tagRomanceArian's Pool Ch. 03

Arian's Pool Ch. 03


They've made love, and have just woken up by the pool and, well, they made love again...

It was even better, and I will confess that after the second one we both jumped in the pool and splashed around like idiotic teenagers. Benny joined us, which reminded me I had no food for him and I could only guess at what time it was, my watch was on my kitchen table where I'd left it the evening before after washing my hands.

It turned out that Mike was on duty and had to go back to work the following morning, so after our swim, we smiled, kissed, dressed and hugged before he walked back to his car and I walked back to my house.

It became a regular thing, and every couple of weekends we'd just meet up on a Friday night, once on a Saturday morning and we'd drink coffee, fool around and have lunch, and lay down in the shade and kiss and cuddle before we eventually made love.

I hadn't realised that sex... love making... whatever... could feel so passionate. While we only got together for a one or two days every couple of weeks and met in our woods, we were a couple.

I knew about him and he knew about me. During our naked Adam and Eve weekends we did lots of the things that dating couples did but we did them naked and in the woods and we bonded, only we never once suggested that was what we were doing.

I knew how he liked his tea and what his favourite foods were. He could say the same things about me, and also knew where all of my most tender erogenous zones were and he could bring me to orgasm in minutes.

The last weekend of August, I brought a large cake with me and it was marked 'Happy Anniversary' with a large number 3 under it.

By the time Mike had arrived I had set up our little pool with candles and a bottle of wine chilling nicely in the coldest part of our pool.

As for me, I'd had a shower, shaved my legs, and my pubis and had sprayed myself with perfume and had even tried to do something with my hair.

When he arrived I ran across the clearing to him and jumped into his arms, him swinging me around and holding me to him. I was of course naked and he was still dressed. I quite liked that feeling, so made no great effort to strip him off, choosing instead to make us tea.

He stripped out of his clothes eventually of course and I uncovered our cake.

"Anniversary?" he said.

"It's three months since we first made love here." I said.

"Wow!" he said, "now that is something worth celebrating," he pulled me closer and kissed me. "I'm so crazy about you Maggie," he said, "I can't believe it's only been three months since we met."

"Yeah," I said, "it's seems like we've been coming here for ever." I stood up and walked around the pool until I found where I'd put the bottle of wine and walked back across to him.

It was a bottle of Prosecco, slightly alcoholic lemonade really, but he released the cork and we drank it straight from the bottle laying on the ground as the sun went down and the moon came up.

"Look," he said, "Look there."

I could see that the there was a perfect heart shape formed by the trees and the full moon was centred beyond it.

"Come on," I said, and took his hand and we both stood up and walked through to the small glade next to our pool. The candles I'd put in the trees illuminated our glade beautifully and the moonlight came through and showed us a gently sloping bank. Taking our bottle of wine I lay down on the bank looking up at the sky and the myriad stars we could both see.

Drinking our wine, we lay there quietly kissing and caressing, touching each other everywhere and bringing the other as much pleasure as we could without the ultimate of course.

Mike had noticed my bare pussy early in the day and had promised that he would go down on me again; and didn't he just. Mike had gone down on me for the first time some weeks ago, and was the first man to do so for more than a token lick.

Jonathan had tried a few times but it wasn't something he enjoyed.

Mike however had taken to his task with passion and had kissed his way from my face, down my neck, past my breasts stopping to graze on them to my delight, pausing to gently kiss the tiny scar where my right ovary had been removed before settling on my labia, clitoris and all points south.

It was the most amazing sexual activity of my life, and just the thought of that afternoon can still turn me on and make me wet. This time was no exception with him making me come in rents, pinning my thighs to the ground while i ran my hands through his dark hair, softly tugging it, pushing his face harder into my sex. I one point it felt like he had three hands and fifteen fingers and I had never known a joy like it.

When I thought I could take no more I pulled him up to kiss me and he had to push my hand away from his cock as I tried desperately to pump him to his orgasm, such was my delight.

"Oh no," he whispered into my ear, "I want to make love to you, your pussy is mine tonight Maggie Wagner."

I thought I would come just with that statement.

