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Arms of a Man


When I had graduated high school and finally left home to join the Navy I never thought I would see that rinkydink little town again. Well, not for at least twenty years or so. I had no one to worry about going home to since I had been emancipated at the age of sixteen and had moved out of my parents' run down shack and had never once looked back. I had finished high school, quit my job at Taco Bell and left to see the world. And boy did I ever see the world! I did a tour in Japan, Diego Garcia and a few stops in Italy, Spain and Egypt. By the time I was done with the Navy, twelve years earlier than I thought of as a kid, I was fluent in three languages and knew a smattering of several others. I had a trade as I was trained to be a GSM, a gas systems mechanic. I repaired diesel engines for a living.

I had lived on ship most of the time save when I was in Diego Garcia. I was stationed there for two years and found that like my little town it lost its luster after only a few months. There was nothing to do except work and sleep as I was not one to go have fun at bars or browse the web looking for cyber sex like my room mate. Oh boy! Let me tell you about Alex. There was one walking sex machine. I swear that someone had made him to just be perfect for the ladies cause every time I was coaxed out of the barracks he was mobbed by some stunning babes that I could only gawk at. I knew he had banged each and every one of them too cause he would sneak them back to the room for an hour or so and have at it with me reading my book or playing a video game. He didn't care I was right there in the room and all I had to do was turn my head and see that monster he had growing from his pelvis devour the poor girls. Six feet two inches, two hundred pounds of muscle, ten inch dick, piercing green eyes and fire red hair, Alex was something else. When he couldn't get leave off of base he was at the computer we shared looking at porn and chatting with chicks from all over the world with that monster in his hand.

When he had moved in a few weeks after I did he got one thing out of the way. "I'm a straight up freak, Leo." That's me. Leonardo Donati, third generation Italian that looked nothing like one. "I got a sex drive like the machines you work on. It just goes forever. If it bothers you I'll handle the Beast when you ain't around and won't bring the ladies here."

All only gawked and then shook my head. "Alex, thanks for the heads up. Handle it if you need to just gimme warning when you're gonna hit one so I do not get my eyes violated." Although I was grossly curious why he called it the Beast. I've always known I liked guys, had done some fooling around in high school with a very few guys who were still in the same closet I was. It wasn't until I got to Japan that I explored my sexuality fully and found one thing. Dick is awesome. Ass is better. I'm a top most of the time, but when I get in the mood to bottom he had better be packing something huge or I only get annoyed.

"You're a righteous bro, Leo. Been trapped on ship so I gotta make sure the Beast still works." I shook my head and sat at the PS2 to play Kingdom Hearts 2 and not look at something I was curious about. Alex was one good looking guy, but he was way too tall for me. I heard the telltale signs of a guy jacking off and was glad that he had the decency to at least get under the covers. My own dick was getting hard listening, but I did not want to disturb the little bit of peace we had here already by looking.

Alex was hot, but as I said too tall. I'm only five feet six inches but I gotta say I'm one beefy guy. Played football in high school and kept in shape both for the job which had me wielding 40lb. Wrenches and for my own pleasure cause I looked cute in uniform. I was 182 lbs of Italian with the military regulation cut blond hair (Mom was Dutch) and deep brown eyes that were almost black. When I walked into the bars on those rare occasions I get more than a few numbers, and panties, thrown at me. But I tell them all I'm a married man and they pout. Better that than they know I'd rather fuck their brothers than them.

After a scant five minutes I heard him grunt and then heard him head to the bathroom. "That was fast," I said to myself and adjusted my own Italian sausage to a better position. I ain't in the same category as Alex, but I got pipe. It's more of a sidewall destroyer than a back wall basher like his. I got seven inches for length and eight for circumference. That works out to be 2.54 inches across. Not bad huh?

Life settled into a routine of me getting to the showers first so Alex could handle the Beast, although I did wake up one night to see him stroking that thing double fist style atop his covers. I had to piss and when I looked over I got all the view of the Beast I could ever ask for...except for maybe up close. I acted like I was not staring, my own dick rock hard from more than having to piss and tenting my boxers, and hobbled to the bathroom. Alex did his best to try and cover that log but it was useless. "Sorry, bro," he said as I came back.

