tagGay MaleArms of a Man Ch. 03 Pt. 2

Arms of a Man Ch. 03 Pt. 2


My dick was hard as a rock and I wondered at the dream. I hadn't had a sex dream like that in years. Zach rolled over and was trying not to smile. "Some dream."

"You have no idea." I tried to catch my breath.

Zach propped himself up on his arm and smiled down at me. "Was I in it?" he asked as he stroked my chest.

"Oh yeah. The things we did in front of other people," I said and he buried his face in the pillow to stifle a laugh. "Hey, mister, don't make me...do things to you." I know it sounded lame but I was too tired and too horny. And tonight was the night that we had to confront Helen. I remember us falling asleep after the movie and it was close to sunrise.

"Like what?"

"Like something we did in my dream. That would shut you up." He shut me up with a smooch. Always works too. How can you keep talking when someone is kissing you?

"Don't threaten me." I grinned and pushed him on his back, holding his hands above his head. There was only a token struggle as he obviously wanted me on top of him right then.

"Who says it's a threat?" He nibbled on his lower lip a bit and I swear he gave me the "come fuck me" eyes. I kissed him, keeping his hands above his head and he didn't try to break free. The man could kiss better than anyone I have ever met. No more tentative Zach, he was very into it. "So there," I said with a smirk.

"I'm still talking."

I chuckled at his grin. He sure knew how to make me happy and he didn't even have to try. "You want me to shut you up?" He nodded.

I let his arms go and straddled his pelvis after peeling off my boxers. His eyes were glued to my dong and as I inched forward he licked his lips. There was a small amount of anxiety about this but far more wanting. As my dick was only a few inches from his face I stopped. "You sure you want me to shut you up?" I was being playful but also giving him the chance to say no. We'd only had sex the one day in the showers. Sure there was a lot of foreplay, handjobs and exploration, and we slept together every night, but it was as if we both knew sex was not the big part of our friendship.

He looked up into my eyes and his hands slid up the back of my thighs to my ass and he pulled me forward. A whimper escaped his lips as he felt the muscles in my legs and ass flex to keep me close enough that he could taste me. I sighed a bit when his tongue snaked out to lick around the tip as Zach explored. In the back of my mind I knew he had never given a blowjob before and I knew mine was not the one to learn on when you had to control using your teeth. Too thick. Yet he knew how to use his tongue very well. Feeling that slickness slide around my head and down a few inches was bliss. I was the one being shut up with fantasies of where that tongue could be.

Zach took just the tip in his mouth and sucked on it a little, unsure again with this new aspect. "That's it Zach. Just take it slow and easy at first. And you know I like it just around the tip." I yelped as he flipped me onto my back and was now on his hand and knees, my dick still in his mouth. In fact his mouth was taking more and more while his hand played with my balls. "Oh shit," I whispered as he increased his tongue action and bobbed only a few inches. This man knew my weakness and how I was growing to love him for learning what I liked. I looked between his legs and could see his dick was a solid rod. He was liking his first blowjob very much.

He licked his way down to my balls and switched his hand to my shaft. My breath came out in shuddering gasps and I spread my legs for better access. That tongue swirled around each nut and then he took one in his mouth to suck on it gently and I gripped the sheets and moaned. "Oh fuck. Zach..."

Zach pulled off and said, "Getting close?" I nodded. "Then this should push your right over." He put my knees on my shoulders and I thought he was going to slide that big dick in my ass. WRONG! He dove between my cheeks and began to devour my hole while his hands stroked my dick and my balls. I groaned and bucked. This man could eat! Oh fuck he knew what to do!

"That's...oh wow...fuck...Zach..." My eyes squeezed shut as I felt my orgasm crash over me and I panted and moaned. I could not feel anything other than his tongue and hands, couldn't even feel the jets of cum burn my chest. Too damn long since I had anyone do this. As reality came back into focus I felt Zach. He had quickly swallowed the tip right before my orgasm hit and he used his fingers to tease my hole. I looked down at the top of his head and as he looked up at me with that look I knew what was going to happen. "Did you..."

"Every drop." He kissed me savagely as he thrust that behemoth into me. I could taste myself in his mouth. While I was not particularly ready for it, the pain wasn't too bad. And here was Zach at his most primal. He was grunting even as he kissed me. He wanted me and he took me and I knew then and there...I never wanted another man. While his strokes were powerful, they were slow and deep and kept me hard. My body was his instrument and he knew how to play it. He was fulfilling his need while still taking me into account, how I would feel.

