one was to sleep with other women to show Ari how it feels. As much as I hated doing this there simply was no other option. There was no way that I could explain to her the thoughts and insecurities that surface in one's mind when a partner cheats. A more practical demonstration of that would be the only way to drive the message across. The second part would be a bit more difficult to carry out but would be equally crucial from my point of view of getting even and I hope I would succeed. I guess only Time would tell. As I reached Harry's place I saw his Cousin Thomas standing outside the apartment. I got out of my car and gave him a warm smile.

"Hi Thomas Thanks for coming down to give me the key to Harry's apartment. I really appreciate it and am sorry for the inconvenience caused to you."

"It's no hassle Bobby", He replied returning my warm smile which indicated it was just fine. "You and Harry have been friends for a long time and he looks up to you like an elder brother. He called up this morning and asked me to give you his apartment keys as you would be staying here for a while. If I can be of any help do let me know, no formalities between us. Harry's friends are my friends."

"I am sure I will be Ok! Thanks once again." I took the keys from his hand and entered the apartment. I had been here many times and was fond of the place. I quietly entered the guest bedroom and settled my stuff in it. Although I now had a plan I had to wait for a couple of days to make it look like I had given it a lot of thought.

As I entered my office the next day my secretary Gloria who had been with me for five years came rushing to me and asked in a concerned voice. "Bobby, how are you feeling now? I presume you were unwell because you would not miss office no matter what."

"I won't lie to you Gloria because I won't be able to. Health wise I am ok. I am perfect. But mentally I am completely shaken. I found out day before yesterday that Ari has been cheating on me for a long time. She is a corporate whore." As I said this, Gloria's eyes became really big and I could see she was clearly surprised. "Are you sure there's no mistake Bobby? That just doesn't sound like Ari. I know how much she adores you."

"She adores me so much that she fucks her clients for money. She cuckolds me in my own home with her boss Charlie. If that's the definition of an adoring wife then I guess, I would rather be hated instead of being loved. There has been no mistake, I caught her in the act and she has confessed everything. I just need a break in the meanwhile to settle out things so I am staying at Harry's place for a few days. Do me a favor Gloria, if my harlot of a wife calls, please don't transfer the line and tell her I don't wish to speak to her at the moment."

Gloria nodded her head with sadness. I knew this was a tough thing for her to do because she was quite close to Ari as well.

Even though it had been only two weeks since I had caught Ari it felt like it had been much longer. Ari kept calling several times a day although Gloria had made it very clear to her that I was not in the mood to answer her calls. Gloria, I hear had even given her a pasting saying what was she thinking? In the meanwhile, I had found myself a small apartment as I did not require a large place to stay with my new found and unexpected dash at bachelorhood. Harry had returned from his trip and insisted that I stay at his place till things sort out but I politely declined. He had been a great friend and as much as I needed his support at this juncture this was my battle now and I had to fight it alone.

I called up Ari and she immediately answered the phone. "Where have you been Bobby?" She sounded worried. "I have been trying to call you since two weeks but Gloria refuses to pass my calls to you and you refuse to answer your mobile phone."

"Ari, Gloria was only doing her job as instructed. The break from you has helped me think and now I am ready to talk. I can come over tonight if you are free."

"I am always free for you Bobby. I shall cook dinner." "No", I immediately replied with a tone that was sterner than I had wanted it to be. "This is not a dinner date; I am coming over to discuss our future Arington." Arington and not Ari, immediately made her realize how bad the situation is. "Ok, Bobby as you desire. I shall be waiting for you."

"Sounds good" I said. "But please don't dress up or dress down in an attempt to seduce me or distract me. We need to talk seriously and that's all we are going to do. Talk! I shall see you at seven."

"Goodbye Bobby, see you at seven."

I had mixed emotions. I was trying to be tough and extract revenge on a woman whom I admit I love. I had no other option. The fact that she had slept with a lot of people would not have been lost at her workplace and this behavior of hers had not only disgraced me but disgraced me publicly. I knew a few of her colleagues including her boss. They all must be aware of her activities and thus imagining what they must be thinking of me left me with no option but to go for what I would call as reclaiming my lost pride. I had been a good husband and had always tried my best to make her happy to the best of my abilities. My fidelity towards her despite having ample opportunities to indulge in affairs used to make me proud of myself. Thus, the way I looked at it I certainly dint deserve a cheating wife much worse a corporate whore who cuckolded me this way.

By seven my car was parked outside what used to be my favorite place on earth, our home. Sadly the memories of her fuck sessions with Charlie at home made me so sick that I wondered if I could ever live in it again. I was nervous for some reason. I dint know how she would react to what I would propose but I had to act well. I had to sound confident even though I was not. I rang the bell and she opened it immediately as if she was waiting at the door for me.

"Hello Bobby, please come in", she said it what sounded like a nervous tone. Although she was dressed in a simple t-shirt and Jeans with no makeup she could give tough competition to any beauty pageant participants. "Hello Ari", I said as I entered what had been my house for the last Seven years. We had bought it immediately after we had been married "Let's sit on the sofa and we can begin."

We sat on two different sofas, facing each other. I decided to cut the chase and asked straight away, "How long have you been a whore? Why not just start from the beginning and tell me everything?"

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