"The only thing I'm worried about is it trying to eat me in my sleep." I propped myself up on one elbow and grinned at him.

"That's why I call him the Beast. The women scream when he's hungry." I would howl if that thing were shoved in me. It would hurt if I was not in the mood, and looking at it...I was getting there.

"I bet. Just keep him on a leash. Lord knows I'd never get anything if they saw that." I laid back and rolled over to give him privacy to finish. I really wanted to go over there and wrap my lips around it but that would be very bad.

"Bro, you got dick for a little guy. Bet your sweetheart back home misses you." There was envy in his voice. Of what I don't know.

"I hope so. And I ain't doing bad, down there, but still. Keep him over there. Better yet I should move out cause he could get me from over there." Alex chuckled and I rolled back over. "And what were you doing pecker checking?" I raised a brow, knowing he could see just fine with the moon light through the windows.

"Every guy does it." I nodded like that was true. "You keep yours over there and I'll keep mine over here and that'll be all cool." He was grinning from ear to ear, the Beast not softening at all from him failing to hide it.

"Big guy like you scared of a little guy like me. That's funny." I was trying to find away to keep looking at that big monster for my own spank bank purposes. I jacked off in the shower for some privacy.

"Little nothing. Bro, lets see it. I got you beat in length, but you're Italian and I know they got pipe." I wondered if this was going to some place other than pecker checking. I pulled back the covers and pulled my boxers down to under my balls, which were a bit full and already hefty. I gave it a shake, showing him I could not fit my fingers around it all the way. Hell not even close. Alex let out a low whistle. "G'damn bro! Yeah your sweetheart misses that thing. Keep him away from me." I laughed and gave it a few strokes, the head swelling. His eyes were glued to my dick. "Okay, I told you I'm a stone cold freak, Leo. I ain't got no shame in watching another guy hit his shit." My hand stopped as I digested this. He was willing to watch? Hell, by the full hard on he was sporting he wanted to watch.

"You are a freak." But I slipped my boxers completely off and spit on my hand. As I slid it over the tip he uncovered the Beast and began his own stroking again. I glanced at him now and then, trying to make it seem like I was not staring at that thing. I used the spit to polish the tip as I never really got as much pleasure double fisting as I did when I played with my balls. I closed my eyes and thought about him putting my knees on my shoulders and eating out my ass for hours before sliding that beef stick into my willing and waiting hole. I was getting myself in the mood and I knew I had to nut before I lost all sense and told him to fuck me. I fondled my balls, tugging on them lightly while I played with the first few inches of my sausage. I could hear him really going at that monster and looked over to see him pumping away and staring at my dick. The sight of the Beast made my balls pull up fast and I grunted as I spilled my nut all over my stomach. Alex groaned and shot his load all over his chest and even a drop hit his lips..he licked it off. I almost got another nut when I saw that, but I just grabbed the shirt from last night and wiped up before tossing it in the dirty clothes bin. "Real freak," I said and chuckled.

"Bro, gotta say that was some show. I hope you don't think I'm gay for watching."

"Naw. Had a chum who was queer in high school. Asked to blow me once. That would be gay." I had let him too right before I popped his cherry. Best ass ever in the history of all man kind. I got out of bed to go wash up a bit.

"G'damn bro!" he said.

"What now?"

"You got cakes too. How many squats you do to get an ass like that?" I laughed and did not answer cause I knew I would ask him to plow my ass good. By the time I was done washing he was sound asleep and snoring. That was the only time we had anything close to a gay relationship. Then I shipped out for home and left him there.

It was so odd coming back to my town. I had seen it all, had lived a life most guys from my town only dreamed of...and now I was coming back. I had a job lined up already with a few trucking companies as their fix it man, pulling in over $50K a year. I had saved up some money and bought a condominium which was better than my little studio I had just outta high school for that summer. As I looked over my place after unpacking and moving all my things in I said, "Now what?" I had no idea what to do without my day regimented out for me. Wake up, shower, dress, eat, work, shower, watch Alex fuck some chick, eat, sleep. Repeat ad nauseum. I would not start work for another month as I needed to get use to California time again and civilian life.