Fuck, I wanted him so much, and I pulled him across me and against the cool grass felt like a soft tickly mattress as he stretched over me.

I just wanted him inside me, and as I reached down to where we joined I felt him push into me, deep, strong, hard and unforgiving, yet fucking me softly and tenderly.

I clung to him, pulling him onto me, loving the feeling of his skin against mine. I looked up at the moon and kissed Mike hard on the lips and I knew that I wanted him, I wanted him to be mine all the time, not just at every other weekend and I thought back to conversation we'd had about me telling him when I decided I wanted a child.

I knew that I wanted a child right there and then, and I desperately wanted him to be the father, and to help me raise it.

Functionally sterile; that phrase, that bloody phrase which meant I was destined never to be a Mummy and I knew I was going to ask him.

"Please Mike," I gasped, forgetting to say the most important part of my wish, "Please Mike,"

"Oh Maggie, Oh Maggie Baby," he cried out as I felt his burning seed splash into the back of my puss and I held him and rode out my own orgasm.

We fell asleep on our bed of soft fresh green grass, starting to feel the first hints of autumn. I woke in the night and felt a chill and padded across to the shelter and the sleeping bags. I walked back and there was Mike laying on one elbow smiling across at me, his erection as firm and virile as it had been those hours ago when we made love.

I pulled the sleeping bag over us both and I spooned back into him feeling his arms go around me, and pull my back end to his groin,

"Fuck me Mike," I thought about asking him if he would help me with my fertility problem, but as I felt him slide into me from the rear, I gasped out loud in delight. I loved it when he took me from behind. Deep, firm, hard, loving contact like no other; sensual, sexual passionate mastery of me and he held me by the hips, and I could do nothing but lay there and let him fuck me.

"Oh baby," he hissed, "Shit, Maggie... Darling you're so hot in there, you're burning up!"

"Fuck me Darling!" I called out pushing back into him and feeling his arms slip around me and take hold of me, one arm across my tingling breasts and the other gently holding the flat of my tummy and I felt the warmth as well, that warm palm possessing me like I'd never known before. I turned my face to kiss him and it was like the universe exploding within us both. I'm not sure if the moment was perfect, but Mike could normally hold back his orgasm for some time, but it seemed that tonight he was going for fast and spectacular!

We both came I felt his hot sperm splash around inside me like it never had before. Hot, healthy sperm rolling pointlessly around inside me and I knew that the very next conversation I would have with this man would be arranging with him just how his friends were going to do whatever had to be done for me to have his baby. I didn't care how long it took I just knew that it would happen and I wanted to be not just in love with this man but to be all things to him, his lover, mother of his children, his life. I can't remember falling asleep, just waking up in his arms with the first rays of the sunlight.

I disentangled myself from his arms and pulled away from him, wanting to get away from where we slept and the pond to the grass before two lots of his copious come would pour down my leg. As I walked I knew that this had not happened already as I didn't feel icky and sticky down there as I normally did after a night time session and his pools of come and my own wetness.

I peed and was soon joined by my lover and we walked into the pool for our traditional morning dip to freshen mind, body and soul. We even had toothbrushes, not that we ever worried about morning, noon or night breath at any time.

I swam across to the hot spring and sat on the rock shelf that seemed like it had been put there for that purpose. I had the feeling that always got when I sat on the shelf, and every concern I might have had drifted away, even that feeling that I wanted to talk to Mike about... something...

"Tea baby?"

I looked around and there was Mike holding my mug with steam pouring from the top. Again there was just that faint smell of autumn in the air and I guessed that the trees would start to change colour and pretty soon laying out in the way we had all summer would become impossible. That was a great shame; while I could put up with a tent, I loved being part of nature, not just being in it.

"Thanks Mike," I said, looking up into his lovely face, and he was obviously so taken with the smile that he got back that he bent down and kissed me.

"No Maggie, thank you baby."

We spent the rest of the day making out; kissing, petting, heavy petting before another fantastic love making session under our full moon. Again we rolled and writhed under the fool moon, and I can still remember every detail of those orgasms and Mike's spurts hitting my insides with each hot spasm.