"That's it baby, take me." His grunting and speed got faster and I knew he was about to cum. I played a dirty trump card and reached down to tickle his virgin hole. He gasped a bit and it threw off his rhythm and slowed his climax. That was also when I slipped the finger in and wiggled it against his prostate.

"Leo..." He squeaked out my name as he buried it balls deep and I could feel it throb in my hole. That virgin ass squeezed my finger like a vice and judging by the way he reacted, he liked his button pushed. Zach lowered himself down onto me and lay there panting. I slipped my finger out as I caressed his back with my other hand. "Leo?"


"Can I say something? It might scare you off."

I wondered what it could be and why bring it up now. "Sure."

He raised his head and looked me in the eye. "I love you." I grinned and kissed him softly.

"I was just thinking along those same lines. Not gonna scare me off." The look of wonder in his eyes was so adorable. "Really. Having you here this past week has been like a piece of paradise. Even when you just took my ass you knew what you were doing and made sure I would be as comfortable as possible. I wasn't ready." I put my finger to his lips to still any apology. "I wasn't ready but I'm fine. A little bit more lube next time you want to do that." I chuckled and kissed him again to make sure there were no apologies.

"Am I dreaming this time?" I shook my head. "How can you love me?"

"Ask everyone you know that question. When you have their answers you should have a good account. For me... I've always thought you were cool. And seriously cute. To be honest you are damn good in bed too." He blushed very red at that. "And as much as you give of yourself, who wouldn't love you? Other than your wife." I said and he shut his mouth. "I'm not too sure about the rest, but that's what I feel right now. You are a very lovable."

He snuggled as he softened and slid out. Then he pinched my nipple. "That's for the prostate play." I looked at him to see he was grinning.

"Like it?"

"Honestly?" I nodded. "Are you up for a little more action? In the shower? Cause I think you have been neglected." I know I looked confused. "And so has he." Zach wrapped his hand around my somewhat softer dick and that brought him back to full attention.

"You mean..." Please be what I think he was saying. Please oh please!

"I want to try it." I kissed him about a thousand times in a second and almost dragged him from the bed to the shower. "Eager much?" We were already naked and I have a great water system so the water was perfect in only a few moments. He was laughing at how rushed I was being and then the smile turned fond as I gently took him into my arms. "You've made me so happy, Leo."

"You deserve to be happy. And you have given me a reason to be happy too." He was the first to grab the shampoo and bodywash and he treated me one of his great massages. "That makes me happy too." Those strong hands were all over my body, kneading my muscles and relaxing me into a conscious stupor, and even a finger inside as he teased my own prostate. While the gesture was appreciated it did nothing. "Something bigger would be nice."

"Just making sure you're ready this time." I grinned back at him as he slid slowly in. I inhaled slowly and shuddered as he had it all up there. He didn't do anything but keep it up there while he washed my chest and stomach. "How do you keep these abs? I've never seen you do a single sit up and they have not lost any definition since you came back."

"One I still eat healthy. Two, those walks we take each night burn off the few calories I eat." I was getting him into the habit of walking after dinner. "Three the amazing sex." He laughed and gave me a few thrusts which made me moan and gasp. "I swear you're turning me into a bottom."

"I doubt that. After today I might just be your bottom." I could hear that slight fear in his voice and there was no mistaking it. He really was a virgin.

"God I hope so. Truth be told Derek has been the standard I set for bottoms." Zach raised a brow. I turned a little pink. "He was my first too. I messed around with some guys in high school, but he was the first to ever let me do that."

"Wow. Does he know that?" I shook my head. "Had many virgins since?"

"Yeah. Three. None of them even came close, but then none had the ass Derek does." Zach nodded like he knew what I was talking about. Derek did have a great ass. Round, thick, tight and tasty. "You though? Your ass is better looking and from what my finger felt a little bit tighter. Taste testing will have to be done too." Zach laughed and kissed the back of my neck. "And in all seriousness if it's too much for you then I'll stop."

"Really?" I nodded. He smiled lovingly and slid out. When he turned around I grabbed the bodywash and returned the massage. While he was tense, he was not so tense I would call it off right then.

I knelt in the shower and was level with that ass. God above from this angle I couldn't see any hair at all. It was a huge turn on right then. With my hand all soapy I kneaded those buns of muscle, paying a lot of attention to that tuck that said he had some serious donk. Not to mention those back dimples, you know the ones. He spread his legs and leaned against the wall which made my job easier. My fingers slipped between his cheeks and began to wash his tight little pucker, making him gasp as he wiggled a bit. No fuzz here either. I would like to say I just dived in face first, but I didn't. My fingers were very lazy, sliding over his hole and sometimes dipping in, each time getting a gasp from him. When I knew he was clean, I rinsed and then used my tongue. He jumped and then all but sat on my face.

