This story has elements of 'The process' in it as well as a reference to Michelle's love for the baritone voice of a black man, in particular, Barry White, as referenced in 'Meeting Me at the Ritz -- Part 2'. While the story stands on its own you may want to read the others first and then pick up where they leave off.

I appreciate your comments (this story is in response to a comment on 'The Process') and votes. Enjoy yourselves.



Michelle had become aware of several of her erogenous zones. Like many women, she loved having her breasts played with and her G spot found. She loved a soft kiss and her hair being brushed. And she loved showering with her man, washing one another and getting to know each other more intimately than most would even consider.

But she had other erogenous zones too. Voices. Barry White's voice sent her into another world. Especially those first few lyrics "We got it together didn't we?". When she heard them it was as if her eyes would roll up in her head, she'd take a deep breath feeling her breasts pressing against whatever dress she had on, and her 'ladyness' would tingle. She would be there for as long as the song lasted and, in that state, whoever she was with could do whatever they wanted to with her. It was like an auditory rufie.

Processes. Anything men did in a repetitive fashion but especially the garbage men. She would wake up the mornings when the trash was taken out and already be wet before she even got out of bed. She planned her morning around getting to the bathroom window so she could see the men coming down the street, grabbing the cans tossing the contents into the hopper, and roaring down the street to the next set of cans. This scene played itself out every week and it was mesmerizing to her.

And aromas. Ah yes aromas. Michelle loved a man who wore cologne or a nice after shave. Robert used Eau Dynamisante which had a bergemont bouquet and Eau Ensoleillante which was more floral, and Michelle's preference. Michelle enjoyed it when he shaved because it combined two of her erogenous zones, the process of shaving itself turned her on, and then the application of aftershave, of a fragrance was the topper for her.

She also loved the smell of a man... down there. Something about a man, his pheromones she supposed, flipped a switch. When Robert worked outside and was sweaty as a horse after a race, came back in, she would practically jump him. And when she got close to 'him', the smell of his crotch was like spice on a gourmet meal. She would close her eyes and just breath in absorbing the scent. Memorizing it. Saving it in her memory for a moment later on when she would savor the thought.

Sometimes, when Michelle woke up before Robert, she would dive quietly under the sheet and just lay her head on his lap breathing in his fragrance. She could fall asleep again with his bouquet filling her nostrils and her lungs. Sometimes she would hold 'him' in her mouth as she did this not moving or sucking, just holding him there as if her mouth were a glove fit especially for his cock.

Today was garbage day and Michelle had done all her normal preparations. She'd taken care of Robert first thing, giving him one of her best blow jobs and swallowing his cum instead of having him cum on her face. She'd fixed him breakfast and coffee and sent him to the airport. He was going to be out of town for a couple of days on business and, while she loved being with him and never wanted him to be gone, she figured she could use the time really cleaning up the house and getting some gardening done that was just way overdue. And, she would watch as the garbage truck came down the street 'squeal, thud, roar' the sounds of brakes, garbage being tossed into the bin, and the truck roaring off to the next set of cans.

It had been a week since 'the incident' where Lil Shit, their dog had created the scenario with Tony and she. Michelle, Tony and Leroy, Tony's partner, were about to create an odd alliance. You see, the week after the incident had happened she wanted to make sure that they knew it was a one time thing. That she was a faithful wife, and she'd gone out to the street to have a conversation with them -- dressed conservatively.

Now, conservative for Michelle meant she was wearing a bra, she often went without one, and a skirt which came down more than 2 inches below her rear, or shorts. It didn't mean that she wasn't sexy. Michelle couldn't help but being sexy. Her body was exceptionally curvaceous. Standing 5 foot 6 or 7 and weighing in at a high school age 120 she wore a dress size 2 normally and sometimes got down to a 0. Never, ever had she had to put on a 4. That just wouldn't do. Her hips flared out from that small waist as did her ample chest. She was proud of 'the girls' which were a C+, and she loved to display them either by wearing something low cut, by opening up more than enough buttons on a blouse, or wearing something which clung to her covering her tits without leaving much to the imagination.

Dressed this morning in shorts and a t-shirt pulled tightly over her breasts with a thin lace bra underneath, she waited as they came down the street. She had LS on the leash. He barked as loudly as a 4 pound dog can as they roared up.