The following day and we had to go our usual ways and I'd never found it so hard to say goodbye to him before, and I pined for him, but in a lovely, squishy, soppy kind of way. I'd totally forgotten to ask him about my fertility treatment though.

Ah what the fuck, there'd be other weekends.

The 'other weekend' was the next weekend and on the Friday night, I all but ran to our pool, just thinking that Mike might be there. He'd said that he'd try to be there, but it could be that he wouldn't get there much before Saturday afternoon, possibly later than that even.

I arrived naked, my bag of clothes left back at the log seat. I had my sleeping bag with me again, after all we were now in the middle of September and I wasn't sure how long this Indian Summer would last.

Mike didn't join me that night, but I wasn't worried, as soon as I reached our pool I was happy. I knew that Mike would be back soon. I went to bed and Benny lay next to me, happy that I was perfectly safe.

I woke up at first light to the sound of my sleeping bag zip sliding down, and I turned to see Benny sat up with a wagging tail, and Mike stripping naked.

"Darling Maggie," he hissed as he lay down on top of me, "I missed you!"

"And I missed you!" I hissed back, pulling him down and grabbing his hard cock to push it deep into my already swollen wet pussy. I confess I had already masturbated myself to sleep that night!

He plunged deep into me and I started to come straight away. Mike had fucked me in the missionary position many times now and he knew just which thrust was needed to hit either my G-spot or clit. I came hard and pulled him down on to me, mashing our faces together.

He came in me crying out as his hot come splashed around my insides, rolling off of me and taking me with him.

We woke the next morning in each-other's arms, and we started where we had left off, seven days before. We lay there hugging and kissing, buzzing that we were back together again. Our relationship felt like it had moved up a notch and our petting became so much more explicit with grabs, strokes, pumping and the occasional smack of the arse. I rolled down him and sucked his cock still wet from my pussy, and he hardened up in moments, even though he'd come in me not long before!

Mike had smacked my bottom a few times before and it had really turned me on, and it was almost like he knew! He hauled me across his lap and gave me a few gentle slaps and Benny put his head up from his place under the tree just across from where we were sleeping. He saw that I wasn't that troubled by this new attention, he also saw that I wasn't troubled when Mike dragged me on to my hands and knees and screwing me senseless! It was the greatest fuck ever.

OK not THE greatest fuck ever but one of the greatest fucks, one of the MANY greatest fucks... with Mike... you get what I'm talking about.

I came round from our love making and stood up. I wanted to make my man his breakfast in bed and he watched my naked body as I walked into the water, normally the first thing I did after a love making session. I headed over to our larder - another shelf, this time right by where the chilled water came into the other side of the pool, and I recovered the big bag of goodies I'd put there the night before.

I broke out my cooker and sat down and got the flat pan lid that served us as a frying pan for our regular bacon and egg rolls. Two each, which of course included my Benny, although I always had a few tins of dog food should I stay out an extra night.

This all lived in a large plastic box that Mike had brought with him some weeks before and it held spare tinned food, matches, foil blankets and his cooker and spare gas. He'd brought a folding spade and dug a hole at the base of the tree by his first ever shelter which was still standing. As I dropped butter into the pan I thought on how lucky we had been. Only once had Mike ever needed to spread out the tarpaulin I'd bought after watching one of those many videos on YouTube.

It seemed that whenever I went out, the sun shone and the rain stayed away. The night we used the tarp and our nice sleeping bags, we cuddled together to avoid the few drips from the edges or our shelter and it was lovely, probably the first night I started to have feelings for Mike in fact.

I made our rolls and Benny came out of the mouth of Mike's shelter, somewhere he had made his own, with the blanket I'd laid there for him. We sat in the warming sun still naked, and ate our usual breakfast with Benny watching us, not with the usual trails of drool that I dislike so much in his normally cute brother, just reaching across and taking the pieces that we broke off for him.

Happy that he was done, Benny trotted over to where I'd put his plastic water bowl, something else that lived in Mike's subterranean store, and drank noisily. He trotted back to his bed and curled back to sleep. After all, guarding his mistress all night must be quite tiring for a big Labrador, and he slept a trouble free sleep; it wouldn't last.