With nothing better to do I went shopping for groceries...now that I had to do that. I drove my car over to Costco and decided I would stock up on the essentials and see a bit of the town. When had they added that to the movie theater? The mall was the same, the recruiting station still there although I could tell there were less people wanting to go into the military since the 9-11 rush. The Mongolian barbecue place was gone as was my old Taco Bell. Hell Denny's was replaced by a Chinese restaurant. So many little things had changed that it actually made me appreciate what was the same.

In Costco I was in line when I looked at the cashier. Wow...I thought. It was an old acquaintance from high school. He had been on the team with me but we never really talked too much. I recognized his face, which had been boyishly cute then, but couldn't remember his name for a moment. Then it came to me when he smiled. Zach Thompson. He was still a great looking guy with slightly thinning brown hair, gray blue eyes and a mouth that begged to be kissed. His eyes no longer sparkled like they had. They looked tired now. He had worry lines where laugh lines use to be. I knew eight years was a long time but he looked to have aged about fifteen. "How are you...Leo?" he said and asked as I got up to the register.

"Hey Zach. Long time no see." I smiled to see some life return to his face and the shadow fall from his smile.

"No kidding. Where ya been?" he asked as he rang up my purchases.

"Just got my honorable discharge from the Navy a week ago. I been everywhere. What have you been up to?" I had to ask to see if there was something in his life that made him age so fast. Not that I could change it, but I did not like that the first person from school I saw seemed so unhappy.

"Been working here. Manager but had a cashier call in so I'm filling in. Got married, have two girls." The mention of the wife sent the happiness away but the girls brought it back in full force and lo and behold there was the stunning and boyish guy I had known. He obviously loved his girls...and not his wife. "How are things outside of this town?"

"I have a few stories. We should get together sometime and catch up." I scribbled down my cell number and gave it to him.

"Heck yeah. I'll see you around, Leo." I waved and drove to my new place. Seeing Zach again, and seeing the drastic change in him, was almost too much. Poor guy was in a loveless marriage but had to stay in it for his daughters. Tough life to live and one I almost could envy for the kids. I wanted kids someday and I knew with my military record I could adopt with little problems.

I got a call from Zach that evening. "Donati here," I said as I had for the past eight years and knew I would be long in breaking that habit.

"At ease sailor," I heard Zach say with a chuckle. "It was kinda cool seeing you earlier today." I could hear that he was actually happy that some thing else could distract him from his life. I was kinda glad I could be a distraction for him. The change in him was too drastic.

"It was. You're the first I've seen from the old stompin' grounds."

"Most of us are still here. That's actually why I called. A gang of us get together every Friday night at the bar. Funny thing is only a few of us drink," he said with a slight chuckle. "You up for it, sailor?"

"Sure. I'm not a drinker so I can give rides for those who are." I'd done that in school for a few guys when they were being stupid and I don't know how many times in Diego Garcia. I was a professional designated driver.

"I do that too. My wife would kill me if I came home after drinking." I heard that tone that said he probably drank for an excuse not to go home. "So I'll see you at eight then?" I looked at my watch. My body said it would be around 0700, but it would be a good way to get use to PST again. And it would give me something to add to my regimented schedule. A Friday night out with the fellas.

"I may fall asleep, but yeah I'll be there." We talked for a few more minutes and then hung up. I showered and dressed in something that I had not worn in almost a decade. I put on a pair of Wranglers, my old boots, and a ball cap. It being July and 107° outside I pulled on a tank top I knew looked good with my build and then looked in the mirror. I could use a shave...but then I was no longer in the military and though it felt so odd, I left the five o'clock shadow. Where had this guy been all those years?

The bar was packed that night and I almost didn't see them until I heard an old familiar call. A huge smile broke on my face. It was the call we used when we won the game, a screaming Eagle, after our mascot. I homed in on the noise to see five guys from the team all waving, even Derek Ellis whose cherry I popped. Weaving through the crowd, knowing there were a bunch of ladies checking me out, I got to the guys. "Leo!" came a big rousing chorus of my name and I almost got buried under a pile of men...darn. Everyone had changed enough to say time had passed, but I was still the only one who kept in shape. Derek was still decently built, but nothing like he was then.