Tony had jumped out the passenger side of the truck and said to Michelle "Can I help you?" as he went to grab the garbage bins.

"Yes, I need to ..." she was embarrassed and didn't know how to say exactly what she had to say. And, she was standing next to the big garbage truck, it's diesel motor rumbling in the background. Tony was busily tossing the can's contents into the bin and not really paying attention to her but looked in her direction directly at her breasts as she was trying through her frustration to tell him it couldn't happen again. A switch in her flipped as Tony tossed the first can down and grabbed the second to empty it into the bin. "I need to ... tell you..."

He was hopping into the truck his eyes darting between her face and chest, her nipples hardened and poking through the lace bra and tight t-shirt. Obviously they were in a hurry. She came right up to the open side of the truck where Tony was standing, his body sweat had an odor that set her off.. "I need to tell you... that I had fun."

"What the heck?" she thought to herself. "That isn't what I was going to say. I'm a good wife, a faithful wife. No. No." But there she stood, her breasts heaving, her dog now held in her arms close to her chest, and Tony called to Leroy "Leroy, shut it down for a moment would you?"

The big diesel slowed to a much quieter idle. "Well, Miss...."

"Michelle, my name's Michelle"

"Miss Michelle, me and Mr. Happy here enjoyed ourselves too." He reached down and, took one of her hands away from Lil Shit and shoved it in his elastic waisted pants.

"No, no, I just get -- got carried away. You see something happens that I can't explain when you guys come down the street." and it was happening now. She was getting wetter and wetter. Tony was standing on the passenger side of the truck, Leroy still on the driver's side and her hand was now on it's own squeezing and rubbing Tony's crotch inside his work pants as she talked to him. It was as if she was transported into another world and there was nothing she could do about it. Tony reached down with one hand and took the dog from her other hand making sure to grope her breast as he did, squeezing it with his gloved hand. He loved seeing Michelle's tits, even covered up and, once again, they were close up and he was going to take the opportunity to feel them if he could.

Standing there, her breasts heaving, her hand squeezing and stroking Tony's crotch. She mustered her courage. "I... I just love watching you guys doing your jobs. I love the sounds, the clanging, the roar of the truck. I just can't help it." What was coming out of her mouth? This isn't what she wanted to say. "I watch you from the window."

"Do you play with yourself when you're watching us?" Tony asked, smiling, knowing he had her.

"What?" "No, no, I... I..." she breathed in deeply "Yes. Yes I do."

What had happened? She had had the best of intentions when she went out and now it was all going awry.

Leroy, normally driving the big truck had gotten out and had walked around to the side where Michelle and Tony were talking. She with one hand inside Tony's pants squeezing and stroking his cock, and he holding her little dog. Tony slipped his pants down naked underneath just as he was last week and the next thing Michelle knew she was in front of a half naked man grasping his penis and moving into another world altogether. She looked down and shook her head.

"Well now, pretty lady.." Leroy said with his deep baritone voice "aren't you just a sight?" Michelle turned to him and he took her free hand and shook it. Leroy was a big man and as black as a man could be. Michelle had never had a fantasy about black men but she did love their incredibly deep voices when they had one, and Leroy did. His shirt was stained with his sweat and it was opened 3 or 4 buttons. His hand was huge and dwarfed her own. "Now honey, you want to feel a real man?" and as he did he placed her hand on his crotch.

"Oh my god, oh my god. oh my god." raced through her mind. And now she felt Leroy's hand on her butt. He was squeezing it, kneading it as she held him in one hand as she was squeezing Tony's naked cock with the other. Leroy's hand was huge and his fingers were playing games with her ass. Smoothing it, grabbing it, and, finally slipping a finger under the edge of her shorts and under her thong at the same time. His finger was slipping between her wet folds shifting back and forth and then he slipped it in. Not gently, nor forcibly, but firmly he pushed his finger deep inside of her.

Michelle's mouth opened as her eyes rolled up, her head rolled from one side to the other. She exhaled.

Tony had dropped the dog behind where seats would normally go in the front of a truck but the garbage truck had no passenger seat really. More like a perch he could sit on when there was a distance between houses. LS found something to chew on and was pleasantly happy to just be there chewing and ignoring what was happening to his owner.