Okay, most people say there are two tastes to an ass. Shit and nothing. Well, I found something that tasted great. I can't even describe what Zach's hole tasted like except that I knew I wanted to eat it for hours. "Holy shit! Oh fuck, oh wow, oh my god!" I think he liked it. His words were getting me as aroused as the taste was, almost as much as the feel of the mounds of man muscle were making my dick ache. "Leo, oh my god." He was grinding back against me, moaning and I was a split hair away from nutting.

I kept up the tongue play for a while longer, making sure I was calm enough to make this as special for him as it could be. I was juiced and ready, his virgin ass was not. Only he was making it difficult for me not to jump up inside. He was damn near riding my face. I pulled away to gasp for air. "Zach, are you enjoying this?"

"Fuck. Me. Now!" I stood and grabbed the conditioner, but he was having none of that and took it from me.

"Umm, I'm pretty close so you may not...oh shit," I couldn't even finish as he lubed me up. Conditioner is way slipperier than shampoo. The touch of his hand on my dong brought me right to the edge but he backed off. "Evil." All he did was grin. "Are you sure about this?" He nodded as he backed me to the wall and turned to present those wonder globes. Squirting a generous amount of conditioner into my hand, he put the bottle up. My fingers began to slide between those mounds and I found that pucker quite easily. I made sure all of it was well lubed before I began to loosen his hole for me. His breath caught as I slid in and out and then added a second finger. This was very hard for me as I had to keep my mind on something else enough not to nut all over the place. Especially when he started moaning and riding my fingers.

After a few minutes of loosening, I pulled my fingers out slowly and reapplied the rest if the conditioner to my dick. Zach turned around and settled back against me, the head of my dick repositioned to his hole. It was all his show and I was reciting name, rank and serial number to keep my mind off the fact that I was about to pop another cherry and this one was the cherry of all cherries. I could hear him gasp a few times and then back off, but when it slid in both of us inhaled and shuddered. "Damn that hurts."

"Me too Zach. Your ass is fucking vice. I won't move." I couldn't cause if I did, I'd cum. He stayed there, only a few inches inside, until he got as used to it as possible. Then he took a bit more and waited. Then more...and then he had it all up there and those glorious globes of guy were pressed against my pelvis. Zach looked over his shoulder at me and smiled. "You okay?"

"I'll live. Hurts, but god it feels good." I reached around and wrapped my hand around that wonder torpedo and began to stroke him. He sighed as we repositioned and as I jacked him off I pulled out gently. He grunted a bit and I stopped but he motioned for me to keep going.

Taking it slowly was a chore but it was worth it to hear him groan when I hit his prostate on the way back in. I kept the strokes long and slow to give him even more time to my sausage, each time making sure I hit that lovely little button of OMG! How did I ever get along with a virgin every night? There is nothing like it! But this one...Zach was special. "Tell me what you want, Zach." I know what I wanted.

"I want you...oh god...to enjoy yourself. Do what you want."

I love him so much. "You can't handle it yet."

He grinned over his shoulder. "Try me." I raised a brow and he backed all the way onto me. I panted. "Try me." I nodded and pulled out faster, only to sink back in. His eyes squeezed shut as he moaned. My hand pumped faster as my own speed increased, but I kept the depth the same and the power at a minimum because he could not power-bottom yet. So slick, so tight, so much what I wanted and I could never even dream of such a perfect ass. "Oh my fucking god Leo! I'm gonna cum!" Those are the words I wanted to hear. As soon as his breath caught I changed my angle and dug into his prostate with a vengeance. "Oh shit, oh fuck, oh yes!"

I lost it hearing those words and feeling that ass grip my dong over and over again. I'm glad I'm strong because he lost his balance and my knees almost gave out from the strength of this orgasm. It was like a nuke going off in my crotch. As hearing returned along with my other obliterated senses I could feel Zach sliding off my sausage with a hiss and then I felt his lips on mine. Such a tender kiss. "Are you okay?" I asked when talking was possible.

"Hurts a lot, but yeah. And that has got to be the grossest feeling ever." My eyes drifted open in question. "Your cum dripping down my legs." I looked to see globs of my swimmers oozing down his thighs and thankfully no blood.

He went to wash and I stopped him. "Cold water. Hurts far less." I snuggled into his arms. "Plus I get to warm you up."

"Cold it is." And he held me in the frigid water with him, our tongues lazily dancing into each others mouths. I hate cold showers, but right then I did not care. I wouldn't care if it was ice water after a sauna, I was content in Zach's arms.

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