I was on my hands knees and wiping the pan on the grass and getting it ready to pack back in the plastic bag for its trip back to my house for washing. I didn't want any detergents anywhere near our fresh water, not for a second.

I felt a warm hand on my arse and I giggled. Mike was laying on his side looking extremely pleased with himself after a wonderful lovemaking session and the most restful night's sleep. I had to stop what I was doing to the tremor that rushed through me as his fingers stroked across my still flushed and swollen puss.

"If you want another coffee Michael," I said, "I'd suggest you stop your fingering of my pussy."

"Oh, OK then."

With some disappointment I felt his fingers leave my vagina, but then seconds afterwards, I felt them touching my anus and playing there until, lubricated with butter, his first finger entered my back passage.

I closed my eyes and dropped down to my shoulders and let him do what he wished, feeling his greasy fingers doing all sorts of naughty things with my bottom.

Even though I'd lived with to a 'gay' man, neither of us had ever done anything anal at all, and all that Mike was doing was amazingly thrilling. His ring finger messed around with my vagina but I noticed that only that one entered my pussy, and I felt as horny as hell - rude horny, nasty horny and for a brief moment I wanted him to spank me as well. He did, the occasional light slap giving just enough for me to gasp and cry out, encouraging him to carry on.

A second finger was in my arse now, and being pushed in up to the knuckles and I'd never felt that stretched back there before. I rested my forehead on my folded arms and let him carry on.

Next I felt a sharp burn as what could only be his cock pushed into my virgin back passage. I cried out but not in pain as I remember, but I guess Mike just took it as more noise; after all I was not a quiet lover, especially when he was my partner.

Mike began to fuck in and out of me, the burn had dissipated but the excitement and naughtiness was soon gone and I felt strange somehow, like doing this was... wrong or something. I don't know that it was any worse that our normal loving making but right there and then, as Mike took my anal virginity I felt uncomfortable for the first time we'd made love at our pool.

I looked across at Benny, who was now laying with his head up watching was going on, his ears stuck out like receivers checking that the bumpy human was OK with whatever the other straight up and down human was doing to her. He looked straight at me and tilted his head to one side indicating his confusion.

Mike continued to fuck me and I began to get sore, something I'd never known making love, and I was about to remonstrate with Mike that I'd rather like him to stop now, but just before I did I felt him swell slightly and his come pump into my arse. No longer an anal virgin, I rolled to one side to pull him out of me, and felt him slide out and my arse returned to normal. I made to sit down and felt some tenderness back there; after all Mike was a big lad, so lay on my belly, feeling a little air escape from me with some embarrassment.

"You OK baby?" he said with a concern in his voice.

"A little sore," I said trying not to let any peevishness into my voice. After all, I'd been making love to this man for three months now and he'd given me more orgasms than I could count, and I was hoping that at some stage soon I'd be at Bart's Hospital where he and his colleagues would do something that would result in a child. A sore bum was surely not too much to ask for all of that.

"Sorry Baby, you were just so sexy that way, couldn't resist that perfect arse of yours," he stood, and offered my hand, "let's go and cool off and wash off in the pool."

Something told me that this was a bad move but for the life of me I didn't know what or why and as we had so often before we stepped into the hot spring.

Instead of feeling the normal relaxation I felt my bum sting as if I'd passed something painfully and I stepped back to cooler water. I could see that Mike was washing himself and seemed similarly uncomfortable. The water started to belch and I got that stink that can so often be found at hot springs, and the water temperature began to increase.

"Get out Mike," I said and we both backed away into the cold side that now felt really cold after the heat of the thermal.

I climbed out of the pool and helped Mike climb out. The smell increased and suddenly there was some kind of movement in the ground and a tree branch was squeaking and falling. Mike grabbed me and pulled me to one side throwing himself over me as the huge branch, almost half of a tree fell and smashed through the middle of Mike's shelter breaking the back of it and I screamed Benny's name, but fortunately he was faster on the uptake than both of us and trotted to stand at our feet.

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