The next thing Michelle knew she was being lifted by Leroy's big hand, impaled on his finger, and placed on the passenger side step of the garbage truck. Her hand still on Tony's cock she stumbled a bit forward and, while he caught her shoulders as she fell forward she was now face to face with his glistening member and the smell of his crotch. She didn't know which sensation was more overwhelming, the feel of his cock in her hand, the smell of his manliness mixed with the sweat and the garbage, or the incredible sensation of Leroy's big finger deep inside 'her'.

Her body moved automatically, she pressed back on Leroy's finger while she tightened her grip on Tony's cock. The animal in her took over. She slapped her face with Tony's cock and rubbed it all over her cheeks, nose, eyes and in and out of her mouth before slapping her face with it again. Leroy was pressing his finger in her and moving it around but had also moved his thumb inside her shorts and it was touching her puckered anus. He slid it back and forth a moment to make sure it was wet and then pushed it in there. It wasn't a soft, sensual moment, it was lust. She was being taken and sometimes Michelle wanted, needed, to be taken.

"Oh, oh, oh" she breathed out quickly as her orgasm welled up inside of her. Leroy was working her with his finger and thumb, bringer her closer and closer to an incredible climax. Then, all of a sudden, Leroy's finger and thumb were gone. Pulled out of her and they left an emptiness she wanted filled. "No, don't stop." But then she felt her shorts pulled down in one forceful yank and the cool air rushed to her naked behind. Tony's cock was in her mouth and he held her hair and was guiding her, forcing her as deeply on him as he could. LS started yapping.

Bent over, sucking Tony, her hands holding on to the console behind him to steady herself she braced for what was next. And she knew it was coming.

The truck was still running, the diesel motor drowning out most sounds so she didn't hear Leroy's zipper come down but she knew nonetheless that he was preparing himself for what was coming next.

She spread her legs slightly, and she felt it. Leroy had his cock between her legs moving it back and forth getting it sopping wet with her own juices before placing it ...

"Oh no, not THERE!" but she couldn't say anything her mouth full of Tony's cock as Leroy pressed his member into her ass. "No, no, no..." It was too late, Leroy had buried himself in her nether region and was not being gentle about it. He was pounding her from behind when Tony came in her mouth. Spurt after spurt he came and she swallowed most of it , some of his cum dripped out the side of her mouth, her nose was pressed up against his pubic hair, her hair being pulled toward him, her hands now on his hips pushing away as hard as she could.

But even that wasn't true. She wasn't really pushing with all her might. In fact, she was pulling him closer, pressing him deeper into her mouth not getting enough.

Michelle was lost in the aromas again, the smell of Tony's fluids mixed with his manliness, the smell of her wetness providing lubrication for the Leroy who was still pummeling her ass. The smell of the truck and the diesel fumes. And she came, her sphincter tightening against Leroy's cock. Instinctively she reached between her legs and felt him thrusting in her like a piston. She loved the feel of a man when he was inside of her and her fingers on either side of his cock tipped Leroy over the edge. He exploded inside of her. She could feel his pulses as he emptied himself deep in her bowels. His hands, on her hips, had pulled her tighter against him. He couldn't be any deeper.

There they were for a moment, Michelle bent over with Tony's cock in her mouth, her hands now his ass pulling him towards her, her nose pressed to his body. Leroy standing behind her, his cock still in her ass, his knees weakening and his hands one on the middle of her back steadying himself and the other still on her hip. Her shorts and thong in a heap around her ankles. LS now quiet in the back of the truck which idled noisily in the background.

Leroy was the first to move. He backed away which allowed Michelle to let go of Tony's cock. She took it in one hand and rubbed it over her face before turning around and sitting down on the floor of the cabin, spent. Leroy moved forward, his cock now directly in front of her and softening. She reached up and took it lightly in her hand. She rubbed it on her cheeks smelling his fluids and her own on its girth. She moved it over her eyes and tapped her face with it before sucking it deeply in her mouth. Michelle loved the feel of a softening penis. Something about it turned her on. Perhaps it was that she'd done her job, she'd made a man happy. She touched Leroy's balls as she held him in her mouth, he tightened up for a moment and then he came again. Not a lot, but it was on the end of her tongue and she could taste him. Really taste him.

She swallowed, pulled him deeply in her mouth again and cleaned him off.

She breathed in deeply again. Smelled the smells. Shook her head and wondered how she was ever going to be sane again.

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