I sat between Derek and Zach after getting a Pepsi, my leg brushing Derek's to let him know I was still attracted to him. By the twinkle in his eyes he was more than happy to see me. "Look what the tide washed in boys!" Zach said.

"Don't start with the sailor jokes, Zach." I laughed at the fake hurt he showed in his eyes. "Damn if it isn't good to see you guys again. What have you been up to?" I sat and listened for the next few hours to them tell their stories.

Calvin, the star quarterback of my year, had gone to college and now owned and ran a successful auto shop here in town. Married and divorced with a three year old son, he seemed to be pretty happy with his life. He had been very anti-gay in high school but he seemed to be mellowed out a bit. Sometimes I wondered if he had known I was gay cause he always looked at me funny.

Phil was working on his DMA in music education, specifically choral music. He had been an enigma on the team, a choir jock. Being teased about his great tenor voice, he'd just grin and say we were all "a bunch of redneck retards not to know music girls were freaks in bed." He married his sweetheart Joy and she was expecting their first baby which was awesome because they had been trying for the past four years.

Tyler was unemployed and on medication that kept him from working anything too strenuous. He had gone into the Army, had seen combat, gotten shot twice, and came home with a permanent limp and PTSD. It was a hell of a way to live the rest of your life and the look we shared said volumes. I had a damn good idea what he had gone through although the only combat I had seen was while I was below decks and a few planes tried to scare us away from our own waters with a bombing run. "We can talk war stories later," he said to me, ghosts of his past flitting across his eyes. He knew no one would really understand and to talk about them would bring everyone down.

"Definitely. How about you, Derek?" I asked, nudging him with my leg.

"Well. I got my BS in communications as an interpreter for the hearing impaired." I nodded to that one. His little brother was deaf so it came as no surprise to me. "I work at Barnes & Noble when I'm not signing and my boyfriend Greg is sitting at the bar because he hates it when we all get together likes this." The smile on his face said he did it just to annoy his...

"Wait...what?" I looked at him and he nodded. He'd come out of the closet. "You mean you finally came out?" He nodded with the biggest grin on his face. His way of coming out to me was to have sex with me and then have me pop his cherry...not a bad way I think. I gave him a huge hug. "No tar and feathers, huh?"

"No. Some ruffled feathers, but even Cal was cool with it...after I kicked his ass for calling me a fag." Calvin nodded like it had been the ass kicking of the century too. I would have loved to see that. He had needed it in school once a day on general principle.

"When did you know he was gay?" Zach asked.

"A few days before I shipped off. Told me he had to tell someone and since I was leaving..." I grinned at Derek to let him know I was still mostly in the the closet and he nodded. I think he could guess that I still needed time to get use to being out of the Navy before I was comfortable with telling others that I liked dick. "So call your boy over here. I wanna meet him." Instead of calling he texted him.

"He's deaf." That would be kinda hard to deal with, being in a group of non-deaf having a conversation and you either had to read a thousand lips at once or your interpreter needed a dozen pairs of hands.

"Thanks for the warning." I stood as the guy came over. Funny thing is the guy was built a lot like I used to be but he was Spanish not Italian. I knew Derek liked shorter guys too. Compact but not powerful, he was a hunky guy an inch taller than me.

"Greg, this is Leo." I watched Greg's eyes recognize my name. I must be infamous.

"Hi Greg. Nice to meet you," I signed showing I knew something of his language. He could tell immediately I was not fluent so he kept it slow and simple. I think I impressed Derek more than Greg that I remembered and had kept up on at least some basic signing.

"It is nice to finally meet you, Leo. Derek has told me a lot about you." There was something in his eyes that said Derek had told him quite a lot about me and more than probably everyone else here knew about me. I grinned and made some small talk but it was obvious he did not like the group. He went back to the bar.

"Nice guy." Derek nodded. "Telling him stories, huh?"

Derek leaned in to whisper. "He's the only other guy I've ever slept with. We've been together for seven years and all thanks to you." I blushed a bit and bumped Derek's leg under the table.

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